37 Most Awesome (Dec 2020) 18th Birthday Gift Ideas

(updated in Dec 2020) Are you searching for 18th birthday gift ideas?

Is your daughter, son, brother, sister, girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend celebrating their eighteenth birthday soon?

Great news:
A comprehensive list of the best 18th birthday presents with varying price to suit all budgets!

What to get for 18th birthday?

Get something special to signify this important occasion for the debutant. This is the age when they start to take on more adult responsibilities. Your gift can be cool, creative, unique, fun, thoughtful or memorable – the key aspect is that the person turning 18 has to feel that they mean a lot to you when receiving it.

Our complete guide, that covers a wide variety of present ideas and price range, will definitely make your eighteenth birthday gift search fuss free!

Check out below now!

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With a generous internal storage , this tablet could be the perfect birthday prezzie for your daughter or son. Its long battery life is just the perfect for binge-watching movies, playing music, games and downloading songs.

The lightweight and HD screen makes it easy for them to live-stream and watch their favourite artists’ concerts without much strain. A wonderful Christmas gift idea for 17 year old boy too.

A sentimental birthday present for the teen nephew or niece is a 3D wooden puzzle model kit.

Apart from its mysterious design, this item will impress your loved one as they try to assemble it into various shapes. Moreover, this puzzle box can be assembled into a complete treasure box in which your dear one can store their most valued items like jewelry and other small valuables.

Personalized Birthday Cookie Gift Basket

Instead of the usual birthday cake, a good way to surprise your sweetheart teenage girlfriend or boyfriend on their birthday would be to send a gourmet cookie basket. This yummy treats include Oreo cookies and hand dipped fortune cookies.

The highlight is certainly the large centrepiece sugar cookie that you can decorate with a customized text just like a birthday cake. This nice gesture will surely melt your loved one’s heart.

Those celebrating 18th birthdays will appreciate the thoughtfulness and design of these t-shirts that is made specially for them.

All-cotton construction means a cool and comfortable fit. Features a classic look that they can wear long after the celebration.

The design is made with durable ink that lasts. All around, a special present idea for the 18-year-olds debutant.

Do you see your loved one having to plug in different cables whenever they are charging their devices? The perfect solution is this charging station for multiple devices.

This multiple port charger is neat, highly efficient and compatible with just any device. Why not gift your teen girlfriend who has numerous gadgets with a practical charging station on their birthday? They will love this thoughtful present!

What better way to welcome your teen into adulthood than with a funny coffee mug highlighting their achievement?

It is inscribed with a clever and witty message and comes in a perfect size for drinking their favorite beverage.

It is also fitted with an ergonomic handle. Suitable to hold various beverages. A funny gift for your best friend that is both functional and thought-provoking.

Worried about your teen’s safety whenever they are on those morning runs or late night out? Worry no more! This tactical pen might just be what you have been looking for.

When emergency strikes, consider it the best weapon they can have. As powerful as being able to break an abductor’s car window, you might consider it the unusual but practical coming of age gift for your teen grandson or granddaughter! This is a practical corporate holiday gift too.

These quality bluetooth noise cancelling headphones come with the most desirable features for a great listening experience.

A great surprise gift idea, they can enjoy playback on their phone, PC or TV without disturbance as this over-ear set blocks out external sounds, whether they are on a noisy train, in a crowded café or on the plane. Impressive HD-quality sound makes everything sound better. This is an excellent birthday gift for the 21 year old. 

Birthdays are better with unique personalized souvenir present like this happy birthday keychain with photo frame.

Available for various birthday milestones, it is definitely an awesome treasure gift idea from mom.

Made from high-quality and durable stainless and engraved meaningful message, this keychain is designed to last a lifetime.

The humble baseball cap can be one of the great 18th birthday gift ideas especially if it carries an interesting design and message.

For sporty teenagers especially, this means an end to suffering from the scotching sun or a sweaty head, especially during games or routine running.

Right from its adjustable straps to its panels made of soft mesh, there is a guarantee of a perfect fit and complete dryness throughout. The best part is the hilarious message on the cap which makes it an ideal gag gift idea too.

What better debut birthday gift for a teenager than a bedside lamp equipped with a utility bluetooth speaker?

One of the reasons why a teenager would love this gift is because it has a unique and modern design. Additionally, it is among the few bedside lamp designs that can play music all night without dying out on you.

This particular lamp can give many hours of non-stop music while on medium volume.

Personalized Swiss Army Knife - 13 Function

Thinking of how you can come in handy in helping your teen son multi-task?

You might consider gifting them with this rubber tip personalized Swiss army tool for their birthday.

Its wide range of functions from opening those wine bottles, tightening all those loose screws and portioning the largest chunks of meat makes it a valuable asset in their life.

Such a special tumbler that would create a lasting memory in a teenager’s heart, especially from the permanent inscriptions on its surface.

As unique as it is and beautiful gift for the 18 year old boy, it comes with a variety of other amazing features, from its powerful heat or cold retention, to its stainless-steel double wall and a powder coat that is sweat free, keeping the surface it’s placed on dry.

Personalized Hanging Canvas Toiletry Bag

Be stylish and organized with this personalized hanging canvas toiletry bag. Crafted from durable canvas and with a strong leather base and strategic leather accents.

Designed to stand or hang when not in use. A front zipper and spacious interior pockets provide the ultimate in functionality and versatility, representing an excellent gift idea for your boyfriend. A great gift idea for the man turning 60.

Personalized Adventure Fund Shadow box

If you know that the teen son or daughter has been thinking of a well deserved trip, then it is time to help your loved one start saving for the trip with this personalized adventure fund shadow box.

Made from solid wood and a removable glass front, this box stores on a counter or space of your choice. Easy access opening allows saving at one’s own pace for that special adventure. Easily personalized for the friend or family member who would appreciate this unusual gift.

Does 18 year olds wish to catch many moments of life? Look no further! This Fitbit smartwatch is the way to go.

From creating alarms with their voice, setting those important reminders, making calls and sending texts, to keeping track of their daily workouts. With its long battery life, larger display and the always-on option, this popular gadget makes a great surprise gift for the teen.

If you have been yearning to be remembered for giving the best birthday present ever, then this gourmet chocolate biscotti gift basket’s got you.

This amazing gift basket comes with a dozen gourmet chocolate. Not only that, they will get to taste the nut/fruit topped biscotti, that will leave the 18 year old wanting more! Be guaranteed of creating that lasting impact with this incredible package.

Collegiate Framed Architectural Elements Prints Personalised

Bring college memories to life with this customizable collegiate framed architectural elements print.

Made from polished wood and glass, this frame comes with your college name printed out using letters designed to represent buildings from your campus. Over 100 universities and colleges are available. Certainly a treasures gift for your sister or brother turning 18.

Has your teen son been nagging you for a cool skateboard? Why not get them the Retro style mini-cruiser with unique features? It is pretty much lightweight; you can even carry it along on that flight.

It comes with sturdy wheels, making it easy for balance. Of you are trying to avoid having to nurse bruises every other time, this is the cool present idea for teen turning 18.

The connection just got better with the Echo show 8-inch smart display with Alexa. From setting timers, controlling the home system and even entertaining themselves with their favourite movies, podcasts or even audiobooks.

And what’s more? They can freely videocall anyone at any time when away on vacation. Why not get it for them as a useful birthday present?

A wonderful traditional gift for a teenager would be this enlightening book titled Adulting 101. In this piece, the two authors outline the steps to achieving a life well-lived and one without regrets.

This book would make a worthy birthday present for both high school and college graduates since it teaches valuable basic life lessons not taught in class.

This piece will prepare your son or daughter to become forward-looking and revolutionary people.

This sign is the ideal gift for kids turning 18 this year. They will love that it is more than a beautiful wall or table top decoration.

A symbolic gift with meaning, they can have an idea about cool topics that were trending at the time when they were born.

The messages displayed will also serve to be instant conversation starters with friends and family.

Personalized Family Name Signs - Architectural Elements Alphabet - Black and White

Architecture can be so interesting at times, you know. Imagine having prints of your name personalized in a frame with up to ten characters.

Don’t you think that would be the perfect present for your friend?

Each letter in the name comes in black and white photos, ideal for hanging anywhere in the room.

Personalized Silhouette Dog Breed Throw Pillow

If you are planning to surprise a dog lover friend with a creative gift, then a cute personalized silhouette dog breed throw pillow would just nail it!

You just got to make sure you know what their favourite dog breed is. And not only that, their favourite colour too!

Its cotton cover and polyester & fibre insert also add to its comfortability!

Teenagers love everything about comfort and convenience.

This keychain is just the best gift a teenager can receive especially on their birthday. This is because of its amazing features making it suitable to arrange different keys in order and in a manner that saves the 18 year old the hustle of trying to get a key from a bunch, annoyance from the jingling and pricks from keys in the pockets.

Besides, it can hold many keys at ago, plus a bottle opener. Why would one think twice about such a great debut gift idea?

It is about time that the 18-year-old try something else other than academic routines and achievements.

This book is a very interesting one that provides teenagers with ideas they can explore before they clear high school, right from planning road trips to making podcasts and many other exciting activities they can do with friends. It is actually the best to enhance the all-roundedness of teenagers.

A great surprise gift idea to expand their horizon besides the usual academic life.

Celebrate their eighteenth party for your cousin or friend with a present that they can really appreciate with this funny 18th birthday sturdy cup.

A multifunctional cup suitable for both hot and cold beverages while being sip and straw friendly.

Also comes with a funny and inspiring message that is unforgettable. Made with premium materials, which shows you put a lot of thought in this choice.

Gifting a person turning 18 with this incredible present will make you stand out. Just from its extended battery life of amazing long continuous music playing when fully charged, to its loud, powerful and clear sound system, you can be assured of a happy birthday recipient.

It is every teen’s dream to have quality headsets for quality music, not to mention its comfortability feature and ability to keep the head warm.

Every teenager deserves a great start in the morning, and one of the healthiest ways include taking some cereals for breakfast.

A cereal killer spoon will certainly complement the breakfast mood especially as a result of its fantabulous features. Such an item for a birthday is the most creative and fun type, and the recipient can never get enough of it.

The inscriptions are long lasting, moreover, the spoon is made of strong stainless steel, its dishwasher safe and the sizeable enough.

Raised words are better than raised voices. Consider a bunch of wristbands with engraved words of encouragement, to raise your words to teenagers.

As 18-year-olds look for something to spice up their fashion statements, these inspirational messages wristbands as memorable souvenir gifts will play a vital role.

Spike Cell Phone Holder

Teenagers admire elegant, fancy and stylish items of value. They also love their phones so they would be super excited to get a home for their phones.

This crystal phone holder goes an extra mile to provide all these qualities, especially since it can be customized to a person’s desire. One of the best present for the youth turning eighteen. 

A fun and homemade gift idea that would impress a teenager would be this notebook. This notebook has a striking design that makes it a memorable diy birthday present.

The 6 x 9 notebook can also double up as a sketchbook as well as a drawing book since it has both blank and ruled pages. Its handy size makes it a perfect journal or diary. Furthermore, you can stash a couple of dollars inside this present just to show your love for the person you are about to gift.

This hilarious gift is ideal for your friend. Burritos double-sided food blankets have become quite popular especially among teenagers.

This particular food blanket is based on the tortilla concept which makes it even funnier. The detailed pattern on this blanket makes the birthday recipient look like a huge edible burrito roll.

The fact that the blanket is made of high-quality flannel material means that it is soft and warm. Your loved one can cuddle their pet or child warmly in this blanket and feel your love for them.

Custom Wood Sign Painted

Wish to put that joke or comment they always make in writing? Well, you might consider going for the custom wood sign for their birthday present.

All you need to do is choose the font, size, colour and sign to be made before you can place your order.

For ease of hanging, it comes with a keyhole at the back.

Satiating a 18 year old craving for snacks is an uphill task. With teenagers, every piece of chocolate or packet of crackers deserves a lot of appreciation.

For this reason, why not buy your son or daughter a couple of monthly snack subscriptions from to keep their taste buds alive. Every snack box like this comes with an assortment of healthy, gluten-free snacks.

With this present idea, your dearests are spoiled for choice on their birthdays.


For teenagers turning 18 this year you can get them a vintage 2002 hoodie as it is a popular birthday present to remind them that they are special.

This particular pullover is made of pure cotton making it super warm for those cold days. It is also fashionable for since it has that cool twill-taped neck design. You can get this hoodie in different sizes to suit your loved one’s body.


Personalized Heritage Supply Duffel Bag with Antique Hardware

For teenagers that love traveling, you can buy them a personalized duffel bag. This particular bag is perfect for carrying personal items during both long and short journeys since it has lots of pockets in it.

It is also ideal for camping as it is made from high-quality material including a faux leather bottom for stability. Apart from traveling this bag can come in handy as a gym bag as well as a sporting bag. Besides, the designers allow for customization of the bag’s front side using the birthday boy or girl’s name. This feature makes it even cooler for teenagers.