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39 Most Awesome (Mar 2022) Gifts To Delight Women In Their 30s

By Doris Tan
(updated Mar 2022) Want to find out the best gifts for women in their 30s?


We have come out with a comprehensive list of gift ideas for women in this age range for various occasions!

What do you get a woman in her 30s?

Women in this age group generally are considerably settled in their career and relationship. Get a present that is related to her job, family or hobbies. Things that are funny, useful, unique, personalized or classy are good suggestions too for the lady in her 30s.

Gifts For 30 Year Old Woman
Whether is for your wife, sister, daughter, female friend or coworker, at, our gift guide for 30 somethings will help you quickly find the right item for her birthday, Christmas, wedding, housewarming, Mother’s day and other special occasion.

Let’s dive right in!

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This bracelet symbolizes the virtues of hope, success, courage, and the beauty of life the way I see it – it should be worn by your courageous friend. A woman turning 30 or in her early 30s may experience times when she needs a shoulder to weep on, a hand to touch, and a soul to confide in.

Make the 30-year-old woman feel at ease and comfortable by giving her this beaded bracelet! Remind her that she has courage and the ability to accomplish anything.

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Delight the woman with a music box that is created specially for her! Choose from an array of designs to best suit her taste.

In addition, you can also select the tune that you want from a list of songs available or use the digital module option to add any song or recording that she loves! Great as Mothers day, Valentines day or anniversary gifts for your best friend and loved one, this is a keepsake that will be treasured for a long time.

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Is the 30 something woman a sports lady? Look no further! The handheld electric body massage gun is the perfect device. She will be thrilled that she does not have to visit a massage centre every time she needs to be reflexed.

To add to that, this great practical massager is portable and rechargeable, making it super convenient to use. Are you worried about noise and disturbance when she use it? No, not with this massage gun with its quiet operation.

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I would say it this four-pack stainless steel wine glasses make for a beautiful presentation when serving yourself and your guests. The glasses are easy to take care of being dishwasher safe. Add class to your picnics and get-togethers.

The stainless steel material means they are better than glassware because they are shatter-free. The luxurious finishing exudes class and elegance.

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Every name has a story behind it, and hers has a story too. So get her a professionally done story of her lovely name from NameStories.

For sure, this will find her as a surprise, and such an unexpected idea will overjoy her making this the thoughtful gift for 30 somethings. Thus, she will never forget such a sound idea. In addition, framing the name story for her will completely blow her heart.

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The amazing book that focuses on self-care for women encourages them to pay attention to their emotional health, which is especially important in today’s hectic pace of life. It will teach them to create good changes by cultivating self-compassion.

A wonderful book for women in their 30s, readers can get the confidence they need to face the world by improving their relationships with themselves. One of the great gifts for professional women in their 30s, with useful suggestions, quizzes, and innovative exercises, they can get the useful help to develop good self-care habits.

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This drawing board is great for practicing mindfulness and meditation. The act of drawing helps you focus on the present moment, allowing your mind to become more relaxed.

The water is held in place by a sturdy support. It comes with a bamboo brush, making it a great gift for women in their 30s. Something to assist her relax and practice sketching abilities is definitely worth giving to your loved one.

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This jade roller and Gua Sha set is literally made for women aged around 30 years because it gives them a sense of satisfaction and calmness just as they use it! If you are still pondering on “What to get a 30 year old woman for Christmas?”, then this is answer!

The entire set is filled with positivity when I use it myself! So, after a hectic day, your aunt, friend or colleague just needs quick therapy through this kit, right at the premises of her own home! Remind her that she is still young and energetic and she needs to value herself.

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Time to relax is time for bath bombs. Bring the spa at home for her. The bath bombs are brightly colored for fun and excitement. Add some color into her life without staining her bathtub.

Pick this up as a last minute gift for the special lady or to add to your Valentine’s day surprise. These popular gifts for her already well packaged so it will save you time. Each bath bomb is made of natural ingredients and blended with exciting scents.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Show her that she is a special woman to you. Go an extra step and buy her a special jar that can be personalized with heart-touching notes that she will forever treasure. Such will let her know that you value her.

From KindNotes, let your customized present be accompanied by heartwarming and inspirational messages with this unique gift for woman in her 30s. The beautiful packaging will further warm her heart.

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If she is a wine aficionado, consider giving her the fabulous wine glasses. The exceptional quality will be a true definition of her high standards. What’s more, the glasses will let her enjoy the superb experience of fine wine.

The glasses are also ideal for serving her visitors. One of the best Christmas gifts for 30 year old woman, she can as well use them to decorate her kitchen cabinet.

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The foot spa bath massager will help her relieve foot pain for a total relaxing experience. At 30 years, a lady is busy trying to balance work and family. The massager will go a long way in saving her precious time.

Moreover, this great gift for 30 year old daughter will enhance her foot blood circulation, thus boosting her overall body health. In addition, she can multitask as automatic massage rollers do the actual foot relaxation work while she work on her computer or do some reading.

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What do you get a woman in her 30s? And is she concerned about her safety? Give her this superb personal alarm siren. Then, it will sort her personal security worries from my perspective. One of the top gifts for women in their 30s, it is portable, practical, easy to use, and has a rechargeable battery.

When triggered, the siren sends an alarming sound that can draw the attention of people from a long distance away from you. Incredible Christmas gifts for 20 somethings too, she can affix it to her briefcase, handbag, or even keys.

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If your friends ares 30 year old ladies, then they definitely lacks time to complete their chores. She must be multitasking in order to be right on the time! And charging gadgets might seem like a hell of a job.

Let her take some sigh of relief and give her this wireless fast charging station so that she can swiftly charge all her gadgets in one go!

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Being a grown up female, you tend to become extremely mature, well-settled and an achiever. However, not everyone is the same! If there is any 30-year-old woman in your league, living a carefree life, then this mug is definitely for her.

She might not be perfect. Nonetheless, it’s not necessary to be perfect as shown with such presents for thirty somethings. One of the more popular gifts for 30 year old woman, show your friend the amount of love you have for her by giving her this amazing ceramic coffee mug!

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The personalized wine glass is an amazing idea of astounding her. Whether she is celebrating her 32th, mid 30s or 37th birthday, get her this present, sit together, while sipping on your favorite drinks. Thanks to this classy glass.

You can get the glass customized and blend in with some unique touch to surprise her. Plus, the glass looks perfect as a piece of decoration too.

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When the 30 something is craving some sound sleep, or if she is looking forward to some quality time with peace, then this portable white noise machine is going to be her savior! The white noise machine consists of several soothing sounds that make the audible environment completely neutralized so that one can enjoy their time with no interruptions.

In addition, it is portable. So, your friend can take it along on journeys where there’s fear of excessive noise with this suitable Christmas present. Consider giving her a sleep mask too.

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When someone reaches the age of 30 plus or late 30s. They tend to prefer their me-time with some calming light and great surroundings. Especially, when a woman is at this age range, they like their personal space with a lit-up environment.

So, if your friend wants a similar experience, then this enchanting moon lamp is made for her! The easy touch controls will let her hold onto everything with no problems whatsoever.

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Funny presents always take the first place if you are looking to put a smile on the recipient’s face. This comes in a beautiful rose gold color. It is made of stainless steel which makes it durable. You also get a lid to avoid spills.

When you get this birthday gift for 30 year old female, you can be sure both of you will laugh together and then she will enjoy using the set which is suitable for travels.

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LoveBookOnline allows you to create a one-of-a-kind book to show your love and caring for the receiver. You will be able to create a beautiful love book that only she will really understand since you will be able to select how each page is to be created, including the content.

If she like keepsake gifts, this is a fantastic present option for your cherished wife or girlfriend.

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Find Quality Custom One of a Kind Mother's Day Gifts at - Personalize your 3D Crystal Photo Gift Today. Free Shipping! Shop Now.

What to buy for a 30 something year old female? She would only need something that always reminds her of passion and brings back every good memory of the past! So, if she needs a reminder, this 3D laser-engraved will do the magic to bring back old times and revives warm memories.

It looks too beautiful while positioned anywhere. It is a thoughtful and personalized gift idea to ensure a healthy bond among friends and couples.

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If the lady loves road trips and wants to know the best destination in U.S and Canada, then get her the 100 drives, 5000 ideas, travel guidebook, and bombard her mind with lovely places to visit during holidays and when to visit them.

With this travel guidebook, she does not need to agonize about what she will eat, see or have fun. Great for your sister or daughter.

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Show your adoration for the cherished woman in their 30s by expressing your gratitude and care with this box . This package has everything she needs for relaxation and self-care – just what a queen desires! It has a wonderful aroma. But it’s not just the aromas that makes this a great gift idea.

The words and each exquisite item in the package convey a heartfelt message of love. Lip balm, a soothing candle, a bath bomb, and a greeting card are among the items included in the package.

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Forget any other ideas. How about jewelry consisting of real pearls to make her heart melt. This pearl necklace is made of genuine freshwater cultured pearls. It is guaranteed to complete any look.

Whether she is dressing up for an official event or going out for a casual night with the girls, she is sure to look great. A great 35th birthday gifts for her, it also features a golden clasp that is designed for double safety. Separately get a beautiful bouquet to surprise her even more!

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This is a pack of sweetness for the thirties birthday or as a Christmas gift. The dried fruits are a combination of dates, apricots, pears, peaches and more are arranged in mouth-watering layers.

Dried fruits are the best way to carry summer all year round. The fruits are carefully handled from harvesting to drying to packaging. This is the best way to get healthy fiber into your diet all year round as an alternative to delicious chocolates.

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You know she loves birds and you know she loves lilies. What are you waiting for? This is the perfect way to surprise her with.

She will love the pop-up bouquet and the pop-up Humming bird. A suitable 31st birthday gift ideas for her, you get to choose if you want the present sent to her directly with a personalized message or if you want a blank note for you to write your own message before sending it to her.

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The special lady is a queen. That is why she deserves and should get only the best. She gets a set of several lovely items and a gift card with your personal message on it. When it comes to giving presents, it does not get more royal than this.

The package contains everything she needs inside: a crowned coffee mug to use with her coffee maker and pencil, a sleek notebook, scented candle and selected bath bombs among other items. Among the best gifts for 30 year old woman, she will surely feel royal when she receives this amazing basket.

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This is the perfect desktop accessory for your loved one like your wife who spends a lot of time sitting in the office staring at the screen of their computer.

It gives them some kind of a distraction. A suitable birthday gift idea for wife 33, she can play around with the picture and watch the sand move to create different landscapes. It is a nice piece of art that can be placed on the office desk or at home to add to the ambience of your space, which makes it a good housewarming gift suggestion.

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A subscription to the wine of the month club is the best way to say you are thinking about her. Every month she receives two bottles of the best wine for as long as the subscription lasts.

With every delivery she gets a gift card with your personalized message. Some gifts for 30 yr olds say you care, this one says more. You don’t only care; you want her to have a good time.

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What to get a female friend who has everything? Well, everyone has to eat. Also, Christmas celebrations go hand in hand with goodies. Among the good gifts for women in their 30s, she will appreciate the assorted fresh gourmet nuts and dried gift box as it contains various highly nutritious nuts.

The packets are adequately sealed to give them a sense of naturalness and cleanness. She can share with her friends and relatives as the package has nine nuts and a dried fruit assortment. One of the best gifts for men in their 30s who are health conscious!

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This card humorously informing the recipient that their twenties have expired is hilarious! This fun gift for 30 year old woman comes with an envelope and can be the perfect last minute gift for a friend.

It is easy to personalize – the inside is blank so you get to write whatever you want. If you have loved ones with a good sense of humor, this is a great idea. It is digitally printed and presentable.

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This is just the perfect size bag for your friend. It is beautiful and easy to wipe clean. The durable bag has a pocket inside with a zipper for your tiny stuff like key chains and makeup kit.

If you are looking for classy chic gifts for women in their 30s that will get them compliments wherever they go, this Michael Kors bag is the way to go.

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This collection of hand and body soaps brings the smell of summer into your house. You get all four nicely blended scents like water melon lemonade and peach bellini.

The scents are gently blended together into easily foaming soaps. Treat your loved one to the feel and smell of the spa right in their homes with these cool new gifts for women in their 20s-30s.

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Your thirty-year-old friend needs to take care of her eyes when she reads at night or when she is doing her makeup. This LED reading light provides eye protection with safe reading modes. This inexpensive gift for women in their 30s is also safe to the environment because it consumes up to less power than normal reading lights.

In the era of online meetings and video conferencing, this light is also perfect for spotlighting you; making your video clear!

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This can insulator keeps drinks at desired temperature. The YETI insulators are durable and are perfect for the standard 12-ounce cans and longnecks.

The gasket lock makes it fit easily and hold firmly to the can giving you an easy job fitting the can and securing it in the insulator. The insulator is great for keeping your sister or daughter’s cold drinks cool in the summer even where sun is hot like at the beach. Such useful stuff makes great prizes for Christmas games too!

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GUNAS New York vegan handbags

What if you could have all the beauty and class of leather without hurting any animal? Faux leather gives you just that. Caring for animals is a big part of the movement towards sustainability.

So if you know she cares about animals, get her these beautiful bags or purses. She’ll absolutely love your thoughtfulness. So what to buy for a 30 year old woman? With this range of products for her, you say you know what her values are.

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This special apron with a personalized touch is a superb for every girl who is around thirty years old. Women in this age bracket are particular about their tastes and choices. Hence, they want everything personalized according to their wish!

Get the useful apron personalized just the way your friend needs it to be. Also, the embroidered design with two pockets makes it a perfect gift on the whole.

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A purple birthday set is the perfect present for her if she likes this shade of color. It is a three-in-one comprising a candle to light up her life, a tumbler to cheer her up, and a pair of purple socks as a symbol of warmth.

Of course, she will love the fun print on the tumbler and the pair of socks. Furthermore, this adorable birthday gift idea for 30 year old woman clearly portrays her femininity.

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Give her a soft landing with this fun bean bag. It is perfect for relaxing. The bag is made of high quality hand-selected fabrics and light and fluffy foam which gives it such a soft feel.

Your friend, wife or daughter will fall asleep without realizing it. It is also a nice addition to the living room or bedroom for those moments when she just wants to coil up and chill.

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Gift For 30 Something Woman

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