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Our 38 Most Cool (Mar 2023) Gifts For 19 Year Old Boys This Year

By Michael See
(updated Mar 2023) Searching for the best gifts for a 19 year old boy?

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We have curated a list of great gift ideas for the teenage boy. No matter if you are finding presents for the nineteen year old’s birthday, Christmas or other joyful celebration, we got your covered.

What to get a 19 year old boy?

Buy something to reflect his youth, energy while acknowledging he is reaching adulthood soon. As he is nearing the end of his teenage years, besides getting items that are cool and fun, you gift can also reflect his maturity which he will treasure when he reaches adulthood. Meaningful, practical or personalized things are good suggestions too.

Our gift guide includes a wide variety of items of varying prices – be it for your son, brother, grandson, boyfriend or good friend, whether he is in college or working, we believe you can easily search for something for the boy aged nineteen here!

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A water bottle that not only can store his water, but also serves as a workout accessory! This eye-catching water bottle has the unique design of a dumbbell.

Carrying this large capacity bottle around will surely be a conversation starter. The young man can start his arm training wherever he wants! I believe this is the perfect gift idea for nineteen year old boy on his special occasion.

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What do 19 year olds want for their birthday? Why not give the young guys an award-winning Chameleon board game if you want to keep him in check and away from all those electronic games?

It is the ideal present to keep your son or grandson and his pals entertained and will also allow you to bring the family closer together via family game evenings. The game is simple to understand and quick to play, making it a good 18th birthday prezzies to consider too!

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Is your teenager an Adidas or LEGO fan? This Christmas or his birthday, grab this LEGO Adidas Original Superstar 10282 Building Kit. This is perfect to keep him busy and creatively active during the festivities.

He will enjoy building and ultimately displaying his work with this LEGO kit. This set is fun and quite a realistic build of the original Adidas sneaker in my judgment. This is a wonderful alternative to giving him gadgets and other devices which he probably already has several already.

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A bedside lamp that has smart features like none that he boy has seen will surely excite him. Besides having hands-free voice command control using Alexa and Google assistant, the feature that is most striking has to be the ability to create his own light effects!

With the help of the app, he can let his creative juices flow to come out with a scene that can match whatever mood he feels like having. What’s more, with the built in mic, the light can sync to the music that is being played. I reckon this is definitely one of the most amazing smart lamp around!

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

This special jar will help to spread some cheers to your loved ones. From KindNotes, he will find numerous uplifting notes which are each kept separately in envelopes.

The ideal gift to encourage and spread joy to a 19 year old college boy, you can select from various themes and designs and also choose to customize some notes to make this a personalized present. Separately get a gift card for him for an unforgettable memory.

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This minimalist wallet will help keep his money secured. It’s one-of-a-kind design and material makes it a unique Christmas gift for 19 year old boy.

Made of quality military grade material, it is durable and would last long well after his teen years. A functional slim wallet with RFID blocking features, make him feel special with this thoughtful gift.

This cool wallet is available in different colors.

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Teenage boys are always curious and looking for a number of horizons to explore!

For all such geeks, a 3D wooden mechanical pendulum clock puzzle is a cool gift for a 19 year old boy. It invokes the depth of the senses, keep your young guns hooked, and most of all, the puzzle provides a great way to design and decorate a specific area. This is something he can show off once it has been solved!

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A portable Bluetooth speaker with the high quality JBL sound with bass sounds from the speakers on both ends. Based on my personal experience, this is one of the best portable speakers in terms of functions and design. In addition, it is waterproof and teen boys can go with it in the shower, or carry it to the beach and not cringe when sudden waves hit them. That is so cool.

The Bluetooth speakers are available in different colors suit different tastes. He is bound to fall instantly in love with this powerful all purpose speaker.

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Surprise the boy with a fine print of art that is only for him! From NameStories, he will be delighted to learn about the history and story behind his name of 19 years.

Printed on high quality paper, you can have the option to frame it or not. For further customization, you can add your own personal message to make it even more unique. One of the best birthday gifts for 19 year old boy, he will surely be pleased with this art piece that he can proudly display at home or in his college room.

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Turn your teenager’s dream into a reality. Bring home this magnetic levitating moon lamp that looks extraordinary that he will not stop gazing at it, especially when it is the night!

A cool addition to the 19 year old boy Christmas list, it spins in the air without any support and feels pretty amazing from what I can see. It does not only bring brightness into his but also would decorate the room in a perfect manner.

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It is vital to provide the male teen early with a guide on life that they can follow on every step! A meaningful gift for a 19 year old boy, this is a complete guide for everyone who is entering into their next phase of life!

The entire book is about motivation, advice, tips, planning for the future and much more! It is a practical guide to what he can expect from life – something that he can refer again in future.

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Whether he is in school or has started on some part time job, having a notebook which he can easily jot down his ideas or scribble down important notes is surely a practical thing to have.

As I have tried before, what makes this notebook from Rocketbook one of a kind is that the teenager can write on reusable paper and then quickly upload his notes onto popular cloud services. He can also plan his calendar and to manage his to-do lists with specially designed pages. Certainly among the top gifts for 19 year old male college student.

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Personalized gifts are awesome for the birthday boy. This gives your son or nephew the idea that you’ve been thinking about him and that he’s special.

Everything is set up with his birthdate in mind so it makes it unique that is not easy to duplicate. The book contains numerous astrological information about the date of this birth which makes it among the best gifts for 19 year old boys. He will feel special and fondly remember the day he was born. You get an email link so you can send his personal details for personalization.

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If you are still pondering on what to get a 19 year old boy for Christmas, a good suggestion is something the he can use in several ways like this LED clock that has several useful features.

This device enables the owner to check the time and set alarms with the alarm clock function and charge their phone wirelessly for compatible devices. One of the best things to ask for for your birthday also, it is also an exceptional interior décor due to its stylish wooden make. He will surely be pleased to have this awesome gift in his room!

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Whatever the occasion – Christmas, birthday or thanksgiving, one can never go wrong with giving hilarious printed shirt for your loved one. A gag gift to make him wear at the party!

It is fun whether the teen goes to work out in the gym or not – either way, you can interpret the message with great amusement! The tees are manufactured using quality cotton for high comfortability.

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Teenage boys require tools as they grow up because they get immense joy when they do something by themselves per my belief. One of the top gifts for 19 year old boy that will help when he moves out, give him this multi-tool and let them handle their jobs!

It is a very lightweight multi-tool that can be carried anywhere. One of the best 21st birthday gifts for guys too, the multi-function tool combination makes it really handy in case of an emergency as well.

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Surprise your teenage guy with this anti-theft Hard Shell Laptop Backpack; this bag is perfect for ferrying his laptop and personal belongings anywhere he goes.

The bag is big enough to accommodate most laptop sizes and has a separate compartment for other belongings. It is also equipped with a theft-proof lock to protect all his valuable items. The built-in USB cable can be used to charge all electronic devices. Perfect, right? This bag is definitely what your teenage son needs.

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When it comes to a teen boy who is also a LEGO fan and loves to assemble stuff, this LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle is the perfect recommendation. This stunning set contains a highly detailed ship which will be eventually pieced together in a bottle. He will have a fun and challenging time building the ship and bottle.

The final result is an authentic looking ship that will surely be treasured in his bedroom or dorm room and this set is definitely among the top Christmas gift for 19 year old male!

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This amazingly fun board game can make him and other players laugh hard! With various random and unique cards, the card game can often take unexpected turns along the way.

Suitable for teens and adults, the vibrant, bright cards that feature many out of this world insane stuff and strategic game play offer much hilarious bonding time with family and friends. Get this special game and witness his chuckles during the party or gathering!

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Giant Stress Ball

Stress and anxiety can be common among many people and getting him this ball will help relieve some of it when he squeezes and fold this ball, soothing away the stress.

This ball has a semi-soft feeling that is perfect for squeezing, fiddling, pounding and kneading. With its larger size, it gives more room and space to hold and squeeze away that stress.

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This watch is built for outdoor activities such as running, hiking, mountain climbing and more. It comes with a GPS tracking capability and is constructed to withstand tough environment.

The watch can also track and monitor body responses such as heartbeat. A good gift for your 19 year old boyfriend, he can connect the watch to other smart devices such as a phone to receive notifications. An excellent present for the young adult who loves outdoor activity.

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The stylish toiletry bag from Timberland is one of the best gifts for 19 year old son to help him to keep his grooming and shaving materials safe and well organized in the bathroom.

Durable and comfortable to carry around, it can be also be a travel kit to keep his small belongings organized when your loved one is out on the move.

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The importance of music in the human psyche cannot be overstated. You are likely to meet nineteen-year-olds who are always listening to music. Why not treat him to a set of sophisticated Bose headphones to enhance his music listening experience?

This headset has high-end technology that helps filter out extraneous noise, leaving just what you want to hear. It also has full deep bass for improved sound quality. You could also get him a gaming headset if that’s what he really wants.

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Video gaming is one of the most popular hobbies among guys and it requires several necessary equipment for full enjoyment. One of those pieces of equipment is a comfortable gaming chair, especially one with accompanying speakers.

The great gift for 19 year old son is suited for this purpose where apart from playing games – it can also be used when watching a movie or listening to music. His entertainment experience will never be the same again.

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Sometimes teen guys and teen girls will not want to pick up a skill because they do not have the courage to ask for help. Yet deep down, your teen guy wants to learn life skills. Can you recall feeling this way before? If yes, then this book is a must get.

He will learn everything from how to keep his room organized to how to cook a basic meal on his own and how to provide first aid in an emergency. That is an excellent method to build his self-esteem, especially because he will face various adult obstacles throughout his life. Instead of exploring aimlessly across various online sources for assistance, receive all of the information you need from one source, such as this fantastic book.

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Having a means of transport from one place to another is important for the kid. This electric kick scooter can help him navigate to where he wants to go.

It is portable, has a long battery life to travel to a long distance on a full charge. And most exciting of all, it can be paired with a smartphone to help lock or unlock it. It also includes ultra-bright headlights for safe night travels which the gift recipient will appreciate.

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This one-of-a-kind pen would come in handy when there is a need to protect himself from unexpected danger or emergency situations. It makes it possible for him to carry a protective personal tool in case disaster strikes.

Made of high grade material, it is durable and especially strong. Apart from its tactical capability, it can also be used as a regular pen, making this great gift idea for 19 year old boy even cooler to bring to school or work. It can be included as an item inside a spooky basket for him as well.

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A party is definitely incomplete without balloons! And when it is time for the 19th birthday, you cannot keep calm and the same goes for the teenage boy!

Get this wonderful pack of party decorations that includes balloons, banners, ribbons and confetti. Decorate your home beautifully, invite his friends, make a special cake and have a wonderful time. Surprise him further with a homemade birthday card to wish him a very happy 19th birthday!

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Boys who are gaming enthusiasts should wear this t-shirt 24/7.

This funny gifts for teenage guys sums up the definition of a great day for those out there who love gaming. Their day starts with gaming and ends with gaming! They will surely love this t-shirt as it speaks how much you know they love their favourite pastime activity.

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As most people own several tech gadgets these days, a wireless charger that enables the 19 year old guy to charge several gadgets is certainly a practical gift.

This charger is widely compatible with many devices – from his cell phone to his smart watch, he will appreciate the quick charging function when he is time strapped. The compact size lets him easily carry it around in his bag.

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So, his hat does not have to be the same old boring winter hats. He should be able to listen to his favorite music while taking a walk without needing headphones.

This hat is warm and cozy and feels so good on the skin. The inbuilt speakers connect via Bluetooth to your phone which you can quickly strap on your arm with the arm strap. The hat is easily washable too!

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A great party decoration for his birthday party! It takes you back to the year 2004 and reminds you about everything that happened in the year 2004.

While sitting at the party of your teenage male, you can be reminiscent of the time that cannot come back but surely, the memories remain immortal! One of the best birthday gifts for 19 year old, express the love, and hark back in time with this masterpiece of a doodle!

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Men and boys always vouch for technology and tech gadgets. Hence, this high-tech drone is the absolute present to give them!

A suitable Xmas gift for 19 year old son, this cool gadget can capture breath-taking aerial shots of high quality. In addition, the drone is equipped with a number of advanced features that will make using the drone easy and suitable for beginners. The small bundle definitely packs great potential for the teen guy. It is finely packed, and amazingly designed for home and outdoors.

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Let your grown up kid carry his very own travel bag around in style. This fashionable duffle bag has ample compartments to fit his sporting attire, related equipment, ipad, nintendo switch, chargers and more. The large U-shaped opening makes accessing his belongings easy and fast.

There is also a shoe tunnel with air holes to keep his sport shoes. Made of premium canvas and comfortable to carry, the multi-purpose design makes it a great, among others, weekender bag or tote bag too!

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We know well that teenagers love to make their room all unique and catchy. This is one of those special items to give to bring that final touch of lighting in their rooms.

This device comes with different lighting effects and brightness levels, which he can control easily to create various cool looking ambient lights. The modern design will make his room even more inviting.

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Many male teens usually like to head for adventures outside and they require utmost safety. Hence, this emergency kit with survival gear is mandatory, not an option. It is a life-saver in case of emergencies when there is no one available to help. He can also choose to bring out only certain items which he deemed as the most essential.

This is also a practical present idea for future use and is a good reminder that you love them and care for them with this 19th birthday gift!

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Who does not love the ring toss game? Well, everyone does and if any guys around you is having a ‘big day’, make sure to give him this ring toss game.

The best thing about a ring toss game is that one can play it indoors as well as outdoors. This ring toss game is made with excellent wood which means it’s going to last long and among the most fun gifts for nineteen year old boy. It is an excellent alternative to video games which can be played by the whole family.

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Help him start intentional living now. Staying hydrated is vital for people of all ages. You’re making it fun for him by getting him this good-looking stainless steel hydro flask.

The bottle has a straw lid which youngsters love. It comes in different colors. So whether he loves blue, white, or other colors, you will not run out of options. It also has an insulated lid to keep his water temperature maintained for longer.

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Gifts for 19 Year Old Male College Student