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33 Most Awesome Unique (Jul 2021) Housewarming Gift Ideas 

(updated Jul 2021) Buying unique housewarming gifts is important as they will give the new home owners pleasant surprises and make them feel special.

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A list of unique housewarming gift ideas that include items that are unusual, cool and creative.

Whether the new house owner is someone who has everything, the couple who prefers functional and unusual stuff, the family who does not want any ordinary present or any picky individual, we have the offerings that you are looking for!

You can find special new home present ideas for families, couples and individuals which will amaze them and give them the “wow” feeling when they unwrap your thoughtful and special present.

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Give a housewarming gift unlike anything else that can be amusing and entertaining game for the guests or even among the family members.

With this drinking roulette game, the game players can enjoy rounds of drinks in a “fun” way.

This set includes the spinning roulette wheel and sixteen shot glasses which are numbered. It comes in a nice box to store all these cool looking items.

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A great idea for your loved ones is to bring something that the whole family can enjoy in their new home. This tic tac toe wooden board game is the classic game which is ideal for family bonding.

The rustic look also serves as a perfect home décor idea. It is a fantastic addition to a man cave as well.

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With this aesthetic set made from top notch craftsmanship, the new homeowner does not only have a decanter just to hold the favourite liquor plus a beautiful piece of ornament added the new abode. As the decanter looks fantastic full or empty, this will surely be a centrepiece in the new apartment!

Visitors can sip their favourite drink, while admiring this globe decanter and have the liquor aerated at the same time. This also makes a perfect retirement gift for guys who are whiskey lovers, as they can enjoy their retirement days, sipping over their favourite drink stored in a specially designed decanter.

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There are few better lamps to bring peace and calmness than this distinctive moon lamp.

What makes this lamp unique is the impressive resemblance of the moon surface created with realistic 3D printing technology. With dual color, the lamp provides ambient lightning that will mesmerize everyone in the room at night.

This is a cool housewarming gift idea for family.

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A good functional door mat need not be dull looking. Choose a unique one with a colorful design to bring some cheer to the homeowners every time they reach the main door.

Able to absorb dirt and moisture well and easy to clean, this is the perfect housewarming gift that will be appreciated for both its usefulness and decorative purpose.

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This is a special piece of wall art, made from birch plywood. It does not just spruce up the home owner’s personal corner, with the beer caps prominently displayed, it also helps the new house owner keep track of his or her favourite beer that he or she has enjoyed.

In addition, this wall art is in the shape of his home state or his favourite destination, which gives him a feeling of closer to “home”.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

A jar may not be the first thing you have in mind when thinking of what to bring to a housewarming party. But this jar is unlike other. From KindNotes, inside the special jar, you will find numerous inspiring, uplifting and encouraging messages, each is kept in an envelope.

With various designs and themes to choose from, you can also come out with customized messages to make it a truly personalized housewarming gift. Separately get a gift card to impress the hosts even more!

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This is likely going to be something your homeowner is not expecting. When they open their next bottle of beer or soda, they can admire the State specific craft beer image printed on the front of this bottle opener.

This creative addition will become a great feature for future house parties.

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For the new homeowner, scented candle brings about calm and serenity. Give them the set of beautiful candles whose scent and style is inspired by beautiful designs.

The scent of this candle will give their new home a classic and warm feel. Made of eco-friendly soy wax that will provide a relaxing environment in the new apartment.

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With a new house, the house owners will tend to have more parties initially. Giving them this novelty set of knives helps them add excitement when preparing tasty meals.

Few people would have seen a cosmo themed knife, impress them with a set of cooking knives that will meet almost all cutting requirements. The beautiful images of the universe unfolding in your hand as you hold such a knife, with the ergonomic design and high quality is definitely a worthy consideration to present to the proud house owner.

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From the renowned National Geographic magazine, this amazing book features some of the most stunning images captured by many top photographers.

A great original housewarming gift that can be used as a coffee table book, the new homeowner and guests will be treated to never been seen photos of places on Earth, natural wonders and more.

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Instead of those usual coffee mugs or wine glasses, give them something that can hold their favourite cuppa in the morning and glass of wine after work, in the comfort of his home.

As the beverage holder has insulation, he can enjoy his hot drinks at ease. One of the coolest housewarming gifts, the best features has to be the striking unique color designs which gives this beverage holder an eye catching look.

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State Silhouette Family Name Sign

A present for the family in their new house certainly cannot be more unique than this! Imagine a quality wooden plaque that showcase the recipient’s home state (as shown in a silhouette), location on the state and his or her family name!

With so much customization choices available to match the new homeowner’s house, this is definitely the perfection addition and a unique housewarming gift idea for someone who has everything.

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How about bringing the TV back to life at the housewarming party? With this amazing and unique gadget, all you need to do is plug it into the TV’s USB port. Everyone around will be able to appreciate in great detail 500 beautiful paintings in history.

The new home owner’s room will be transformed into a modern museum! Great housewarming gift for the person who has it all.

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For the new home owner who is fascinated by less common stuff, you can consider this cool housewarming gadget that will amaze him – a globe that is suspended in mid air!

Easy to setup, the cool gadget anti gravity feature will keep guests and friends surprised. Great for family with children, the kids can learn about the world map while playing with the levitating globe.

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What better way to present something that can help the new house owner sprue up their new apartment than with this classy housewarming gift.

The beautiful Himalayan salt rock in warm glow light adds a nice peace and relaxing mood to the room whether is on the table or nightstand. Packaged in a nice box, this gift for practical people is a thoughtful present the family will appreciate.

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This is the ultimate beverage machine to give as it offers an array of options to suit different tastes. Regardless if they are coffee or tea drinkers or if they like their favorite drink hot or cold, this brew system has it covered.

More than just a simple coffee maker, with its different brew settings, they can create speciality drinks for a great drinking experience right at home with this thoughtful housewarming gift.

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This is the ideal for the homeowner who is a dog and wine lover. The new homeowner will love to have some home décor featuring adorable dog designs.

Giving this cute wine charm to the recipient makes it especially memorable when the new homeowner will hold parties and gatherings during the initial period after moving in. You will bring smiles to the new houseowner’s guests when they drink wine with the magnetic charms attached to the wine glasses.

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Having a less than ordinary looking house and garden is a dream of many new homeowners. Giving the house owner this decoration like no other will dramatically beautify the garden, patio, bedroom and any other area to give a warm feel. Equipped with light sensor, the color changing LED bulb illuminates at night to create the most unique ambience.

Made of high quality materials with excellent finishing; the best part, it is solar powered which means less cost to maintain. Definitely one of the best practical housewarming gift ideas for family. This also makes a thoughtful gift for retiring females who likes to relax in the comfort of her own home.

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Relive your recipients’ childhood memory by giving them this coca cola mini fridge. This nostalgic looking dispenser is a nice addition to their new home, which helps them keep their favourite cans of beverages cool.

This is also suitable as an addition to a bar or game room and great for family with kids. This cool looking light fridge is portable and can also store food, drinks and beauty products. It is the perfect creative housewarming gift especially if the recipient is a coca cola lover!

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Instead of giving the new houseowner the usual and common looking opener, why not give him one which will not just open bottles but makes his bar counter looks class and cool.

This creative housewarming gift, with its unique looking nickel airplane bottle opener and durable material, will definitely give his bar a different look.

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Rather than giving ordinary looking coasters, give the music lover a set of coasters that are special, something that is closer to his/her heart.

Placing coasters which are made from recycled classic vinyl record labels is a special way to protect the music lover’s newly purchased tables from spills.

This set of coasters will also be a great table décor to his other music related collection.

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These set of 4 beewax candles will surely surprise the new house owners as they do not expect receiving such unusual things for home.

Shaped like beehive, the candles are made of pure beeswax from sustainable sources and handmade in the US. The pleasant aroma that is emitted when burning the candle also help to regulate the air. A practical stuff you should consider getting for yourself too!

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For the new house owner who likes to entertain guests, this cheese board will look awesome on the kitchen or dining table or even on an outdoor furniture.

It can easily hold cheese, fruit and bread. The pull out drawer offers extra space for the complementary garnishes. In addition, the set comes with serving accessories like knives and bowls. This unique serving board is definitely a great addition.

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The funny wordings on these four drink coasters will liven the new home and bring a smile to the new home owner.

These coasters are durable as they are made of organic natural oak wood, an eco-friendly addition to the new home. This is a functional, practical gift for new homeowners which they can protect their furniture and still spruce up their home. These items are also one of the best Dirty Santa gift ideas too!

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Design Your Own Custom Wood Street Sign

Many young home owners are big fans of interesting and colorful ornaments. Speak to their creative side with this funny street signs.

With personalization and wide variety of designs available, they can welcome guests to their new apartment with a touch of whimsy and a lot of humour. This unique present idea will help the new home owner provide entertainment to future guests!

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Crystal Vase with Rose Emblem

An unusual and lovely vase, with a rose emblem that brings a luxurious finishing touch. With gold and platinum choices of rose emblem available, it certainly exudes class and elegance.

This special vase is also a nice table decoration, which definitely enlivens their new home. It is also a suitable housewarming gift for ladies who love to display flowers to spruce up their new abode.

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Your friend will be pleasantly surprised to receive this box of tasty and healthy snacks, including chips, nuts, and pretzels. This is something practical, especially during the first few weeks after they move into a new home, as they are busy settling down, having this box of food is a welcoming gift.

You can nearly guarantee that they have will welcome this tasty treats, definitely a very special and good housewarming gift.

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This chalkboard, which includes corkboard is modish and endearing, which will definitely spruce up the new house owner’s apartment. Who can imagine that a practical chalkboard and corkboard which list down to-do list or messages can also double up as an accessory to a home.

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, this is functional as well as everyone at home can use it.

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Personalized Bamboo Coaster Set

Help to protect the finish on the tables in your friend or family member’s new home with this elegant, unique set of coasters. Each coaster was inspired by the eco friendliness of the earth.

They are not just coasters, they are works of art. Such practical but exception presents make these coasters among the best housewarming present to buy for the new home owners. Best of all, you can add 2 lines of customized text to make it unique for this special occasion.

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Having a freshly made home waffle is an enjoyment that the new homeowner will cherish. Help him or her have a unique waffle making experience by giving a Darth Vader waffle maker! Every waffle will scream “Lord Vader”!

The cool shape will also entertain kids and they will surely be excited to make breakfast every morning. Certainly something excellent and practical for someone who has everything.

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Find unique gift baskets for any occasion at

A gift basket containing a variety of items inside is a traditional and perfect gift idea for any type of housewarming.

From gourmet food and drinks that are tasty and refreshing to beautiful house decorative items, the key is look through the entire selection to choose a unique basket that the home owners love.

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Buying this wood carrier is a wonderful idea be it which season it is. Presenting this unique housewarming gift during the non-winter seasons mean you are helping him or her prepare for their very first winter in this new home; giving it during winter time means you are helping them carry the wood in style into the new home at this very moment.

It also saves the family members some time and effort as this carrier is large enough a substantial amount of wood, to extent trips are reduced to transport the wood.

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So what gift should you bring to the housewarming party?

House parties for new homes are great occasions to attend, to celebrate one’s transition into a new chapter in life.

In order to identify unique house warming gift ideas, it is imperative that you know the house owner’s likes and dislikes and if possible, what the home owner currently has for the new home.

• Does the home owner like practical stuff for example kitchen gadgets?
• Does the home owner want something to spruce up the 4 blank walls?
• Does the home owner want some quirky or lifestyle stuff, as he/she currently has everything they need already?

These are questions that can help you narrow your search in finding the right stuff that is like no other. It is difficult to get inspiration, especially for less common ideas, if you are combing around your local malls, as you are unable to “filter” and “shortlist” easily after going to one mall after another.

With a new abode, new experiences are formed, an exciting journey lies ahead. With this in mind, you will want to give this new home owner an unusual and a treasure that will be remembered is one of the main objective that you want to achieve when scouting around for “the” present.

As per the list above, we have done the thinking for you and have filtered and short-listed the best house warming gifts for someone, even someone who is impossible to shop for. With this collection of great ideas, including unique items for couples, you can end your search here, and present the house owners something wonderful to help them transition into a new place.