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37 Most Delightful (Apr 2022) 1st Anniversary Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love

By Doris Tan
(updated Apr 2022) Are you searching for one year anniversary gifts for your girlfriend?

Great news!

I have compiled a complete list of the sweetest and most delightful gift ideas to celebrate your first anniversary with her!

What should I gift my girlfriend on our first anniversary?

1st anniversaries are always unique and getting the special gift for your girlfriend is essential in celebrating the big day. Things that are cute, meaningful, sweet are great suggestions. Personalized keepsakes are also a wonderful way to commemorate one year of dating relationship.

1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Girlfriend
This all-inclusive guide of one year relationship gifts of various categories and prices will help you quickly find that something special, thoughtful and endearing. We also have a page on the best first anniversary ideas if you need ideas on how to celebrate this day with your girlfriend.

Let’s get started.

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What is a typical 1 year anniversary gift? Consider this frame as a great way to honor your one-year anniversary with your girl.

It contains a sweet and specific message that speaks of the beautiful moments that you have shared together during your one year of love and anticipates an even longer love story. The high-quality burlap print helps to bring out fine details in the print.

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Your girlfriend deserves something that is truly bespoke for her on your dating anniversary. What better way to do so than with this one-of-a-kind personalized bar necklace? It comes with a bar pendant on which you can engrave her name.

You do not have to stop here as you can make it even more special with cute symbols or a meaningful number to make it the best 1 year anniversary gift for girlfriend. Consider a cursive name necklace too for something more funky. I would love to receive such personalized necklace myself!

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If you are conflicted about what should you do for your girlfriend on your 1 year anniversary, then a good suggestion is that you do not have to settle for just one item or gesture. Instead, you can opt for this gift set ensemble that features a theme of love.

In addition to a necklace, the set also includes a cute rose bear, greeting card, heart balloon and led string lights all of which can be used to achieve a romantic setup.

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I thought this has to be the most impressive type of music boxes that I have seen. You can work together with the designers to create a masterpiece for her. From the design to the music or recording and engravings, every aspect is customizable to your liking. Select her favorite music or “your song” and have it placed inside the digital music box.

Some box designs allow the use of USB sound module instead of a hand crank to play the music. Among the best one year anniversary gifts, she will never forget this sentimental keepsake because you took her taste into consideration.

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If she is a make-up girl, she will need something to carry around her touch-up kit in. By giving her this canvas makeup bag, it will no longer feel like she is just carrying a regular bag but rather a special item.

In addition, the bag comes monogrammed with their initials which gives it an extra special and personal touch, making it the perfect 1 year anniversary gift idea for high school girlfriend.

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A dazzling pair of crystal earrings is a must-have for any lady, making these Swarovski earrings among the most ideal choice as thoughtful anniversary gift ideas.

It combines the simplicity of stud earrings with an elegant sparkle making them a perfect complement for any event, whether day or night. The earrings have been made to last so that they are able to maintain their brilliance for years.

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Pictures capture moments, and picture frames protect those moments so you can relive them over and over again. Do you feel a special kind of love for her? Let this picture frame shout out the lovely words on your behalf.

To make it even more intimate, pick her favorite picture of both of you, print it and place it in the frame. There is got to be a heartbeat skipping moment when she sees the couple picture. You will be glad you were the one to who put that smile on her face.

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I always believe that flowers are a girl’s best friend and a perfect choice to give on anniversaries. For something more unique and memorable, a LEGO flower bouquet will offer a healthy activity to build your bouquet and keep it around you as a cherished memory.

This charming LEGO bouquets offer vibrant colors and exciting shapes. A great 1st anniversary idea is to build this bouquet together with her! She can create the bouquet in her own style with custom pieces. It will be a unique mindful gift where both of you can let your imagination bloom with love.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Get a jar like no other to touch your lady’s heart! From KindNotes, you can select from a range of different themes and designs to suit the 1st anniversary celebration.

Inside the jar, the messages are each kept in an envelope, your girlfriend will be thrilled to open each envelope to read out the sweet messages. You can also customize the messages for a heart-stirring experience as she read and cherish each personalized note you have for her.

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Diamonds are really a girl’s best friend. A genuine diamond pendant on the first anniversary of your relationship is something she will never forget. The pendant comes with a long lasting silver chain.

It is carefully polished to bring out the color. If you’re looking for something she can wear every day and on special occasions to remind her of your love, this is it.

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Say you are completely out of ideas on what to get girlfriend for 1 year anniversary, you will be pleased to know that this box contains everything you need. Rose petals are an eternal symbol of love and certainly can be considered a traditional gift to wish her a happy anniversary.

Scatter some on the bed or table to set the mood for the surprise. When she opens the sleek wooden box she will find a silver necklace, a leather journal, candles, a love card and more petals. You will definitely win the boyfriend of the year award!

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An anniversary is an ideal time to think back on the love that you have shared with your girlfriend for the past year. A great way to reminisce on this love is by documenting your love story.

From LoveBookOnline, this fully customizable Lovebook gives you the chance to do just that. It lets you create a story using a combination of pictures, personalized captions, and design elements, which are brought together to form a truly special personalized Love Book.

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You are likely to have a lot of memorabilia from all the beautiful moments you have shared with her in the last year.

This memorabilia display case is an opportunity to help her relive all these cherished moments that will put a smile on her face. She will be so touched to have you as her boyfriend! Such memory boxes are fantastic for a husband to present to his wife too.

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These matching necklaces are a great way to express your love for your girlfriend on after being in a relationship for 365 days.

This is because it features a romantic heart design coupled with the words ‘I love you’ engraved on it.

With this couple necklace, you will be able to feel like you are close to each other at all times.

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This is a fun and creative gift idea for a DIY-loving girlfriend. The buildable set comes with thousands of pieces with which she can create the iconic Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse characters and included accessories.

Such cute one year anniversary gifts for her are not only a satisfying activity but also a chance to take some time off and clear her mind. She will also end up with a unique display, whether at home or in the office.

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Does your girlfriend love to travel? Or it could be that you are planning to surprise her with an anniversary trip. Either way, this is a present that will come in handy and it is a bag that I would love to bring around myself.

This fashionable duffel bag is the perfect size and weight for carrying around. It also provides ample space and pockets for her to properly organize her travel items.

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Long-distance relationships can be hard and needs extra effort to make it work. However, this device can make you feel more connected to your girlfriend no matter where they are. A great 1 year dating anniversary gift for those on a long-distance relationship.

After connecting it to a mobile app on your phone, you will be able to send her cute notes or photos. The heart will then begin to rotate to inform her that she should open the lid to reveal the sweet message that will be waiting for her.

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It does not matter what the world thinks, chivalry is not dead. And she does not have to hear that only in movies. Make her life a movie with this romantic present.

When in love, nothing matters more than knowing that the other person feels the same. No matter how many times you say you love her, small acts of love speak louder. The set features a literal key in a beautiful glass bottle and a heart-warming note. It is the little things you do that will keep her loving you.

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You can help make her days a lot more cozy with a nice soft blanket.

This particular throw blanket will not only help to keep her body warm but her heart as well. This is due to the words of love that are imprinted on it. It, therefore, doubles as both a useful and expressive gift for your gf. Definitely a blanket like no other!

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You cannot help but fall in love with her for the past year you have been together. You can communicate that with this unique music box that plays the famous melody “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

It also opens to the amazing lyrics that have also been engraved on the inside of the box to bring out the beautiful feeling of falling in love. The wooden antique exterior also makes it a great decorative item.

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There is nothing as cuddly as a cute little bear lying on the moon to remind her of the warmth her love brings to your heart. There’s a reason a necklace has never gone out of fashion as some of the sweetest anniversary gifts to show love. You give her something to fidget with whenever she thinks about you.

Coupled with a romantic message, this silver necklace is going to be her favorite not only because it’s pretty but also because it came from someone special, you.

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Are you looking to add an element of surprise to your present for this coming anniversary? Then look no further than this item. At face value, it is just a regular candle.

Your loved one will be enjoying the calming and relaxing cherry blossom fragrance only for a surprise to be revealed! This is because the candle features a surprise piece of jewelry inside that is to be discovered as the candle burns.

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Are you looking for something digital or a tech gift? Try a digital picture frame with an instant share option. The picture frame allows you to send photos daily and stay in touch easily.

High resolution, vivid image and easy to use and share options will make it your girlfriend’s favorite gadget. The frame has ample storage so that the memories can be stored conveniently. A married couple can get this modern picture frame to celebrate their wedding anniversary too.

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Do you have a song that is special to both of you? With this wall art, you can turn the beautiful lyrics into a wonderful wall art piece. Regardless if your girlfriend is a teenager, in her 20s, 30s or more, this is a thoughtful present idea that your girlfriend will love hanging on her wall.

The art print also features a nice vintage font which will help complement her space.

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This coming anniversary, you want to express your love for your girlfriend in style. This is the perfect dating one year anniversary gift to help you do that.

As you can never say it enough, the necklace features the term I love you in 100 different languages. A preserved rose has also been included which is a great way to symbolize your eternal love for each other.

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Jewelry is adored and loved by women. This pair of stylish forever stud earrings are an absolute adorable and small anniversary gifts for her.

The materials used are durable and the unique heart shape makes it more attractive and appealing. What makes it perfect is the choice of stone. So you can customize it with your girlfriend’s birthstone and make it an exclusive, lovely signature present.

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On the special date night, showcase your memories with her in a beautiful collage picture frame. The frame has a modern, sleek design and good quality material. The frame is lightweight and easy to hang.

Choose your favorite photos and get them printed. You can hold four photos, two vertical and two horizontal, of your fondest memories. The best 1 year anniversary ideas for girlfriend if you are into some diy.

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What to get girlfriend for anniversary? How about something especially sentimental that depicts love, togetherness and bonding forever.

The wonderful piece is painted by hand. Willow Tree is a figurative sculpture line that depicts emotions and marks a memory. If your girl loves art and beautiful home décor, then this piece will be the best way to mark your 1st anniversary.

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Popup cards are a sweet, classy and romantic way to make your 1st anniversary memorable. You can send love to your girlfriend with a romantic popup card, and she is definitely going to appreciate it.

Available in wide selections of designs, each with vibrant colors and stylish design attached with sentiments, choose an anniversary card for a memorable way to express love and sentiments. These one-of-a-kind cards are wonderful birthday, mother’s day and wedding anniversary gift as well.

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This bracelet speaks without uttering a word. The infinity sign interlaced with the heart says your love for her is eternal.

The chain lasts long and stays brilliant as a constant reminder of the special bond you share. Here is a secret, it is the simple thoughtful gestures that really touch a woman’s heart and show her you’re always thinking about her. Truly, you won’t go wrong with this infinity and heart symbol bracelet to show your affection.

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Give her this and she will not have to forego her favorite cup of coffee even when on the go. The mini coffee maker can fit in the pocket of the back pack or in a corner in her tote. It has been a year and by now you know how dear coffee is to her.

No more brainstorming, this is the perfect gift that is also practical. It comes in a variety of colors so you can pick one that will fit her space perfectly. Most importantly, her coffee will be ready in minutes. And even when she forgets to turn it off, it will automatically go off in ninety seconds to save energy.

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Beautiful, warm, soft, and cuddly. This stuffed teddy bear is going to be more than a decoration on her bed. The best 1 year anniversary gifts for teenage girlfriend, she can hug and cuddle with it when you are away.

When you get her this, you are acknowledging all the times she misses you and you cannot be there. She will always have a snuggling partner and guess who will be on her mind the whole time? You of course. If she wants to, she can wash the stuffing and clean the teddy bear easily.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all your favorite moments together in a single package? This explosion box is the most detailed yet organized photo scrapbooking box you will ever find.

The box comes as a finished product, all you have to do is diy by pasting your favorite pictures, words, or paintings on the cards to create a beautiful explosion. If you are thinking of 1 year anniversary ideas for girlfriend, a good idea is to bring her to a romantic venue and let her open this box to surprise her! Watch with joy as her eyes open wide when she unwraps the box. Such cool photo scrapbooking box should also be in your own birthday list ideas!

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This bag looks great and brings out the elegance in the user. And you can personalize it with your girlfriend’s initials. Summer is around the corner and oh, how lovely it would be to have a tote bag that fits all her summer time essentials.

Whether she is hitting the pool or the beach, or she is just out grocery shopping, she will never have to worry about space. The canvas material is water resistant and suitable for all weather.

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A compass necklace is a symbol and a meaningful present for your love. This necklace is made of good quality silver; it is a sweet, simple, meaningful and durable 1st anniversary gift.

The best thing about it is that the necklace, made of quality sterling silver, is easy on the skin. Handcrafted with passion and love, your girl will be proud to wear it!

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This is one of the sweetest gift choices if you are looking to create a timeless keepsake with your significant other. It is a cast molding kit that gives you all the tools necessary to create a cast of you and your girlfriend holding hands in just a few easy steps.

The process also acts as a fun activity to take part in as a couple not only on their 1st year anniversary but during the holiday season to create a joint Christmas gift for both to cherish!

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You cannot help but love this beach sunset poster. It makes for quite a romantic gift given the tranquil feel it gives and the word ‘love’ featured on it.

She can pin this on any wall of her home, office or any other space to be reminded of the love that you share. Separately get a gift card to further delight her on this special day!

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1 Year Dating Anniversary Gifts