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33 Most Awesome (May 2022) Baby Shower Prizes To Delight Everyone

By Michael See
(updated May 2022) Searching for amazing baby shower prizes to delight your guests?


We have a curated list of exciting items that are great to give away at a baby shower party!

What are good baby shower prizes?

Make sure your baby shower prizes are intriguing. This will motivate the guests to participate in your activities. Consider functional items that they can use even after the party is over. Quality sweet treats, cute baby themed items, funny decorative stuff are great suggestions also to show appreciation for those who are present.

Baby Shower Game Gifts

Whether is for guests, winners or anyone who are around at the celebration, our baby shower game prizes of various product categories and prices will help you easily find the best items that meet your requirements.

So let’s begin!

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These bottle openers are cheekily designed to mimic baby bottle teats, reminding everyone of their first ever drink. So, they are the perfect cute baby shower prizes for guest where the child is at the centre of attention. Each bottle opener is made of durable material and electroplated. You can choose from the different colors to match your baby shower theme.

The pack has numerous pieces so chances are most of your guests will win themselves one to remember your party. You can offer these as raffle prizes, baby shower favor or as door gifts too.

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Many people tend to experience dry skin especially during the hot summer or cold winter. Their lips also take a toll. So, be a considerate party host and keep this Burt’s Bees lip balm moisturizing lip care set as prizes in a basket for babyshower.

Everyone who gets this lip balm is able to take good care of themselves. The pack consists of different varieties of lip balm with soothing flavors that will delight the recipients.

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The child in all adults still craves that aroma as a kid in the candy shop. Now you can help them recreate that moment as they pamper themselves with these deliciously flavored bath bombs.

I would love to use this bath bomb as each one is made of quality ingredients to restore moisture and smoothen the skin. They dissolve fast, so when you’re ready for a soak you do not have to wait for too long to jump in. The unique scents include biscuit cotton candy, vanilla cinnamon, lemon peppermint among others. The winner will remember your simple baby shower prizes for the right reasons for a long time.

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This will not only be a great way to award winners of games but also to honor them for coming. This is because of the tags that contain the words ‘Thank you for celebrating with us’.

Each of these tags is accompanied by an adorable baby elephant key chain and an organza bag. These cute accessories are also fantastic door prize ideas for baby shower and you can also include them in mason jars as part of your DIY prices.

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You cannot go wrong with some sweet quality treats as baby shower prize ideas to make the guests more compelled to play the games that have been lined up.

This pack comes with an assortment of the delicious Ferrero Rocher chocolate candies. You can find the original Ferrero Rocher, the layered Raffaello, and the dark chocolate Rondnior.

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These simple funny towels will instantly upgrade any kitchen. They easily blend in with any theme and keep the mood warm with funny printed sayings. Like every perfect kitchen towel, these have well sewn edges so they can last with all that beating they take.

The towels are machine washable with warm water to keep them disinfected. Whether to be given as funny door prizes, for games like funny bingo prizes, getting these towels is a great idea because no one will ever have enough kitchen towels.

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There would be hardly any person who would refuse a cup of nice tea, especially when they know top quality tea leaves are used. So, this unique pack of assorted pyramid tea infusers can cater to different preferences.

Let your friends have this assorted tea box as babyshower game prizes and they will be thrilled. The beautiful packaging as I see it also enhances the theme of the party.

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This is a party favor that will add a unique touch to your baby shower party. Any plant lover in attendance will want to get their hands on this. Among the top unisex baby shower prizes, the box comes with packs of seed envelopes, each ready for the giveaway.

The beautiful blooms gotten from this will be a great way to symbolize the healthy growth of the little one to come.

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In planning for the prizes the celebration, the to-be-parents need not crack their brains too much – get these hand moisturizer repair sets as these hand cream is useful for most guests and their family members. A useful gender neutral baby shower game prize, you can choose to give each tube separately or offer the winner the entire set!

They will appreciate your thoughtfulness as they can apply the hand cream to keep their hands nourished and hydrated.

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Not all gifts need to be taken home. Some, like these candy bars, can instantly sweeten the party. Fill a bowl with these as you play so the winner picks a flavor of their choice to enjoy as the party continues.

These are great unisex baby shower prize ideas for crowds because each bar is wrapped to prevent cross contamination from many hands dipping in the same bowl. With plentiful pieces in the pack, there’ll probably be extras for everyone.

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These are fun items that any of your guests will love to go home with. I appreciate that the brain teaser set comes with a combination of metal and wooden puzzles to be solved through assembly or disentanglement.

They are not only exciting but also a great way to challenge the players and enhance critical thinking and creativity. If you searching for unique baby shower gift basket ideas for guests, adding such puzzles will surely be a pleasant surprise for the recipients.

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These baby shower party candles give you an amazing chance to make your friends happy as they attend the party. Awesome to give during a baby shower game or as a baby shower favor, with such giveaways, you will be sending your heartfelt wishes to your friends who have gathered around this special day.

The different-colored candles look so beautiful and gorgeous that these candles would become the highlight of the party. Moreover, the attractive scent would definitely be a show-stealer. With pink and blue among the colors available, these candles are wonderful gender reveal game prizes too.

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No, not all your guests already have one of these. The ones they bought were poor quality and are sitting somewhere at the back of the shelf. This is basically a life saver.

Any guest will be delighted to win this high quality, durable, insulated mug to keep their drinks either as warm or as cold as they like it for longer. One of the best baby shower game winner gifts, the lid uses magnetic power to keep your drink locked at your desired temperature.

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If you are stuck on prize ideas for the baby shower party, here a clue: Everyone enjoys a cozy bath time. If you can make that happen even when they are traveling, even better. These bottles can fit in the tinniest pockets so they can carry them wherever they go.

Each gel and lotion is carefully formulated to ensure it is safe on the skin. The scents are heavenly, turning a simple bath time into a spa moment you will want to last. Also great virtual baby shower prizes which can be easily delivered to the winners’ homes, these may just make the recipient next vacation memorable.

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The winner, after all, deserves a trophy, correct? Purchase these ahead of time to enjoy with family and friends. The bulk package contains 12 pieces and are the perfect coed baby shower prizes. Each statue has a flat base that may be displayed on a table or a vanity top.

People who won can have their names printed on a base and put there to make it more personal and for you to show your appreciation. Everyone at your party will be able to show off a small Oscar award at the end.

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With many more people feeling more stress over the past years, giving your loved ones at the party adult coloring books is a thoughtful idea – such adult coloring books will help people relieve some stress.

Each page is designed to help you focus as you channel your energy into expressing your inner self. Discover your color coordinating skills and create masterpieces for your wall and your friend’s walls. Yes, you can frame your finished work. Giving these baby shower gifts is how to appreciate your guests for leaving their busy lives to celebrate this milestone with you.

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These professionally designed gift bags can hold so much. Each is sturdy enough to hold glass bottles, shower favor, gift card and more The tissue matches with the ribbons for an elegant touch and both sides of the bag are embossed with gold text appreciating your guests for being a part of your celebration.

A celebration like this leaves your heart full. There is no reason your guests shouldn’t leave happy too. A gift packaged this way shouts forethought and your guests will remember you for it.

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Some self-pampering items will be sure to make the ladies more competitive during the baby shower games. This set comes with several jars filled with differently scented bath salts.

Anyone will love the chance to immerse themselves in this fruity goodness and enjoy a refreshed feeling afterward. These inexpensive baby shower prizes for games are made with natural ingredients, hence the products are suitable even for sensitive skin types.

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I like to give functional prize items that my guests can use every other day, hence I recommend such sports water bottles. Since it is available in different colors, you can choose one that matches the color theme of your babyshower; if you are looking for manly baby shower prizes for guys, such water bottles also fit your requirements.

The bottle is well insulated, durable and gives the owner the option to choose between different lid types.

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A complete Burt’s bees skincare set travel package comes in useful when you are always on the go. This kit is ideal as a baby shower raffle prize especially for those are concerned about their skin’s health. Because of the natural components used, it will condition and nourish the skin.

With this package, the participant will be able to take care of the entire body, from head to toe. Cleansing cream, body lotion, foot cream are some of the items included. Baby skincare sets are wonderful birthday gifts for twins to get too.

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This is a wonderful baby shower prize idea if you are looking for something that will allow you more creativity and versatility while also giving yourself the option of coming out with cheap and easy baby shower game prizes.

These elegantly designed mason jars are transparent giving a glimpse of what’s inside. You can therefore stack other gift items inside and even decorate them to come up with a unique creation for the best mason jar baby shower prizes.

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The chance to enjoy some delicious cocktails in the comfort of your home is a great incentive and that is what makes this an awesome prize idea. The jelly beans come in sets of different flavors.

Each of which features ingredients to formulate among the most popular cocktails from mojito to pina colada etc. They do not contain any alcoholic content making them suitable even for your non-drinking friends and kids. Give this set during baby shower interactive games like this or that, about mommy and other fun games

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A nice mug is a great idea as a giveaway as it is something that your guests will be able to use even long after the party is over. You can go for this set which is an assortment of classic multi-colored mugs with an elaborate design.

You can also choose to fill each prize mug with other gift items and a gift card to further delight everyone who receives these mugs.

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Your friends may not normally go out and buy these but we all have just one set of ears. We need to protect them. With these earmuffs, they can enjoy fresh air with car windows down or bike rides without the wind and cold damaging their ears.

These warmers are adjustable to fit children and adults alike. They are large for full coverage and are easily foldable to store away when not in use. The different colors cater for your guests’ varied tastes and styles making them the perfect baby shower gift ideas for games winners.

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Your loved ones who win these baby shower game prizes will appreciate your thoughtfulness because these pashminas are perfect for keeping warm without additional clothes.

They are made of soft material and are gentle on the skin. This can double as a scarf for your neck or a cover up for your head and shoulders. There are a varied solid colors to choose from. Slip one into your purse during an evening out and you will be prepared for when the cold air sneaks on you unannounced.

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For the guests, especially kids, who are invited to the event, they will be surprised by the to-be-parents with these assorted variety candy pack.

The box includes various types of juicy lollipops like cute baby bottle pop lollipops, eye-catching ring pop lollipops and more. The flavors of these candies are too yummy while the colorful box literally has the magic to become an all-time favorite of everyone.

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They are saying they love you by being with you on this day, say you love them too by giving them these everyday products as prizes for baby shower games. These are often overlooked gift ideas that will automatically make the winner beam with joy.

The non-slip mittens and pot holders are a necessity in every kitchen and are easy to clean. If you have a bunch of friends who love to cook attending your party, these are going to be a welcome surprise.

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Nowadays the hot summer is becoming more rough on everyone. People can be stressed out by the hot weather. So, this unique hands-free portable neck fan has emerged as a sigh of relief with some cool, breezy air.

After you have conducted a few games and someone wins, these portable neck fans would be the unique baby shower prize ideas that are useful and functional.

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For many people there, the daily routine could become hectic and quite stressful. Especially, when they are occupied with several demanding tasks, the pressure is so real. Make sure that people keep themselves as calm and composed as they can at the end of the day.

In order for them to relax, these aromatherapy shower steamers variety pack will definitely help them feel more relaxed after a nice warm shower. An affordable unisex baby shower prize and Christmas party door prizes ideas that people will be thrilled to win!

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The right tools can help a person uncover his or her ability. Other times, your friend has a never-ending list of marvels he could produce if he only had the right equipment. It is useful regardless when on an outdoor hiking or camping trip or at home working in the garage, making it the best baby shower prizes for men from my perspective.

When you have a variety of tools at your disposal, repairs and DIY projects become much easier. Even if he won’t invent something new, he may be a pro when it comes to starting a fire or cutting wires when camping.

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Traveling shouldn’t mean compromising on music quality. This speaker is suitable for use at the pool, camping, or on a road trip. It is dustproof and waterproof. There are no cables or USB sticks needed.

From your phone or tablet, you can quickly stream your favorite music and enjoy the powerful bass. You will be remembered for a long time by winner of the baby shower game since the gift idea is practical and sturdy.

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Chocolates are superb for all sorts of occasions. From the popular Hershey’s, include these mouth-watering chocolates as prizes in a basket for babyshower and everyone present will be looking forward to getting their hands on some.

As they are individually wrapped, you do not have to be worried if the chocolates will be contaminated even if you put them in a large common basket. These can be part of your diy cheap baby shower prizes to consider as you can place the goodies into small bags with other small items to be given out separately.

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Let the winners bring home something that their family members can enjoy too! Each of these vegan natural bar soaps consists of essential oils that are extremely helpful to help the users feel relaxed.

These top baby shower game gifts would make the recipients’ skin absolutely soft and moisturized for the whole day while the invigorating scent will liven up their senses.

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How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Prizes?

Consider the number of guests you are inviting and the number of games you want to organize. Ice breaker games, get to know the mum quiz and fun interactive puzzles are some game ideas. Usually, a basic of two awards at least for each game is required to reward guests’ involvement.

Depending on the complexity of the games, you may need to have more prizes or even a grand prize for the ultimate game. As far as I’m concerned, you may also want to give baby shower favors and door prizes to express your gratitude for the baby gifts received. Other related expenses include party supplies and baby shower invitations. With these considerations, you can estimate the total number of items you need to get and calculate how much you need to spend.

Many of our recommended baby shower prizes are under $10, with some under $5 as the items comes in a pack. We also have more expensive recommendations for those who have a higher budget in addition to those affordable gifts.

Baby Shower Game Prizes