33 Most Cool Gifts (Feb 2021) For 19 Year Old Girl

(updated Feb 2021) Are you searching for gifts for 19 year old girls?

Good news:

We have come out with a comprehensive list of gift ideas that are cool and best for the teen female. Our complete list include a wide range for ideas of prices, you will surely be able to find things for your daughter, granddaughter, girlfriend, sister or friend.

What to buy a 19 year old girl?

Get her something that showcase her youth and exuberance while acknowledging that she is progressing to become a responsible adult. Your present can be funny, meaningful, thoughtful and fun. Additionally, good recommendation include personalized item that is just for her or things she can use in college or for work if she has started working.

What to Get An 19 Year Old Girl

Regardless if you are thinking of getting presents for Christmas, birthday or other joyous celebration, we got you covered.

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A multi-functional and stylish looking electronic gadget that will certainly please her! This wooden digital clock is not only a nice black accessory in the room, it can also serve as a wireless charging platform for compatible devices!

It can be programmed with several alarm clock timings for the whole family. Moreover, the light can be adjusted to the level that is appropriate to offer a conducive brightness. A cool birthday gift for 19 year old girl, this is a modern alarm clock that she will love to show to her friends!

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For the teenage girl who wonders about life outside friends and school, this useful book is the perfect item to answer most questions not covered in a classroom setting.

This book will guide the her on things such as how to set goals, communicate effectively and save and invest wisely. It is a great present for the 19 year old girl who wants to understand how to carry herself in the adult world she will soon join.

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Jewelry excites most girls while personalized jewelry will bring out a special kind of joy when given as a nineteenth birthday present ideas! This single edge-hammered personalized charm necklace is just the right accessory for the young lady who enjoys the Swarovski birthstone.

The round birthstone and the choice of the type of chain and also the length gives you many possible combination to best suit her preference. Best of all, a name or word of choice can be inscribed on the magnificent rectangular sterling silver metal.

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The Bose noise cancelling wireless headphones are a perfect present because she will enjoy up different levels of active noise cancelling. This means better quality music, calls, videos, or podcasts that she can look forward to listening to.

With Alexa voice control, she will love the hands-free moments when using these headphones! As if that is not enough, she does not have to worry about constant charging as this tech gadget as it gives long period of non-stop music!

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There is something about charm bracelets that get most teenagers excited! This expandable bracelet would make for a memorable gift idea!

It is engraved with the number 19 to remind the her of just how cherished she is. An inexpensive 19th bday gift idea, it is also inscribed with a beautiful inspirational quote and surrounded with gorgeous charms to remind her of just how special she is. The shoe could tell her of the many great steps she will make in the world while the crown could remind her of the queen she is becoming!

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An innovative creation from Rocketbook, this smart notebook is essential to a teenage girl that wants to jot down notes quickly without fuss while helping to reduce usage on printed paper. Among the top gift ideas for 19 year old college girl, the written notes can quickly be uploaded to popular cloud storage platforms like Dropbox or Google drive.

Once uploaded, the written notes can be wiped clean and the paper be reused again! Note taking has never been this high tech!

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At the age of nineteen, the lady is at the end of her teenage years already. But has she been ever told of the story of her name? If no, then this one of kind art print is surely a memorable keepsake that she can keep for a long time.

You can choose to have the quality printed paper framed and also add some customized text to create most unique present she will receive that showcase the history of her name! This is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for 19 year old girl,

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A top quality mirror means her makeup experience will always be enhanced! The high grade glass with premium coating provides a clear image while the magnification offers her a extremely clear view of her features and to know where to focus on during her make up session.

The mirror can rotate to offer a different views when she is applying her makeup. If you are still stuck with the question on what do 19 year olds girls want for their birthday, this premium mirror is a great recommendation!

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The average teenager lady loves to smell and look good! This 6 pack bath bombs moisturizing natural essential oils bubble bath would be a perfect Christmas list ideas for teenage girl who enjoys soaking in the bath.

It will be wonderful for the young lady who worries about her dry skin and how to keep it moisturized. Its natural essential oils will bring nourishment to her dry skin while improving her mood in a relaxing bath!

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Sterling silver earrings are nice to give teenage girls because of the beauty it possess. The versatile style makes it suited for trendy fashions or a classic wear. It upgrades a wardrobe and can match her various clothes.

The best feature is that you get to choose the birthstone to match exactly the month of her birthday, making this earrings one of the best birthday gift for your 19 yr old girlfriend or daughter!

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This amazing birthday gift for 19 year old female will have her screeching with joy! She will love the shower cap that comes in this set, the handcrafted bath bombs, the tumbler with its stainless steel straw and nice scented candle.

She will enjoy the thought of washing her body with the shower bath sponge and scrubbing her feet with the natural pumice stone!

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What are nice gifts for a 19 year old girl? How about a trendy and brightly colored mini crossbody handbag. With adjustable straps and a butterfly design, it looks extremely presentable and girlish which is great to carry around.

Its standout feature is its envelope design that gives it an adorable appearance. The interior is divided into compartments with a zip that can securely hold the teen’s belongings.

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Personal safety of their children is always a concern for parents. Consider getting your teenage daughter this handy personal alarm. During emergency, she can trigger the device and it will emit a very loud sound to attract attention. In addition, the bright LED flashlight can also help others to pinpoint the her location.

Lightweight and extremely portable, she can keep it easily in her bag or pocket. This highly useful personal alarm is surely among the top things nineteen year olds want for Christmas once they know such a device exist!

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How about wearing a necklace that is created just for her turning 19? This elegant necklace with 19 beads means each bead represents a special year of your daughter’s life.

Besides the beads, the necklace is made with sterling silver that is durable and gentle on the skin. The beautiful accessory comes in an attractive box, bag and note card to write down your most heartfelt words to her.

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This striking moon lamp will make for a wonderful addition to a teenage girl’s room.

It is beautifully designed to depict an actual moon, complete with all the amazing craters, mountains, and basins on its shell. A good gift for 19 year old girl, this rechargeable unit gives off two colors and is easy to control. She and her friends will be thoroughly impressed with this one of a kind lamp!

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Your daughter will always be daddy’s little girl and this Dad to Daughter journal will further cement that bond every time she opens its pages to write down her thoughts or to read through what she wrote! It is small enough to be carried almost everywhere while boosting of a sturdy faux leather cover to keep its contents safe.

To further ensure its safety, a faux leather string is used. And, to further add to its functionality, it is possible to slip out an old journal and slip in a new one! Definitely worth giving to your teen daughter turning 19.

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Instead of getting just a scented bath bomb or candle or jewelry, why not get something that combines the best of all these? From JewelScent, hidden inside each of the bath bomb or candle is a jewel of varying prices!

This means she can not only enjoy using it, there will also be a bonus accessory that she can wear! A creative present idea indeed that is suitable for any occasion!

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Getting a beautiful and stylish timepiece for her is a nice gesture to show that she has grown up as a young adult.

This watch from the renowned Seiko is the ideal accessory – the 2 tone stainless steel band and Swarovski accented crystals exudes elegance and luxury while the beautiful mother of pearl dial makes time reading a pleasure. A wonderful gift for 19 year old female, its timeless design means she can wear for a long time without having to worry about it going out of style.

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Birthday Spa Gift Box

Very few people will shy away from a day at the spa! Imagine all the pampering and relaxation to be enjoyed. Now imagine bringing some of those spa moments home! This beautiful spa gift box will have her craving for some alone time in the bathroom!

As if the lip balm, soy wax candle and bath bombs are not enough to make her happy, the heartfelt greeting card and the engraved wood heart will simply melt her heart!

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Giant Stress Ball

Make stress relief a fun activity! We all know that stress balls can help you to channel the excess tension and anxiety away from your body. Why not take the action to the next level with an extra large stress ball instead?

Now the girl can not only squeeze the ball, she can also punch it, slam it and more! It can also be a toy too, surely this is a fun gift for 19 year old girl! Giant stress balls are good suggested gifs for hard to buy for female friends also!

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Embroidered Quilted Shoulder Bag - Name

Let the girl have a shoulder bag that is personalized just for her! Constructed with quality polyester, it has a zippered closure to ensure her belongings are secured in her bag. There is also a zippered inner pocket to keep her more precious items.

The classic finishing and style means it can easily complement whatever attire she has. The best part is that you can personalized her name, initials or any short meaningful text with a choice of the thread color to use. Certainly one of the top personalized gift for a nineteen year old teen girl!

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This back in year 2002 print is a wonderful gift for the lady who is inspired by a TV show in 2002 or an event that was held in the same year. It is a gorgeous conversation starter that is printed on a cardstock.

Written in beautiful rose gold, this print covers things such as popular celebrities, television programs, what was in theaters in the year 2002. This card print can be part of your inexpensive homemade gifts for a 19 year old girl as you can place it in a DIY frame that you decorate it yourself.

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Birthday Necklace

An attractive necklace for specially for her birthday will make the joyous occasion even more unforgettable. Create a nice memory as the necklace comes with a meaningful short message that conveys love and hope for a bright future.

The pendant has a compass design which symbolizes providing direction for the right way ahead. A velvet jewelry pouch completes this lovely set, making it a fantastic gift for 19 year old daughter, sister or best friend.

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The fashionable mini leather backpack is cute yet functional to carry items such as a tablet, phone, wallet, and even makeup! It is the perfect size to carry around without feeling weighed down and without spoiling the cuteness of the classic teenage outfit!

A good item to add to 19 year olds Christmas list, it comes with a cute bowknot to add a feminine touch and has just enough compartments to carry items in an organized manner.

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With so many germs out there, this UV light sanitizer box would make for a magnificent present. It is beautifully designed to sanitize a cellphone, glasses, jewelry or her other small accessories.

It provides plenty of space that even a large smartphone can fit in comfortably! Another highlight feature has to be that she will be can wirelessly charge compatible smartphones on top of the sanitizer box, making this a cool gift for a 19 year old girl.

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Embroidered Cosmetic Bag - Pink Polka Dot

Diving into a sea of cosmetics are most teenage girls’ dreams! Having a beautiful embroidered place to store cosmetic items could make for top Xmas gift ideas for 19 yr old girlfriend.

This polka dot bag can be customized with her name in beautiful thread colors. Easy to clean and brightly colored, this is a wonderful personalized present she can use and keep for a long time!

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Many girls love jewelry that can complement her different attire and this necklace fits the bill well. Made with sterling silver, it is accented with cubic zirconia gems to provide some sparkles.

Best of all, you can select the alphabet of the choice to match her name. This beautiful and inexpensive present for the nineteen year old is a great way to show your love for your teen daughter or granddaughter. This is something to get too for those thinking of what to get a 15 year old for her birthday!

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Personalized Pashmina Scarf in Choice of Colors

A soft, silky scarf gently rubbing on the neck is a warming thing for most. But a personalized Pashmina scarf from a choice of many different colors screams of a thoughtful idea for the young woman.

Whether it is her birthday, Christmas or other special occasions, she will remember you every time she wears her scarf. In addition, this beauty is just the right size to caress that gorgeous neck!

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This LED black décor mini box is a fun present idea for the teenage girl who loves playing around with words, characters, and numbers. She will enjoy playing around with the letters and bringing them to light for friends and family to read.

With three rows of eight tiles each that easily slide in place, she will have plenty of room to showcase her thoughts, whether funny, serious or sentimental! A good recommended his and hers stuff too for the couple to display at home.

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It’s a book that can be offered as a present to young ladies that who are anticipating a future they are not certain about. The useful book has encouraging words for to help face with various challenges that they are likely to encounter when they turn twenty.

This wonderful Christmas gift for 19 year old females is especially apt as they are already at the end of their teenage years and ready to take on more responsibilities in life. Written in a witty manner to capture the attention of readers, the book exudes wisdom which is a practical present too.

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Delight your teenage girl – these birthday decorations party supplies will get the birthday girl excited! She will enjoy diving into the pack that includes balloons, swirls, a banner and more!

Incorporate the decorations as part of your fun birthday ideas for 19 year olds, this set comes in tantalizing black and gold, and its balloons can be made to float if pure helium is used!

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Flowers brighten up most people’s days. As such, these assorted mini Gerbera flowers would make for a pleasant surprise for her.

Their colorful arrangement is exciting while the long stems make them stand comfortably in a tall vase! She will enjoy looking at them every time she enters her room and will be reminded of just how special she is!

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This modern designed stainless steel tumbler is a thoughtful item for that special teenager. If you are thinking of what to get a 19 year old for Christmas, consider this cool tumbler. It is made from stainless steel and designed to keep drinks hot or cold for hours.

It comes with two lids and is easy to clean. With a leak-proof and tight light, she does not have to worry about spills when thrown in the backpack!

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