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39 Most Awesome (Feb 2023) Gifts For 70 Year Old Woman

By Doris Tan
(updated Feb 2023) Are you searching for gifts for a 70 year old woman?

Get this:

A comprehensive list of the best gift ideas for female seniors age 70!

What to buy for a 70 year old woman?

Purchase a present that will make her feel unique. It can be associated with her personality, passion or something she can connect to. Whether the item is meaningful, hilarious, cool, unique, creative or customized, let her know that having reach this milestone age, it is time for her to appreciate the little pleasures in life.

Gifts For 70 Year Old Mom

Regardless if the present is for your mom, grandmother, sister, aunt or friend, at, our wide range of recommendations of varying price points can help you easily hunt for something appropriate for the seventy year old lady.

Let’s jump right in!

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With the year that she was born in prominently printed and the hilarious wordings “All Original Parts”, this t-shirt are funny gag gifts for 70 year old woman including your aunt or grandmother.

Let the guests at the party know she is still as original as she was! Choose the color that best suit her taste for a memorable present and celebration!

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The LEGO Bonsai Tree building kit is a great choice for a lady celebrating her seventieth special day, who loves spending time leisurely creating things and loves plants at the same time.

The great present idea contains many colorful pieces of classic green leaves and vibrant pink cherry blooms as I see it. Using the different stunning and colorful decoration pieces, your beloved family member or friend can easily create classic bonsai trees. Notably, based on one’s creativity, one can swap different colors to make new and unique bonsai trees

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Let her go back in time and recollect some nostalgic memories with this amazing radio! A unique Bluetooth speaker with a stunning old retro look that will make her nostalgic for bygone eras. It is made of walnut wood to for that authentic look, and it includes powerful brass hardware for that extra oomph in the music output.

One of the most practical gifts for a 70 year old woman, give the senior lady this ideal vintage speaker which she can proudly display at home. Perfect to give on anniversary, mother’s day and Christmas too!

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If you want to make her feel special as you wish her a happy birthday, then you have yourself the perfect idea. If you are pondering the question on what is the traditional gift for 70th birthday, then this jewelry is an excellent consideration.

It is an elegant neckpiece that also carries a deep meaning. It features seven silver rings, each of which represents a decade. Wearing this will not only be a symbol of love but also her rich life.

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There are many ways in which you can add some warmth to her life. With this towel warmer, she will no longer have to endure the post-shower cold. She will simply need to toss it inside, set a time, and come back to find it warm and ready for wrapping.

An unusual 70th birthday gift for her that is actually thoughtful and practical, she can also use the same to warm her other personal items such as her robe, face towel, blankets and more.

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Names hold a special place in one’s identity. Hence, if you are looking to appreciate your loved one with something unique and meaningful, this name art would be a wonderful idea. A unique 70th birthday gift idea for mom, the concept behind it is to celebrate the history and journey of a name.

The result is an art print containing her name and details about it such as meaning, origin among others.

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If your elder lady has the habit of losing track of time, the digital alarm clock might be the best solution to get her on track. This digital alarm clock is made of prime-quality material and advanced technology to give the best user experience.

It has a variety of time zones, multiple brightness levels, and a large display of a digital calendar clock, making it for the one of the most unique gifts for 70 year old woman.

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If you want to give the senior lady a genuinely unique present on her special day, think outside the box and purchase her something terrific, enjoyable to have, and specifically personalized. This unique rose with a birthstone is not like other roses! She will treasure this actual rose forever, which you may choose to match the color of her birthstone.

You may select your favourite gold, silver, or even platinum trim for this ideal present for your mother who is 70 years old. Additionally, you may customize the rose further to make it even more unique by adding add-ons like wording or a love charm.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

For something that is meaningful, you can get a special jar like no other from Kindnotes. Inside the jar, which you can choose from a variety of theme and designs, there are numerous inspiring, encouraging positive messages waiting for her to discover.

This keepsake item is a great non-traditional birthday gift for a 70 year old woman that she will be delighted to display in her home. You can also customize the messages to make it even more personalized.

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With this fabulous wine glass, she can celebrate her milestone birthday in style. The stemless glass comes uniquely personalized with the recipient’s year of birth.

Its simple yet elegant design makes it not only attractive but also easy to hold. The perfect 70th birthday gift ideas for aunt or grandmother, the idea behind using the year of birth is to create a timeless item that will not become outdated over the years as her age changes.

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For many decades, she has lived a long life filled with memories. What better way to honor these experiences than with a personal memoir?

This journal contains pages of guided questions that will guide her to record personal information about her history and views. This will be a great way to reminisce about her life which makes it a meaningful 70th birthday gifts for mom and a wonderful and memorable birthday idea for your elderly parent on her birthday bash.

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What to buy for an elderly woman? How about a device that allow her feet the relaxation they deserve? From what I see, this relaxing foot bath massager is equipped with rotatable mini gears and motorized massage rollers – a nifty device that gives perfect deep massages which relaxes her soles while promoting proper blood circulation and metabolism.

It is designed to heat up efficiently and maintain the optimal water temperature she set throughout the entire foot soak.

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This is the perfect useful gadget for any elderly woman! A special WiFi digital frame lets her reminisce the good old times and also keep current family moments like with her grandchildren.

This wall-mountable picture frame allows her or loved ones to send photos and videos from anywhere as she is being kept abreast with the latest technology. It comes with ample storage enough room to create a fun puzzle of wonderful moments.

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You cannot go wrong by choosing to give a practical gift to her with this elegant monogram tote bag. This personalized gift should be among the top of your gift choices for her. It’s an ideal multipurpose bag, big enough to fit different items even for long summer vacation trips.

The bag is durable and easily washable. The elderly lady will love the simplicity and convenience of this bag that makes it among the top gifts for woman turning 70.

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This amazing tracker can help her track just about anything from keys, bags, wallet, watch and more! It is pretty easy to use – the main thing she will have to do is to attach the tracker tags to her regularly needed items.

One of the top gifts for women over 70, with this bundle, she can quickly find her things via loud sound or LED light. Ideal for the elderly, your loved ones will now no longer have to worry about misplaced items again!

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Getting someone this adult fun and relaxing activity book can turn things around if they are feeling bored. The suitable 70th birthday present has a variety of fun-filled and entertaining activities that will intrigue adults especially for old folks.

For instance, the book contains different writing activities, simple puzzles, fun brain games, and coloring pages. All these activities help boost one’s concentration and give one much-needed stress relief.

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Find Quality Custom One of a Kind Mother's Day Gifts at - Personalize your 3D Crystal Photo Gift Today. Free Shipping! Shop Now.

From wedding, anniversaries, Xmas and just moments shared with loved ones, seventy years is likely to be filled with a lot of memories.

If there is one that you feel she would love to safeguard for years, you can use it to build a photo crystal. You will then pick a crystal shape of your choice to end up with an elegant display and timeless keepsake. Beautiful engraved crystals are also ideal anniversary gifts for in laws.

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Are you thinking of what to buy seniors for Christmas or are worried about her mobility? Give your favorite elder lady the best support she needs if she needs some assistance to walk – a cane for her to walk gracefully, mirroring her graceful personality.

The Vive cane is made of top-quality metal to make it stable, secure, and compact. It is lightweight and foldable, which makes it very convenient to carry around. Moreover, keeping convenience on priority, it has an ergonomic hand grip to avoid muscle cramping and hand fatigue. Coming with a non-slippery tip, this cane will make the stable and best useful gift for old lady.

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What to buy for an elderly woman? It’s a known fact that they are more prone to bone problems. Plus, when women reach this age, pain and stiffness in joints and limbs are common ailments.

Hence, this hand therapy set can help to reduce the soreness and pain while helping the user to build strength to endure tough routines. Definitely a useful gift idea to assist the older person lead a pain free life.

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If any senior woman around you is turning 70, then this vintage and classy table décor are perfect to give them for some memorable 70th birthday ideas. It consists of every important happening that took place when that special woman was born!

One of the top birthday gifts for 70 year olds, it will prove to be a very cool thing her to read the details and get completely hooked while having a look at it. This type of versatile printed decor are wonderful 65th birthday gift ideas too as you can simply select the appropriate year for the receiver.

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Reaching this stage in life is a great milestone. Rich in meaning, this beads bracelet will be a great way to commemorate this. As indicated in the card that comes with it, it symbolizes wisdom, power, and truth.

Suitable for your sister’s birthday, the heart symbol attached will also be a reminder of the love that surrounds the elderly person. With a nice minimalistic design, she can wear and cherish the birthday gift always.

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For those who are quite particular about what they are drinking and also the temperature, this smart gadget is a good suggestion to get. For example, if their tea is not hot, they may not accept it.

Therefore, this temperature-controlled smart mug is made for such people. The mug is able to keep the drink hot for a good period in a single charge which is amazing for women in their 70s.

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If she loves to cook, then you cannot go wrong with a unique kitchen item to add to her collection. This cutting board is special as it can be personalized with her name and a beautiful monogram.

Great for your mother or wife, you get to choose from different designs for one that will complement her style and kitchen décor.

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What to get someone for their 70th birthday? An awesome idea is to get these popular candy boxes that are created specially for this special occasion.

This candy takes her taste buds on a nostalgic trip down memory line! The box comes with different pieces of candy sold back in the early 1950s alongside a special newspaper style insert!

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With a personal massager, she can get relief from constant muscle aches that come with old age. The massager is in form of a chair pad which she can simply strap onto any chair around the house.

Among the top gifts for a 70 year old woman who cannot walk, it uses heat, rolling, and compression to provide various massage techniques to help loosen tense muscles and provide relaxation. When not in use, the pad can be used as a comfort seat.

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This personalized music box is an excellent creative 70th birthday gift ideas for mom and other ladies so that they can listen to certain nostalgic songs that they have always loved.

Furthermore, you can engrave anything meaningful on the box, making it more personalized and sentimental. Right from the design to music selection, there are many customizations allowed. If any woman you love is turning 70, then you must give her this special and unique music box and is definitely an excellent new grandma gift too.

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Growing old gives you uncountable memories and detailed insight into life, but it also comes with some cons, like poor eyesight.

If you are looking for a thoughtful present for 70 year old woman, who are having trouble reading and doing work, this large lighted magnifying glass anti-glare will make the best and most useful item for your elderly loved one. It has a premium acrylic lens that can magnify many times and is manufactured to be highly durable.

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It goes without saying that sugar is not healthy for an elderly woman. However, this does not mean that you cannot give her a sweet treat. Nutritious options exist such as this healthy dried fruit gourmet basket which is certainly a recommended item in a gift guide for 70 year old woman.

She can indulge in this guilt-free as it is packed with plenty of nutrients from vitamins, minerals and fiber. The wooden basket that the snacks come in will make a fun fruit basket later on.

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A workaholic or couch potato, we all need to stay hydrated which makes this the best 70th birthday milestone gifts! Carrying this reusable tumbler with the wordings “Not A Day Over Fabulous” reminds her how fabulous she is.

This set includes one white tumbler and another pink tumbler with the wordings “Happy 70th Birthday”. Get her this birthday gift, and you can be sure she will use it every day as she is reminded to drink plentiful water from this amazing tumbler. Tumblers with funny wordings are great gag gifts for women as well.

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Steer clear of the ordinary and boring and get the older woman this personalized, adjustable apron for the chef.

There is no better way to make her happy that with a great gift for a fabulous 70 year old woman. An apron with front pockets that is personalized with her name – letting everyone know who the kitchen belongs to!

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Immersing in a relaxing aromatherapy session while enjoying a nice warm shower in a private space is what any lady desires. A good alternative to bath bomb, you should get this pack of shower bomb to elderly women which will surely benefit them.

Pack in a nice gift box, this unique gift for a 70 year old woman comes with a range of scents that gives her the luxury of choosing whatever scent she wants for the day and create her own spa in the comfort of home.

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Who does not love chocolates? Well almost everyone does! What about those elderly women who are not encouraged to eat sweet stuff but simply crave chocolates? Then you must give her this chocolate variety pack sampler that have no added sugar!

So, what to buy seniors for Christmas? Your lovely ladies can have these chocolates without any worries about their health.

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Every woman deserves a pampering session once a while, especially in the comfort of their home. Moreover, when women become old, they have less chance to do things that they’ve always loved to do especially if they have mobility issue.

This is your chance to delight her with some luxury gifts for her. Giving this luxurious vanilla spa gift basket is a very nice gesture towards elderly woman as she can now pamper herself at home easily.

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When people get old, they still love to enjoy, party and live like everybody else. So, this wine tumbler is specially made for the birthday girl or boy who just want to enjoy her life with a slogan saying “Aged to Perfection”.

Great as 70th birthday gifts for sister or grandma, this special tumbler will keep the drinks hot or cold for a long period.

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As her age increases, she may start to feel vulnerable. You can equip her with a tool that will make her feel safe at all times. When she is in danger, she can alert those around her by simply pulling out the contact pin or pressing the panic button in 2 quick successions.

She can also use it in case of a health emergency. It is simple to use as she does not have to keep on replacing batteries but rather simply recharge it with a cable. These personal alarms are also great bingo prizes as they are a must have during times of emergencies.

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With 7 decades years of life, she deserves some personal time to just relax. What better way to achieve this than with an aromatherapy set?

Great as Christmas gift for a 70 year old woman, this comes with a diffuser and different essential oils, each of which provides unique benefits. For instance, we have tee tree oil which boosts immunity, and lavender which is good for relaxation.

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One of the best idea to include in a gift guide for a seventy year old lady is something that will make her everyday life easier. As such, you can get her this automatic can opener that will give her fragile hands a break from struggling with stubborn can lids.

The electric handheld opener is battery-powered. Therefore, by simply pressing a button, the opener will cut the lid open in an all-round direction such that she can just lift it off.

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This tech device features an amazing multifunctional display that will keep her updated with everyday weather information.

It involves remote sensors that collect weather data and then transmits it to the indoor receiver. This way, she can get a live reading of the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity which will enable her to plan her days better.

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Do you wish to put a smile on her face as she reach this milestone age? Then try a humorous gift such as this mug. With a funny message imprinted on it, it will surely serve the purpose.

She can use the high-quality birthday coffee mug to enjoy her best beverages during afternoon tea, whether hot or cold. You can also complement this by placing additional presents inside such as her favorite coffee grounds, tea bags or even a gift card.

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Gifts For Women In Their 70s