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The 36 Most Awesome (Jun 2022) Small Gift Ideas This Year

By Doris Tan
(updated Jun 2022) Looking for fabulous small gift ideas that will delight someone?

Great news!

Our curated list of little presents gives you a wide variety of recommendations to help you quickly find something special. These items may be small sized or simple, but they can certainly convey your thanks and appreciation greatly to the recipient.

Cute Small Gifts

If you are thinking of what to give for Christmas, birthday, farewell, wedding, thanksgiving or other special occasions, we got you covered with this gift guide.

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Protect yourself and your loved ones from the cold winter with this modern hand warmer. Forget about the traditional handwarmer that cannot be reused, this electric hand warmer can be recharged quickly.

Best of all, I like that it has a in built protection system for safety and it can be used as a power bank too! A top small Xmas present for both men and women, this gender neutral tech gadget is something everyone will want.

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A multi-tool pen that’s durable and well-designed. Not only does it writes smoothly like a quality ballpoint pen, it is also a flashlight, quality glass breaker and self defence tool.

Compact enough to put inside his or her pocket, this is one of the best small gift ideas for friends and family member as it is the perfect way for them to have a gadget that is both functional and durable. Such special pens are wonderful Christmas gift ideas too.

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Always having to drink your coffee or tea that has turned cold as you are too busy to drink it while it was still hot? Then this innovative cup warmer is surely a useful gadget to keep at your desk.

The smart gravity induction feature will be activated once a mug is placed on top. A cool small gift ideas to say thank you also, I reckon the recipient will be pleased to know that a ceramic mug is included too!

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Journaling comes with its psychological benefits. From increased positivity, happiness, and reduced anxiety among others, this amazing Five Minute Journal will be sure to improve your recipient’s quality of life.

An amazing small gift ideas for friend or as a mini thank you present, its portable size will also make it easy for them to carry it around and enjoy some self-reflection from anywhere.

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How about spreading some positive vibes around during the gift giving? With this unique jar, the receiver will get to read a quote every morning to boost his or her mood. This inexpensive gift is handcrafted using high-quality paper and the jar is presented in a box with bright colored, pleasant design.

Whether is for your best friend to wish him a happy birthday, anniversary gift for a loved one or given as Mother’s day, your thoughtfulness will certainly be well appreciated. it can also be added as part of the items when you are thinking of gift basket ideas.

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Looking for lost items will never be the same again when you use this innovative gadget from Tile. Attach your important belongings like keys, bags, pouch, bottles and any other important items that you use regularly with Tile Mate.

Using the app, it can help you track these items easily. Never feel worried about losing your stuff again with this awesome Christmas gift idea!

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Have you experienced difficulties trying to sleep in a noisy environment before? A portable white noise machine can help reduce the effect of disturbing sounds around you by creating soothing ambient sounds.

Suitable for both adults and kids, this compact and portable device can be easily kept in a bag as I see it. Suitable as mother’s day or father’s day gift also, this practical present can also help you to mask sound in an office environment, calm your pet and more!

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A great romantic gift for ladies related to rejuvenation and skincare. The set, which is made entirely of natural substances, promotes relaxation, skin and joint healing, and much more. If you know someone who has been working too hard without time for self-care, consider purchasing this thoughtful gift for them to show your love.

The set also comes with scented candles in candle holders that are made of soy wax for a natural burn. Each bath is pleasantly enjoyable due to the variety of scents and many health advantages. Additionally, this is one of the best small engagement gift ideas for couples and suitable for mom too on mother’s day.

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Isn’t it amazing to think of charging three gadgets at once with no cables? More impressively, your phone or watch will be charged to full capacity in a short period of time thanks to quick charging. As a result, you can say goodbye to tangled cords and low battery alerts as you wait for one device to finish charging.

Many modern smartphones are compatible with this phone charger. Charging devices like this are thoughtful small presents for friends or co-worker and certainly cool Christmas gifts everyone wants.

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When you need a mental break in the office, it takes a simple distraction. How about building a toy? These magnetic pieces are easy to build into whatever your imagination tells you.

Create unique pieces to display on your work space that do look like what any other person has. A creative small gift idea for coworkers or wedding guests, the time spent on the toy is more than just a distraction. You relieve stress and enhance creativity while relaxing your brain to get more work done afterwards.

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On stressful days at work or at school, something to provide relief will come in handy. This fidget spinner ball is the perfect solution and comes in different colors. It is little and sleek, making it an ideal small gift idea for office staff to put on their desk.

When spun, it creates an optical illusion that provides relaxation benefits while at the same time promoting thinking. It does so quietly to prevent it from distracting those around. This is a good and unique gift idea for Thanksgiving too.

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Enjoy powerful, crisp music anywhere with his portable speaker from the renowned Bose. Whether at home or at an outdoor camping or beach party, I am certain the people around will be impressed by the clear and strong bass the speaker brings about.

A useful birthday present and great for girlfriend, it also comes with a mic which can be used during a conference call. Its waterproof and rugged exterior ensures durability.

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Pamper a loved one’s hands with this hand repair set. The small meaningful skincare set includes hand repair creams for nourishing and hydrating the hands. There is also a cuticle cream to treat and soften the cuticles.

To keep the moisture retained is a pair of cotton gloves to complete this useful set. It is a thoughtful skincare item to give during Valentine’s day too or as thank you gifts for friends. Separately get a lip balm also if the recipient has dry lips.

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From camping to taking night walks and runs or attending to emergencies among others, a flashlight is a basic yet important tool. However, it can get cumbersome as you try to hold it in your hand and still attend to the above activities.

A hands-free neck light is therefore a brilliant cool cheap present. This will make a portable yet useful small Secret Santa gift idea too.

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Think about this: giving a small gift for your best friend need not just be a one off occasion. How about offering her a chance to try out different luxury perfumes right in the comfort of home?

With the scent box subscription, you and her can both get the chance to enjoy different fragrances including perfumes, skin care products and candles. A great small holiday gift idea to kickstart the experience for trying fragrant products regularly!

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If they are obsessed with taking photos with their smartphones, then you just found the right little birthday gift idea for them. The instant digital printer will spare them a tedious printing process.

By simply connecting their device to the printer via Bluetooth and with the help of an app, they can edit and print their photos instantaneously and from anywhere. This is an excellent idea too if you are considering what to give for Christmas or a paper gift to celebrate the first anniversary.

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Giant Gummy Bear ... on a Stick

Gummy bears have always been a sensation, especially among candy lovers. If you are thinking of treating a loved one with the same, you should consider this giant version that comes mounted on a stick!

Unlike the typical tiny-sized bites, this will be more fun and interesting which is a fantastic small gift idea for kids and toddlers. There are a variety of flavors for you to choose from too!

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Anyone will appreciate this cute little gadget to help put their stress and tension to bed. With this mini massager, which is a great small cheap Christmas gift, your recipient can enjoy a relaxing massage after a long day.

It is made to provide a comfortable grip making it easy to move it around the body. With its elegant marble design, it is not only useful but also appealing.

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Are you looking send your appreciation to someone without having to go through the trouble of getting a bulky stuff. Then this vertical modern planter will make an ideal little present idea.

It can hold any compact succulent or artificial plants providing a minimalistic way of incorporating plants in their space, making the perfect gift idea for small apartments. With its chic geometric design, it will complement any modern décor. Do note that the plants are not included in the set.

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Be prepared for danger and emergency situations with this self-defence siren. Designed to attach to a keychain, purse, backpack or even a belt, it can be triggered easily with a quick pull at the top.

The loud sound that is emitted will not only attract attention but also deter intruders. In addition, the strobing LED light lets other people know your location. One of the best small gifts for her that mean a lot, it is great for senior citizens and kids. This gadget is also a good answer to the question “what do you buy someone who has everything” as well.

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This key chain is a sentimental item that lasts long. You have the option of both an engraved photo and text at the back.

Personalized keepsakes are the best suggestion to get something unique. This remarkable small gift idea for girlfriend let you say that you have been thinking of the person for some time. Also, you cannot go wrong with polished stainless steel that makes it look trendy.

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When getting something for your wine lover friend or relative, you cannot go wrong with these cute wine glass charms. Each is uniquely engraved with amusing statements. They can use these little gifting ideas to decorate their wine glassware.

These are likely to spark laughter and conversation when drinking with guests making these moments even more enjoyable.

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For something cute and fun, the inflatable tube man mini air dancers will be a great choice. A cute miniature gift idea for boyfriend or for employees to cheer them, this resembles the full-size tube guys that you would normally find outdoors, only smaller.

With this, they can add a light and amusing touch to their office desk or any other surface. From plain colors to holidays and characters, there are several designs that you can choose from to suit the context.

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Prolonged use of screens can be harmful to the eyes. Hence, these glasses will make a simple yet thoughtful small gift ideas for wife or colleague who is constantly glued to digital screens.

They are designed to reduce the harmful blue light emitted by the devices. They can therefore continue enjoying their screen time without having to worry about straining their eyes.

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Considering giving something miniature and useful? This neck fan is the life saver no one thinks they need until they actually use it. It is a great present to anyone dealing with hot flushes and sweats because of certain medication, menopause or just a hot day.

The fan is light weight and comfortable around the neck. A suitable turning 50 gift, it also has a quiet motor so do not worry about any unbearable noises. And the best thing about it is that it’s hands-free.

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Do not be fooled by the simplicity of this pen as a mini gift. It is way more than just a pen. This multi-tool set is guaranteed to turn the recipient into an instant DIY pro.

You get a regular pen, a touch screen stylus, a screw driver, a measuring ruler and more in just one tool. Among the top small gift ideas for boyfriend as well as a cool father’s day present, the versatility of such a simple tool makes it a must have for any handyman.

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Stress just finds you. It is better to be ready to deal with it. The hand therapy stress ball helps you calm down in stressful situations instead of venting your frustration on people who do not deserve it. You also get to strengthen your hand and wrist while at it.

This makes it great for hand exercises to reduce pain for people with arthritis. And who says stress balls are ugly? This one is pretty enough to be displayed on your desk. A fantastic cool, simple small gift for family as well.

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These plants look so real thanks to the superior material they are made from. Artificial plants are a good way to cheat for those who love the beauty of plants but have no time to care for real plants.

No need for house-sitters when you are away because the plants do not need watering. A wonderful mini Christmas day gift to get as a stocking stuffer, their beauty last a lifetime and so are great value for your money. With their tiny sizes, they are perfect for decorating tiny spaces and are great small gift ideas for teachers and volunteers.

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Among other ways, finger exercises are part of hand care. A hand grip strengthener will make a thoughtful small gift ideas for dad and mom if they are aged or people who are recovering from a hand condition or injury.

It will help strengthen the wrist and hand while at the same time lessening fatigue. This inexpensive present is made to fit all hand sizes making it suitable for everyone and is portable for easy carrying.

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Any handyman will be excited to receive a set of new tools. This, however, does not mean having to get them a bulky toolkit.

This multitool card set, yet compact, will serve the purpose. A small, perfect gift idea for veteran, husband or dad, it is also among the best stocking stuffers for men and comes with a set of 37 tools that can be used to perform a variety of tasks. Similar in size to a credit card, it can easily fit in the wallet leaving him equipped for any arising situation anywhere and at any time.

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A pack of sweetly scented candles will make a heartwarming small wedding gift or for large groups of friends or relatives. It contains differently scented candles suitable for some aromatherapy.

They are stored in beautifully decorated tins making them double as décor pieces while at the same time enabling portability. When the candles are depleted, the tins can serve as attractive containers.

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This miniature arcade game makes the perfect small fun gifts for someone who loves to play arcade games. It resembles the normal full-size arcade game from the external design to the game itself as well as the sounds produced.

It is tiny enough such that the teenage guys can carry it with them in their pocket or backpack. Adults too can enjoy playing their favorite arcade game from anywhere with these tiny present ideas.

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If they are a galaxy lover, then a galaxy crystal ball will definitely be exciting for them. Even if not, it is one of the best and stunning little decorative piece that anyone can use to beautify their space.

The ball comes with an LED base that illuminates it bringing out a magical feel. In addition, it lights up in several colors, alternating from one to the other.

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What is more awesome than playing the traditional rock paper and scissors game? A mini version that uses just 3 fingers! These cute, fun little gifts will not only bring out the laughter when they are first presented, it will add to the joy when using them to play the actual game!

A great office gag gift or white elephant idea for the Xmas, birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party too! You can incorporate these tiny hands as part of other card games as well.

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Notebooks are handy even in this digital age. They are useful for parents jotting down memories, for writers and creatives whose ideas pop up without a warning, for shopping lists and a lot more. These notebooks are tiny and light and so are easy to slip into the pocket of your jeans.

With several cute designs to choose from, they make great frugal gift ideas for classmates or bff, to put in cards and for group presents during Christmas when you need to buy in bulk. These notebooks can be part of your DIY small presents too as you can pair them with your own handmade handicrafts or gift cards too.

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This stylish set of wireless earphones is perfect for tech lovers, particularly teens. It is a great idea to give this cool gadget especially during the holiday season.

They will not have to worry about missing calls or enjoying their music in loud settings thanks to the noise isolation technology and powerful stereo sound. The device also come with a carry bag that not only protects the pair but also allows for easy charging.

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