29 Most Awesome (May 2020) Housewarming Gift Ideas for Women

(updated May 2020) Are you looking for the best housewarming gift ideas for women?

Here’s the point.

Whether is for your wife, girlfriend, sister, female coworker or single woman friend, moving to a new place for a woman is an exciting experience, be it living on her own or with her family. This is a new chapter of her life, where she will create fond memories in her new abode.

What is a good housewarming gift for a woman?

Buy a present that will make her feel special being a new homeowner. Share her happiness by giving a thoughtful housewarming gift, something that suits her needs to help her turn her house into a cosy new home! Items that are practical, funny and cool are recommended new home gift for the lady too.

At Mammoth Gift Ideas, we have searched and compile a wide variety of good gifts for new women homeowners that you can discover easily.  You will definitely find a house gift to her liking or to her needs!

So let’s explore now!

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Give her a unique and personalized home accent, which she can proudly display in her new abode.

This gift will thrill any females who love craft beer and wine. This shadow box with red finish adds character to her home, a great decor addition to her new enclave.

This gift is a versatile home decor, which can easily match her current theme at her house.

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Personalized Monogrammed Apron

For a female who loves cooking, the first thing she wants to do when she moves into her home is to whip up dishes and relish her cooking experience, in the very comfort of her new abode.

With two pockets in front for her to put her cooking tools and condiments, this personalized monogrammed apron with her initials is an ideal and practical gift for her.

You will definitely find one of her favourite thread color options from the 20 available colours to design the monogrammed text.

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Earrings holder, bracelets, necklace organizer stand should be the first item on the list.

Also a good last minute birthday gift for wife, this organizer with built-in mirror lets them display all their favorite jewelry, bringing out their passion and love for beauty.

It helps them organize their jewelry depicting their responsible personality.

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Personalized Circle of Love Cat Silhouette Throw Pillow - Pink

This friendly and personalized throw pillow is the best gift for the lady who has a pet cat.

This throw pillow is not just comfortable, it provides a great home decor for your female friend’s or coworker’s new home.

Most importantly, this great apartment warming gift for her contains an adorable picture of her favorite animal.

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Zodiac Rose Trimmed in 24K Gold

It’s an opportune time to send your love message to your girlfriend when she is moving to her new house. One good time to renew your vows and profess your love to her again.

You can personalise this real rose covered in 24k gold with the wide array of colors. Her zodiac sign imprinted on this lovely rose makes this gift unique and personal.

A sweet addition to her home decor!

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Ladies like to spruce up their home, especially when they are moving to a new house.

Flowers are one ways which they will use to decorate their new home.

These modern looking vases defined by it’s sculptured shapes and deep plunges are an elegant and suitable gift for the sophisticated lady. This vase is a nice decor by itself as well.

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For a lady who loves baking, this set of baking dishes is one of the best house gifts for her as it is something which she will find useful for her new abode.

In addition, these three baking dishes can double up to store and reheat leftovers and so on.

This is also a handy housewarming gift for couple, as they can have couple time, cooking in each other’s company in their new abode.

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This compact multi purpose tool, which is one of the best housewarming gift ideas for single woman, contains all the essential tools will be very critical for her simple house maintenance and improvement tasks.

This 170 handy tool set provides just about the right assistance to the female recipient, assisting to their mechanical and auto mobile needs, even when moving around the house.

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An edible gift filled with an assortment of delicious biscotti cookies is a fantastic housewarming gift basket for anyone moving into a new apartment.

She will be quite busy unpacking her items in her new home that she may not have time to buy or prepare meals.

These delicious cookies come into handy as they can help her stave off hunger before she has time for her proper meals.

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A practical and useful gift for new homeowner single woman. We all tend to carry our phones most of the time, hence it carries a lot of bacteria.

Giving her a UV cell phone sanitizer is thoughtful as you help her stay healthy.

Best of all, this UV cell phone sanitizer can disinfect other items such as toothbrush, accessories and keys.

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housewarming gifts ideas for women

If the new house-owner has a sweet tooth, what better way to congratulate her with a gift that she will definitely be thrilled with – strawberries dipped in chocolates and variety of toppings.

Also a good gift for wife, this gift is something that she will enjoy – strawberries dipped in milk or white chocolate with different toppings, ground toffee, mini chocolate chip or milk chocolaty drizzle.

You may have these delights gift boxed without the need to wrap it – certainly one of the best housewarming gifts for girlfriend.

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This set of colorful knives which displays a stunning color image of the unfolding universe will wow the new homeowner.

This set of bright and cheery knives which are gift wrapped in a beautiful box, bring life to her kitchen, while providing her with the knife for every job. Definitely one of the most cool housewarming gifts for her.

Who say household knives have to be dull?

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This is the ideal gift for the female houseowner who likes cheese and entertaining.

With this slate cheese board, she can display the names of the cheese served, so that the guests can have a better knowledge of the cheese that they are served. This board adds sophistication and style in the way that the cheese is served. This is definitely one of the practical gift for the new houseowner.

In addition, this comes in a gift box, which makes it a presentable gift.

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Buying her a stainless-steel double-wall insulation tumbler cup that will keep drinks hot or cold is a practical gift that helps her stay hydrated in her new home.

A great gift for single ladies, this tumbler cup comes with lid and straw, which enables her to bring this cup outdoors and during travel.

The funny message printed on the tumbler cup adds a bit of fun to this gift.

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While studying, working, meditating or sleeping, the owner of the new house fancies great ambience, indulging herself in a relaxed and stress free environment.

Sound spa relaxation machine with sleep sounds is a good noise generator with a variety of natural sounds, which helps her to block out unwanted noise, helping her to have better sleep and feel more relaxed.

This is also a great retirement gift for women, as you are helping her create a soothing, relaxed environment at her home, to suit her slower paced lifestyle during her retiring days.

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Having an organized home creates a comfortable environment at home, allowing the female homeowner to have a restful night. Presenting her with this collapsible storage bin is a practical gift to help her house remain clutter free.

This storage basket has many uses, she can keep items such as clothes, books in this bin or even use this basket as a closet organizer.
The color of this basket is neutral which matches anyone’s home.

An awesome apartment warming gift for your girlfriend, the collapsible feature allows her to fold and keep this basket when not in use, saving her space.

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Be a bit creative in your present idea for girlfriend – buy her an item for use outside than inside the house.

Placing this set of bright coloured LED glow dragonfly wind chime spiral spinner wind at the patio, yard or garden creates a rich and intimate setting, which is a welcoming sight before entering the house.

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During the initial stage of moving into her new abode, she will be spending a large part of her time at home, enjoying her little space and favourite cuppa.

This funny first home gift for her is ideal because she get to wear the pair of comfortable socks and enjoy a hot cup of coffee using her favourite mug, a gag gift that will delight the coffee lover.

The funny message printed on the socks will bring smiles to her face.

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This great housewarming present for wife helps her to keep her recipes organized by keeping all her recipes in one place.

The recipe binder contains numerous useful items that she needs to facilitate her meal planning and keeping her recipes at her fingertips.

Useful items include tabbed dividers, matching notepad and magnets. This is a welcoming gift for her to have a quick reference guide to her favourite recipes, allowing her to cook in style .

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Personalized Floral Glass Cutting Board

This personalized glass cutting board is a valuable addition to any lady’s kitchen.

It’s moderately light in weight and dimensions which makes it easy to manoeuvre or carry around. They are pretty in design, versatile in use and durable in nature.

Help the female houseowner replace her scrappy plastic cutting boards by buying her this gift for her house-warming. With her name displayed, this cutting board can double up as a nice addition to her kitchen decor, to spruce up her very own kitchen.

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For a wine lover, the new house will be incomplete without a wine opener that removes the cork of a wine in seconds.

This sleek and modern cordless device ensures that she enjoys her wine in style. Impress her guests at her new home with this amazing tool. It comes with a foil cutter for easy removal of the bottle seal with one hand.

This is also a handy housewarming gift for couple, as they can enjoy great wine in each other’s company in their new abode.

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Personalized Architectural Alphabet Photo Name Art

Customized Architectural Alphabet Photo Name Art – Unique and Artistic House Decor 

What can make her home look and feel cosier than having a home decor with her name proudly displayed on it.

Hence, this gift is recommended as next on the list of things that you will acquire for the new houseowner.

This gift spruces up her home and is artistic as her name or any word is spelled out using architectural alphabet photos.  It is a home decor which matches any home setting and adds personal touch to her private space.

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Pesonalized Tea Box

Personalized Tea Box – Enjoy Her Wide Selection of Tea in an Organized Way

Giving the lady house owner a gift which is practical and keeps her kitchen organized will bring a smile to her face.

This tea box, with adjustable slots, keeps her wide assortment of teas organised, enabling her to enjoy her daily cuppa at ease.  This is because with the transparent case, she is able to decide on which flavor to brew for the day or which tea to make for her guests.

The tea box is personalized with her name, to add a personal touch to this thoughtful gift, which is also a great 60th birthday gift idea for mom.

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3D Shiatsu and Vibration Massage Pillow – Provides a Luxury Experience at Couch

A massaging pillow with vibration setting when you lean on it, when put at couch, is also recommended as a likely gift for the new occupant.

With this gift, having a massage at home will be a relaxing and comforting experience.

With this relaxing housewarming present for girlfriend or wife, she will surely soothe her stress and aches away in the comfort of her new home.

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Waterproof Pet Throw Cover – Available in Various Designs and Colors

If the new female houseowner has pets, she would require this waterproof pet throw cover that provides maximum comfort and support for her beloved, one that is ultra-soft and cozy and yet at the same time, protects her sofa from mess.

This gift, which is ideal for pets such as dogs and cats, enhances the look of her furniture too.

With this waterproof quilted throw, their furry friend will also feel the warmth and comfort of the new house.

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4 -Piece Set of Kitchen Towels ,Oven Mitt, Pot Holder – Practical Addition and Beautiful Decor to her Kitchen

This 4-Piece Set is ideal for a lady whom you think has everything.

These comfortable 4-piece set is one gift which she will not find it too many. She will always be happy to have one extra set of kitchen towel, oven mitt or pot holder, which will always come in handy.

As the colour is floral, these towels will spruce up the kitchen, adding liveliness and spring feel to the kitchen.

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Personalized Initial Motif Cookie Jar

Initial Cookie Jar – Perfect Storage Jar for the Lady with a Sweet Tooth

For a lady with a sweet tooth, keeping her “stash” of sweet goodies is a must-have in her very own home.

She needs to ensure she maintains her stock of cookies, candies and chocolates, to satisfy her sweet craving.

This gift, with her initial displayed on the cookie jar, is one fantastic gift that she will thank you for.

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Spa Bath and Body Gift Set – Provides Relaxation and Spa Relief

Her bathing experience in her new abode would be incomplete without a spa gift set for them. This spa bath and body gift set makes their bath mesmerizing due to the following.

The soothing bath salts which fizzles in the bath, add visual appeal. The aromatherapy pillar candle and bath pillow help to relieve stress and helps relaxation during the bath. Lastly, this good housewarming gift for girls has a moisturizing bath and body gel help soothe and nourish the dry skin. 

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Bluetooth Shower Speaker – Portable and Waterproof

This bluetooth shower speaker projects loud, clear music, which will let the lady enjoy the bath with perfect sound surroundings.

If she is the kind that likes to sing in the shower, the speakers lets the new female occupant immense herself in the music completely, humming her favourite songs in the shower.

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