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Weekend GetawayGetting good retirement gifts for women is important as retirement is one of the important phases in life.

It marks the end of one’s working career and the start of yet another exciting journey for self-development and self-discovery. This holds especially true for a modern woman in today’s society, as they have spent a great deal of their time in the corporate world, while juggling other commitments.

A woman spends decades in the workforce, making positive contributions to the company she works in or providing great leadership role in the management team, building a great team and steering the company to strategic positions. Hence retirement is a nice progression from working to relaxing, to mark the end of her illustrious working career. It is an opportune time for her to celebrate her work achievements and to wear “one less hat”. It is a time for her to slow down her pace of life and pursue her other interests that she has put aside due to work reasons.

In view of the importance of this occasion, finding the best and most awesome gift idea to honour her retirement is an arduous task. You have to take into account of a few deciding to buy the most suitable gift for her. Some of these factors include her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, her retirement plans.
A list of retirement gift ideas for women is always the easiest way to search as it compiles the latest and most interesting gifts in the market now. Some of these awesome and great gift suggestions from Mammoth Gift Ideas are:

Travel Vouchers/ Travel e-certificates
Giving the female retiree a gift of experience is an awesome retirement gift for her. If she is one who “has everything” or who prefers experiences than material stuff.
Travel voucher is one of the great gift experiences to consider, especially when you know she has travel plans. With this travel voucher, she gets to choose her holiday destination and get to spend some time in a new and foreign place. With an open mind, she will immerse herself in the new environment and embracing a new culture. With this travel voucher, you are helping her create memorable experiences and easing her wallet too. She will definitely thank you for “sponsoring” part of her trip.
You may even consider buying vouchers for a day trip, for example, a helicopter ride gift voucher. Make her day special and unforgettable with this helicopter ride by letting her enjoy the enjoying the panoramic view of the place.
If she is a lady of leisure, you may consider buying a lunch or dinner cruise, so that she can enjoy fine dining and on board entertainment, while enjoying the cityscape or starry night view.

Travel Accompaniments
If you know she has travelling plans after her retirement, giving her travel accompaniments is a of the great retirement gifts to consider. There is a wide variety of practical travel accompaniments to choose from, depending on her travel destinations and things that she needs for her trips.
For ladies who are into hiking, you may consider a backpack. Be sure to ensure that the backpack is comfortable and functional, with a great back support. You may also consider packing cubes or jewellery organiser to help her keep her belongings organised and more accessible.
If you want to ensure that retiree can store her memories for to reminisce in future, you can consider a video camera, a smartphone printer or even a digital recording binoculars.
If she is travelling to cooler countries, you will warm her heart by showing your care and consideration, by buying suitable accessories like a fleece jacket or twill hat.
A portable travel leg massager works well too, as you help the senior soothe her tired legs, so that her travelling experience will not be marred by sore legs.
Before you choose the retirement gift, be sure to sound her out to know what her travel accompaniments wish list is, so that you can give her a nice little surprise when you respond to her wish list.

Spa Gift Certificates
What better way to reward the retired lady for her decades of hard work by giving her a spa voucher for her chill and relax. After being a busy bee, juggling the many hats, the woman after retirement likes a good rub and massage, to soothe her tired body and mind.
After this relaxing spa retreat, she will feel rejuvenated and all set to embark on her new chapter in life, to welcome and enjoy the days of a female retiree.
One benefit of giving her a spa voucher is that you are leaving the choices open for her. She gets to choose a location convenient for her, her preferred ambience and her preferred type of session, for example hot stones or hydrotherapy. This is certainly a good retirement gift!

Health related products
Keeping her health in check is very important to ensure that she gets to enjoy her retirement days. Though the senior citizen has many exciting activities and events to check off her bucket list, she should not neglect keeping her health in good condition and body in shape.
A home portable exercise bike is a suitable gift as she can work out in the comfort of home, while reading or watching television. She can choose the different types of resistance and workout, to ensure that she is not putting too much stress to her body.
If she prefers to have different exercises, you may consider a chair gym so that she will not get bored doing the same exercise, while staying active and healthy.
A sleep sound therapy system is a worthwhile gift to consider as well, as having sufficient sleep is critical to ensure that your mind and body is healthy. It is important to ensure that her body is well rejuvenated, to prepare her for her retirement life ahead.

Hobby Sets
After leaving the workforce, pursuing her hobbies is definitely one of her bucket list items. This is something that she was unable to pursue previously due to work commitments. Now that she has more time in her hand, she will definitely start her hobbies to make up for lost time.
If the retiree has green fingers and enjoys gardening, do consider buying her the gardening tool set. With this complete tool set, she can tend to her very own cosy haven place at her own leisurely place. She can get to gather her new set of achievements of flowers and plants.
If she likes cooking as well as gardening, you may consider giving her a “two-in-one” gift. With this culinary herb garden self-contained kit, she can grow her own herbs and use these freshly grown herbs for her dishes.
You may consider buying a recipe organiser or a recipe book for a woman who loves to cook. This is because now is the time for her to indulge herself in her kitchen, to experiment different recipes and whip up delectable dishes for her family and friends.

Getting the best retirement gift ideas for women completes this joyous event when she moves on to the next chapter of her life. Show her your appreciation for her contributions and honour her departure by giving her a thoughtful gift, as she moves into another field of endeavour.

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Retirement Gift Ideas for Women