72 Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas (Dec 2017)

(updated in Dec 2017)

Every year, around the holiday season, people in the workplace start thinking about the various corporate holiday gift ideas for the gift purchase for their bosses, co-workers, clients or other business associates.

The perfect corporate gift is not easy to decide upon. When buying a gift for someone at work, you have to make sure the gift is appropriate, not too expensive or too cheap, quality, and personal.

There are certainly trends in gifts.  Nowadays, those gifts are clichés. For the 2017 holiday season, make sure the gift you choose is modern and it will surely be appreciated.

In our all-inclusive list, you can find many corporate christmas gift ideas for your intended recipient.  During the Christmas season, it is the time to show your appreciation to your fellow corporate associate and give your best wishes.  Hence, finding a special and suitable is of utmost importance.

You will definitely find the listed gifts below a useful guide, check them out now!

72 Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Beveled Circle Crystal 2017 Ornament with Decorative Hook – Personalized to Add a Special Touch

Under $75

Giving a personalized glass ornament to complement your corporate recipient’s Christmas tree makes a great and classic gift.

The crystal ornament does not just bring a limitless Sparkle to their Christmas Tree, it makes the recipient feels special as this glass ornament is personalized with a message tailored for him/her.

This is a gift that she will remember for years to come, everytime she puts up this ornament in the Christmas tree.

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Cool Beer Brewing Kit with Pint Glasses – for the Sleek Homebrewer

Under $100

What is a party or celebration without booze! Give your beer lover colleague this beer making kit.  This gift does not only give him an enjoyable experience brewing his own beer, his family members and guests can also enjoy yummy high-quality, craft-brewed beer during this festive season.

A great and fun gift for the homebrewer!

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Smart Gal Avery Tote Personalized

Personalized Stylish and Versatile Tote Bag – Suitable for All Occasions

Under $25

Everyone is leading busy and on the go life, shuttling to different places, to run errands.  Give your dear co-worker a practical gift that can help her keep her things in style while she in on the road running the errand.

The bag is available in various colours, which you can definitely find one of her favourite colous in the list.

The bag also has long shoulder straps for her to carry her bag easily.

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Personalized Holiday Cookie Jars

Personalised Holiday Cookie Jar – Perfect Accent for Holiday Decorating

Under $50

This 8inch high holiday cookie jar with a Santa Claus image, decorated with your personalised words, brings up the joyous Christmas mood!

Complete the holiday season with this ornament gift as your recipient fills it up with tasty cookies.

This is the perfect ornament holiday gift for your corporate associates as it is practical as well as in tune to the season!

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Swarovski Swarovski Eclipse Stylus Ballpoint Pen, Black

Swarovski 2-in 1 Stylus Pen and Pen – Ergonomic Pen Grip for Easy Use

Under $75

This 2-in-1 stylus pen makes it among the unique corporate christmas gift ideas as it provides the writing tools for paper and smart gadgets that you need in just one kit.

With this gift, your recipient can conveniently jot down notes in black ink or navigates the tablet/smartphone easily with the stylus pen.

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Personalised Bottle Stopper and Pourer – Keeps Wine Fresh and Prevents Spills

Under $25

If your corporate associate is a wine aficionado, this chic and elegant bottle stopper will be the gift to consider!

The reindeer bottle stopper adds to the cheery, Christmas season to any wine.

The red jewels adorning the reindeer gives class to the gift and shows your appreciation to your recipient.

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Embellished Silver Purse Mirror

Embellished Silver Purse Mirror – Feminine and Practical

Under $50

Give your colleague a practical gift that she can use everyday and a nice ladylike addition to her cosmetic pouch.

The gift, which includes two mirrors, is made unique, by personalizing the it with her name.

She will thank you for your thoughtful gift, which she can look good, while having a nice and handy compact mirror.

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Unique and Extra Big Wine Glass – with Funny Markings

Under $25

Give your wine lover colleague this premium quality and extra big and unique wine glass (that can hold three times more than the regular size wine glass) to give him three times more Christmas greeting!

The amusing wordings on the wine bottle, makes drinking in a humorous way, which is sure to bring laughs not just to the recipient, but among your other fellow co-workers.

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Swarovski Swarovski Kris Bear - Christmas, Annual Edition 2017 Color accents

Christmas Kris Bear 2017 Limited Edition Ornament – Spreading with “Beary Joy” with Swarovski

Under $100

Celebrate the season for a person who loves elegant and luxurious gift by presenting them with this limited edition 2017 Christmas bear ornament decorated with colourful Swarovski crystals.

The well wishes denoted by the Christmas wreath will surely bring smiles to your recipient, who will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

The Christmas decorated Kris bear is a welcoming gift during this holiday season, as it is a “gift that keeps on giving”.

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Leather Charging Station Valet

Leather Charging Station Valet  – Handy Gift for the Tech Geek

Under $100

Give your teammate a gift to bring him smiles and at the same time is useful for his daily use.

This gift, which contains three charging stations to ensure his technology gadgets are charges and jewelry box, which keeps his watches organised.

The materials used for box keeps his watches well, thanks to the soft fabric interior. The lid is personalized with any 3 letter monogram, making it a gift specially for him.

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Deluxe Christmas Cheer Collection

Deluxe Christmas Cheer Collection – Favourite Christmas Treats

Above $100 (other sets in various prices, below $50)

What better way to celebrate Christmas with a wide assortment of Christmas treats!

This gift contains the must-have juicy Fancy Strawberries, covered with nuts, chocolate chips and swizzles. It includes a trio of dark chocolate-dipped mini cheesecakes, juicy maraschino cherries that have been dipped and topped with swizzles and sugar. The snowman brownie pops complete this Christmas treat!

This is a fantastic gift for a department party, to your business partners’ or client’s company employees as a whole.

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Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – For the Music Fanatic

Under $75

Does your colleague love music to the extent that he or she loves background music even when they are showering or by the pool?

If yes, this speaker, which is of a compact size, will be a great accompaniment for him or her all day.

With the blue tooth technology, your business co-worker can pair with any smartphone and play his or her favourite music.

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Golf Wine Charm & Tool Set

Golf Themed Wine Charms – includes Wine Tool Set

Under $50

Christmas is often associated with parties and gatherings!

This gift will be a welcoming gift to your business recipient if he/she is a golf lover and also a wine enthusiast or enjoys hosting parties.

With these Christmas wine charms, his/her guests can freely identify and pick up their wineglasses and enjoy the merry Christmas parties.

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Swarovski Swarovski Christmas Ball Ornament, Annual Edition 2017 Clear crystal

Christmas Bell Ornament – Annual 2017 Edition to bring the Holiday Cheer

Under $100

This limited edition Christmas ball ornament is an elegant and festive gift for your colleagues or business associates.

This is because displaying Christmas ornaments have been one of the Christmas celebration tradition.

Give your recipient best wishes for this Christmas with this elegant and luxurious looking ornament.

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Aperto Auto-Sensing Wine Bottle Opener

Auto-Sensing Wine Bottle Opener – Open Wine in Style

Under $50

Christmas is a time to indulge in good wine and food.

This is a timely and practical gift for your co-worker, as this auto-sensing wine opener helps him open his bottle of wines at ease.

This modish looking bottle opener can open any corks. The gift comes with magnetic foil cutter as well.

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Man Snacks Treat Jar

Man Snacks Treat Jar – Enjoy Snacks in Fun Way

Under $25

A great and solid snacks treat jar for a snacks lover!

With the bold and humorous “”Don’t touch my snacks..don’t even think about it!” clearly statement printed on the jar, your recipient can have his snacks displayed in an interesting manner at his office desk.

This novelty gift is personalised with his name, which means that you can convey your special season’s greetings specially for him.

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All About Her Mouse Pad

Mousepad with a Personality – Functional and Fun Gift

Under $25

Giving a gift that can add personality to your corporate recipient’s desk and at same time help her navigate her mouse in style is a functional and meaningful gift.

You personalize this mouse pad with your colleague’s name and we provide you with the adjectives.

A great addition to the office desk!

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Hand-Dipped Caramel Apples - Fancy Collection

Pack of 4 Delightful Caramel Apples in 3 Different Toppings – Healthy Festive Gift

Under $50

What better way to celebrate Christmas by giving a fresh and handmade food gift with a Christmas touch!

No one will say no to this over one pound decorated Granny Smith apple, which is dipped in creamy caramel drizzled with 3 different toppings.

It is definitely a corporate gift worth considering to give to a foodie who is enjoys healthy and tasty snacks!

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Swarovski Swarovski Crystalline Stardust USB Ballpoint Pen, Light Lilac

2-in-1 Luxury Pen with a touch of Technology – includes 16GB USB Stick

Under $50

In the current highly wired society, giving this gift to your colleague or business associate is a suitable gift as this is not just a pen, it is a pen which has another useful function.

This pen includes a concealed16 GB USB stick, which the recipient can used to store photos or his/her favourite music.

This refined looking pen is a great gift to convey your warmest wishes to him for this holiday season and the coming New Year.

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Signature Advent Calendar L'Occitane

24 Beauty Products in One Attractive “Calendar” Box – Thoughtful Gift for the Frequent Traveller or Beauty Junkie

Under $75

These 24 beauty products include hand cream, eu de toilette, soap, shampoo gel etc,in travel and sample sizes, which make it convenient for your frequent traveller co-worker to bring them along for their business trips or beauty junkie colleague to try out new stuff. These products, which come with beauty illustrations, can help nourish her face and skin, keeping her skin hydrated and also make her look and feel refreshed.

Your recipient will feel happy when seeing this useful gift in a holiday box, feeling the Christmas warmth and happiness.

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Superman Stocking Holder

Superman Stocking Holder – for the Superhero Fan

Under $50

Your superhero fan corporate recipient will feel elated when receiving this heavyweight metal superman stocking holder.

He/She will can display this practical gift in his/her home anywhere, as this gift does not require hooks or nail holes.

Your recipient will feel happy when hanging their stockings over this cool superman logo stocking holder.

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Wave Fidget Spinner

Wave Fidget Spinner- Fun Way to De-stress or Fight Boredom

Under $25

Enhance your co-worker’s day in the office with this interesting and fun gadget.  The colourful fidget spinner can help to destress and help him fight boredom.

In addition, it creates a nice view for your co-worker to enjoy, when spinning this , as it creates colourful and wave-like illusion.

The pocket sized gadget means that he can have fun spinning anytime and anywhere.

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Floral Initial Tile Keepsake Box

Keepsake Box with Initial – Keeping Jewelry or other items Organised in a Personalised Way

Under $25

Help your female colleagues keep their jewelry or other items organised in a beautiful and personalised way by giving this gift! Brighten their day with this beautiful keepsake box which doubles up as an ornament at their desk or home.

The box is made from solid wood with a cherry finish, giving it a luxurious finish.  The box is available in a few colours, which you are sure to find one colour to her liking.

The imagery flower add a feminine touch.

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Assorted Coffee and Tasty Snacks Gift Basket – Perfect Gift for Coffee Lover

Under $50

If your business recipient is a coffee lover, satisfy their caffeine fix by presenting them with this coffee themed Christmas gift basket.

They can enjoy great, premium cuppas over a choice of divine selection of gourmet coffees.

In addition, the gift basket contains a good combination of sweets, toffees and nuts for the coffee lover to go with his/her coffee.

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Any Message Embroidered Apron

Comfortable Apron Guide with Choice of Message Embroidered – for the Chef

Under $25

Inject some happiness to your co-workers when they are cooking with this apron with the message embroidered of your choice.  This apron, which is a one size fits all, is available in a few colours for you to choose from.

Made from high quality cotton, this apron is comfortable, which helps make cooking enjoyable.

A great Christmas gift for someone who loves cooking!

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Zippo Wallet with Theft Protection – Slim with Personalization

Under $50

Wallet with theft protection feature is a popular man’s accessory as it is useful and chic.

This top-quality craftsmanship moneyclip with brushed silver finish, keeps his cash and credit cards separate, making it  a fashionable and practical man’s accessory for your co-worker or business client.

This practical gift will definitely stand out (among the rest) this holiday season and also make great stocking stuffer!

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Dreaming of a White Christmas Throw Pillow - Red

Personalised Holiday Throw Pillow – Great Way to Display Holiday Spirit

Under $50

If your co-worker or client is a homely person, this is a gift which will definitely enhance the home decor this festive season.

The wordings displayed in the Christmas tree adds to holiday season mood.

You can also personalise the throw pillow with name, which makes it among  the most unique corporate Christmas gift ideas.

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Christmas Dipped and Decorated Oreos

Christmas Oreo Cookies – Cute and Fun

Under $50

Nothing says Christmas like a box of tasty cookies, for this gift, a giant festive fortune cookie wrapped in a cello bag with a lovely ribbon!

This cookies, almost the size of a football, and contains your one feet long customised message, makes a unique and memorable corporate holiday gift for your business associates and colleagues. The delicious vanilla cookie is dipped in flavour of your choice  – belgian chocolate or rich caramel.  This will definitely leave a great taste in your recipient’s mouth!

In addition, the hand-crafted royal icing decorations, which include Santa Claus, Ornaments, Christmas Trees and so on are a great way to send best wishes for this holiday season.

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Baseball Cap with Bottle Opener – Coolest Cap for the Sporty Guy

Under $25

Who says you cannot work and play at the same time? With this cool USB cable, you can charge your phone or transfer and backup files, while enjoying a bottle of ice cold beer.

The built-in bottle opener makes this a cool gadget, which marries work and play for your colleague or corporate associates.

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Personalized Húsavík 30 oz. Lavender Double Wall Insulated Tumbler

Insulated Tumbler Available in Various Colours – Enjoying Drinks at Right Temperature 

Under $25

If your colleague or business associate likes hot beverages like coffee or tea to kickstart the day or loves travelling, this gift is definitely a fabulous addition to the Christmas cheer!

With this gift, he/she can enjoy a cuppa while on the go, thanks to the sealed lid. It also includes the option of personalised initial and message.

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Travel Destination Maps

Interesting Travel Destination Maps – For the Avid Traveller

Above $100

If your co-worker enjoys travelling and creating memories of all his/her travels, this gift will be an excellent choice.

Framed in stained mahagony with set of pins and flags,your colleague is sure to to be excited to receive this gift to mark out those visited places with pibns and chart out his/her next destination and favourite destination with flags.

This is a gift that your co-worker can keep for years to come.

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Gold Tone Golf Ball and Tee - One

Gold Tone Golf Ball and Tee – Ideal Gift for the Golf Lover

Under $50

If your co-worker likes playing golf during his free time, this is the ideal gift for him.  This real 24K gold display golf ball and gold tone (not real gold) playable golf tee is a perfect pair for him to display at his office or home, to affectionately show his love for this hobby.

The gift comes with certificate of authenticity and lifetime guarantee and a personalized gift message.

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DeLuxe® Fruitcake & Coffee Gift Set

Freshly Baked DeLuxe® Fruitcake & Coffee Gift Set – with Exquisite Keepsake Tin

Under $50

This freshly baked fruitcake, paired with rich and delicately flavoured coffee, is a practical gift for almost every co-worker.  No one will say no to a tasty piece of fruitcake and a robust cuppa.

They can also share this with their family and friends during this season of giving.

The colleagues can also use the exquisitely designed keepsake tin to store their office, to keep their desk neat and tidy.

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Personalized Pashmina Scarf

Personalized Pashmina Scarf – Classic Accessory with Choice of Available Colours

Under $25

If your colleague or business customers is a lady who has everything, but like practical gift.  This classic gift is one gift that you may want to consider.

This soft and lightweight scarf is available in five different and versatile colours, which will definitely match her wardrobe of clothes.

The elegant and feminine pashmina scarf is a great accessory to spruce up her outfit, while keeping her warm.

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Christmas Bonsai Tree (Artificial) - 19

Christmas Bonsai Tree (Artificial) – Awesome Gift For Plant Lovers

Under $50

If the recipient likes plants but do not have much time on hand or green fingers to take care of the plants, this “almost real” artificial Christmas Bonsai Tree will be the ideal Christmas plant.

This Christmas Bonsai tree does not just spruce up the recipient’s office or home. The Christmas decorations adorning the tree give the environment a holiday and seasonal feel, no water is required.

This is one of the best maintenance-free holiday decoration to consider.

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Beer Cap Map of USA, Large

Beer Cap of USA – Cool Hanging Art for Beer Lover

Under $50

Give your fellow beer lover colleague or business client a cool piece of hanging art (with his favourite 80+ beer caps) that he can display in the office or at home, bringing him good memories of the great drinking times.

The frame, made from natural birch wood, comes pre-drilled, which makes it ready for hanging (use finish nails).

This is a gift that he can put into good use, for months to come after the Christmas season

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Light Brown iPad X Case

Light Brown iPad x Case – Sleek Case for the Dynamic Executive

Under $25

A functional gift for your corporate associates, to keep their tablets secure and at the same time give them a classy look carrying this case for meetings and appointments.

As the case is neutral colour, it will match any of their outfit.

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Spa Inspirations Bath and Body Gift Box

Lavendar Bath and Body Gift Set – Elegant and Refined

Under $50

Spa gift baskets are thoughtful gifts for your female co-worker or business associate.

This sweet holiday gift contains bath pillow, shower gel and even a pair of soft terry slippers to help her unwind, while indulging in her home spa session.  This gift of abundance is packed in a re-usable gift box.

This is one gift that will make her feel special and refreshed. A bath and body gift set is also a suitable birthday present idea for wife.

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Royce Personalized Leather Portfolio

Personalised Leather Portfolio – Handy for every Executive

Under $50

This zip around Royce Leather Padfolio, made from genuine leather, is an excellent corporate holiday gift idea for employees or business associates.  This padfolio also has a business card pocket id window.

This sleek padfolio can hold the items that the recipient needs nicely, a writing pad, resumes, business cards and pen. This makes it very convenient and functional gift for your recipient to carry this portfolio around easily.

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Pesonalized Tea Box

Personalized Tea Box – Ideal Gift for a Tea Lover

Under $50

This tea box is a functional gift for your co-workers or business clients for their use in office or at home.

The box, which has adjustable compartments and glass lid, keeps the different flavours of tea organised and he/she can see the tea they want to drink at one easy glance.

The box which can be personalized with up to 2 lines, is a great way to convey your season’s greetings this year.

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Wine Membership – Flexible Gift Ordering

Under $50

Give your co-worker or business associate a regular wine treat this Christmas season by buying them this premium wine club membership.

With a minimum purchase of two shipments, you recipient will receive 2 bottles of top-quality wine selections from two different high esteemed boutique vineyards per shipment.

Your recipient will also receive accompany cellar notes of the wine.  This is definitely a great holiday corporate gift for a wine enthusiast!

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Cute Mr Snowman – Tasty Sweet Treats in 4 Nested Boxes

Under $75

Giving your colleague a stylish Christmas food gift basket is a practical way to send your Christmas greetings.

This gift basket includes the classic and popular holiday foods, including premium Milk Chocolate covered Strawberries, creamy Belgian Chocolate Truffles.

With the exquisite Christmas design of the gift basket and the complimentary gift message attached, your office co-worker will definitely thank you for spreading the Christmas mood.

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Personalized Khaki Heritage Supply Duffle Bag

Khaki Travel Duffel Shoulder Handbag – Perfect for Weekend Getaway

Under $50

If your colleague or business associate is thinking of going for a short holiday getaway or getting a new bag during this Christmas season, this versatile nylon bag is the best gift for her.

This bag is able to hold documents and tablet safely and has great interiors for keeping pens, credit card and other personal belongings.

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DC Comics Batman 4GB USB Cufflinks

Batman 4GB USB Cufflinks – 2-in-1 Gift for the Comic Fan

Under $100

If your corporate partners or colleagues a comic or batman fan.

If yes, give him a unique Christmas gift this year – a comic wardrobe accessory that can serve work purpose as well – cufflinks with USD flash drives.

The recipient will be elated to receive this gift, a great conversation starter, which is functional as can store files and has his favourite comic icon.

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On the ROCK Glass with Ice Ball Maker ? Set of 2

On the Rock Glass Tumbler with Ice Ball Maker – Enjoy Longer Lasting Iced Drinks

Under $50

Holiday season is a time for parties and gatherings. Giving this useful gift to your colleagues helps save them time in making ice cubes to chill their drinks.

These non traditional glass tumbler with ice ball cubes add class to their drinks as well and enable them to enjoy their drinks and spirits, including Whiskey and Sangria for a longer time.

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A Duet of California Wines Gourmet Gift Basket

Christmas Wine Gift Box – Tidings of Joy

Under $75

Wine gift baskets are a popular choice for Christmas gift giving. They make wonderful classic gift item, celebrating Christmas occasion in style.

Giving the gift box laden with goodies like two bottles of wine and delectable premium accompaniments is sure to impress your business or corporate recipient this holiday!

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Personalized Golf Shoe Bag

Personalised Golf Shoe Bag – Practical Gift for Golf Lover

Under $25

Your corporate recipient will thank you for this gift which comes in very handy for his golf games.

This bag is designed with convenient handle and good ventilation which makes it easy for him to carry his shoes and also to keep his shoes smelling fresh.

In addition, this golf shoe can be personalised with three initials, which adds a special touch to the gift.

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Gunmetal Beer Growler Personalized

Solid and Stylish Gunmetal Beer Growler – Enjoy Frosty Brew

Under $50

Give you colleagues or business clients a chic gunmetal beer growler for them to enjoy their ice cold beer.

With a personalised, hammered and vintage look, this high quality beer growler is definitely a great addition to their bar set and they can enjoy their drinks in style this holiday season.

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Ogio Personalized Travel Kit

Personalised Travel Kit for Men – Functional Gift for Traveller

Under $50

This is a functional gift for your colleague who loves to travel.

This bag has ample space to store his travel items, including toiletry and grooming items. The various compartments help him to keep these items organised and tidy.

In addition, this gift is made unique, thanks to the availability of personalisation, in a thread colour of your choice.

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Holiday Snowman Bouquet

Chocolates and Candies Bouquet  – Sweet and Warm Season Greetings to Colleagues

Under $75

Give your corporate associate a yummy holiday by giving her this decadence of chocolate strawberries.

Treat your recipient a good holiday treat by giving his/her this gourmet treat!

Twelve sweet and succulent strawberries dipped in milky white chocolate and drizzled with colorful sprinkles or zig zag chocolates to give these juicy strawberries a cheery look.

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Personalized Jet-Setter Hanging Toiletry Bag

Personalised Hanging Toiletry Bag – Stylish and Practical

Under $25

Giving a toiletry bag with many compartments and clear vinyl inside pockets is a corporate gift idea this holiday season that warms your colleague or client’s heart, especially if she is a frequent traveller.

The bag can be personalised with her initial, which enhances the thoughtfulness of this gift.

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Personalized Rubber Gripped 13 Function Army Knife

Personalized Rubber Gripped 13 Function Army Knife – For the Adventurer and Handyman

Under $25

A practical and unique gift to for your office worker who loves outdoor activities and fixing things at home.

He will find this multi-tool extremely useful, as he can settle quick fixes and also help him cut wires or open bottles when he is outdoor.

The personalisation of the gift adds up to the oomph factor.

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Gourmet Sugar Free Gift Basket

Gourmet Sugar Free Gift Basket – Perfect Holiday Gift for the Health Conscious Co-Workers

Under $75

This is the practical gift for a co-worker or business client who are health conscious, takes good care of the food they eat and monitor their sugar intake.

With the luxurious packaging, you are sending thoughtful Christmas greetings to the recipient. In addition, the elegant looking wicker gift basket is re-usable and hence makes a fantastic momento.

With various different variety of coffee and gourmet snacks, the recipient can enjoy endless aromatic and rich cups of coffee and the tasty food accompaniments with his family and friends during this festive season.

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Black Leather Personalized Koozie

Personalized Black Leather Koozie Sleeve – Perfect for the Executive

Under $25

Let your colleague and their guests have a firm grip of their beer and drink their ice cold beer or canned drinks in style with this executive looking koozie.

These koozie sleeve, which is made from good material to keep the beer cold, are fantastic conversation starters.  For a beer lover, this gift is good memento to keep, even after Christmas season.

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Royce Leather Double Pen Case

Royce Leather Genuine Leather Pen Case Holder – Holds 2 Pens

Under $50

This Royce leather pen case is a great corporate holiday gift idea for clients or co-workers who is a frequent traveller.

This pen case will ensure that he or she always has the writing tools in meetings and discussions. In addition, the padded tuck-in flap also protects the pens and clothes.

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Hersheys & More Candy Bouquet

Hersheys Chocolate and More Candy Bouquet -Great Alternative to Flower Bouquet

Under $75

If your colleague has a sweet tooth, this candy bouquet may be the perfect gift for her. This gift comes in a vase (made from Hershey chocolates) and attractive ribbon, which makes gifting much easier.

It makes a great decoration for her parties as well.

She will definitely enjoy nibbling on these chocolates and candies, while enjoying the parties and gatherings during this holiday season.

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Slanted Block Clock

Slanted Block Clock – Elegant and Practical Desk Item

Under $50

This is the perfect gift for your fellow colleagues, business partners and clients.

This is a useful and elegant desk item which is made from high quality optical crystal.  With a personalised message, company logo and even a memorable date, it makes a great marketing tool for your Company as well.

Spruce up their office desk with this luxurious looking gift!

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The World's Largest Wine Glass

The World’s Largest Wine Glass – Fun Gift for the Wine Lover

Under $25

Christmas is a season to be merry and catchup with family and friends. Drinks are one of the must-have in parties and gatherings, for family and friends to bond together.

Save your co-worker the trips or time to have their glass top up countless time with this fun gift.

With a capacity to hold 2 litres of wine, the wine lover will be delighted to enjoy his wine and be merry.

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Christmas Gourmet Bakery Gift Basket

Tasty Christmas Gourmet Bakery Treats – Displayed in Hand Woven Gift Basket

Under $100

Let your business recipient “taste” Christmas by giving them a basket of these individually packed tasty snacks!

These snacks contain a wide assortment of oreos, brownies and pretzels, snacks that one cannot stop eating, once one get started.

It is definitely a gift that he/she will remember for the distinctive flavour found in this elegantly handwoven gift basket.

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Book Lovers Barnes and Noble Gift Set Medium

Book Lovers Gift Basket– includes a Gift Card for a Book Lover

Under $75

If you colleague likes to read, giving a gift card and a gift basket full of goodies for him/her to munch on and drink, while enjoying a good book is the best gift.

You are able to send your Christmas greeting during the checkout and display your thoughtfulness by giving a gift card, for them to buy the genre that they would like to read.

For a book lover, what better way to spend the holiday season with a good book on hand, a warm cuppa and tasty snacks in place!

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Business Card Holder>

Crystal Business Card Holder – Luxurious Desk Item

Under $50

If your business associate or colleague loves elegant looking and practial gift, this is the most apt gift for Christmas.

Made from finest crystal, this gift displays elegance.  Topped with his/her namecards included in the business card holder completes the luxurious and personalised look at his office desk.

As the gift can be embossed with your Company logo, it will a fantastic gift which doubles up as marketing tool for your company.

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Let's Get Lit Beer Glass

Let’s Get Lit Beer Glass – Funny Gift

Under $25

Give your favourite beer drinker male colleague a funny gift for him to drink and be merry this festive season.

The beer glass is surrounded by string of lights that turn on by rotating knob below handle, making the beer glass literally lit up, making drinking fun and merry for Christmas!

This is an interesting and great conversational starter when he drinks using this beer glass.

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Dippin' Time Fondue Set - Block

Compact Fondue Set – Warm and Entertaining Gift

Under $25

Giving this warm and entertaining fondue set is timely for the chilly Christmas season.

Your recipient can bond over tasty chocolate dipped marshmallows and fruits during the Christmas gatherings.

This will definitely make it one of the gift that he/she will remember this Christmas holiday.

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Luxury Travel Treasures L'Occitane

Luxury Travel Set- all Travel Essentials Packed in a Cute Pouch

Under $50

Your female co-worker will be elated to receive these travelling beauty care essentials.  This gift contains all the products that she needs for her frequent business travel trips, including hair wash and hair conditioner.

The holiday pouch, with a cute and cheery yellow pouch, completes this holiday gift, spreading the festive joy and happiness.

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King of the Grill BBQ Tool Set

King of the Grill BBQ Tool Set – For the Grill Lover

Under $75

If your co-worker or business contact is an active grill and smoker chef , this will be the ideal holiday gift for him.

The BBQ tools are kept in storage case made of solid wood, which is personalised with his name and a title of your choice.  This gift is useful and efficient during holiday season, when he will be cooking tasty grills for his friends and family.

With this gift, he can enjoy interacting with his guests or work on other dishes.

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Bodum 12 oz Tea-for-One Double-Wall Glass with Strainer

Double-Wall Tea Glass with Strainer – Unique and Perfect Brew for the Tea Lover

Under $25

Give your tea lover colleague something special this Christmas, for her to enjoy a nice cuppa in during the festive season.

The unique design of this tea maker enables the flavour of the tea tea to be enhanced.  With tea brewed to the optimum flavour in a convenient way, your colleague can enjoy good tea anytime.

Hence, this is a great gift for years to come.

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Personalized Circle of Love Cat Silhouette Throw Pillow - Pink

Personalised Pet Throw Pillow – For an Animal Lover

Under $25

This is the perfect gift for a co-worker or business client who is an animal lover.

With the festive holiday, hugging a comfortable throw pillow,displaying a cheery cat or dog, you are sending thoughtful Christmas greetings to the recipient. It makes a fantastic memento.

Seeing this gift at the office chair or home sofa is sure to bring joy and happiness during this festive season.

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Garden Tote

Stylish Garden Tote – For the Passionate Gardener

Under $50

Your co-worker who are serious and passionate about gardening will be elated to receive this stylish gift to enjoy her hobby!

Made of durable cotton canvas and with a comfortable handle for easy carrying, she can enjoy her gardening with all the handy tools in one place.  There are ample external and interior pockets for her to keep her tools, seeds and so on.

You can personalise this gift with her initials as well, making it a gift especially for her.

A very handy gift for someone with green fingers.

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Personalized Expandable Executive Business Card Case

Personalized Expandable Executive Card Case – Stylish Organiser

Under $25

This expandadable executive card case helps keep your colleague’s contacts, name cards and credit cards organised.

The outer shell is hard, which protects the card, while the back is made from black leather, making it stylish looking.

You can also personalised this card case, to increase the thoughtfulness of this gift.

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Healing Spa Gift Set

Spa Gift Basket – Relax Her Body and Mind this Holiday Season

Under $50

Help your corporate co-worker or business client round up their year end this Christmas season by treating them to a relaxing and rejuvenating spa gift basket.

This gift basket has chocolates and herbal tea for her to enjoy a cuppa and accompaniments, while soaking in soothing spa environemnt. It also has floral stationery set for her to doodle and scribble her thoughts.  The bath tote is reusable as well.

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Personalized Whiskey Stones - Message

Personalized Whiskey Stones – For the Whiskey Sipper

Under $50

Give your colleague or business client who is a whisky lover, this set of personlized whiskey stones, kept in a elegant looking black drawstring bag.

This is a welcoming and timely holiday corporate gift idea for them as they can enjoy their whisky using this gift, partying away and have a merry merry Christmas!

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Napa Soap Travel Shave Set

Soap Travel Shave Set – For the Modish Guy

Under $50

This is a suitable gift for your male colleague who focuses a lot on his personal grooming and upkeep or a male colleague who seem to have everything.

The shaving soaps contain soothing and moisturizing ingredients, giving him an enjoyable shaving session.

This gift conveys your season’s greetings for this Christmas.

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