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37 Most Amazing (Jun 2022) Japanese Gifts To Delight Japan Lovers

By Doris Tan
(updated Jun 2022) Looking for the best Japanese gifts to impress the recipient?

Good news!

We have compiled a complete list of Japanese themed gifts of various price range. Whether is for him or her at a business meeting, housewarming, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, for host family or any special occasion.

Our comprehensive present guide includes traditional Japanese gift ideas and memorabilia. In addition, we also features cultural ideas that are cute, cool, authentic and with meaning at the same time.

Japan Gift Ideas

Scroll down now to delight the Japan lover!

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Even if you do not have time and space for the real Zen garden, you can still enjoy the benefits. The miniature garden comes with the essentials – white sand, river stones and more. I see that the size is tiny enough to fit on top of your desk.

It not only decorates your space, it also gives you a spot to take your mind off things and just relax. You can see why it makes a great Japanese business or thank you gift.

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Give the best drawing lessons to the child or teen you love. This easy to understand “How to Draw Anime” book is child friendly. Children and adult can successfully use this book to sharpen their skills.

Comics are fascinating to people of all ages. Regardless is manga or anime, being able to draw from an early age is an achievement. They will be taken step by step until they are able master the Japanese art.

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The sushi dinnerware set is a great Japanese culture or wedding gift set for that person who loves their sushi or as a way to express your gratitude. It is also a perfect traditional Japanese thing if you wish to introduce someone to the love of sushi.

This practical sushi gift idea is made from quality ceramic and comes in gorgeous patterns to make for splendid sushi nights! The beautiful includes plates, soup and sauce bowls and wooden chopsticks for an intimate sushi meal. Separately get a bottle of authentic soy sauce to further impress the receiver!

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Studio Ghibli is arguably the most famous animation studio from Japan. I adore many of the unforgettable characters. This comprehensive collection of 100 postcards in full color features final frames from all of Studio Ghibli’s feature-length films.

The postcards included are stunning looking, with exquisitely detailed illustrations. Presented in a souvenir box with a ribbon for opening it, such postcards are certainly the best gifts for followers of Studio Ghibli films.

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These are beautifully decorated with popular scenery in Japan. They are well designed and easy to use, with sharp tips and smooth surface. The chopsticks are made from natural wood and also given the fact that they are reusable, the user is playing his or her part to be kind to the environment. They are also dishwasher safe so no extra work cleaning them.

As they come ready in an attractive boxes, you save time on packaging and they are among the best gifts for Japanese business meetings or wedding anniversary.

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This is a kimono from the kimono people. The print is unique while the loose fitting cloth makes it a comfortable wear for indoors, outdoors, relaxation and even traveling. It makes a fashion statement without even trying as I see it.

Any lady including your wife who receives this Japanese customs gift will appreciate it even though she does not know she needs it. A good alternative to getting a t-shirt and a good answer for those who are thinking of what to get a 15 year old for her birthday.

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With these quality Ramen noodles, the Japanese lover can make restaurant-style meals in minutes! Seasoned with soy sauce, ginger and garlic, add the ramen into your favorite soup to have a tasty quick meal at work, school or home.

Bring the tastes you’ve been yearning! Once you have a pack of these long, thin noodles, the type of meals you can prepare include ramen noodle soup, cold noodle salads and other Asian comfort foods!

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Tea is one of those unifying beverages that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. The Harney & Sons Sencha Green Tea with all its tantalizing flavor, is a special drink to give someone who loves tea or even someone who could do with an introduction to the delicate, light green tea world!

Also a suitable gift for Japanese friends and visitors who will be delighted to receive this premium tea.

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This traditional petit rabbit moon bento box is a great present idea for one who enjoys packing their food. Suitable for teenagers, the lunch box comes with chopsticks and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

It is an especially thoughtful Japanese idea inspired gift for one who is portion-control conscious. Food spills are kept to a minimum thanks to the strap provided and the drawstring bag. A drink can also be packed in this bag.

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The extremely cute Maneki Neko cat is meaningful as it is commonly seen as a symbol of fortune and safety. You can show your warm blessings by putting such Japanese trinkets on your keychain, bag or other visible places.

These cat pendants that are believed to bring luck are bright in color and not easy to fade. These Japan trinkets can be given to a Japanese friend or simply anyone in my judgment as few will say no to owning these small, cute Japanese cultural items.

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Here is a box full of happiness. Even if your child or niece cannot invite their friends over for some fun time, there are enough packs to send to all of them. If you are searching for Japanese candy gifts or something for foodie people who like Japanese snacks, this is the right recommendation.

Brighten up the recipient’s mood with this package which is a good alternative to a Japanese food basket. The memory of receiving these mouth-watering treats will last too. Not just that, they get a taste of Japan without having to leave their home.

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This sake set is a great unique present idea for one who loves fermented rice wine. It is also perfect for someone you wish to introduce to this famed beverage!

This affordable set showcases the oriental culture from the hand-drawn cherry blossoms to the gorgeous markings. One of the best things for Japanese sake fan, do not let the delicate porcelain material fool you as it can be used in microwave and dishwasher.

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This is one of the most exciting Japanese novelty gifts you can give anyone. But if your dear one is a Japanese cuisine sushi lover, this is extra special. The inexpensive set has high quality socks folded neatly to mimic different types of sushi. It comes complete with chopstick.

Picking up a pair to wear is going to be a fun process. What makes this a perfect funny Japanese present is that the material is soft and the warm colors light up any dull face. Lift someone’s spirits by bringing warmth to their feet this winter.

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Don’t you just love the attention given to handmade items? The fan is a great Japanese art gift that is light and foldable. It can fit in the slimmest pockets of a handbag. It comes with its own bag and it is perfect for those heat flushes and very handy in the hot weather.

Not to mention the calming colors and decoration when it is opened. Certain designs include some calligraphy too. You can use it to accessorize what you are wearing ad is nice for girls off all ages.

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How did exploring different cultures become so easy? To be able to taste and smell life in Japan while in your own home is mind-blowing. This subscription, which is an excellent Japanese treat gift, is an essential element for your loved one who want to understand life in that country, but for some reason, cannot visit right now.

You do not only get to taste different snacks but also get a written guide on the Japanese history and origin of each snack. How cool is that? Learning a culture has never been so tasty with these cool authentic items from Japan.

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Let the user enjoy moments of peace and tranquility as the incense sticks emit relaxing aroma when lit. These traditional items from Japan comes with various scents like sandalwood and cedar wood.

The fragrance will lift the mood and can be used as part of a meditation procedure. This authentic Japanese style gift is a good suggestion for the elderly to help them have peace of mind and rejuvenate.

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The best way to have matcha tea is to make it with a traditional whisk. The whisk is made of bamboo which is good for food handling.

An excellent traditional Japanese gift for thanks or for business executives at formal setting, this set makes the perfect consistency matcha he or she can ever have. You get an additional stirring spoon for a complete kit.

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The Japanese language is interesting. Having the ability to communicate with the locals adds a dash of intrigue when in Japan.

The 2000 most common words in context book is magnificent for someone with a desire to increase their vocabulary and appreciate kanji and other aspects of this language. With this great gift for Japanese learners, you get tons of pages and other that take you through common words in an easy to learn manner.

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Who says she has to carry her laptop in those plain bags that laptops come with? This bag is large enough to carry her laptop and the largest book she has. This gift for Japanese woman is extremely cute.

A great present for your girlfriend, it has a zipper closer so no worries in case of an accident as everything stays inside. It also has a zipper pocket inside so any tiny things she needs to carry can be organized inside. The cute cat just crown it all. Also, the handle can be adjusted to be a tote or a shoulder bag.

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Japanese Food Erasers

Considering something cute and cool to buy? These food eraser sets are impressive and fun at the same time!

The miniature Japanese food are amazing with the attention to details. A top Japanese Christmas and modern design gift, the eraser set also comes with a lunch tray to make it complete! These cute things to buy are inexpensive and certainly kawaii! Perfect as a conversation starter too!

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The lantern is made to last. It can survive the weather changes outdoors and is also waterproof which means you can have it put in the outdoor garden.

As it works well with LED light, when you want a peaceful night out in the garden, it provides just the right amount of light. The best part is that with its neutral color, it can also be used indoors. If you know someone who loves Japanese garden items, or who has a garden that could use some lighting, this is the lantern for them.

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There is something fascinating about nature captured on a wall hanging. This multi-colored hanging represents the famous Fuji mountain and is a wonderful for Japanese culture lovers and also appropriate business gifts.

It is handmade with high-quality cotton linen and will not easily fade with time. If it needs a good clean, it can be easily hand-washed or thrown into the washing machine before ironing.

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A cooking apron does not have to be dull. With this cooking apron, you get useful gift for Japan lovers who enjoys cooking and also suitable as a housewarming gift. It can also be given as a gag gift for that person who is allergic to the kitchen!

There are different interesting patterns to choose from and the waterproof material is perfect for dodging spills and stains. Get a pair and the aprons will be appropriate presents between boyfriend and girlfriend.

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This set of delicious flavored soda drinks will delight those with sweet tooth. These cool Japanese items, which suitable for teens, consist of different sodas would be the perfect gift for one who loves to explore different flavors of soda.

They can look forward to amazing flavors like melon soda, blueberry and orange! Each glass bottle is sealed with easy to use marble that can also act as a stopper when the bottle is opened.

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This cute backpack will put a gigantic smile on that college student, especially the traveler who does not want to lose their sense of cuteness and organization, or that sporty person who enjoys carrying a backpack.

This kawaii present is made from quality canvas and comes with an adjustable shoulder strap. Certainly one of those cute Japanese gifts for her that that is both pleasing and practical. A wonderful 18th birthday gift ideas for daughter too!

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A Kokeshi doll, with its Japanese style, is an easily recognizable doll that makes it a great item to own. Made of wood, it has intricate drawings featuring popular scenery and structures from the country.

The top notch artistry, excellent quality craftsmanship and perfect finishings makes this doll a popular authentic gift suitable for Japanophiles.

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The solar-powered mini Maneki Neko fortune cat figurine is a great good luck Japanese gift for that special person who is venturing into a new business or one that is entering a new home or buying a new car. It is intricately designed in plastic and depicts a smiley cat.

This cat gift symbolizes good luck, fortune, and happiness and is solar-powered! Powered by sunlight, this welcoming cat will wave to spread the luck.

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Eat ramen in style with this noodle bowl! The recipient of this special looking bowl will be pleased to have this bowl and chopsticks in the kitchen.

The noteworthy feature has to be the 2 holes to insert and hold your chopsticks securely. No more accidentally knocking over chopsticks. Among the best gifts for homesick Japanese people, the sets are available in different designs – there is surely a design which the Japanese person will like!

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The kit is suitable to all sushi lovers and it is also a great Japanese housewarming or cooking gift. But make no mistake; most people are concerned about healthy eating.

Give this to that friend who wants to start eating healthy. You cannot go wrong with homemade food. Clean, fun and healthy. Beginners in sushi making will love the sushi bazooka which makes perfect rolls every time with no experience at all.

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This unique Japanese themed music box will be a hit with people of all ages. Inspired by the hit animated film My Neighbor Totoro, the music box plays the theme song, Tonari no Totoro, from the movie.

Whether the recipient is a huge fan of the movie or not, the lovely design with space to keep accessories like jewelry makes it a great home décor and memorabilia.

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Do you know someone who is throwing a Japanese themed party soon? These are the lanterns they need to complete the look with a Japan themed gift. They are decorated with the lovely and iconic plum tree.

When you buy these, the metal expander is included. You can also easily fold and store the lanterns for reuse. They are also perfect for home decorations, to celebrate the new year, or for someone who just wants a piece of this amazing country in their living room.

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A figurine that reflects Japanese tradition is a good considering during your gift giving. This samurai figure with all the intricate details like katana, flag and stand, makes a great decoration whether at home or in the office.

It is made of strong plastic hence the recipient will not have to worry about durability. This is a great souvenir too for those who want to back memories of the time spent in that country.

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Origami is beautiful. It’s a great way to nurture artistic skills. That’s why this is a great for people who are learning about the Japanese product and culture. Origami is also a perfect activity for the entire family as they spend time together and create some diy items.

This pack comes with colorful and pretty patterns that guarantee beautiful designs. Fold attractive origami designs that can bring good fortune or decorate the surroundings. With many different patterns, you are sure to find origami paper that you will love. The paper can be combined to use for gift wrapping too. You can consider alternatives like washi paper if the recipient is more particular on the type of Japanese paper to use.

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Even with the digital wave, stationery paper and envelopes still bring out a nostalgic feeling. A suitable present for teen who likes Japanese culture, it consists of multi-colored sheets that can be sent out for the special party invitation or as a thank you note.

The elegant paper can be comfortably printed on and are can be part of your handmade Japanese gift idea for the special someone. The recipient will be able to add a personal touch while sending out special written messages. Stationery paper and related items are also recommended in our list of Korean gift ideas

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Time is flying by so fast. Journals are the only way to keep track of the little things. The problem is diaries are boring. So what makes this a unique gift? First off, the cover is unique. It is designed with beautiful Japanese trees and flowers.

A cool Japanese Christmas gift or souvenirs idea, the design is based on a unique history of Tokyo city. It has a magnetic foldover panel to protect the pages so you do not get brown edges or dog ears.

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Throw pillows have the magic touch of turning dull space into an interesting one! This set of 4 throw pillow covers, which is also an amazing Japanese cherry blossom gift, comes in gorgeous patterns like sakura designs that can be taken to the car, living room, patio, bedroom or even office.

It is made from soft, durable comfy fabric that softly whispers to the skin when touched! It is a perfect holiday present for your loved ones.

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Everyone knows the benefits of cooking with cast iron. The kettle has various traditional auspicious patterns and the iron material provides strong thermal conductivity and high durability among other benefits.

The anti-hot design makes it easy to use and the attractive set will add instant elegance to any kitchen. Get this Japan tea set for your loving dad, mom, family member and friends as wedding or housewarming present. It is complete with matching tea cups for convenience, making it the best Japanese gift.

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