80 Retirement Gift Ideas (Aug 2017) for Women 

Retirement Gift Ideas for Women(updated in Aug 2017) Our comprehensive list of retirement gift ideas for women will help you find something that retiree will cherish.

Be it your mom, aunt or co-worker, her retirement is an emotional but enthralling event as it is a new chapter in her life. With an awesome gift, she will relate the memory of that to you.

Buying good retirement gifts can often be difficult.  She may be moving on to do a side business, or just take the time to travel and enjoy hobbies. Knowing what her plans are after retiring can be very beneficial when looking to buy her a present. As she drifts into this new life, you would want to make her feel special and loved for all the hardships she has endured in life.

The best way to show your appreciation is by buying her an elegant, well thought present that she will actually find useful in her new life. In our all-inclusive list, you can find good retirement gift ideas for mom, aunt, fellow female co-worker or spouse. She may have had many special offerings during her career time that she might not even remember some.

That is why you should go with something special and suitable for her. You will definitely find the listed gifts below a useful guide, check them out now! Check out here also if you are looking for retirement gift ideas for him

80 Retirement Gift Ideas for Women

Personalized Royce Ladies' Leather Travel Kit with Razor

Personalized Women’s Leather Travel Kit with Grooming Essentials 

Under $100

Presenting this luxurious gift to the female retiree helps her keep her grooming essentials organised when she is travelling.

With more travelling activities lined up after she leaves the corporate world, this stylish looking kit helps to ensure that she will not miss out any important amenity.

The personalisation available makes this gift unique, especially for her.  In addition, this gift comes in a sophisticated looking gift box with an embossed silver sticker.

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Gold Dipped Rose 

Real Rose Dipped in 24K Gold – “Last a Lifetime” Flower

Under $75

This is a very special and unique gift to show appreciation to the female retiree for her great contribution to the Company.

It is special as it is real rose dipped in 24k Gold. It is unique as there she cannot find another rose that is exactly the same as hers.

This special process treatment means that this flower will last a lifetime – a very unique retirement gift idea for women indeed!  This is also an ideal retirement gift for boss as it is elegant.

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Swarovski Crystal Starlight Stylus Ballpoint Pen, Fuchsia

Fine Point Stylus Pen – for iPad, iPhone and Most Touch Screens

Under $50

With her newfound interest in technology, the iPad and other touchscreen devices are a vast ocean to explore.

This tool provides a great writing and true painting experience on her tablet or smartphone. So, if she is looking to hone her creative artistic or antique writing skills, this is a great place to start without making a significant investment in supplies or lessons.

Plus, this gift sounds like a way to help release her inner child and artistic talent.

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Heated Aqua-Jet Foot Spa

Heated Aqua Jet Foot Spa – Relaxing & Soothing

Above $100

Does she like indulging in outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain climbing?

Does she travel long distances often? If she is, she might be at risk of experiencing foot strains due to prolonged strain and stress.

Buying her this gift will save her the troubles and pain and make her travels more convenient.  She can indulge in a foot spa session anytime she likes and have baby soft feet – thanks to the removable pumice stone found in this gift.

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Bad Assy Wine Glass

Funny Wine Glass – Cool Gag Gift for Her

Under $25

Buying a gag gift is a nice way to wish her a fantastic retirement, with more fun and chill days to come after she stops working, which includes chilling over a good glass of wine.

This wine glass with humorous wordings  is one gag gift idea to consider. It is a cool gift for a wine enthusiast who will definitely be all smiles when receiving this top quality fine crystal glass.

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Personalized Glass Cutting Board

Personalized Glass Cutting Board – For an Aspiring Chef

Under $50

If she likes cooking and is going to devote more of her retirement time pursuing this hobby or exploring more dishes, this will be the perfect gift!

This practical gift not only helps her with her cooking preparation, but is a great addition to her kitchen decor.

She will thank you for this gift which makes cooking a breeze.

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Gardener's 7-Piece Pink Tool Kit by Apollo 

Gardening Kit – 7 Piece Set in Pink

Under $50

After spending years in the fast paced environment, it is time to unwind and relax after bidding farewell to her day job.

Gardening is a hobby to take up after that, as it blends in well with her “new” lifestyle. She can relax her body and mind, while tending to the flowers and plants at her own sweet time.

With this gardening kits, she can immerse herself tending to her neat and tidy garden, calling it her new haven place. She can also enjoy watching her plants grow over tea and snacks. An great retirement gift idea to help her enjoy the wonders of nature!

You may also consider buying this as a retired gift for your mom, spending quality time with her by tending to her flowers and plants.

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White Pearl and Crystal Necklace and Earring Set

White Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Necklace and Earring Set – Elegant and Sophisticated

Under $75

Like flowers, jewellery is a perennial classic.

Surprise her with a thoughtfully picked out gold necklace that is just her style.

Nothing completes an outfit like a perfect piece of jewellery, and each time she wears it she will be pleasantly reminded of her long and fulfilling career – a nice retirement gift indeed.

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Great Taste of Italy Gift Basket

Italian Inspired Gift Basket – Great Assembly of Flavours from Italy

Under $100

If she loves to cook and loves Italian food, this Italian inspired gift basket is the gift of choice, as you marry both her love in one memorable gift.

She will be excited to receive a basket filled with artisan pasta, gourmet sauces and other gourmet snacks.

With this gift, she can whip up a tasty and sumptuous meal for her family and loved ones to enjoy the flavours of Italy.

Having a great meal and quality time with her family and loved ones is something that she will be looking forward during retirement – this is among the best retirement gift baskets for women.

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Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat

Vibrating Foot Massager with Heat – Rejuvenate Tired Legs and Aching Feet

Above $100

When a blank calendar is in front of her and she plans to walk to many places, what can you give her?

Seize the day by exploring different sites, whether they be parks, hiking trails or new shopping areas. A vibrating foot massager awaiting her at the end of a full day on foot is the perfect prescription.

Relaxation is critical in order to be ready to set out on a new adventure the following day.

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Personalized Royce Leather Aristo Journal

Personalized Leather Journal – with Side Pen Loop

Under $75

This is an ideal gift for a lady who wishes to record the daily happenings during her retirement.  She can write, doodle or even paste photos in this unique diary, which she closes with the vintage key.

This journal is durable and hence she is able to journey her new phase in life, including her thoughts for long time to come.

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Personalized Black Leatherette Wine Tote

Single Bottle Wine Leather Tote – Keep Her Favorite Bottle of Wine Chilled in Style

Under $25

If the female retiree is a wine connoisseur, this cute wine tote is the gift for her.

With the thermal insulation, she can enjoy her wine chiled at all times, whether in restaurants or outdoors chilling with her family and friends. This stylish tote bag comes with corkscrew too, which is a thoughtful accompaniment to this gift.

An added bonus to this gift is that the bag is functional as a lunch bag too!

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Personalized Jewelry Box

Personalised Leather Jewelry Organizer – includes Removable Display Cushions

Under $50

Accessorizing is one of the must do for ladies, even if one is traveling.

This will be a handy gift for her, if she is going to travel more often to broaden her horizon. She is able to pack and store her favorite jewellery in this chic and secure box to ensure that she does not miss out on wearing her accessories although she is traveling.

If she is not travelling, she can use this as a jewelry organizer at home.  Hence, this is a great retirement gift for boss or female co-workers who love accessories.

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Alpine Cuisine 7-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set

7 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set – Cooking Made Easy

Under $50

Women can use the chance to express themselves through the dishes that they make and present to their loved ones and friends.

Hence, they will be able to obtain another form of fulfillment after retirement and at the same time reap the benefits of healthy eating. This kitchen kit makes a great gift if cooking is one of her hobbies.

She will definitely appreciate this set of useful tools for her to continue on improving her cooking skills.

This gift is also a suitable housewarming gift for female to loves cooking.

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The Traveling Gourmet Tower

Gourmet Food For the Traveler – Luxury Goodies in 3 Mini Suitcases

Under $75

When you aren’t sure what she might want for her first week away from the office after retirement, consumable retirement gift baskets for women never fails.

The first week should be a vacation, not just from work, but also from the daily routine of food preparation. If you know she is planning a day trip, a great gourmet food packed in the suitcases can provide everything needed for her picnic on the go or her holiday trips.

But the best thing about a gourmet food gift is that it is something that can be shared with friends and colleagues who may stop by unannounced.

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Green Bead Bracelet and Earring Set

Glass Bead Bracelet and Earring Set – Unique Set

Under $25

If she is not the type to wear necklaces, or if you want to buy something a little more unexpected, perhaps a pretty bangle would be a thoughtful alternative.

Choose a bangle that accentuates her beauty and sense of style. She will be able to adorn her wrist with your gift for the many relaxing work-free years to come.

It will be even better if the bangle can keep her healthy, just like this bangle, which contains magnetic properties which can help relieve stress and improves her health.

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Lavender Relaxation Booties

Lavendar Booties – Different Relaxing Spa Experience

Under $50

Pamper her with these warm spa booties where she enjoy a spa treatment and rejuvenate her senses, at the comfort of her own home.

Having spa treatment at home is also one of the great avenues to spend her “me” time during retirement.

It is relaxing and de-stressing and she can also use the time to calm her senses, soothe her nerves, to recharge and plan upcoming exciting activities.

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Kosher Gourmet Gift Basket

Kosher-Cerfified Gift Basket – Irresistible Snacks

Under $50

If you’re uncertain what to get for the Jewish ladies, getting the right food going the kosher way is always important.

Even more important, remember that the older Jewish folk, perhaps those in retirement are especially mindful of this and will appreciate a well thought out and prepared Kosher gift basket – certainly one of the best retirement gift baskets for women.

Contains hearty nuts, crackers, chocolates and lots more!

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Personalized Backpack Tote

Backpack cum Tote Bag – Specially Designed for Ladies

Under $25

If the lady likes the outdoors, then perhaps this backpack cum tote bag designed to fit woman’s torso is a great choice.

This backpack cum tote bag is comfortable and functional, with one main compartment, front pocket and pen compartment. It is great for picnic, travelling, trips with grandchildren and more.

With so many uses for this gift, she is sure to thank you for this thoughtful and practical gift.

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Starter Kit Make Your Own Bonsai Tree

Succulent Bonsai Tree with Kit– Suitable for Beginners

Under $50

A cliché hobby, to be sure, but there’s a reason why it is common and popular. Many find trimming and caring for a bonsai tree to be incredibly relaxing, which any person hitting their retirement will need to learn how to do.

With all the relevant tools thrown you to get her started, she is definitely on her way to enjoy this hobbby. Suitable to keep at home, this is a unique retirement gift idea for women to relax.

This is also a housewarming gift that will thrill the new female houseowner, as it is a nice decor to her home and is a new hobby that she can take up, tending to the bonsai, in her own cosy place.

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Truffle Lovers Tower

Chocolate Treats – Variety Of Delightful Chocolates In a Box

Under $50

If she has a sweet tooth and can never have enough of chocolates, a gift full of chocolate treats (in Fine Belgian dark, milk and white chocolates) is an awesome retirement present to give her.

The sweet goodies found in these stacked presentable boxes present the sweetness of love and appreciation that you have for her, creating joy and happiness, thus making it a memorable and pleasant retirement gift basket for women!

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Architectural Elements Color Photo Name Print

Personalized Photo Name Print – Great Way to Preserve Memories

Under $50

A picture says a thousand words, hence presenting a gift with her name displayed on the photo frame makes a meaningful gift. Displaying this photo name print in her living room or bedroom makes this a fantastic gift for years to come by.

Seeing this gift will sure bring back good memories for her to reminisce.

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A Duet of California Wines Gourmet Gift Basket

Wine Gift Set with Snacks – Luxurious & Elegant

Under $50

If she has an expensive taste and loves wine, this red wine gift set is a wonderful retirement gift for her as their quality is classic.

It is a fantastic exiting and extravagant gift, for a special person that you appreciate and care for.

With top-grade items elegantly arranged into an exquisite basket, this is among the best retirement gift baskets for women you can find online!

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Seiko Women's Bracelet Watch

Elegant Watch – Swarovski Crystal-Accented

Under $100

Is another more expensive gift, but is one that is always lovely to receive.

A watch is a great way to show your appreciation for all the hard work and time that she has put into her work.  A diamond bezel adds a shimmering glow to the timepiece, while the white diamond of pearl dial gives it an elegant finishing.

An excellent retirement gift idea for women indeed, which is also among the best birthday gift for wife too!

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Bolle Solden Ladies Sunglasses

Sunglasses – Choice of Frame and Lens

Under $100

This gift is perfect for the retiring woman that is going to get out and enjoy the outdoors and all it has to offer.

Stylish and practical, she will appreciate these branded square style glasses every time she steps outside to enjoy the sunshine.

Made of quality materials and with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty , she can wear her sunnies without much worry.

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Domain Ste. Michelle Champagne Gift Crate

Champagne – Classic Gift to Mark this Special Occasion

Under $75

What better way for her to enjoy her time with her loved one or best friend over a bottle of champagne – soft wine with notes of roses and raspberries.

This is certainly an appropriate and traditional retirement gift for her to chill out and relax.

An indulgent way to celebrate the important retirement occasion! This is also an excellent high end corporate gift idea!

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The Spa Treatment Gift Box

Bath and Body Gift Set – Contents kept in Faux Leather Box

Under $50

Nothing is more soul satisfying then having a long, relaxing bath. It makes sense to give the female retiree a Bath and Body Gift Set.

Besides the delightful spa contents found in the gift to enable her to indulge in an enjoyable bath experience, this gift comes with a faux leather box which she can use to keep her personal contents.  The box makes a great keepsake item.

This is sure to bring smiles to the retired lady.

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Calla Lily Earrings

Graceful Earrings – Available in Clip-On Style

Under $50

A pair of beautiful and refined earrings present a great gift for the lady who loves to accessorize.

After retirement, she will have more time to doll herself up for the events and gatherings that she has planned.

This pair of quality Freshwater Cultured Pearl earrings is a great addition for her to mix and match her outfit, which makes it a considerable retirement gift idea for ladies.

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Alex Granny Squares Crochet Kit - 1 ea.

Crochet Tool Kit – All-in-one Starter Kit, Perfect for Beginner

Under $50

If the female retiree is considering to learn crochet or to re-learn crochet, this is the perfect gift for her.

The complete crochet hook set, which includes folding scissors contains all that she needs in one case to kick-start her hobby.  Moreover, the handles are brightly coloured to help her find the yarn needle sizes that she needs easily.

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Aquapac 100% Waterproof Headphones

Waterproof In-ear Headphones – Provides Fantastic on-the-go Listening Experience

Under $50

With this industry leading in-ear headphones, during travelling, she can enjoy her music by cancelling noise without raising volume. This will reduce the demand for electronic circuitry required at high frequencies for cancellation of noise.

In addition, this lightweight in-ear headphone has dj-style feature and has matching carrying case and clothing clip.

With this practical gift, the female retiree can fully enjoy her music for hours without any disturbance when she is on the go.

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Delicious Dozen Cookie Tower

Cookie Tower – Dozen Gift Box with Individually Wrapped Cookies

Under $50

This is a delicious send off gift for any woman who loves baked goods like cookies.

These are often seen as a warm-hearted gift given to those whom you really enjoyed working with. This is a marvelous gift for a woman who loves sweet treats.

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Gourmet Cheese Membership – Enjoy Professionally Selected Artisan Cheese

Under $50

If she is an artisan cheese lover, give her this membership to make her anticipate to a monthly cheese treat after she embarks into the new chapter of her life.

You can buy a minimum of two months membership to give her retirement life a good start, as she indulges herself to the high quality, carefully selected hand-crafted, artisan cheeses, which she would not easily find on her own.

She will also receive the monthly newsletter, to better understand and appreciate the cheese that receives.

In addition, the monthly gift will include a personalized gift message from you.

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Personalized Cosmetic Bag Survival Kit

Waterproof Cosmetic Bag Survival Kit – Ensure she has a Fun Day/Night Out

Under $25

Many retirees plan on traveling, be it within the country or overseas.  This is the perfect gift as it will ensure that she has all the essentials that she need, for example hand lotion, to stay fresh and moisturized all day.

It is important to upkeep herself even after leaving the corporate world.

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Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System S-650-01

Sleep Sound Therapy System – Fall Asleep Well & Fast

Under $75

Having adequate sleep is also important for regulating a person’s mood and reduce stress.

There will be a lot of areas and activities for a woman to explore after retirement, as they have more spare time in their hand.  Hence, sleep is something that they cannot short-change, in order for them to enjoy the time of their life.

By buying this sleep system shows how much you care for her health and well being and to give her best wishes to enjoy the prime of her life after retirement. This is a unique retirement gift idea for women indeed!

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California Wine Series Gift Membership

Wine Club Gift Membership – Enjoying Wine Delivered to her Home

Above $100

Add a little suspense to the female wine lover retired life with this gift, a membership which delivers luxurious bottles of wine to her home.

Increase her appreciation of the wine through the newsletter which are included in this membership.  She can read the contents, while sipping and enjoying her drink.

Great way to spend a leisurely evening, in the company of great wine, by herself or with her family and friends.

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Cooler and Seat Personalized in Choice of Colors

Cooler Bag and Seat – Personalisation available with 3-letter Monogram

Under $50

Many backyard barbecue or outdoor picnics and outings would be incomplete without a cold beverage, so help her entertain her guests and loved ones by giving her this new cooler bag.  This cooler bag can double up as portable seat, which is very handy for outdoors.

There are many options (and the cooler doesn’t have to be limited to beer) on the items you can keep in this cooler, a very useful retirement gift for women!

In addition, you can personalise this gift by including the 3-letter monogram and there are a lot of colours for you to choose from.

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CasaWare 3 Piece Bakeware Set with Round Pan

Bakeware Set – Perfect Gift for any Aspiring Baker

Under $50

Everyone loves baking! Especially the eating part. For the baking connoisseur though, more is needed than the normal small kitchen appliances and other stuff. By giving her this non stick bakeware set, it provides her with a tremendous starter kit to embark and enjoy her baking journey.

So why not give your loved one what she deserves, something that will make her “baking” day. Perfect for the retiring lady who loves baking!

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Waterford Arcadia Ball Point Pen Personalized

Personalized Pen – Available in 4 Classy Styles and Gift Box Included

Under $50

Among the best retirement gift ideas for women teachers, giving a personalized pen adds a personal touch and warms the recipient’s heart.  This because seeing her name makes her feel special and gives her the feeling that this gift is specially picked out and customized for her.

A pen makes a practical present as she can use it daily, from taking notes, to listing down her activities and things related to her hobbies.  She can also use it to jot down her experiences when she is travelling, very handy gift indeed.

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Stamina InTONE Folding Recumbent Exercise Bike

Home Portable Exercise Bike – With Multi-Level Resistance

Above $100

Perhaps she has mentioned to you previously that she is worried about staying fit during retirement.  If that is the case, then a great choice may be some home gym equipment.

There are a variety of options that will fit exactly what your women retiree is looking for to stay young and fit during retirement. This exercise bike with 8 workout modes will keep her in shape – this is undoubtedly among the best ladies retirement gift ideas!

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Personalized Addie Tote

Tote Bag – Roomy Main Compartment

Under $25

Now that she has the free time to pursue her own hobbies and interests it is likely that she will often be on the go. While out and about she will need a great tote bag to carry her books, farmer’s market acquisitions, and picnic lunches.

This tote bag is beautiful and practical.  It can hold everything she needs for travel, including her laptop and ipad. It is the perfect retirement gift idea for her.

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Custom Wood Sign

Custom Wood Sign – Personalized With Own Words & Design

Under $50

Present her with this unique wood sign specially customized for her, which contains your customized wordings to show appreciation for her great contribution and to give her well wishes for her new chapter in life – retirement.

She will be delighted to receive this beautifully etched wood sign at her favorite area at home. With this piece of art prominently displayed, it is a gentle reminder for her to live her retirement life to the fullest.

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Polaroid Z2300B Instant Digital Camera

Digital Polaroid Pocket Camera – Print Quality Smudge Proof Pictures Instantly

Above $100

A digital Polaroid camera is also a great gift for the retiree that plans on getting out and doing things.

Whether it is traveling, attending grand-children’s events, or experiencing nature, she will be snapping and distributing the quality, smudge-proof instant pictures with her loved ones.

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Personalized Hula Hoop Color Bright Frame

Personalised Photoframe – Picture Says a Thousand Words

Under $25

What better way to express your gratitude and thanks for the time spent with her through a group picture.  With her name and year of retirement stated in the frame, this will definitely bring fond memories of your memorable times spent together.

It is a great decor to her home and a happy reminder of the colleagues and friends that she had made at work.

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Jet-Setter Hanging Toiletry Bag Personalized

Toiletry Kit Travel Bag – Personalisation with Monogram Available

Under $25

If traveling is going to form a large part of her retirement life, she will appreciate this handy gift. This bag is able to hold all the daily grooming essentials that she requires for travelling, including cosmetics and even a mini blow dryer.

The bag even has multiple compartments to help her stay organized. The other benefit is that she can even carry this bag around, as the bag has comfortable adjustable straps.

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24 K Gold Dipped Orchid Lilac and Pink Dendrobium

Unique 24 K Gold Dipped Orchid Lilac and Pink Dendrobium – Elegant Timeless Gift for a Flower Lover

Under $100

Does the female retiree love flowers? If yes, she will appreciate this carefully and well preserved flower, where the beauty is locked forever.

With the gift dipped in 24K gold, this gift exudes class and elegance, making it an exquisite and luxurious gift to present to a lady who is entering the next chapter of her life.

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White Wine Set of 4 Personalized Glasses

Personalised Wine Glasses – Great and Thoughtful Gift for a Wine Lover

Under $50

If she is a wine drinker, why not go to the extra mile and do something extra special like giving her a set of personalied wine glasses.

This beautiful and contemporary wine glasses set are made with fine craftsmanship, exuding elegance and class.

Hence, it is not just a great addition to her home bar, it is also the perfect and special retirement gift that will remind her of all the good memories you had together with her.

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Pesonalized Tea Box

Stylish Tea Box – Holds Wide Selection of Flavours

Under $50

Everyone tea lover loves to have a wide selection of tea flavours for their brew. With this wonderful and practical gift, she will be able to enjoy the perfect freshly brewed pot of tea.

This is fantastic for a tea lover, as she will be able to display her prized tea bags in an organised manner and enjoy her tea in a leisurely fashion, which fits her retirement lifestyle, slow and relaxed.

This is also a great retirement gift for mom, you can enjoy cosy session with her over piping hot tea, during her free time.

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Personalised Travel Tote Bag

Quilted Makeup Travel Tote – Personalised Gift for the Jet-setting Lady

Under $25

For a lady who is going to embark on travelling in her new chapter of life, she will have to live life out of suitcase most of her time.

There will be a lot of things for the jet setting lady to bring.  Help her organise some of her stuff with this gift.  Keep her luggage clutter free by keeping her cosmetics and personal grooming essentials in place with this personalised gift.  She will thank you for this thoughtful gift.

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The Perfect Gift Set: Perfect Bake? and Perfect Drink?

App Controlled Baking and Bartending Device – Baking and Mixing Drinks made Easier

Above $100

Many ladies get back to baking after leaving their full time job. They want to relive what they did when they were younger or want to try explore a new hobby like baking and mixing drinks.

With this set, she can enjoy baking or cooking, indoor or outdoor, whenever and wherever she likes.  She can also enjoy mixing drinks like a professional bartender.  Two great hobbies to enjoy with one gift!

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Personalized Revesible Cotton Tote

Reversible Tote Bag – Two Styles to Carry the Bag

Under $25

A stylish gift for the female retiree as she can carry this bag in two different styles, to match her various outfits.  The roomy compartment gives her enough space to keep the things she need while she in on the move.

She can ditch her corporate bags and tote this bag around to enjoy her fun activities during her retirement days.

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Spot of Tea Gift Basket

Tea Gift Basket – with Dual Teapot,Cup and Snacks to Complete the Perfect Brew Experience

Under $50

If she is a tea lover, this is the wonderful gift for her. She can celebrate her new phase of life, enjoying flavorful tea and edible accompaniments in her new ceramic teapot and cups.

With this purely tea assortment set, we wish her peace and serenity of the new chapter in her life cups of tea. Simplicity is blessing. In an elegant gift basket, this is the perfect gift for a retiring woman to enjoy in the comfort of her home.

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Diamond Glasses 2pc Set

Unique Drinking Glass – Special Way to Enjoy Fine Spirits

Under $25

Does she like to drink whiskey?

If yes, these diamond glasses are a gift worth considering.  This is because the glasses are fun and cool alternative option when drinking a high quality spirit like whiskey, to the usual rock glass.

She can enjoy her favourite cognac with her friends and family with your gift.

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Golfers Miniature Golf Bag Snack and Gifts

Ladies Tee Time – Golf Gift Basket

Under $75

This is a fantastic gift for a golfer. The cool golf bag which is used to contain all the delectable goodies doubles as a cooler. In this way, she can enjoy more than the game sessions.

She can snack on the sweet and savoury gourmet treats and stay hydrated at the same time, from the drinks stocked up in the cooler.

One of the best retirement gift basket idea for lady golfers!

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Personalized Travel Tumbler

Personalized Travel Mug Tumbler – Perfect for the Outdoor Lady

Under $25

Travelling is definitely one of the to do lists for a female retiree.  With no working hours restrictions, she has all the time in her hands to while away, be it just an outdoor trip to places near her vicinity or travelling overseas.

A beverage in hand is important to keep her hydrated.  Therefore, this gift is ideal and handy.  It can keep hot or cold beverages, which means that she can enjoy her drink all year round.

In addition, the personalisation of the mug adds a more personal touch to your gift, conveys your thoughtfulness.

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Miniature Rose Earrings Red Rose Bud Wire

Miniature Real Rose Earrings with Gold Accents – Unique Jewelry Accessory

Under $50

Spruce up her outfit with this unique gift which exudes sophistication and feminine appeal – a pair of real rose earrings.  With this well preserved beautiful roses, it is a nice gesture to congratulate her on her retirement. A suitable birthday gift for wife too.

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PT4 GPS Handheld Touchscreen Range Finder by GolfBuddy

Golf Range-finder – Designed with First Target Priority

Above $100

If she enjoys playing golf, she will thank you for this gift as this is arguably the easiest to use of all laser golf range-finders.

It reads an accurate distance, measuring distance to the flag-stick in yards, without the use of reflectors or prisms.

When you present this elegant gift to her, do highlight to her that this gift is quipped with IntelliScan Technology, which makes it easy to pick up the distance of the subject and hence she can step up her game.

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Personalised Bamboo Bar Board with Shot Glasses

Personalized Cutting Board Set – with Shot Glasses

Under $25

Now that she is able to do with her time as she pleases, she may be planning on entertaining a lot more frequently. A personalized cutting board is the perfect gift to make her future events both special and classy.

She can also use the cutting board for cocktail or appetizer plates to cater to events, from a casual family dinner of her special pot roast to a more refined party featuring a classic charcuterie.

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Verbena Home Diffuser Set L'Occitane

Home Diffuser Gift Set – Therapeutic for Better Living

Under $50

Now that she has more time to focus on taking care of herself, she may have a new-found interest in her appearance.

With this gift, the retiring lady can make sure her body is healthy and her products are not damaging even when she is on the go, travelling.

This gift is perfect for any female retiree who is interested in improving her overall appearance and well-being.

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Dual USB Car Charger

Dual USB Charger For Car – Charge 2 Devices At One Time

Under $50

This is the awesome retirement gift for any woman who is always on the move, driving around or planning on long drives.

A one touch car mount charger allows an individual to charge their smart phone, or even tablet (with the right connections) with the touch of one button.

It will need the vehicle to be running for it to work, but it does a wonderful job of keeping your devices at full power.

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Vanilla Essence Candle Gift Basket

Vanilla Essence Candle Gift Basket – Over 10 Items Included

Under $75

If she loves the smell of vanilla, she will love this gift.

With this gift, she can create a wonderful ambience at her home, spending her retirement days, basking in her favourite vanilla smell. What a relaxing way to pamper herself and while away her time, enjoying this new chapter in her life.

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Buono Vino Engraved Wine Stopper

Modern and Stylish Wine Stopper – has Indentation that Holds the Cork

Under $25

Seems like every person retiring wants to enjoy wine.  They want to learn about wine and have it around.

A stylish looking wine stopper is the perfect luxury gift for storing a variety of wine for the new wine connoisseur, and makes a stylish décor piece in her home.

The display of her initials add a nice touch to this luxury gift.

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Personalized Stainless Steel Flask

Personalized Textured Flask – Engravable for the Personal Touch

Under $25

Personalized flask is an excellent keepsake, practical and good retirement gift for any woman who is a frequent traveller.

The stylish and personalized flask is compact, thus fits into her purse or handbag, making it very convenient to carry around.

Able to hold 4oz of liquid, customize the flask with 1 line of 10 characters to make it personal gift for her!

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Personalized Bamboo Wine Kit

Wine Opener and Bottle Stopper Gift Set – Personalized for Special Touch

Under $25

A great companion gift for a wine enthusiast.  This handy wine accessory gift set would be a great accompaniment.

This gift which comes in presentable bamboo case, includes bottle stopper and cockscrew, helping her experience one of the best wines that she chance upon impromptu, when she is traveling or outdoors.  She can also store excess wine with the wine stopper.

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Proven?al Treasures L'Occitane

Premium Travel Beauty Care Set – Convenient and Handy

Under $50

A travel gift set containing bath and body and skincare products is a practical gift if you know the female retiree is going on a jet setting trip after leaving the workforce.

This handy gift are nicely packed in a basket, which she can display them nicely at home, to help meet her daily skincare and hygiene, when she is not travelling.  Hence, this is among one of the very practical retirement gift ideas for women.

She will definitely thank you for checking off one of her must bring items.

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Half Dozen Mylar Balloons and Teddy Congratulations

Congratulations Balloons and Bear- Special Way to Delight Her

Under $75

This classic gift will make anyone smile with joy, to congratulate them in entering a new chapter in their life.

The cheery and colourful half dozen balloons with meaningful words printed on the balloons with adorable teddy bear (which makes a great keepsake gift) is one fantastic gift to present to your co-worker during her retirement party.

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Monogrammed Leather Watch Box and Watch Case

Stylish Wood Watch Box – with Choice of Personalization

Under $50

If she is a watch collector, she will like the watch wood box, as she can display her collection in this exquisite box. This watch box comes with a cleaning cloth as well.

With more time in her hand, she will have more time to take care of her watches, from winding to cleaning and polishing. Having all the watches in one box eases this process and makes it a practical gift too.

The availability to personalize the watch box gives this gift an added personal touch. A watch box is a timeless gift, whether you are thinking of birthday gift ideas for husband or wife, it complements a watch lover’s collection of timepieces.

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Coins: 99.9% Silver Coins Of The World Coin Collection

Collectible Coins with Free Display Box

Under $100

Presenting her with this collection of five steel pennies is an excellent way to capture the theme of her new life. As an added bonus, she will learn a little bit more of history through this gift.

The fact that many people don’t include collectible coins in their gift packages mean your unique retirement present will stand out from the crowd of other gifts that she may have received in her lifetime.

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Engraved Wine Aerator and Cork Screw Set

Engraved Wine Aerator and Cork Screw – Enjoy Better Tasting Wine

Under $25

This is a great gift for the woman who loves wine.  The cork screw enables her to be able to open the bottle of wine in style while the wine aerator enables her to enjoy wine with enhanced flavours and smoother finish.

It is great for her to bring this portable gift while she is on vacation, so that she can enjoy great wine.

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Personalized Pashmina Scarf in Choice of Colors

Personalized Pashmina Scarf – Available in Various Colours

Under $25

Buying a scarf for the female retiree is a practical gift, because it can keep her warm and at the same time spruce up her outfit.

The material (of pashmina and silk) also keeps the scarf light and comfortable.   The embroidery which includes her name gives a personal touch to this gift.

This is a gift that reaps many benefits, a gift that will stay throughout her retirement days.

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Gold Tone Golf Ball - One

Gold Tone Golf Ball- Give her a Luxurious Golf Game

Under $25

If she is a avid golfer, she will be delighted to receive this gold tone golf ball.

This is not just a presentable and elegant gift, as these golf balls are playable.  She can swing with style with this fantastic gift and enjoy a luxurious golf game.

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Grill Alert Bluetooth Connected Thermometer

Grill Thermometer – Multi-purpose Functionality

Under $75

A wireless grill thermometer is a great gift for a lady who loves cooking.  This is because it will not cost you much but gives you the needed skills of being a great chef. It helps her ensure her cooking meets her desired standard.

The grill thermometer will alert you when a certain temperature is reached. This is a unique and useful retirement gift idea for the chef “in the making”!

This gift can also be found in couples’ housewarming gift page here.

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Personalized Cup Case Survival Kit With Engraved Charm

Cup Case Survival Kit – Protect Undergarments and Other Valuables

Under $50

This survival kit is an excellent gift for anyone who is always on the go! She can keep her undergarments and other valuables in organised manner.

The charm on the zipper adorned with gem studs adds beauty to this kit. This kit can be doubled up as a purse, a great accessory to spruce up her wardrobe.

A practical retirement gift for women indeed.

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Perfect Drink App-Controlled Smart Bartending

App Controlled Home Bartending Tool – Ultimate Easy to Use Gift Set

Under $50

This is a great gift for a lady who would like to unleash her creative side over drinks.

With this gift, she can use the chance to display her talent and provide some entertainment for her family and friends over great cocktails.

This way, she can look forward to another pleasurable moment over her own concoctions as she enjoys her new life.

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Kalorik Food Processor

Food Processor – Cooking Hobby More Enjoyable

Under $100

Whether it’s just for preparing family meals or entertaining a large group of her guests, a food slicer gift will prove useful and handy as it will help her slice a wide variety of foods (including large roasts and ham) with ease.

For its low power required, the retired woman can conveniently slice, quarter, mince the food effortlessly.

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Personalized Pink Flask & Shot Glass Gift Box Set

Pink Flask & Shot Glass Gift Box Set – Great for Girls’ Night Out

Under $25

Another potential gift which a retiring woman will find helpful is this gift. As she will no longer need to work for hours in an office, chances are she will be spending some catching up with her retired friends till wee hours.

With this gift, she can enjoy catch-up session with them over drinks in the outdoors.

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SonicDermabrasion Pivot-Control Facial Brush

Facial Sonic Cleansing System – For Deep & Gentle Cleansing

Under $75

Now that she has more time to focus on taking care of herself, she may have a newfound interest in her appearance. She can make sure her skin is healthy by using this hi-tech device.

By adding her usual cleanser, she can receive deep and gentle cleansing with the non-abrasive surface of this gadget.

This retirement gift is perfect for an empowered lady interested in improving her overall appearance and well-being even after the important milestone of her life!

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Grill Tool Pro Bundle

Grill Tool Set – Premium Grade Stainless Steel

Above $100

A lady’s past grill sets have served her well but they may be getting old. As she starts a new life, you would want to rejuvenate some of her old culinary tools by buying her a new set of kitchen artillery.

The grill tool set  is the ideal equipment to consider as it has all the necessary tools and, as such, it will make her grilling easier and convenient.

More so, the grill is made of durable material meaning it will serve for a long time, making it among the excellent retirement gift ideas for men and women!

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