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42 Awesome (Feb 2022) Gifts For New Grandparents To Delight Them

By Doris Tan
(updated Feb 2022) Are you finding the best gifts for new grandparents?

Check this out:

We have compiled a complete list of great present ideas for the expecting grandma and grandpa that will delight them!

What is a good gift for new grandparents?

Get a present that will make them feel special about their new status in the family. Whether the item is fun, thoughtful, funny, unique, practical, cool or personalized, it can be something to celebrate their new status or to help them with the interaction with their grandchildren.

Best Christmas Gifts For New Grandparents

Regardless if you are buying for Christmas, surprise pregnancy announcement, grandparent’s day, birthday, to send your congratulations or to represent something for them from baby, our gift guide covers a wide range of ideas and prices.

Let’s dive in now!

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Their new title as a grandma and grandpa will be exciting for them and this is the best congratulation gifts for the new grandparents in my opinion. They will therefore love to carry around this super cute sippy wine tumbler.

This grandma and grandpa present has double-wall insulation to keep drinks cold or hot for hours. They also do not have to worry about spill messes as it comes with lids that seal tightly. The couple will be able to conveniently sip their favorite drink anywhere they are.

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Giving them a gift box from HoneyBug is one the best way for you to spread the joy and delight them. Choose from a wide range of boxes – you will be amazed by the number of quality baby items you can find, from organic cotton romper, swaddle, to teethers, there will certainly be something thoughtful that they can let their grandchild use.

Also one of the best gift for long distance grandparents and baby shower, they will be excited to receive such a premium box for their little one.

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There has never been a more fun way to keep in touch with loved ones. Imagine a picture frame that receives photos of your loved ones instantly. You have the freedom to pick which photo is displayed.

This electronic gift means your family can be right there with you as you welcome the new grandbaby to share the moment. A wonderful Christmas gift idea for first time grandparents and new parent, the frame can be displayed on the bedside table to bring joy everytime they wake up.

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In this one-of-a-kind book, you will let your favorite people have the best way to pen down and convey their thoughts and stories for the grand kids to read.

Find everything about the grandparents, from birth to their adolescent years to their college years, young adult years, marriages, careers and more! I reckon this is also an excellent sentimental grandparents day gift, there are useful questions and to help cover all key elements of their lives. This thoughtful gift has a durable cover to make it a precious keepsake to last for many years to come.

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They will surely enjoy this special idea to mark this new journey. The pair of socks are not only adorable but also amusing with a funny statement at the bottom.

These letters, however, not only provide aesthetic. They are also made to be non-skid to ensure the wearer does not slip. These funny gifts for new grandparents are also super soft with a thick sole to provide maximum comfort.

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The words in the poem are sure to make anyone give way to tears of joy with amazing Christmas gift ideas for grandparents from baby. Being the ‘G’ word for the first time is a celebration-worthy achievement for the soon to be grandparents.

Get a frame with a photo of their first ever grandchild that can also be a wall decor. A poem of how one feels lies next to the picture. Always a reminder of how they felt for the first time on this important occasion which make this the perfect gift for them.

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These grandparents coffee mugs will be the favorite gifts for dotting grandparents. Every time they sip their favorite beverage, they will read through the sentimental “nutritional facts” on the handmade mugs and will not help but smile at all the beautiful words.

The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and come in a gorgeous box. To top it off, they are easy for the grandparents to hold thanks to the C-shaped handles. It can also be given on Father’s day or Mother’s day too!

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This is a sentimental keepsake that will speak volumes. The figure represents an older woman, seated and sewing a quilt while a younger girl seats on her feet. There is also a lady with an arm around her shoulder.

It symbolizes the bond that exists among families. It is therefore, a meaningful present idea as they celebrate their new grandchild. One of the best Christmas gifts for grandparents or if they have everything.

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If you know the name of the grandkid, then this is the most appropriate keepsake to get. It showcases the history and story behind the grandson or granddaughter’s name.

Printed on high quality paper, you can also add a short text to make it even more meaningful and to also make it like a gift from grandkids or from baby to them!

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Every smile, creative “artwork”, or memorable trip is worth placing in a special place ready to brag about to anyone who will listen. This Call Us Nana and Papa brag board photo holder is the thoughtful gift for the elderly couple to showcase their grandkids’ beautiful memoirs.

With it you get several mini cloth pins to hang their interesting memoirs, ready to be switched up should the need arise.

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If you are scratching your head for what to leave for your beautiful grandkid then this letters to my grandchild memory book will do the trick.

As the kid grow older, with each page turned, the child will have a beautiful story or piece of wisdom to read. In this book, you get to leave them a good number of letters, filled with wisdom, stories, or other writings you wish them to read at a future date. Also included are stickers to further authenticate the letters.

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This lighted-hearted house chalk is a fantastic “You’re going to be a grandma or grandpa” present! It sets all the sentimental house rules that shows how much they will care and love the grandchildren.

It is ready to hang and is certainly a nice house décor to welcome the kids!

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Still thinking of what to get grandparents for Christmas? A one-of-a-kind Christmas ornament that will be loved for years to come! First-time grandma and grandpa will be thrilled by this decoration. Also an excellent present to give on grandparents day, the ornament is hand-pressed to ensure that the image is firmly fused to the glass keeping it clear and brilliant for years to come.

Every family member will be able to appreciate this top quality Christmas ornament to add to the home decor and feel blessed during the holiday season.

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If each of the new grandparent love their beer or wine then this beer glass and wine glass gift set would make for an ideal gift to remind them that they are world’s best!

The high quality transparent glasses are beautifully engraved with the “best grandma” or “best grandpa” words to bring a smile to their faces. With sufficient capacity as I view it, the grandparents will have just enough sipping time with their glass set. They are easy to clean by hand and are also dishwasher safe.

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The premium wooden personalized name puzzle is the perfect gift for new grandparents. The joy that comes with watching a child forming letters to complete their name is inexplicable.

With every letter that is eventually placed into the right letter-hole, there is immense joy to be felt. The print is done on quality wood and is certainly a keepsake for the little ones.

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Stuffed animals and plush animal babies will put a smile on most children’s faces. My 1st GUND teddy bear is one of the top first stuffed animals to present to a grandchild.

It is the perfect size for those cuddles and snuggles. With its gender-neutral tan color, you will not have to worry about giving this wonderful gift to a boy or girl. This great baby girl or baby boy gift is not only is it pleasurably soft, it is machine-washable too.

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Is a little one on the way? You will need to find a way to break the news to family and friends. More so for the grandparents as this will mean a lot to them. You can make the announcement fun and exciting!

What better way than to use this little adorable onesie to surprise grandparents with pregnancy? It has a sweet message to signify that a blessing is on the way.

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Say you are grateful for your roots in style. Of course they are grateful for their children and grandchildren. But they need to hear it from you that they are special. That you are grateful for your heritage.

Include your siblings and cousins as you make the tree memorable presents for new grandparents. Some things get tossed away after a while to “declutter”. But this wooden family tree is a keeper and also the ideal gifts for grandparent’s day.

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This retro beer glass will make the perfect new grandpa gifts for a first-time grandfather. It has been made with a beer can shape which makes it look classic and stylish.

You will be killing two birds with one stone with the words imprinted on it. You will not only be appreciating them as a new grandpa but also as a dad. He will be swelling with pride every time he drinks from it.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Give the most special jar from KindNotes as an announcement gift for pregnancy to new grandparents!

With many different themes and designs to choose from, the elderly couple will be able to read through each inspiring messages inside the envelopes that reminds them of their new status! You can also add your own messages to make it even more personalized or include a gift card!

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If you know a new grandma that likes to keep it chic, then this will make one of the perfect cool gift ideas for them. She will definitely resonate with the words imprinted on it.

She can pair this stylish t-shirt with a pair of trousers or shorts on a casual day out. She will be able to showcase how proud she is with her new status.

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What does every new grandmother and grandfather need? A top quality organizer for carrying baby products! The bag comes with adjustable Velcro for easy organization. You can easily increase or decrease the size of compartments as need be.

A senior with this basket is set for baby caring duties. Baby sitting or just spending time with the newest addition to the family will not be too overwhelming. A practical gift for new grandparents, turn it into a gift basket by buying the baby essentials and putting it inside this organizer!

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This is how you teach your little one the virtue of giving. Older people sometimes feel unappreciated for what they do. So when their grandchild surprises them with such a thoughtful first time grandma gift, they feel so much joy.

Also a great grandparents gifts from toddler, it is handcrafted and personalized to honor grandma for being the reason you and her grandchildren are even here in the first place. Check here for another version that features a grandson sending his appreciation.

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When they have the newborn over at their house, they will need something to carry their beloved little ones on. As such, this baby bed and lounger will make a handy baby gifts for expecting new grandparents.

It is strong yet cozy to ensure that the baby is both safe and comfortable. They will love carrying it around as it is light enough with a cute dinosaur design. One of the best dad to be gifts also!

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Congrats on becoming a grandma! Immortalize grandma holding her own grandchild for the first time. Being a mother is special. But being a grandmother is double special. Those emotions cannot be expressed in words alone.

What this hand-crafted figure does is it captures the moment and the emotions too. A top handmade gifts for new grandparents, it comes ready to display on the counter top or wherever is prominent.

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Retro Radio Bluetooth Speaker

Still thinking of what to get grandparents for Christmas? Celebrate the new grandparents in style with this retro radio Bluetooth speaker.

Their favorite thing will take them back in time while at the same time featuring modern aspects. It will be a sign of their advanced age and the fact that they now have grandchildren! Among the best gifts for 60 year old dad as well, there are several colors to choose from to suit their home décor.

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This is something that is definitely going to put a smile on the new grandma’s face. The white ceramic mug has been decorated beautifully. It also contains an amusing message that celebrates her as both a mom and a grandmother.

Something funny for new grandparent, she will feel loved every time she enjoys a beverage from the mug. She can also proudly put this funny mug on display when not in use.

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When a child is born so is a grandmother and grandfather. A keepsake is a wonderful way to mark this new milestone. This picture frame is especially ideal.

Along with other decorations, a sentimental message about a grandchild has been engraved on it. Inside, they can add a memorable family photo with their new grandchild. Also an excellent Christmas gift for in laws, the wooden frame gives it a warm classical feel which will blend in with their home.

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This is a great choice as something unique and thoughtful. The plaque comes with calendar tags, many which are heart-shaped while the rest are round.

It works by writing the birthday of a loved one a tag and placing it under the appropriate month. In this case, you can give them with the birthday of their grandchild already placed! It can be part of your DIY gifts for new grandparents.

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If you are looking for something more unique to a photo frame, then a photo holder will do. Similarly, it has a grandchild theme, perfect for this occasion. With this best birthday and sentimental gift, the new grandparents can show off several photos of their grandchild.

With its cotton string, art heart, and distressed wood style, it gives a rustic timeless look. A perfect female retirement gift idea additionally, it will look good hanging on any wall.

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This is surely heartwarming. Grandma is sure to smile at the idea that she is too glamorous and gorgeous to be called grandma. Being a granny does not mean that they have to feel old. They are still classy. And that is what this sign says.

The nice wooden box will blend in any home and is great for mother’s day. Also, nothing beats handmade item. Handmade and fun gifts for new grandparents just have a way into people’s hearts.

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The couple will definitely use an infant car seat. This base for the same is a great choice for them as it will not give them a hard time during installation. They will be able to do so easily and securely.

Additionally, there is an easy-to-read indicator to guide them through the installation process which makes it fantastic to give grandparents.

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Let the new grandpa celebrate in style with this funny t-shirt. Made of comfortable soft fabric with a modern fit, the prominent feature has to be the cool, funny wordings printed with quality ink.

There are several hilarious ways to interpret the wording and is certainly a gag gift that will bring laughters. Also a wonderful fathers day present, now his loved ones will have to be more aware of the influence he exerts!

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When a child is born, joy fills many hearts. So how can you help them remember this joy? Get them this perfect rustic sign that says, “Grandchildren fill a place in your heart you didn’t know was empty”. And then they can add names of each grandchild with their dates of birth on them. How cool is that?

Not only will granddad and grandma be happy, the grandchildren feel appreciated too. A great unique gift idea for grandparents who live far away, This sign can easily find a place in one of the walls in your home.

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This wall sign will be a great way to appreciate the newly pronounced status. It is hand-designed with a nice rustic style which includes a touching message.

One of the top gifts for new grandparents, the design has been permanently printed on quality wood to avoid chipping, peeling, or fading. It is therefore a keepsake that they can keep and cherish for years to come.

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A memento for them in town will be a wonderful idea. This is why you may want to consider this ceramic plug with a heart-warming message engraved on it. Handmade, it is a rich piece of art.

Perfect for grandparents who live far away, it is made with beautiful contrast and will look good hanging in their home, whether indoors or outdoors.

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Look no farther for the perfect pregnancy announcement idea for grandparents. And it is simple with such a touching message. The granddad to be will be beaming with joy. Not just for the mug. He will be happy because he is going to be a granddad.

A funny gift for the senior, you make things easy because the mug is dishwasher safe. And he can toss it in the microwave to heat up his coffee without fearing for his health. Check here for a similar mug for a newly promoted grandmother!

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They will love the idea of carrying a reminder of their grandchild with them everywhere. And what better way to do so than with a photo keychain.

This 2D photo crystal keychain octagon is therefore a good way to go. It separates itself from a typical keychain with its elegant crystal look. A great gift idea for new grandparents of twins as you can choose any photo of your choice.

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What is a good gift for new grandparents? Something that makes both smiling at the same time. No one is left out. These tumblers will keep your drink hot or cold for long. They are built for minimum spillage and especially suitable if they travel.

The lids are reinforced with rubber to make sure they are tightly closed. Send them warm love and affection. This grandma & grandpa set can also be a great way to break the news to the duo.

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A diaper bag set is a great way to congratulate new grandparents while at the same time, making their lives easier. The set contains several pieces, including large bags for carrying different baby essentials.

The perfect grandparent gifts for new baby, there is also a food and bottle bag for some baby snacks and milk. On top of that, a diaper pad has been included making diaper changes on the go much more convenient.

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What about a Christmas-themed keepsake? If the holidays are just around the corner, then you can consider these holiday gifts for new grandparents.

They can use such sentimental Christmas gifts as a holiday season ornament. It will be a great way to top up their Christmas tree decorations. Even when the celebration is over and the new year rolls in, it can be used as a meaningful decorative item for their home.

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This is a soft and cozy throw pillow case that can be personalized to touch the heart of the recipient. This pillow case will remind grandma or granddad that they are loved. It reminds them of family even when family if far away.

Make it even better by having the names of the grandchildren professionally printed on for fantastic personalized gift for new grandparents. Suitable to give during the Christmas holiday season as well, this is something for him or her to hug and snuggle with when you are away.

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Christmas Gifts For New Grandparent