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43 Amazing (Dec 2022) Housewarming Gifts To Impress New Homeowners

By Doris Tan
(updated Dec 2022) Are you looking for the best housewarming gifts?


We have compiled a list of awesome and unique housewarming gift ideas that will thrill the recipient!

What are some good housewarming gifts?

Bring along something that the new homeowners probably will use which he or she likely does not have currently. It can also be decorative items for indoors or outdoors, meaningful keepsake, funny or personalized stuff. Consider also edible stuff for them to savor and enjoy in their new place of residence.

New Home Gifts

Whether is for your loved ones, friends or coworkers at the housewarming party, Christmas or other joyous occasion, our comprehensive list of great suggestions will help you quickly find the perfect thing to bring.

Let’s dive in!

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Are you looking for an awesome traditional housewarming gift? This new home candle is just the right present. Made with quality wax, these candles can spread light and misty scents in every corner of the new home for a long period.

An excellent gift for house warming ceremony in my judgment, such candles with super awesome messages are going to make your loved ones feel extra special!

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It is about time that we shift from traditional photo frames to digital photo frames. To find the best housewarming gift for family, this digital photo frame will do justice with its amazing functions.

The digital photo frame is capable of transferring photo instantly and has a great storage capability. Plus, it can auto-rotate images and comes with a high definition touch screen. So, relive and share wonderful moments easily, just like a dream come true!

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In a new home, there is the need for a lot of space for essential kitchen items. Hence, if the recipient is throwing a gathering at the new place, be very considerate and get him or her this amazing bamboo cheese board and knife set.

A traditional gift for new homeowners and for newlyweds as well, the cheese board is big enough to accommodate several serving sections so that they can place plenty of food on it. Moreover, the knife set is extremely versatile as I see it, having a variety of functional utensils to use for other purpose too.

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If you are wondering what to get new homeowners who are also wine lovers, a wine opener will do. This, however, is not just a typical wine opener, but an advanced one that uses electric technology.

With this, there will be no more wine opening struggles. Great as new apartment gifts too, the package provides a comprehensive tool that will enable opening a wine bottle to be easy and as fast as a few seconds.

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Wonder what they are going to need the most while settling in their new home? Well, they need a multi-tool for all kinds of handy work in their new home. One of the top and practical housewarming gift ideas for men, especially if they love to do everything on their own, the skeletool multitool is just the right gadget for him.

A small multi-tool containing a large exchangeable bit driver, bottle opener, knife, pliers and more. It is lightweight, easy to carry and super good for doing sturdy tasks – certainly among the best idea and a must have in a housewarming wish list!

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It is very hard to cut veggies and fruits without a proper cutting board. Hence, if someone has bought a new home, it is thoughtful to bring this hardwood cutting board because a new home needs every practical kitchen gadget.

Moreover, this cutting board can be personalized, making it the top housewarming gift for someone who has everything. So, personalize it to make it the most unique present idea for the new home.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

A jar like no other as new homeowner gifts! From Kindnotes, you will get a jar that contains different messages that are each kept inside an envelope. Select from different themes and designs which are striking and great as a decorative accessory in the living room or bedroom.

You can also customize your own meaningful messages to make it a sentimental or even as an Irish housewarming gift with the appropriate notes and design.

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Buying and settling in into a new house can be exciting. This is especially when it comes to accessorizing it and making it look pretty. Giving a decorative item is a great housewarming gift etiquette, making this hummingbird wind chime something to consider as it is one of the best cute outdoor housewarming gifts.

The lovely hummingbirds light up automatically in the dark and softly change colors. They can use this either indoors or outdoors like in the garden or yard. Kids will be thrilled to see these decorative lights too.

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It may be tough to move house with all the logistical and planning challenges. They merit a reward for the effort they put out when packing and unpacking. If you want to encourage them to unwind and unwind, select a high quality wine and gourmet extravagance basket for the ideal edible housewarming gift.

Besides wine and other premium alcohol, there are a wide variety of items you can add, including goodies like cashews, cookies, chocolate, and more to go along with the drink.

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I have a thing about modern copper stemless wine glasses set that are adorned with metallic copper add a luxurious touch with an amazing display of light with wine. The copper stemless wine glasses speak of your style and reflect your ethereal taste as you present this top housewarming gift.

Wine parties get special with such fascinating wine glasses. How about presenting this luxurious looking set which is an amazing housewarming party gift idea.

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A nice scent is the perfect ingredient for making her new space feel homely. This popular housewarming gift will provide her with differently scented fragrance candles from lemon verbena to sandalwood rose and others. She can use this perfect idea to make her home smell lovely and to also help her relax.

By giving this typical present for a new house, you will be killing two birds with one stone as they also work as decorative tins. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can make your own handmade candles as your very own handmade housewarming gifts.

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A punctual person calls for devices that can make him or her even more punctual. So, for the event, you can get this cool modern digital wooden alarm clock for to let the homeowner become extra prompt.

Also, the wood clock offers wireless charging which means they will be able to charge gadgets when the original charger is nowhere to be found. A useful tech device like this clock is very valuable in a new space and a very cool housewarming gift for friends.

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There are not enough toys out there for adults, unfortunately. But this LEGO set is made specifically for adults so that they can become kids once again and enjoy without worrying about much.

If you got someone who loves to indulge in games and is throwing a housewarming party, then you need to give him this LEGO collectible display set as the clever housewarming gift for young adults while adding a nautical touch to the event. The steps to build are intuitive and the house owner will be proud to have a ship in this bottle to proudly display in the most prominent place in the house.

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What about giving a customized monogrammed whisky decanter set to your friend at their house warming party? The ethereal wine decanter can contain a sizeable amount of liquid and comes with whiskey glasses depending on your choice.

Is there anything that you always used to say to him? Get it engraved on the bottle and let him revisit the beautiful memories with such exquisite, personalized gifts for new homeowners.

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Can any house look attractive and picturesque without enough decorative items? Well, It is mandatory to place several décors on the tables and tops in order to make a home look striking.

Therefore, get this stunning decorative centerpiece for table decorations that come in the shape of spheres as presents for new homeowners. The fine-looking decoration piece would immediately increase the beauty of a new home – definitely the perfect Christmas gift for new home owners or for someone who just moved.

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Who does not love to eat assorted nuts? I relish munching on a variety of nuts as nuts are extremely healthy and can be one of the best housewarming care package ideas for homeowners as they settle in their new abode. This mixed nut basket is filled with great bounties and is the perfect way that your friends can enjoy while sitting in the living room of their new home.

Moreover, the basket is made with pure love and looks excellent as you pass it to your loved ones. If you prefer more hands on, you can assemble various nuts of your choice in nice packaging to present as vegan, diy housewarming gifts.

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For something extraordinary and unexpected, how about giving them a beautiful frame with a piece of art like no other – an exquisite printout that features the story of the name of the new homeowner!

An excellent thank you housewarming gift, this custom house present comes in various colors. In addition, you can add some customized text to make it even more special for the owner.

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A basket is the perfect way to help friends celebrate in the new home. This one is a expensive housewarming gift basket that will let them feel like royalty when they open it. They can also enjoy the many chocolate delights provided with it.

The items are packaged beautifully on a serving tray, which can be used for various purposes. A gift card to a home improvement store is another option, as it gives the recipient more flexibility in how they spend their money.

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Oven and toaster in a single machine feel like something that is highly practical and desired. The wish is now fulfilled with this amazing 2-in-1 countertop oven and toaster. It is the perfect suggestion for the house owner and for new owners of an apartment.

The recipient will be delighted to receive two different machines assembled into one only. These type of great housewarming gifts for friends are very compact so the kitchen would not look over-loaded in any case.

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This is a hilarious housewarming gift and a necessary kitchen item that will also help to make a statement. It features cute dish towels that have funny sayings on them. They are especially great for a vegetable lover.

They can be put to use in various ways such as wrapping, drying, cleaning and more. Either way, they are guaranteed to brighten up their moods every time and is undoubtedly a great last minute housewarming gift that is quirky and fun.

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Hand-made products or hand-painted items have their own beauty and add a homely feel wherever placed. Such is this Willow Tree sculpted hand-painted figure that has an intricate finishing. It can be used to decorate tables, side tables or shelves. It comes with an enclosed card that says my house is your house.

An appropriate and meaningful housewarming gifts, the recipient is going to love this message and the beautiful hand-painted figure for the new home.

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Plants are always a source of positivity when kept around. In a new home, there is a need for positivity and optimism. So, if someone is moving to a new home, it is your chance to get these artificial aesthetic small plants. Although the plants are artificial yet the vibe it brings about is no less compromising.

A suitable housewarming gift for daughter or anyone you wish to bring some good luck, this set of pots can be kept on any table or any console. It is also a great way of decorating your own home as an alternative to fresh flowers.

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A fully-loaded connoisseur gourmet gift basket is well set for all sorts of occasions. If your loved ones, colleague is throwing a party at the new home, the basket is excellent for that event also. It is filled with finger-licking goodies that can literally bring water in anyone’s mouth – certainly a good suggested present idea for new neighbors too.

The jaw-dropping gourmet basket is a complete package of amazing chocolates. Moreover, you can send a personalized message through it also.

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Many things in your home remind you that it is your personal abode. So, if your friends are about to shift to a new house, it is a thoughtful gesture to make them feel that it’s their home.

Start with giving him or her this decorative key hook for walls as personalized housewarming gifts. Among the top and practical unique housewarming gifts for best friend, you can get any message personalized and also have design monogrammed on this key hook. Make sure that he or she instantly falls in love with the message. Such should be the intensity of the message while the key hook itself is so useful.

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A chic looking alarm clock is a useful and modern for someone who just moved into a new home.

This particular one is unique as it doubles as a makeup mirror and is thoughtful to give this as a present. Also a wonderful birthday gift, it is the perfect combination for getting ready as she can apply makeup while keeping track of the time. With USB ports, this practical item also provides charging capabilities!

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An inspirational message is something that gets you going even during tough times. So, for a housewarming party, you need to give this inspirational wall art as a creative present so that your loved one can always look up to this wall art for motivation.

Also, the message on this wall art is very peaceful and gives out prayers for your well-being. Such a wall art and welcome home gift looks fabulous on all sorts of walls. It must be hung on the primary wall of a house for the positive vibes it brings!

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Honey has many health benefits and a favorite among many people. This set of 4 organic and raw honey jars is an absolute bundle of joy for honey lovers. For the gathering at the new home, this edible set is excellent.

Pure organic honey may be hard to find. One housewarming gifts etiquette is to bring along something that the home owner likely will use or does not have. This honey set certainly meets the requirements. The yumminess would be intact while providing with all the benefits. It is packed beautifully so that this idea always overshadows other presents.

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Insulated tumblers are very effective to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. The cute-looking tumblers are best for all kinds of drinks. Plus, the set accompanies a padded bag and 2 tumblers that can be taken anywhere.

The padded bag has the capacity to easily carry two tumblers simultaneously and is undoubtedly a great wine housewarming gift. There is also a strap for hanging the bag conveniently. For the ideal my first home gift, this set is the most appropriate idea.

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The new settlers love anything that can decorate their new home. Drink coasters make a perfect cheap housewarming gifts as not only do they protect surfaces but also add style to the place wherever they are used.

These affordable, eco friendly drink coasters are made of natural oak wood and are highly durable. The funny texts make the coasters among the most funny housewarming gifts to bring out the laughs!

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If the homeowners are health conscious and you are wondering what to present them, then there is no need for more consideration with this idea in our gift guide! The assorted dried fruit platter is exactly what you need to give them.

The wooden platter has a wide collection of mouth-watering dried fruits including pears, Turkish apricots, peaches, plums and kiwi among others. Best of all, the amazingly carved wooden platter is reusable!

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Want to give something that is a great home decor and provides a homely vibe for first time homeowners? This rustic present idea is the perfect suggestion.

The simple yet elegantly designed farmhouse book stack contains 3 hardcover books. The books read ‘Home Sweet Home’, which gives an amazingly cozy feel especially when these books are placed on the living room rack. It will surely be appreciated by the recipient.

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The compact breakfast sandwich maker is an ideal kitchen accessory. You can prepare your favorite variety of sandwiches with breakfast sandwich makers easy and quickly! Take the ingredients you want and place them on the sandwich maker.

After a few minutes enjoy the savory flavors of your sandwich. This is going to be good gifts for small houses and your friends are going to love it as they can quickly serve the sandwiches at the housewarming party then!

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What is a nice housewarming gift? How about a luxurious large bucket towel warmer for those people whom you wish to pamper. A towel warmer that gives an experience of a spa every day at home.

A great warmer that lets you unwind after a tiring day, as the bucket towel warmer can hold and heat robes, blankets, small sheets and other fabric products. This is going to be thoughtful for the new settlers so that they can have a spa-like experience every day in their new home and it is perfect as housewarming gift for second home too!

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Cooling weighted blanket is all that you need to have sound and comfortable sleep. After working for hours, the only thing you want to do is to take a rest and your eyes look for your bed!

Soft material cooling weighted blanket is one of the things to buy for new homeowners as they can have the best rest their beds. It is made of cotton, breathable and provides unparalleled comfort. Don’t you think they need this in their new home?

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With a new home, it is the perfect time to upgrade things around the house. Charging mechanisms will be a great place to start.

The perfect apartment warming gift and housewarming gifts for 20 somethings, this wireless charger provides several charging spots, one which has been designated for a phone, another for a watch, and other compatible devices like airpods pro. They can now charge more than 1 devices at the same time which is highly convenient and time-saving.

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A nice coffee table book is a common housewarming gift and excellent gift for moving into new home. If they dream of getting away, then they could use some inspiration. This is the perfect book for this. It features innovative ideas for the perfect weekend escapes.

It is a fun guide to adventures from all over the world. Also containing alluring photographs, it is highly entertaining making it an ideal coffee table book that visitors and guests can enjoy.

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In a new kitchen, there should be enough cutting knives for different purposes. Get this landscape-themed kitchen knife set as kitchen housewarming gifts and he or she can use it immediately!

The theme itself is so picturesque that your friend would immediately fall in love with it. All pieces of knives are different in color and size. The bright and striking colors are truly special and the ideal my first home gift.

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Add some joy to the new homeowner’s space by giving her something that will put a smile on her face and at the same time, provide some functionality. This one features a wall-mountable coffee and wine glass holder that includes a funny message for the homeowner.

A fun, great gag housewarming gift, it offers a nice wooden aesthetic that can be displayed anywhere including the kitchen and dining room.

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Help her have some fun in her new home with a self-pampering housewarming Christmas gift that is affordable and useful. What better way than some steaming shower aromatherapy.

Great for your sister who is moving in, this set, which is an awesome new home gift for her, includes several shower melts, offering a variety of scents including lavender, vanilla, and peppermint. With these, she can melt off all the stress she might have accumulated during the moving process.

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What is a good housewarming gift? Consider this: small things can easily be forgotten when one is moving out. Among them is the spatula set which will make a useful and thoughtful new home gift in the kitchen.

Made with silicone, they are high quality and heat resistant which prevents them from melting during cooking. They are also flexible and smooth with thin edges making them easy to use and clean.

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This ceramic handmade wall plaque looks too good on walls and is a great new home gift idea. If someone you know has got a new home and his or her walls are pretty empty. Make sure to get this wall plaque which would be remarkable. This thoughtful item will be a fitting present for the event at the new home.

The message on the wall plaque is very exciting as well. It says you to take a deep breath as you’re in your home now! Literally, the feeling of your own home is unexplainable. A top small housewarming gift, ensure your friend gets all the perks of a new home.

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A unique stainless steel and wooden housewarming gift can literally steal the limelight within no time. So, with this nifty wall-mounted bottle opener, you can surprise your friends and make their new home a great place to have a solid party.

One of the best housewarming gifts for boyfriend, this bottle opener allows you to quickly remove the caps and have drinks non-stop as it gets easily fixed on all sorts of walls. Get this wall-mounted bottle opener and indulge in the hassle-free opening of bottles.

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This kitchen towel set is made on a beautiful ocean beach theme which looks superb in a new kitchen or an outdoor area. If the homeowner has shifted to a new home, get this exquisite tea towel set which is a simple but especially cool if they are moving to a beach house as it is a practical beach gift.

It is a pack of towels that are made with high-quality cotton. The fabric is long-lasting, giving you complete satisfaction and praise from the recipient. In a kitchen, where there is always a segment of spillovers, each of these absorbent dish towel will be of great help.

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Best Housewarming Gifts