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The 34 Most Sentimental (Nov 2022) Gifts To Get This Year

By Doris Tan
(updated Nov 2022) Are you searching for meaningful sentimental gifts?

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We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best sentimental gift ideas for her or for him that are touching and memorable.

What is a sentimental gift?

It is something that is meaningful, heartfelt and evokes positive emotions that reminds both parties of the shared memories together. Good thoughtful suggestions include personalized items, memory keepsakes or things that can be worn or use as a lasting reminder of the love which the recipient will cherish for a long time.

Memorable Gift

Whether is for your girlfriend, boyfriend, best friend, mom, dad, husband, wife or anyone special, our wide range of ideas will quickly help you quickly find something for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, wedding or other exceptional occasion.

Scroll down our gift guide now!

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A smartphone for storing images is all well and good. A scrapbook is good enough until it is forgotten in the garage or attic. But, there is something magical about “clicking” through the photos on a RetroViewer.

You get to choose several meaningful JPG images to use. With this custom sentimental gift for him or her, you will turn that beautiful occasion into an extra memorable one.

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Do you know that special someone in your life? What if you were given pen and paper to capture their personality, how would you perform? Well, it is my belief that this “I wrote a book about you” is a perfect small sentimental gifts for girlfriend or boyfriend.

This versatile item with many well-thought pages will allow you to jot down what makes that person tick, what makes you drawn to them, and why they hold a special place in your heart. They will have it to read anytime they wish.

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Did you know that a few seconds of hugging someone helps you both release “feel-good hormones”? Imagine receiving a hug from someone who means the world to you. Now it would seem to me that would put a happy spring in your step!

A hug in a jar-scented soy candle is the next best thing to a physical hug. A touching gift for best friend and top sentimental gifts for grandparents, its soothing, relaxing fragrance infused in soy will warm your loved one’s heart.

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The thought that went into this glasses will be appreciated by any wine aficionado. A lovely wine glass that has been personalized with a name’s initial letter makes this a good sentimental anniversary gift for him, grandparent or best friend keepsake,.

In addition to being a fun addition to their drinking vessels, this personalized gift will also make them feel cherished every time they use it. It also comes securely wrapped in a charming and amusing box, making it one of those meaningful gift ideas for friends that they will undoubtedly value. A wine glass is an awesome soon to be dad gifts as well.

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The month of one’s birth has a specific significance. The thought of someone close to them remembering it and enjoying it is likely to bring a smile and happy tears to the faces of most people.

You can select multiple rose colors and their trims with the birthstone rose with your choice of trim to give your loved one a beautiful meaningful birthday gift for mom or wife. You can also add your own words to this thoughtful gift. It is a wonderful romantic gift for Valentine’s day too!

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This customisable unique music box allows you to bring that favorite song or recording to life for that perfect gift for someone special. Every time the box is opened, it can be programmed to play a certain song, what makes this music box like no other is that you can even customzie it to play a song of your own choice, not just from a fixed list of songs.

Additionally, the box can be personalized with an engraved or printed design. This will be a unique idea for bridal shower and other wedding related celebrations.

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What about giving your special one an accessory that truly represents her personality? How about a customized necklace with some lined symbols?

A great sentimental grandmother gift, you engrave her name, favorite phrase or just about anything that is meaningful. Just get her this affordable cheap present and you do not have to worry about durability, because these necklaces are long lasting!

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This intricately designed heart shaped jewelry box with crystal elements can take a special place in your lady’s heart. You can surprise her by getting her name, occasion name, and date engraved on the front of the box.

This lovely jewelry box will remind her of your special moments every time she open it. The personalized details are so elegantly shown that she will not stop loving your heartwarming gifts. I see that it is spacious enough to keep jewelry and other accessories safe and in order.

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Sometimes little presents matter the most! If you want to let your best friend, son, love mate or siblings know how amazing they are, Why You’re so awesome journal is all that you need to give them.

This small notebook has a fill-in-the-blanks pattern to talk about the impressive qualities of your favorite person. Imagine they read your awesome journal while feeling low, this touching great gift idea will instantly make them feel good!

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A journal is always meaningful as it gives one the space to express their thoughts and creativity. If he is into rustic vibes, this vintage leather journal notebook will feel even more personal as sentimental gifts for him.

Its leather cover, binding, and closure technique contribute to its retro aesthetic. Apart from its quality pages, this memorable journal also has the ideal size for easy carry. A great item to celebrate friendship too.

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This moon lamp is the perfect way to express your love and appreciation for your beloved loved one. Whether as an anniversary, Valentine, birthday or holiday season gift giving, the touching message on the moon says it all.

The lamp offers several lighting options ranging from cool to warm to match their mood and situation including sleeping and decoration. Suitable for sister, fiancé, son, daughter or anyone close to your heart!

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Do they enjoy sipping liquor? If yes, then these personalized shot glasses can be a the perfect present.

Get engraved a special message on the glass, words that come straight from your heart. One of the top sentimental gifts for men or guy friend, every time they hold it, it will lift her mood! The practical present can be washed easily in the dishwasher and definitely a popular memorable gift idea.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

What would be a sentimental gift these days? Even for the person who is into digital stuff, having a jar full of inspiring notes would give one the energy to open the jar and get reading. Each note enclosed in an envelope will feel like opening a special “letter” and reading the inspirational message within.

It will feel like having a whole jar is just waiting to be discovered! Also a sentimental present for groom from bride, there are many unique messages to look forward to and you can also personalize messages if you want. The jar can part of your homemade sentimental gift by separately including a homemade handicraft!

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Do you have a travel junkie or a wannabe travel junkie? This personalized 50 states USA photo map with the option to frame is the one of the best sentimental gifts that mean something.

Great for your family members like parents and grandma, it can be filled with gorgeous photos of the different states visited or those to be visited. And, there are different outer border colors to choose from to compliment different décor.

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Why do people give sentimental gifts? One reason is that such presents are worth keeping. This unique gift from NameStories is one such example.

Featuring the story of his or her name, the receiver will be thrilled to know that the history and story can be captured artistically on a quality piece of art. You can decide whether to have it framed. Give it to your best friend or someone close to you, this customized gift that has meaning is surely a great suggestion.

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Last-minute sentimental relationship gifts should not end up in boring packaging. The exquisite set from Waterford comes with a touch of gold to put a smile on his or her face.

No matter the occasion, I suppose there is always a perfect crystal memorable gift to choose from. The series also offer other types of crystal collectibles like candlestick, wine set and vase, there is something thoughtful for your wife or loved ones to pick.

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Do you have someone dear who you feel you would be totally lost without? You can express this to them using this compass neckless as a sweet reminder. This, and the sweet gift card that comes with it is an emotional and meaningful way to show how significant they are in your life.

Apart from the meaning it holds, the necklace forms a charming piece that is perfectly subtle to go with everyday looks. Certainly one of the most sentimental Christmas gifts for wife or girlfriend!

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Giving a tumbler may not be the first time that comes to your mind when getting something meaningful. But what about a tumbler that is personalized with the recipient’s name?

Choose from several lovely designs and engraved it with loved ones’ names. What a wonderful approach to ensure that you are constantly a part of the routines and activities of the your family member or someone important. A top sentimental gift for coworkers and boss as well, the stainless steel tumbler’s insulation keeps beverages hot or cold for hours.

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There is nothing like pretty flowers as symbolic gifts for her to make one feel special. The problem with flowers is that they risk wilting with time preventing the recipient from cherishing it for a long time.

This problem is solved with the Waterford Fleurology glass rose that mimics a real rose flower. This way, they can keep this beautiful flower piece for a lifetime. This heartfelt idea a great mother’s day gift and for many other joyous occasions for the important lady of your life like your mom or wife.

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There’s something about things with personal photos on them that can make even the hardest person to please smile. Depending on the occasion, a special clock makes the other person feel liked or loved.

This clock can be part of your handmade, do-it-yourself gift idea because you can print and put in whatever desired photos you like, including childhood photos This makes it a small gift, just like a special photo album, that means a lot and shows how much you care about the person. Be creative and show off things like photos with beautiful effects, embroidery and other artwork that is limited only by your imagination. 

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For a fun and yet emotional way to make someone feel special, you cannot go wrong with the fully customizable LoveBook. Among the best keepsake gifts, it will be an exciting project as you get to design cartoon-like characters that resemble both of you and later using them to make illustrations throughout the book.

These options give the story of your love in terms of special moments, inside jokes, and others that you share. Definitely a top choice sentimental Christmas gifts for boyfriend or girlfriend and a great wedding gift too!

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These mini dangling earrings give the perfect display of glistening crystals embodied in star shaped and dipped in rose gold. They are absolutely a great choice to wear for many event. If you present your lady these Swarovski rose gold earrings along with a rose gold silk gown, you will simply leave her in awe!

The ravishing look of Swarovski jewelry never fades away. Among the top 19th birthday gift ideas, just take care of it and enjoy your glamorous looks with these mini dangling crystal earrings.

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Is the recipient a combination of adventurous and an antique lover? If so, you have found yourself the perfect small but meaningful gift.

The compass is durable and portable making it a suitable item to carry on adventurous trips such as hiking and sailing for directional assistance when digital devices fails. On other days, he can use it as a decoration object for that classical touch. The perfect sentimental graduation gifts to consider too.

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Life is beautiful when you feel the emotions and let people around you know how much you love them. The amazing part about you are my sunshine vintage music boxes are the customized messages. The moment your loved one opens the box, they will understand their true worth!

These amazing boxes are sentimental gifts for kids, sibling or a Christmas present for husband, they are super handy and give a beautiful sunshine melody. So if you are thinking to present your loved one something filled with your emotions, these sunshine vintage music boxes are the right choice for you!

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It’s incredibly sweet when personalized notes come packaged with gorgeous goods. With stunning pop up cards from Lovepop, you may make a woman or child happy.

She will be awed by various 3D displays including flowers, birds and other animal’s artistic presentation and meticulous cutting. To go along with this adorable heartfelt Christmas cute sentimental Christmas gift, include a wonderful note. For an added touch of creativity, you could even include them in a homemade gift basket with other sentimental objects for the best sentimental gifts for her.

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Beautiful memories are worth carrying around. The personalized throw blanket with Photo Collage lets you add memorable photos on a soft, skin-friendly flannel fleece so that you have something gorgeous to stare at as you keep yourself warm and cozy.

There are different blanket sizes with choices to include various numbers of photos. The blankets are washable and you do not have to worry much about the photos fading. Definitely one of the top personalized sentimental gift ideas for best friends!

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For the whiskey lover, a decanter would be a wonderful addition to the barware. But, going a step further to monogram the decanter, whiskey glasses, and storage box? Now that would make for a thoughtful present idea.

The customized monogrammed whiskey decanter set lets you add designs to turn an ordinary decanted set into an extraordinary one. With several designs to choose from, this is certainly a popular sentimental gift for husband, grandpa, father’s day, coworker or for retirement.

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A piece of elegant jewelry is always an exciting and heartfelt idea for that special someone. This one, however, holds more meaning as it has been fitted with lovely blue gemstones.

The bracelet will therefore not only be a gorgeous addition to her jewelry collection, but also a favorite sentimental gift for daughter. With attention to details and colors, she can wear it proudly to many occasions.

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Personalized 3D photo gifts from - free shipping!

We are lucky that advanced technology is allowing us to make our loved ones happy. Pictures have their own charm but 3D laser Engraved photo crystal brings life to the pictures. Whether is for celebrations like 40th birthday or 60th birthday, wedding or other joyous occasion, get a customized crystal built which will evoke beautiful memories.

Think about what makes the recipient happy and makes her day by choosing the appropriate image! The versatility of this crystal makes it a sentimental gift for someone who lost a loved one as well.

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This incredible handmade photo explosion box is all you need to give to your loved ones like your mom for taking them down memory lane with this thoughtful idea. Made of high quality cardboard, this sentimental value gift looks like a treasured item and opens up into a multi-folded card with a gift box inside.

Fill it with lovely pictures and maybe put a locket, earrings, bracelet and anything that holds value! Among the best sentimental gifts for dad from daughter or from son!

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If you have a special photo and message to give your loved one then this customized photo locket necklace allows you to do just that. Inside the stunning sterling silver, you can include a memorable photo with meaningful text engraved at the back to make it one of the most symbolic gift ideas.

The perfect sentimental gift idea for her and a suitable wedding present as well, you do not have to worry about oxidation since this heart-shaped pendant is specially plated to make it long lasting.

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This jewelry set from the famous Swarovski brand offers a stunning mixed metal necklace and matching pierced earring studs; glittering white crystals set this set apart and make it the perfect sentimental 21st birthday gift for her.

With a hint of shimmering clear crystal pavé, the interlaced heart and infinity pattern will make the wearer appear particularly attractive and will elegantly complement her other accessories on a special occasion.

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Monogrammed presents are sure to make one feel special. This one is especially great as your loved one can display it and reminisce on it every time they come across it.

The metal name sign would make great sentimental gift ideas for housewarming to show love and support for the new family. Made with weather and rust-resistant properties, it can be placed indoors or even outside as a door hanger.

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If you have someone that brightens up your days then this Emboss Alloy metal music box with the “you are my sunshine” melody would make for one of the most beautiful sentimental Valentine’s day gift or wedding gifts from parents to create lasting memories.

It is easy to carry and produces short clips of beautiful song every time the handle is turned. It will also complement most décor and can be easily carried wherever your loved one goes.

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