11 Housewarming Gift Ideas (Oct 2016) for Women

(Updated in Oct 2016) Moving to a new place is an exciting experience, be it living on her own or with her family. This is a new chapter of her life, where she will step into the unknown and create fond memories in her new abode.

Share her happiness by giving her a thoughtful housewarming gift, a gift that suits her needs, to help her turn her house into her new home!

At Mammoth Gift Ideas, we have searched and compile a wide variety of good housewarming gift ideas for women for you to choose from. We have also included the price category to make your search easier by ensuring that it is within your budget.

The gifts include practical kitchenware for her to whip up tasty meals, garden and yard related items for her to spruce up her neighbouring area, elegant décor to beautify and liven up her house interior, barware for hosting fantastic parties and many more! You will definitely find a gift to her liking or to her needs.

11 Housewarming Gift Ideas for Women

Personalized Jewelry Box

Personalised Jewelry Organiser – Personal Touch to her Jewelry Box

Under $50

Earrings holder, bracelets, necklace organizer stand should be the first item on the list.

This organiser with transparent cover and removable display cushions lets them display all their favorite jewelry, bringing out their passion and love for beauty.

It helps them organize their jewelry depicting their responsible personality.

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Personalized Circle of Love Cat Silhouette Throw Pillow - Pink

Circle of Love Cat Silhouette Throw Pillow – Personalized with the Cat Lover‘s Pet Name

Under $25

This friendly and personalised throw pillow is the best gift for the lady who has a pet cat.

This throw pillow is not just comfortable, it provides a great home decor to her new home.

Most importantly, it contains an adorable picture of her favourite animal.

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Tranquil Moments� Advanced Sleep Sounds

Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 16 Nature Sounds – Natural Sleep Aid

Above $100

While studying, working, meditating or sleeping, the owner of the new house fancies great ambience, indulging herself in a relaxed and stress free environment.

Sound Spa Relaxation Machine with 16 Sleep Sounds is a good noise generator with a variety of natural sounds, which helps her to block out unwanted noise, helping her to have better sleep and feel more relaxed.

This is also a great retirement gift for women, as you are helping her create a soothing, relaxed environment at her home, to suit her slower paced lifestyle during her retiring days.

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Personalized Glass Cutting Board

Personalised Glass Cutting Board Set – Matches any Kitchen Decor

Under $50

This personalised glass cutting board is a valuable addition to any lady’s kitchen.

It’s moderately light in weight and dimensions which makes it easy to manoeuvre or carry around. They are pretty in design, versatile in use and durable in nature.

Help the female houseowner replace her scrappy plastic cutting boards by buying her this gift for her house-warming. With her name displayed, this cutting board can double up as a nice addition to her kitchen decor, to spruce up her very own kitchen.

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Personalized Wood Handled Hammer Multi-Tool

Personalized Wood Handled Hammer Multi-Tool – Includes 12 Handy Tools needed for Jobs around her House

Under $25

This compact multi purpose gift containing all the essential tools will be very critical for her simple house maintenance and improvement tasks.

This 12 handy tool set provides just about the right assistance to the female recipient, assisting to their mechanical and auto mobile needs, even when moving around the house.

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Personalized Wine Aerator and Cork Screw Set

Wine Aerator Decanter and Cork Screw Set- Useful Wine Tool for Wine Lover

Under $50

For a wine lover, the new house will be incomplete without a Wine Aerator Decanter that enhances the aromas and flavors of her wine.

This personalised wine aerator ensures that she enjoys her wine all the time as it tastes better with the enhanced flavour. The gift includes cork screw, which is another important tool.

This is also a handy housewarming gift for couple, as they can enjoy great wine in each other’s company in their new abode.

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Soft Spa Massaging Bath Pillow

Soft Massaging Bath Pillow – Provides a Luxury Spa Experience

Under $75

A soft massaging bath pillow with two vibration settings for jacuzzi and bathtubs is also recommended as a likely gift for the new occupant.

With this gift, taking a bath at home will be a relaxing and comforting experience.

With the relaxing bath pillow, she will surely enjoy her very own luxury spa in the comfort of her new home.

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Floating Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Portable and Waterproof

Under $75

This bluetooth shower speaker projects loud, clear music, which will let the lady enjoy the bath with perfect sound surroundings.

If she is the kind that likes to sing in the shower, the speakers lets the new female occupant immense herself in the music completely, humming her favourite songs in the shower.

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Luxury Napperz Plush Foam Cuddler Pet Bed

Plush Foam Pet Cuddler in Sherpa – Provides Maximum Comfort for Pets

Under $75

If the new female houseowner has pets, she would require a Pet Cuddler that provides maximum comfort and support for her beloved, one that is ultra-soft and cozy.

This cuddler is ideal for pets such as dogs and cats.

With this cuddler, their furry friend will also feel the warmth and comfort of the new house.

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Personalized Architectural Alphabet Photo Name Art

Customized Architectural Alphabet Photo Name Art – Unique and Artistic House Decor 

Under $50

What can make her home look and feel cosier than having a home decor with her name proudly displayed on it.

Hence, this gift is recommended as next on the list of things that you will acquire for the new houseowner.

This gift spruces up her home and is artistic as her name or any word is spelled out using architectural alphabet photos.  It is a home decor which matches any home setting and adds personal touch to her private space.

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Spa Inspirations Bath and Body Gift Box

Spa Bath and Body Gift Set – Provides Relaxation and Spa Relief

Under $50

Her bathing experience in her new abode would be incomplete without a spa gift set for them.

This spa bath and body gift set makes their bath mesmerizing due to the following.  The soothing bath salts which fizzles in the bath, add visual appeal. The aromatherapy pillar candle and bath pillow help to relieve stress and helps relaxation during the bath. Lastly, the moisturizing bath and body gel help soothe and nourish the dry skin. 

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