47 Unique (Oct 2017) Housewarming Gift Ideas 

Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas(Updated in Oct 2017) Buying unique housewarming gifts is important as they will give the new home owners pleasant surprises, and make them feel special. House parties for new homes are great occasions to attend, to celebrate one’s transition into a new chapter in life.

With a new abode, new experiences are formed, an exciting journey lies ahead. With this in mind, you will want to give this new home owner an unusual and a gift that will be remembered is one of the main objective that you want to achieve when scouting around for “the” gift.

You want a present which will amaze them and give them the “wow” feeling when they unwrap your thoughtful and special gift.

In order to identify unique house warming gift ideas, it is imperative that you know the house owner’s likes and dislikes and if possible, what the home owner currently has for the new home.

• Does the home owner like practical stuff for example kitchen gadgets?
• Does the home owner want something to spruce up the 4 blank walls?
• Does the home owner want some quirky or lifestyle stuff, as he/she currently has everything they need already?

These are questions that can help you narrow your search in finding the gift. It is difficult to get inspiration, especially for special gift ideas, if you are combing around your local malls, as you are unable to “filter” and “shortlist” easily after going to one mall after another.

With this list of special gifts, we have done the thinking for you and have filtered and short-listed the best house warming gifts for someone, even someone who impossible to shop for.

Be it the couple who prefers functional and unusual stuff, the lady who has everything, the man who “does not want any ordinary present” or any picky individual, we have the offerings that you are looking for!

With this collection of gift ideas, including unique house warming gifts for couples, you can end your search here, and present the house owner(s) a gift to help them transition into a new place.

Most importantly, buy them a gift within your budget!

47 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas 

Tetris Light Set

Tetris Light – Brings fun and style to your desktop

Under $50

There is no better gift for classic video game fans then this Tetris lamp.

What makes this lamp unique is the ability to arrange the “tetrimino” blocks in whatever shape you like and the lamp still illuminates the room.

This is a cool housewarming gift perfect for a game or family room.

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Sail Away Glass Decanter Globe, 20 oz

Etched Globe Whiskey Decanter – With a Ship Sculpture Inside

Under  $75

With this aesthetic gift made from top notch craftsmanship, the new homeowner does not only have a decanter just to hold his favourite liquor, he also has a beautiful piece of ornament added to his new abode.

As the decanter looks fantastic full and empty, this will surely be a centrepiece in his home!

His visitors and him can sip their favourite drink, while admiring this globe decanter and the ship sculpture at the same time.

This also makes a perfect retirement gift for guys who are whiskey lovers, as they can enjoy their retirement days, sipping over their favourite drink stored in a specially designed decanter.

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Personalized Family Tree Stand

Engraved Family Tree Stand – Bonds the Family

Under $75

This is a luxurious gift for the reader who has everything.

A family tree stand engraved and displayed with the family members brings out the warmth and unity of the home, to be able to bond with family and put up this family tree together is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Help bring this luxurious and unique experience to your friend or family member’s new home with this heartwarming gift.

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Sasquatch 110oz Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker

Extremely Large Cocktail Shaker – Fun Barware Addition

Under $75

Give the new houseowner a unique and fun gift, a gift that will bring laughs to the new houseowner.

For the houseowner who loves to concoct his own cocktails and loves entertaining guests at his home, this 110oz cocktail shaker is “the” gift!

It is a cool homebar décor and he/she can make ten margaritas or martinis at one time.

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Personalized Wall Mounted Bottle Opener - Premium Brew

Bottle Opener with Magnetic Cap Catcher – Innovative and Fun Looking

Under $50

This is definitely going to be a gift your homeowner hasn’t seen before.

When they open their next bottle of beer or soda, they will be shocked to see the power of the magnet keep the lid secured to the wall.

This fun addition will become a great feature for future house parties.

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Beer Cap Map of Your Home State

Beer Cap Map – Special Wall Art for the Beer Lover

Under $50

This is a special piece of wall art, made from birch plywood.

It does not just spruce up the home owner’s personal corner, with the beer caps prominently displayed, it also helps the new house owner keep track of his or her favourite beer that he or she has enjoyed.

In addition, this wall art is in the shape of his home state or his favourite destination, which gives him a feeling of closer to “home”.

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19th Hole Personalized Humidor

19th Hole Personalized Humidor – Nice Cigar Session for a “Golf” Lover

Under $75

Housewarming gift can be ornamental and unique, yet practical!  This humidor is a great addition to their house décor.

This gift presents the new house owner a unique way of displaying his love for golf and cigar.

It is practical as it helps keep his cigars fresh and keep his cigar lover house visitors entertained over cigar session.

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Sports Spatula and Bottle Opener

2-in-1 Grilling Sports Spatula and Bottle Opener – for the Grill Master, Beer and Sports Lover

Under $25

If you’re looking for a gift that’s sure to please a sports and beer lover who loves to grill, look no further than this spatula.

This is no ordinarylooking spatula, it has the sports image displayed and has the bottle opener function at the end of the spatula.

The grill master can grill and open bottles of beer in style, to go with the grill.

This model will add humor and whimsy to any kitchen.

If the new male houseowner is a grill master, you can consider giving this as a housewarming gift for him.

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Bed Fan with Wireless Remote

Bed Fan – Cost and Space Saving Gadget

Under $100

Giving this eco-friendly gift which does not just save the earth, but also helps the homeowner to save on electrical cost is a meaningful gift.

This unique bed fan saves space too. This is also a great gadget for couples who has different temperature choices.

This bed fan comes with wireless remote, which makes adjustment of temperature easy. You need not worry if this bed fan suits the bedframe, as it has adjustable height.

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Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game

Shot Glass Roulette Drinking Game – Fun and Entertaining Way of Drinking

Under $25

Give a housewarming gift that can be amusing and entertaining game for the guests or even among the family members.

With this drinking roulette game, the game players can enjoy rounds of drinks in a “fun” way.

This gift includes the spinning roulette wheel and sixteen shot glasses which are numbered.  It comes in a box, which makes it a presentable gift.

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Personalized Craft Beer Growler and Pint Glass set - Personalized Printed Brewery Growler Set

Personalized Craft Beer Growler and Pint Glass set – Fun and Cool Drinking Session

Under $75

With a new house, the house owners will tend to have more parties initially.

Giving them this novelty gift set helps them add excitement to their parties.

The proud house owner can display their prized home brew in this growler and keep their guests entertained with games and booze all party round!

It is also a great gift for the dwellers if they want to spend some time at home, bond over this enjoyable game over drinks!

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Candle Gift – with Meaningful Words Inscribed

Under $25

For the literary homeowner, give them the gift of gravitas with a beautiful candle whose scent and style is inspired by the meaningful words etched on the candle.

The scent of this candle will give their new home a classic and warm feel.

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Vintage LP Record Coasters - Set of 6

Set of 6 Vintage LP Record Coasters – Eco-Friendly and Stylish Gift for the Music Lover

Under $25

Rather than giving ordinary looking coasters, give the music lover a set of coasters that are special, something that is closer to his/her heart.

Placing coasters which are made from recycled classic vinyl record labels is a special way to protect the music lover’s newly purchased tables from spills.

This set of coasters will also be a great table décor to his other music related collection.

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Before & After 5 Coffee Mug and Wine Glass

Coffee Mug and Wine Glass – 2-in-1 Exceptional Beverage Holder

Under $25

Away with those coffee mugs or wine glass gift, give him a gift that can make him/her enjoy his/her favourite cuppa in the morning and glass of wine after work, in the comfort of his home.

As the beverage holder is made from durable glass, he can enjoy his hot drinks at ease.

The holder has the “Before 5/After 5” wordings displayed on the beverage holder, which gives this beverage holder an interesting look.

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Splash Chopping Board

Splash Cutting Board – Add a Pop of Colour in the Kitchen

Under $25

For the cooking-inclined homeowner, consider purchasing this interesting cutting board as your offering to their house party.

The brightly coloured mat will definitely spruce up the kitchen.

Even better, the mat mean that they will not have to clean a bulky, wooden board after each meal, which is an excellent time saver.

A traditional house-warming gift with an added touch of practicality.

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8 Inch Petite Preserved Rose

Petite Preserved Rose – Choice to add Birthstone Gem to Petal

Under  $50

Give the homeowner a special ornament that “last” forever with this preserved rose.

These preserved roses will definitely spruce up the new home and gives the home an elegant feel.

You may also add the new homeowner’s gemstone to the petal give it a more personal touch.

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Personalized Red Wine Glass - Interlocking Monogram

Wine Glass with “Interlocking” Monogram – Perfect For Couple

Under  $25

This is not just any ordinary red wine glass!

You will impress your recipient by giving them this wine glass etched with interlocking monogram, perfect for a couple who just moved into their new nest.

It will definitely be a great hit when they spend their cosy session in the ir new home. Their couple time over a bottle of red wine is enhanced with these meaningful wine glasses.

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The Weekend Gardener Tote Gift Basket

Garden Gift Basket – includes Inspirational Book

Under $75

For the new home owner with green fingers, this totally unique present should be one of your top choices.

They can grow cheery looking sunflowers to spruce up their home surroundings.

Used to be a traditional housewarming gift, they will appreciate how thoughtful this gift idea is as it includes an inspirational book and snacks for her to enjoy in the comfort of her home.

This makes a thoughtful gift for retiring females who likes gardening and reading.

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16th Century Italian Replica Globe Bar - 13 diameter

Italian-style Globe Bar – Exudes Old World Charm

Under $100

With this gift, the new homeowner will have a portable wine bar and can enjoy his drinks at any corner of his house.

This Italian style Old World Globe Bar, which can hold several bottles and wine glass, will definitely be the centrepiece and conversation topic among his guests.

They can admire the artistically hand-painted interior frescoes, while sipping through their drinks.

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Personalized Wood Street Signs – Colourful and Stylish Look

Under $50

Many young home owners are big fans of interesting and colourful ornaments.

Speak to their creative side with this funny street signs.

With personalisation and wide variety of designs available, they can welcome guests to their new home with a touch of whimsy and a lot of humour.

This unique housewarming gift idea will help the new home owner provide entertainment to future guests!

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R2D2 Talking Pizza Cutter

R2D2 Talking Pizza Cutter – Designed for the Modern Cook

Under $25

Most kitchen accessories and tools are boring and plain. Function over form, as they say.

Not so with this unique kitchen tool – a “talking” pizza cutter.

With this gift you will encourage your friend or family member to bring a little bit of joy and playfulness into their home and life during get together over pizza meals, certainly one of the best.

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Personalized Wood Beer Tasting Set w/Mini Pilsners

Personalized Wood Beer Tasting Set – with Mini Pilsners

Under  $50

Presenting this unique and cool mini pilsners to the new dweller(s) who are beer lover (s) will definitely bring a smile to their faces.

These mini pilsners are cute and chi.

The tray is carved from real wood and allows customisation to include the new dweller’s name.

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Egg and Toast Smiling Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers

Smiling Salt and Pepper Shaker– Making Breakfast Cheery

Under $25

What better way to present a gift that can help the new houseowner keep their kitchen clutter free and also bring smiles to the new houseowner.

With this gift of smiling pepper and salt shaker, they will have a fantastic breakfast daily, giving them a great head-start to start the day.

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Personalized Grilling BBQ Set with Bamboo Case

Personalised Grilling BBQ Set – in Elegant Bamboo Case

Under $50

For most homeowners, cooking and grilling, especially on weekends is a cherished family ritual.

Help your friends establish those memories with this gift, which is no ordinary grilling set.  It is a set which is engraved with his name and kept in elegant bamboo case.

They can whip up tasty dishes and bond together with family with this unique and extremely great housewarming gift.

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Family Rocks Doormat

“Family Rocks” Doormat – Personalised and Functional

Under $25

Out with boring doormat, give them this “doormat with twist”!

With a doormat that states the family rocks, with the family members’ name displayed on the rocks, it is sure to bring to their visitors’ attention, unique way to welcome his house visitors.

This doormat s easy to clean as well, a practical and useful novelty gift!

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Cute Paw Prints Dog Gift Collection

Cute Paw Prints Dog Gift Collection- For Home Owner’s Pet

Under $50

Dog’s are men’s best friends.  When their master move to a new home, these adorable dogs need some getting used to as well.

Giving this gift to their owner makes the gift unique and thoughtful.  You will definitely bring a smile to the new houseowner’s face with this gift, as the dogs will be glad to receive those treats and toys, helping them to settle down quickly in the new place.

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Bamboo Coaster Sets

Personalized Bamboo Coaster Set- Enjoy your Drinks in Eco Friendly Way

Under $50

Help to protect the finish on the tables in your friend or family member’s new home with this elegant, unique set of coasters.

Each coaster was inspired by the eco friendliness of the earth.

They are not just coasters, they are works of art. Such practical but exception presents make these coasters among the best housewarming gifts to buy for the new home owners.

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Coca Cola Mini Can Fridge

Coca Cola Mini Fridge – Chic and Classic

Under $100

Relive your recipient’s childhood memory by giving him/her this coca cola mini fridge.

This nostalgic looking dispenser is a nice kitchen decoration to their new home, which helps them keep their favourite cans of beverages cool.

It is the perfect gift especially if the recipient is a coca cola lover!

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Personalized Rolling Barrel Beer Glasses, Set of 4

Set of 4 Rolling Barrel Beer Glasses – Ornamental and Practical

Under $75

Instead of just giving the draft beer lover beer glasses, give them glasses that are shape of beer barrels that make them proud, a unique set that makes a nice display to their bar counter.

Besides aesthetically pleasing, the glasses are practical as well. They can serve their guests with their house brew using these personalised glasses.

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Personalized Men's Watch and Sunglasses Box

Watch and Sunglass Watch – 2-in-1 Storage Box

Under $50

Everyone has accessories such as watches and sunglasses they would like to keep organised and tidy.

Help your friend or family member keep their accessories in this elegant storage box that has compartments for these two types of accessories, all in one box.

To top off the uniqueness of this storage box is the display of the owner’s name. If you are thinking of getting a birthday present for wife, then this is an appropriate gift too.

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Crystal Vase with Rose Emblem

Crystal Vase with Rose Emblem – Unique Way of Displaying Flowers

Under $50

This is an unusual vase, as this vase has rose emblem to complete the finishing touch.  There are three choices of rose emblem available – gold, silver and platinum.

This creative gift is also a nice table decoration, which definitely enlivens their new home.  It is also a suitable housewarming gift for ladies who love to display flowers to spruce up their new abode.

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Family Name Sign with Initial & First Names

Handpainted Family Name Sign – Beautiful and Heartwarming

Under $50

Presenting them with this unique and heartwarming housewarming gift is a great way to congratulate the family for moving into their new abode.

Personalisation of this handpainted gift conveys your thoughtfulness and effort in getting a gift for the new home owners.

This is a family decor that will be proudly displayed in their home for years to come.

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House Key Hook – Stylish Key Organiser

Under $50

A new home is a big investment. Help your friends protect their most precious asset by giving them the gift of security.

Choose a beautiful house key hook that will not only look stylish, but help them welcome their house visitors with their family name.

This combo pack is undoubtedly among the most unique and best housewarming gifts around as it does not just help keep their keys in place.

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Gluten Free Snacks- Surprise with Delivery at Doorstep

Under $25

Many food gifts have been done to death, but not so with this subscription.

Your friend will be pleasantly surprised with tasty food on a monthly basis.  This is a practical gift, especially during the first few months after they move into a new home, as they are busy settling down, having food delivered to their doorstep is a welcoming gift.

You can nearly guarantee that they have not received a similar sampler before, definitely a very special and good housewarming gift.

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Custom Wood Sign

Custom Wood Sign – Choice of Unique Quote

Under $50

Sprucing up a home with evergreen decor makes a great gift.  One that contains neutral or matching colours to the new home owner’s home will surely delight the home owner.

What makes this gift unique is that you can include a quote of your choice, to convey your congrats to him/her moving into their new abode.

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Personalized Family Tree Throw Pillow

Family Tree Throw Pillow – can include up to 8 names

Under  $25

Instead of just giving an ordinary throw pillow, present the proud owners of their new home with this heartwarming throw pillow.

One that has all the family members’ name, to congratulate the family on moving to a new home, to create new chapters in the family’s life.

In addition, as throw pillow is white, you need not worry if this useful gift matches the room décor and design.

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Personalized Mini Oak Whiskey Barrel

Mini Oak Whiskey Barrel – Personalised and Classic Gift for a Whiskey Lover

Under $75

This gift is unique for a whiskey lover.  Instead of giving whiskey glasses, present him with this mini whiskey barrel.  It is a fantastic addition to his man cave and provides great cask to store his favorite drink.

To add to the uniqueness of this gift, personalisation is available – one letter, three letters or one line up to ten characters.

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Mini Hockey Stick Personalized

Mini Hockey Stick – Special Ornament to be Hung on the Wall

Under $25

Do you have a friend or family member who loves playing hockey?

This fanciful and totally unique gift will surely…charm them!

They will be able to hang this intricately designed ornament on their wall, to show off their love for this game.

With his/her name etched on this gift and his/her favourite hockey team’s colour, this looks great sitting the living room, a unique and special housewarming gift indeed.

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Minecraft Light Up Torch

Minecraft Light Torch – Fun and Cool Torchlight

Under $50

Home essentials are important for new house owners, including torch light.

This comes in handy when the house has blackout.   Instead of giving the usual torchlight, give this fun and cool looking one.

It’s a ton of fun with this cool gift for housewarming party.

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Personalized Wine Barrel Accessory Set

Personalised Wine Barrel Accessory Set – Perfect and Practical Winebar Decoration

Under $25

If you’re looking for a unique gift to stun and amaze a wine lover, look no further than this one.

Perfect for any bar counter and practical as it contains the wine accessories any wine lover will need to enjoy a good bottle of wine –  stopper, pourer , cork screw and bottle top cutter,

You can also personalise this gift with the home owner’s name to add to the uniqueness of this gift. This wine barelr accessory is also one of the best birthday gift for husband if he is a wine lover.

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Swarovski Swarovski Allure Tea Light, Rose Gold Tone Color accents

Crystal Tea Light Candle – with Two Sided Facing

Under $100

Help their new home be the cosiest environment possible with this tea light candle.

The unique part about this tea light candle is that it is two sided facing – clear or rose gold.  The tea light candle is also available in two other colours.

Its glow will add ambience to any room, surely a house party celebration present that the new owners will adore!  It is also a great housewarming gift for the duo who just moved into their new home, as it creates the right ambience for the loving pair.

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Personalized Glass Cutting Board

Personalised Glass Cutting Board – Large Variety of Designs Available

Under $50

For the new house owner who likes to cook, this personalised glass cutting board is a thoughtful gift.

WIth the wide variety of designs available, you will definitely find one to suit his or her taste.  This unique cutting board is definitely a great addition to the kitchen decor.

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Champagne & Chocolates for Two with Fils Gallant

Champagne and Chocolates – with Champagne Chiller

Under  $75

Giving this champagne gift is unique as you have given a well thought gift to make the champagne drinking session an enjoyable one, which includes the champagne chiller and accompaniments – chocolates.

The recipient can literally enjoy “ice cold” Champagne until the last sip in his new residence with this thoughtful gift.

Chilling of the champagne is hassle free.  The recipient and friends can slowly enjoy the champagne to the very last drop everytime!

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Game and Family Gift Basket

Family Time and Game Snacks – Family Bonding Made Fun

Under  $50

Give them this unique gift to keep them entertained in the comfort of their own home!

Game of card games and snacks, the best combination ever!

The new home dwellers can add a special touch to their family bonding sessions over the games found in the box or they can spend more fun time at home through this delightful games and tasty snacks.

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Coca-Cola Glass Front Fridge

Coca Cola Fridge – Keep Drinks Cool in a Fun Way

Above $100

Give the new house owners a chance to chill their cans of favourite beverage the old fun way by giving them this Coca Cola fridge with a front glass door.

This gift is suitable as an addition to a bar or game room and is also suitable for family with kids as the images are cute and lively.

These cool looking fridge will definitely add sparks to any occasions, where the home owners’ guests can enjoy their canned drinks in style.

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City Coat Hook – Trendy and Practical

Under  $75

This coat hook with skyscraper design and personalised with the new houseowner’s name is a modish gift, which will definitely spruce up the new house owner’s apartment.

Who can imagine that a coat hook can also double up as an accessory to a home.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, this is functional as well, keeping his new home organised and clutter free.

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Veranda Jumbo Firewood Log Tote

Premium Log & Wood Carrier – Practical Gift to Prepare for the winter

Under $25

Moving into a new house is a wonderful experience. There are a lot of things that the new house owner may not have thought about buying till when the situation happens.

Buying this gift is wonderful, be it which season it is. Presenting this unique housewarming gift during the non-winter seasons mean you are helping him or her prepare for their very first winter in this new home.

Presenting this gift during winter time means you are helping him carry the wood in style into his new home at this very moment, to provide warmth for the evenings with this handy gift.

It also saves him some time and effort as this carrier is large enough a substantial amount of wood, to extent trips are reduced to transport the wood.

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Daisy Bottle Opener – Great Décor Addition to Kitchen Wall

Under $25

Having a less than ordinary looking bottle opener is a fantastic addition to your kitchen.

Giving the house owner this gift spruces up the kitchen and gives the kitchen a more voguish look. This bottle opener with daisy silhouette gives a subtle picturesque display in the kitchen.

The powdercoated gold gives this ornamental and functional piece a sturdy feel, which makes it a nice piece of art to hang in the wall. In addition, gold is a colour that complements almost all kitchen accessories and décor.

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