49 Housewarming (Jul 2017) Gift Ideas for Men

(updated in Jul 2017) The challenge of selecting housewarming gifts for men comes when you have a male friend, colleague, family member or boyfriend inviting you to his housewarming party. It is courteous to give him a gift and not go empty handed.

Giving the man a housewarming gift is the best way to convey your heartfelt happiness to him for his move and to congratulate him in having a place to call his own.

At Mammoth Gift Ideas, we have put together a wide selection of good housewarming gift ideas for men for you to select from.  The gifts include practical kitchen accessories, barbeque gifts, sophisticated barware set, home décor, tacky novelty stuff and sports items.  For practical reasons, we have also listed down our gift ideas in a range of budget, to ease your search.

Finding him the ideal housewarming manly gift is challenging, you have to consider a few factors before you can narrow your search and find the “it” gift for him!  For example, is he a guy who already has everything he needs for his house or a guy who has to sleep on mattress for the time being?

If the guy has everything, you have to make sure that your gift is unique or funny or a gift that he can display, so that it will not chucked away to a corner of this house.  If the guy has nothing, the best gift will be a practical gift that can help him settle in his new abode with less financial stress, to help him when he receives his first mortgage bill.

Another factor to consider is whether he is a swinging single moving into his bachelor pad or a married man (with or without children) moving into his first house.  A gift for a single guy or bachelor is very different as compared to a gift for a a guy who is living with his spouse or family.  This will definitely affect your choice of gift for him, as it will be better that you consider his other half’s preference if he is moving in with his spouse.

With this list of good men’s housewarming gifts below, you will be definitely be able to find one that suit his personality and needs, to turn his house into his home!

49 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Men

Doctor Who: 10th Doctor Adult Sleep Set

Fun Pajamas – Look and Feel Awesome

Under $50

Many people especially men take great pride in their appearance.

You can make the new house owner look more fashionable and fun with this fun pajamas.

It is a perfect solution for men who want to relax at home. It offers luxurious comfort and designed to boost awesomeness while sleeping. This is also perfect housewarming gift for boyfriend.

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Rustic Wooden Hammer – Easy to Use

Under $25

Giving this housewarming gift to the man of the house is a practical gift.

This rustic looking hammer with a wooden handle and metallic claw will definitely come in handy at any point in time.

With this tool, he will be able to complete some of the basic do-it-yourself stuff around his new house.   You may also include his name for a personal touch.

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Star Wars Kylo Ren Lightsaber Room Light Kit

Star Wars Lightsaber-shaped Wall Light – Easy Assembly and Installation

Under $50

For a Star Wars fan, this is not just a wall light suitable for a kid’s room, it is perfect for an adult’s room too.  It is a room light for his bachelor’s pad too.  This cool present will certainly add to his collection and the soft red glow will add warm and sense of adventure in his room.

With easy assembly, this is certainly among the most unique and best housewarming gifts for men.

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Monogrammed Dog Throw Pillow - Classic Silhouette

Monogrammed Dog Throw Pillow – Decorative Gift for a Dog Lover

Under $25

Sitting on a couch without a place to rest your hands is quite uncomfortable or having a couch without any throw pillows makes the couch less appealing.

Having throw pillows will give the man of the new house a comforting item.  Combined this with his love for dogs by including a silhouette design of his favourite dog will spruce up his home and makes his pet dog happy.

As the colour of this pocket pillow is neutral, it will complement the color of his house or couch, a perfect addition to his house and complementary to his house décor.  Definitely a handy gift for a bachelor’s new home.

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Whiskey Barrel with 2 Line Personalization

Whiskey Barrel – Stand and Instructions Included

Under $75

Which man wouldn’t appreciate a gift that helps him age his own whiskey in touch of a burden?  Certainly there is none.

A whiskey barrel maker helps him age his own whiskey, ultimately producing an enjoyable drinking experience for home use or for the parties that he organized in his new place of residence.

This gift comes with instructions to age the whiskey and can be personalised to give it a more personal touch for the new house owner.

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Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Walnut Finish for Sophisticated Feel

Under $50

Not all accessories are created equal but the portable Bluetooth Speaker stands out as one of the best housewarming gifts for men.

It can be placed in any corners of his home and the walnut wood is a nice decor to his new abode.  With up to seven hours of playtime, the music lover and immerse himself in his favourite music in the very comfort of his home.

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Personalised Bamboo Bar Board with Shot Glasses

Bamboo Bar Board with Two Shot Glasses – Slice and Dice in Style

Under $25

Give the male houseowner a unique housewarming gift with this piece of stylish bamboo bar board.

The board which comes in two tone, has a modern feel and lets the new male home owner slice and dice in style.

Personalisation with up to 3 characters is made available, giving this gift a personal touch.  It is a nice addition to his barware collection and the two shot glasses complete the collection.

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Jack Daniel's Tumbler Glass 2 Pack

Jack Daniel’s Tumbler Glass with Old No. 7 Logo – Elegant Gift Set of 2

Under $50

If your male buddy is a whiskey fan, then this cool officially licensed housewarming gift item is safe to use and just perfect for him.

Give that whiskey the best treatment and care it deserves with this barware collection.

This is also an ideal retirement gift for men.

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Gunmetal Shot Glass Personalized

Gunmetal Shotglass with Unique Engraving– Perfect Gift for Barware Collecter

Under $25

Barware collectors will be thrilled to receive this unique square shaped gunmetal shot glass for their new home.

The shot glass, though made from glass, is covered in a thin, shiny metal finish, which adds on to the unique design.

This shot glass make great décor to their mancave, with the unique engraving displaying his initials, sprucing up his bar and exude manliness and style.

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Personalized Brass Door Knocker

Brass Door Knocker – Welcome Guests with Class

Under $50

This is a unique housewarming gift which allows the male home owner to welcome his guests with style.  It is a cool and functional décor to display at the door.

The traditional look of this door knocker complements almost any home decor and up the ante in class.  It will spruce up the whole outlook of his home.  It is a practical gift which can last for years to come.

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Personalized Bar Mat

Personalised Bar Mat- Enhances Drinking Experience for his guests

Under $50

What better way to welcome his guests to his very own watering hole than displaying this cool gift at his bar counter – a rubber bar mat with personalised words strikingly written against the background

With six designs to choose from, this tastefully designed gift is functional as it serves its purpose of keeping drinks in place.  Hence, this makes it an awesome housewarming gift to consider for the bachelor, the man of the house.

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Personalized Whiskey Glass Decanter

Whiskey Decanter – Made from Heavy Glass

Under $50

This whisky bar decanter with can hold 23oz of liquid would be an invaluable asset for any man who beckons a break with a glass of wine or their loved brand of liquor.

Generally, this whisky decanter with personalization of up to 2 lines and handcrafted using heavy glass make the gift a magical and attractive view. This bar mat is also an excellent gift ideas for husband if he loves to appreciate fine liquor.

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Superman Bathrobe

Superman Bath Robe – Comfortable and Extraordinary

Under $75

One of the more interesting and unique housewarming gift for a man!

Nothing can be better that strutting around in a Superman Dressing Gown on a cool evening.

He can wrap himself in the force daily with this officially licensed Robe with the “S” emblem .

This is without doubt a funny housewarming gift for men that will add a touch of humor whenever he wears it.

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Personalized Wine Barrel Accessory Set

Personalized Wine Barrel Accessory Set – Sleek and Sophisticated

Under $25

This set offers tremendous convenience and is stylishly designed to add beauty and charm to any home bar.

A practical present to bring to a new house party, this set, which includes a stopper, pourer, cork screw,and bottle top cutter,is easy to use and a must-have gift item for all wine enthusiasts.

You will also thrill the new houseowner pair with this gift if they are wine lovers.

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Mancave Barrel Sign Personalized

Rustic Looking Beer Barrel Sign – Beer Lover’s Favourite

Above $100

This makes a great housewarming gift for a beer lover who has a home bar.

Decorate his home bar with this specially designed beer barrel sign to enhance his beer drinking experience.  This rustic looking sign can be personalised to give this gift a special touch.

With personalisation, this gift makes his man cave looks cool and he will love the compliments that he will receive from this barrel sign.

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Gigantic Coffee Mug

Huge Coffee Mug with Hilarious Message – Great Way to Kick-start his Day

Under $25

A daily dose of caffeine is a must for most people to kickstart his day.

Look no further for the answer which can double up as a great housewarming gift for him.  This huge mug with a funny message allows him to enjoy his cuppa while bringing a smile to his face.  Most importantly, it helps him to “cut down” his caffeine intake to just “one cup”.

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Grillmaster Apron Plus Personalized and in Color of Choice

BBQ Grill Master Apron – Personalised and Colour of Choice

Under $50

A man’s cooking skills can’t be complete without his trusty apron.

And while it be harder to choose other gifts for a man, it is not difficult to choose the most suitable apron for the grill master.  With lots of pockets for him to put his bottle opener, spatulas, tongs and forks.  He can definitely prepare tasty roasted meat for his family and friends with ease.

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Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener - Premium Brew

Wall Mounted Bottle Opener – Personalized with Premium Brew Wordings

Under $50

Does he receive guests often?  This classic bottle opener/top catcher is the perfect addition to his home bar. It is very functional as well because the opener and catcher comes together.

You can personalize this gift with a text, which make this gift more special.

This is a good housewarming gift for him to show off his very own man cave and it is moderately cheap, durable and classic in make.

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Personalized Moscow Mule Copper Mug – 16 oz Stainless Steel Mug with Copper Plating

Moscow Mule Copper Mug – with Choice of Medallion Type

Under $50

Every man would certainly want a copper mug in their closet for those special Vodka nights.

This Moscow mule has a high thermal conductivity and thus makes beverages chilling even in a hot summer.  It is also perfect to keep hot drinks.

The personalization of the mug with choice of medallion type makes this gift even more unique and sentimental for the proud house-owner.

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Engraved Wine Aerator and Cork Screw Set

Personalised Wine Aerator – Corkscrew Included

Under $25

This makes a great housewarming for the new male homeowner who loves wine.

With this aerator that is made from finest stainless steel, he will be able to enhance the flavours and aromas of all his wine. This means that he is able to enjoy his wine, regardless of the price of the wine.

The pourer-style design of this aerator also means that he will not have problems relating to ensuring that it is a good fit with any wine bottle. It comes with corkscrew to complete the practicality of this gift.

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Sleek Personalised Bar Collection – Complete with Cigar Humidor

Above $100

A complete bar collection is an ideal gift to impress him with.

The vintage pub sign hung over his mancave gives it an impressive and rustic feel.  Matching coasters and cigar humidor completes the look of his personal pub.

A great man’s housewarming gift idea if he enjoys alcoholic drink in comfort of his new home.

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Humidors Personalized in Variety of Themes

Personalised Cigar Humidor – Functional and Attractive

Under $75

What actually sets this humidor apart from others is the unique design.

The vibrant colours make this a fantastic decorative item to his new home.

Most importantly, it helps to keep his cigars fresh and let him enjoy a good smoke in the comfort of his new abode.

With his name etched on this humidor, it’s a thoughtful gift for a new home owner who appreciates cigars.

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Personalized Real Tree Camo Koozie with Pewter Medallion

Camo Beer Cozie (Koozie) – Unique Design with Personalised Pewter Medallion

Under $50

Give the beer lover a unique and classy house warming gift is sure to make his day!

With the cozie designed with camouflage pattern and his name prominently displayed on the pewter medallion, he and his friends are sure to be impressed while chilling over the refreshing ice cold beer at his home.

This sure is a beer drinking experience that beer lovers are looking forward to.

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Connoisseur's Compact Wine Opener

Wine Bottle Lever Screwpull Opener – Compact and Sleek

Under $50

This is a great gift for wine lovers as it requires little effort to open up yet it’s durable and presentable.

Of greater importance though, this screw pull opener doesn’t damage the bottle meaning he can enjoy your wine without worrying of broken pits of glass in their drink.

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Beer Flight Attendant Set

Personalised Beer Flight Set – Fun and Cool Beer Sampler Set of 4

Under $50

This is one of the most fun items for a man’s gift who loves home brew.  He can experiment and enjoy his samples of home brew in the comfort of his own home with this gift.

The four glasses fit perfectly on the board, which allows personalisation, makes the set outstanding while the unique design of the wooden board gives it a natural, characteristic feel.

You would be jealous to give out this gift if don’t already own one for its elegance and great condition. Make him feel lucky though and certainly you shall have stroked his passions.

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Rechargeable Candles - Set of 3

3 Rechargeable Vanilla Scented Candles – Suits Any Household Decor

Under $50

Scented candles have for long been used as themed gifts and are still as relevant today.

Yet it may prove impossible to choose a scent that really meets a man’s expectations, ego and robustness.

Opting to go with a vanilla scent is a step closer to rewarding him with a gift he can’t turn down or look down on.

This also makes an awesome housewarming gift for boyfriend, as you create a cosy environment for the two of you with these lit candles.

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Official Man Cave Personalized Sign

“Man Cave” Traditional Sign – Fantastic and Fun Bar Sign for the Real Man

Under $25

Decorate his wall décor with this ready to hang fun display sign, creating a light hearted environment in his home pub.

This wonderfully designed traditional sign is sturdy as it is made of composite wood base, giving it a special touch to his bar or man cave. The sign is also constructed and made such that it is durable and long lasting.

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Legacy Cocktail Shaker

Legacy Cocktail Shaker – Beautiful and User Friendly

Above $100

The set makes for a perfect drink mixer kit especially when it comes to preparing ice cold cocktails such as Cosmopolitan, Apple martini and Margarita among many others.

The recipient will especially feel valued as the set can as well be used a variety of tasty spirits in the bar.

This present is user friendly, highly versatile and generally efficient in its working.

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Wine Bottle Glass

Fun Wine Bottle Glass – Enjoy Wine by Gulps

Under $25

This is a unique housewarming gift for wine lover. It is fun gift due to the interesting words etched on the wine bottle glass.

In addition, it is a macho gift as the male homeowner can enjoy his wine in a non-conventional way, not by sips.

This is also a great statement piece, nice display on his home bar.

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Personalised Alphabet Photo Name Art in Frame

Ready to Hang Alphabet Photo Art – Personalised and Prominent Display

Under $50

Giving a gift featuring the male houseowner’s name is a meaningful housewarming gift. It shows him your thoughtfulness in the gift selection.

With the carefully selected photos of architectural letters in black and white, this photo art will matches any house and will be a nice addition to his house. It is a great boast to his bachelor pad.

It is an ideal housewarming gift to the male house owner, for the years to come.

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Golf Course Cheese Board with Tools

Golf Course Cheese Board – Complete Set with Tools

Under $75

Give the golf and wine lover a unique housewarming gift with this gold course cheese board set complete with cheese and wine tools.  It even has a sand trap to hold other food like olives.

This is a great display piece to entertain his family and guests when they have a gathering at his place.

He will appreciate this housewarming gift as the tools are a useful addition to his new home.

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Personalized Men's Watch and Sunglasses Box

Men’s Watch and Sunglasses Box – Bespoke Stylish Organiser

Under $50

Help him keep his accessories organised in a sophisticated manner with this practical gift.

He will also be able to mix and match his watches and sunglasses easily.

The addition of the houseowner’s name published on top of the box adds exclusivity to this charming and functional gift.

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Corona Mini Can Beer Fridge

Corona Mini Beer Fridge – Holds up to 8 Cans

Under $100

This is a perfect gift for a man’ cave as it’s a great showpiece.

The gift does not only bring his relaxing theme into the house but also creates a sense of manliness and cosiness to his home.

If he is a party animal who loves to organise home parties, customize his surroundings to reflect his passions by buying this great gift for him.

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Gunmetal Beer Growler Set Personalized

Gunmetal Beer Growler Set – Perfect Gift for the Brew-Master

Under $75

This is the perfect gift for the beer lover.

He can store his favourite homebrew in this stylish looking gunmetal beer growler or simply display it in his home bar, to add a modern touch to his home bar.

The set comes with 2 steins which can also be personalised to make it a exclusive housewarming gift for him.

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Mele & Co. Rory Wooden Charging Valet

Charging Valet – Sleek Storage Space and Cool Charging Station

Under $50

Help the new male homeowner stay organised with this dresser top valet, which includes charging station.

With this practical gift, he can keep his mobile phones, jewelry accessories, watches and even coins all in one place.

In addition, he can also charge his mobile phones at the same time. A very important highlight about this stylish gift is that there will not be any messy power cords as the gift has a hidden storage to stow away these unsightly power cords.

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Personalized Lowball Shot within A Shot Glass Set

Personalised Lowball Shot within a Shot Glass Set – Ideal for the Creative Guy

Under $25

The new houseowner will be ecstatic to receive this gift as he can create his own concoction – favourite beverage in the lowball glasses (for example beer) with invigorating liquor filling the shot glasses.

He can share his fun-to-drink concoctions with his guests and have a fun session in his new abode.

These lowball glasses can be personalised with his single initial for an endearing touch.

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Bouchon Wine Rack & Cork Caddy

Wine Rack in Satin Black – Simple and Modish Space-Saving Storage

Under $75

Men and wine are intricately intertwined.

Where man is making merry, then wine is present. Essentially, there isn’t a better way to help him preserve his treasured drink than to buy him a wine rack in satin black.

The gift is characteristically unique yet appealing to any man with a taste for good wine.

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Football Glasses Set of 4 Personalized

Football Glasses – Personalised Set of 4

Under $50

This is an ideal gift for a football fan as the glasses display image related to football.

In addition, you can personalise this gift with up to 2 lines to make it a unique housewarming gift.

This glass set will make a nice addition to his barware and are the most apt glasses to serve ice cold beer to his football buddies when they come over to his place to watch a football match.

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Personalized Home State Throw Pillow

“Home State” Personalised Throw Pillow – Relaxing Addition to the Man’s Cave

Under $25

His bedroom doesn’t have to be a dull and boring place.

That’s why you should think of gifting him this throw pillow as it adds a tinge of relation in his space.

Needless to say the pillow introduces a measure of decorative accent in the man’s cave and he will certainly feel valued – a well thought of and unique housewarming gift idea for him!

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Batman Logo 4'X6' Rug

Batman Logo Mat – Perfect and Practical Gift for the Batman Fanatic

Under $50

Gifts for men don’t always have to portray serious business.

In fact, gifts containing themes that he adore tend to evoke long term memories in the recipients mind compared to the more business oriented ones.

A Batman rug would be one cheeky but nice gift to give to any man and make him feel appreciated.  His man cave is transformed to the dark knight approved and cosy area, emanating the cool and mysterious atmosphere.

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Move In Special - Housewarming Gift Baskets

“Move In Special” Housewarming Gift Basket – with Keepsake “Home” themed Basket

Under $100

Celebrate his new home with this food basket full of goodies.  He can chill with his family and friends with the nice bottle of wine or champagne (that you have chosen for him), and a wide assortment of gourmet accompaniments of cookies, nuts, and snacks.

He can also use the house themed keepsake basket to keep things in his home organised.

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NFL Spatula with Personalized Bottle Opener

2 in 1 Spatula with Bottle Opener – Perfect for a Grill Master and Beer Lover

Under $50

If he likes to grill and drink beer, he will thank you for this practical grill accessory.

At the other end of the spatula is a beer opener, which means he need not worry about misplacing his beer opener, which is the best beverage to go with his favourite grills.

Perfect for a grillaholic who has just moved into a new home!

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Personalized Modern Beer Mug Set

Beer Mug Set – Personalised with Single Initial

Under $50

This is the perfect housewarming present for the man who likes to drink beer.

With a nice handle and sturdy base, he can enjoy ice cold beer with his friends and family.  The mugs can hold quite a good amount of beer, which means that he can have hearty drinking session.

The single initial personalisation also makes it a great bar-ware collection.

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Man Cave Personalized Coaster Set

Cork Based Personalized Coasters – with choice of over 30 Hobby Themed Design Styles

Under $50

Personalized coasters with the male owner’s first and last name and his hobby imprinted on the coasters makes this gift ever green.

With the detailed designs, the coasters also make a stunning set of a gift for the man you value.

The gift can be used in cars, in a house or at the place of work as they presentable, long lasting and eye catching to say the least.

This set of coaster provides an interesting decoration to your male counterpart’s new house, making it a unique new house party gift for him.

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Leather Valet Tray Personalized

Sleek Personalised Leather Valet Tray – Helps him Stay Organised

Under $25

When moving into a new house, he will need some time to settle down and get his things organised.

With this gift, you are doing him a big favour by helping him keep his everyday personal and carry items organised, such as loose coins, keys and watches.  He can put all these in one place and save the hassle of looking all over his new home.

Practical and cool gift for the new house owner.

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Boxxle 3L Box Wine Dispenser

Wine Dispenser – Sleek Device keeping Wine Fresh for up to 6 weeks

Above $100

This will be the ideal housewarming gift for the man who is a wine connoisseur.

With the unique technology found in this device, he can keep the wine fresh for up to 1.5 month. This means that he can enjoy fresh wine by the glass anytime at his convenience, in the comfort of his home for a longer time period.

With a holding capacity of up to 3 liters, he can share his prized wine with his guests. This sleek and attractive dispenser is also a great addition to his kitchen and bar counter.

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Moet and Chandon White Star Champagne Gift Crate

Champagne in a Box – Classic and Timeless Gift

Under $100

This is the ideal gift for the new house owner who has everything.  No one will have enough of good wine and champagne in his home.

Giving champagne is a practical way to congratulate him for moving to a new place, his very own place to call his home.  He can celebrate his new phase in life over this champagne with his family and friends.

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Monogrammed Black Square Leatherette Coaster Set

Leatherette Coaster Set – Elegant Home Accesory

Under $50

Placing this elegant looking leatherette coaster set adds class to his man cave.  They also protect his table from drink spills.

The colour of the coaster – black, easily matches any home decor.  His name and initial etched on this coaster set conveys your thoughtfulness, makes it a gift specially made for him.

This is a great housewarming gift for years to come.

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A Quick Meal - Food Gift Basket

A Quick Meal” Food Gift Basket – Thoughftul Gift

Under $75

There’s no denying that a great present comes with a degree of sophistication, even if it’s housewarming gift for your special one, your boyfriend.

When it comes to gifting single men for their new house, there are certainly few gifts that are practical and thoughtful.  He will be busy with the house move, that he does not have time to buy ingredients and have home cooked meals in his new home.

With this gift, he can enjoy nice meals in his cosy new place, chilling over enjoyable TV sessions or games – a practical gift to bring to the man’s housewarming party.

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