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Our 39 Most Awesome (May 2022) Gifts To Delight Men In Their 30s

By Michael See
(updated May 2022) Are you searching for gifts for men in their 30s?

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A comprehensive list of gift ideas for 30 something guys to delight him!

What to buy a man in his 30s?

In general, men in this age range are well-established in their careers and relationships. Get him a present that has something to do with his profession, family, or interests. Funny, unique, practical, personalized, or exquisite items are also fantastic choices for a man in his 30s.

Gift Ideas For 30 Year Old Male

Whether you are buying for your husband, brother, son, boyfriend, male friend or coworker, you can easily browse through our gift guide for the man age 30 or thirty something that covers a wide range of products and prices. Find quickly the appropriate item for his birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s day, housewarming and other joyous events.

Let’s get started!

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This cordless electric modern wine opener set is a great cool gift for guys in their 30s. I personally fancy using such cool openers instead of the traditional kind. This wine electric wine opener enables him to easily open wine bottles without any noise or hassle. It is super quick as corks can be removed within a few seconds.

If he loves added flavor in wine, he is going to be elated with your gadget as by infusing oxygen via opener set, he can add more flavor in the wine. This electric wine opener is definitely a must have in your list if he is a wine lover and is appropriate as a corporate gift too.

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Giving a survival gear and equipment is the best idea for the men who love to hike and camp. You can give it to your boyfriend, coworker or brother and it will bring a smile to their faces every time they use it on their adventures.

The survival kit includes emergency survival items like a pocket knife, flashlight, and wire saw among others. It is a perfect companion that provides a sense of safety.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

If you are not sure what he likes or he is one of those guys who have everything, then getting him this special jar from KindNotes will be a great suggestion. You can select from a range of designs and themes to suit the occasion, which can be given during the holiday season, Valentine’s day and anniversary.

He will be thrilled to read each message that is kept inside an envelope. These jars are certainly unique gifts for guys in their 30s as you can also come out with your own messages to make it even more personalized.

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What do 30 year old men want? Consider delighting him with a vintage 30th birthday wine glass. The glass is the perfect gift idea for 30 year old son to celebrate his birthday.

If your loved one enjoys wine, the glass will become his favorite choice to enjoy red, white or rose wine. The glass can also be used for juices and ice water the way I see it. The glass manufacturing is top-notch and it comes packaged in a beautiful gift box.

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What do you get a man in his 30s? For a creative folk, LEGO sets are always the best! Here you go with an interesting creative and truly special LEGO ship in a bottle.

He will enjoy many hours of fun assembling the LEGO blocks with the goal of finally building a unique and eye-catching LEGO set that makes a wonderful home décor. The attention to details in the ship is especially astounding.

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Music gives the best experience when you feel it. This JBL waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker is something that will deliver the bold signature music. It has an innovative, sleek and portable design that makes it the perfect sound system for the outdoors.

The speaker has long hours of playtime which makes it great to use at the beach or pool party. It provides fearless outdoor fun, and entertainment ad makes the best Christmas gifts for men in their 30s.

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For that man who loves to entertain and show off his cocktail shaking skills, this ultimate Moscow mule copper plated set would make for a wonderful present.

This set is made from stainless steel, is copper plated, and is handcrafted so you know you are getting an impressive item that is a great gift regardless if the man is 33 year old or 39 year old. It looks like to me that the mugs are not only perfect for cocktails, they can also be used for coffee, tea or even beer.

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The ridge minimalist slim wallet is made of high-quality material that ensures its durability and convenient use. The wallet consists of a metal body that protects his items from knocks and drops and has RFID blocking function.

One of the best Christmas gifts for guys in their 30s, the wallet can hold a good number of cards without any forceful stretch. You can surprise him by hiding a gift card inside the wallet!

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It is a unique personalized name art that will be something extra special for your husband or loved one on a special occasion. You can choose to have it framed up to display your man’s name in bold with a brief story of his name.

The frame is made of high-quality material, and the writing is clear and easy to read. You can customize some text to make it even more personalized.

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A customized large beer mug is a good gift for guys in their 30s especially for those who love beer. You can choose a personalized letter crest on the glass.

Choose any letter; it can be the initial of the family name, favorite soccer team, first name or initials of loved ones’ name. High-quality material is used in the making, and every pewter metal crest is handmade by an expert manufacturer.

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If you are pondering what gifts are best for young men in their 30s, you can consider getting him to be more organized; or if he loves keeping his stuff organized, then this personalized wood phone docking station nightstand organizer is the perfect addition.

It is made from quality wood and designed to carry items such as smartphones, pens, sunglass, reading glasses, watches, keys and plenty of other accessories such as rings and bracelets. A great anniversary gift idea too, it can be customized with his name and the solid walnut wood can go beautifully with most decors.

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What do guys in their late 30s want? For those who have immense interest in DIY projects and repairing home stuff like wires, bulbs and other fixtures, a Leatherman premium stainless steel multitool is a great useable tool kit with many tools combined in a compact gadget.

It is built with quality stainless steel and is long lasting and best in use for tough jobs. Next time, when he is fixing something at home, he will not need to run around to find all tools. All tools are in one place!

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An entirely different and unique birthday book that defines his astrological birth chart and a mapping of the planets and stars at the precise time of his birth.

The most exciting part is the horoscope analysis that gives details about the astrology when he was born. If the man is a deep thinker, he will love to read about all the interesting details in the book and have a better understanding about himself.

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Many people have several gadgets nowadays and charging these devices can be a hassle.

Give him this charging station that can not only provide convenient wireless charging for compatible devices, it also lets him charge several devices at the same time like his smartphone, Air Pods and smart watch. One of the best gifts for males in their 30s, this practical charger will undoubtedly help him save time and be even more organized.

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This gourmet assorted healthy nuts platter would make for a very thoughtful gift for 30 something guys especially if he is health conscious. I love such assorted nuts and am sure he will appreciate every bite with the packed nutrients. Nuts can also help raise his intake of fiber, essential minerals and vitamins.

This high-quality nut platter includes quality nuts such as salted cashews, honey roasted peanuts, dry roasted salted almonds and all natural raw walnuts.

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Whether he is going on a guys’ weekend outing, off on a road trip with his loved ones, or to the gym, he will appreciate this weekender overnight duffel bag with shoe compartment.

It is stylishly designed and can accommodate essentials for a 2-3 day trip making it one of the best gift ideas for men in their 30s. This practical item is made with quality thick canvas and is intricately designed with gorgeous leather trims and straps.

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The super quality cotton and poly blend sleeveless shirt make a funny and nice gift for men their 30s. The branded tee comes in are various colors available so that you can pick your favorite one.

Great as a gag gift too, the witty quotes printed on the shirt will bring a smile to the face and it will instantly become the favorite shirt even if is not into working out and flexing his muscles!

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If he loves his gadgets, he will love this HD GPS drone quadcopter that has a long flight time. It is remote controlled and has a video capture resolution of 4k HD. He will not have to worry about video blurring much thanks to the stabilization technology incorporated.

This unit is easy to use and comes with intelligent flight modes that allow him to free up his hands and mind to do other things such as picture creation. An amazing toy for 30 year old man, it is virtually noiseless thanks to the brushless motors and will cover decent distances.

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Sore muscles are not a new complaint by many people. You can help provide relief to sore muscles by giving him a deep tissue percussion massage gun as a 33 birthday gift idea.

The gun comes with different head attachments, and there is the option of various speeds according to the needs. It is a portable massage gun that offers quite a massage for back, leg muscle, neck and leg sore. The machine can be used anywhere in the workspace, gym, office or home.

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A pair of HD binoculars is a favorite tool for those who love to hike, climb, hunt and watch wildlife. The binoculars are made of a durable framework and come with tight rubber armor. It comes with essential tools like a blue film eyepiece for an ideal view of items.

The binoculars ensure to deliver more precise, brighter and crisp images. The top Christmas gifts for guys in their 30’s, it comes with a smartphone mount for him to take close up images and videos via binoculars lens!

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Personalized 3D photo gifts from - free shipping!

This amazing photo crystal is something really amazing and a nice gift for men in their 30s, especially if he has never received something similar. Personal picture engraved in a 3D crystal has its own charm.

They look different and add an elegant look to the space where you place it. You can get engraved the picture your boyfriend loves the most and add a wonderful item in the house or his office to make him feel your love and warmth.

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Leathery toilet bags are practical and one of the best gifts for 30 year olds. The shape, material and practical use make it an excellent choice to give on father’s day, anniversary and any special occasion.

The bag’s classic, spacious design allows him to store many items like shampoo, shower gel, cologne and more. It is waterproof and stylish while the water-resistant lining will cope with the issues like leaks and spills – the user certainly can travel in peace.

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Does you guy love camping? Or does your partner love to do BBQ parties every weekend at home? If you do, then this grill set is certainly something he will love and is surely the great gifts for men in their late 30s!

This BBQ tool set comes with different main grilling tools for specific purposes. One of the best features is that the digital temperature fork has already a pre-set temperature and with its built-in alarm it notifies when you overcook your meat.

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A unique keychain that stands out for your partner, brother or male friend. A keyring with vintage look will add a cool style to his belt.

It is manufactured with brown matte genuine leather with a customized alphabet engraved on it. Usually it gets annoying to put keys in keyring, however with this keychain its super easy. The hooks open quickly, allowing you to quickly attach your keys and are the excellent gifts for picky men!

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If he loves his music, movies, or podcasts, then he will love these Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling Bluetooth earbuds that makes the perfect Christmas gift for 30 year old man.

These wireless beauties are specifically designed to eliminate distractions and present you with a crisp sound while ensuring you remain comfortable with their soft silicone surrounding. They are easy to use thanks to the simple touch controls. And to top it off, you do not have to worry about play time thanks to the long battery life on a single charge.

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There is a little child in every one of us. If he loves batman then he will love this Batman Travel mug stainless steel tumbler with lid. It has a good capacity for an individual and is stylishly designed for that classy man to carry.

The textured rubberized finish is a gorgeous conversation starter while its sleek design makes it easy to carry. This gift for men over 30 will keep his favorite beverage at the desired temperature longer.

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This personalized pocket knife can come in handy on that hiking trip, fishing trip or in the garage. The stainless steel blade is meant to last for years while the intricate wood design is meant to make him feel proud every time he pulls it out.

This pocket knife can be customized and the laser engraving used helps bring to life whatever message you want on the knife handle. There are different engraving styles to choose from to make it the perfect personalized gift no matter if he is a 33 year old or 38 year old man.

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We all appreciate awards when handed to us. This fun gold trophy is perfect for party celebrations where the receiver is presented with a precious gag gift for the guy.

It can be presented at fun game nights to the winner or it can be presented at a party to the best dressed or something fun and exciting. The use of this trophy is surely up to your imagination!

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This comfy t-shirt comes in exciting solid colors such as black, red, white, or grey and is made from comfy cotton and is lightweight. It has cool writings such as “It’s what I do I drink and Grill things” that will draw attention to the wearer.

It is a great conversation starter and also showcases what the person loves doing. It is perfect for that man who loves his BBQs and his drinks.

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If he loves his whiskey or entertaining his whiskey-loving friends and colleagues then he will be thrilled with this personalized whiskey decanter set. Among the best gifts for men in their 30s, it comes with 4 gorgeous old fashioned whiskey glasses that can be personalized.

The decanter can hold a sizeable amount of liquid and the quality of glass used in their making is impressive to my mind. There are several designs to choose from when personalizing this set. The design can be an initial letter of his name, a favorite team, saying, or drawing.

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No matter his style, this make your own custom poster will help bring to life that image or he loves. The paper used is of premium quality and is sufficiently thick for that perfect poster and is a good alternative to a standard greeting card. It is possible to add text to the custom poster to really bring meaning to it.

No matter what image you upload, he will love the quality finish that he will be presented with. It will be to his preference without putting a serious dent in your pockets. The versatility of this customized poster means it is one of the top gift ideas for 30 year old male or a 35 year old man or older!

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This funny novelty mug is ideal for giving a befitting yet humorous reply to all those who tried to annoy you off when you turned thirty. This fun 30th birthday gift has a very nice humorous design, stating “So happy I am thirty” which itself is a happy and positive message.

However, on closer look, there is a hidden word inside this phrase which makes it the perfect quirky, fun gag gifts. The coffee cup is designed from both sides using high-quality inks that makes it long lasting. One of the most funny presents for 30 year old man.

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Are you looking for something perfect for your food-loving man? This is the perfect idea because a delicious sizzling hot sauce set of 5 will definitely delight him. The sauces include chipotle, sriracha, green Chili among others.

The sauces are perfect for cooking or simply apply them directly onto your food to enhance the flavors. The bottles are designed precisely for good presentation and will look great displayed in your sauce pantry.

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The underwater waterproof camera is a smart camera with numerous features making it the perfect cool gifts to impress the sporty guy. The camera has many features like option view angle and image stabilization with anti-shaking features.

The camera provides an easy sharing feature with HDMI & WIFI. The user can place the sports action camera in its waterproof case and dive below into the water to use and enjoy.

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Ring toss games are the perfect family games for people of all ages. The ring toss game is easy to set up on any surface so his friend and family members can enjoy together anywhere.

The item is portable and compact so that the user can take it anywhere – beach or camping which makes this party game the perfect partners of fun. He can place it in his man cave too for hours of fun and booze with guests.

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Hamilton’s two-in-one oven and long slot toaster is a unique cooking combo in which you can cook a standard size pizza while toasting bread. It has a smart space-saving design for small kitchens.

The two in one Hamilton toaster can toast fast and it has many features that make it ideal for the one looking for an easy cooking solution. The ideal gift for 36 year old man, he can broil, toast and bake all with just one machine.

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Is your hubby, boyfriend or friend feeling stressed due to daily hectic office schedule? Do you want to cheer him up? Well the bon appetit gourmet food gift basket is the perfect present you can give him to brighten their mood.

The basket is filled with a vast range of snacks and teas to please any taste! It is highly presentable and great to bring to a housewarming party too!

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If your husband or son is always on the go and carries his laptop around frequently, you should think about giving him anti-theft laptop backpack. It is ideal for swift organizing and large enough to keep clothes and other accessories.

The best part is that his laptop and valuable belongings will be protected from shock and damage thanks to the front protector. The USB charging port allows easy charging of his gadgets in the bag!

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On his birthday or on father’s day, think about an item that makes him feel invigorated. A top quality 3-Piece bar soap set is one of the reasonable priced gifts for men in their 30s that you can present him to make him feel appreciated.

These man bar soap bars are enriched with moisturized lather. The soaps will deeply cleanse and purify the skin for a thoroughly clean skin with a strong masculine fragrance.

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Gifts For 30 Year Old Man