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39 Most Thoughtful (Jul 2023) Get Well Gift Ideas

By Doris Tan
(updated Jul 2023) Are you looking for the best get well gift ideas to make someone feel better?

Good news.

We have prepared a complete recommendation list of get well soon gifts, care packages, gift baskets, kits, box ideas and more!

What are good get well gift ideas?

Buy something thoughtful that can make the person feel better. Whether the person is recovering from an illness or a surgery, the present that you give has to be comforting for a speedy recovery in the hospital or home. A colorful or funny item can also liven up the mood of the man or woman.

Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

Our comprehensive list of comforting gifts can help you find the right item quickly, regardless if the recipient is a kid, teenager or older men or women, you will certainly find our wide ranging recommendations useful at

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Besides the usual chicken soup or flowers, you can get this delicious treats consisting of vanilla sugar decorated cookies that is designed especially for this purpose!

With unique designs like a medicine bottle with cool words on top, these tasty snacks are the comfort food for anyone who needs a sweet treat. These wonderful edible gift comes in a beautiful gift box that requires no additional wrapping!

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Give your recovering loved one a unique get-well book from LoveBookOnline as a surprise. You will be the narrator of this personalized book as you have numerous fantastic options to select the graphics, text, emojis, and more on every page.

Create the most special and wonderful gift you can for the recipient, with a message that only the two of you will understand. He or she will certainly be profoundly touched by this treasured remembrance with this exceptional, special nice gift.

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Instead of fruit basket or flowers, consider improving the air quality of his or her room, which can definitely aid in the recovery.

Get this impressive Philips an air purifier has high-performance airflow that covers a huge area. I like the several layers of filtration that can remove most of the pollutants and microorganisms while keeping its operation relatively quiet. A creative and unusual feel better gift that can help turn the home into a healing sanctuary.

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A cute companion that is especially huggable is sometimes all that is needed to comfort someone who is experience difficulties, especially a child. This adorable dog is made of top quality plush and is slightly weighted to provide security when hugged.

A noteworthy feature is that it can be microwavable and act as a heating pad, or put inside a fridge as a cooling pad. A practical get well present for the loved one, choose from several other cute animals to bring out the smile in the kid or adult who is young at heart.

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Wish your best friend a speedy recovery and help him or her heal with a present that will bring smiles and be closer to nature at the same time.

This unusual get well soon gift idea comes with a cheery message and is complete with what you need to grow this TickleMe plant – seeds, inch flower pot and soil wafer.

During the recovery period, your sick loved one can watch the plant grow – the sparking pink delicate flowers that grow on the plant will add some color and joy.

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This coffee mug with the hilarious message – “If You’re Happy And You Know It It’s Your Meds” is the creative get well soon gag gift idea.

Firstly, when your loved one use this mug during medication time, the message evoke laughs and make the dreaded medicine taking easier. Secondly, drinking a favorite hot beverage from this coffee mug starts the day on the right positive note.

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A thoughtful gift to a sickly person would be this 5-piece combo pack. This collection consists of a neck pillow, an eye mask, a tote bag, and a warm pair of unisex socks. Help your loved one stay warm and comfortable during their challenging bed days.

Great for a friend or a loved one recovering from cancer, several items in this package are imprinted with warm messages of hope making this one of the best get well care package ideas in my opinion.

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If the person just had a surgery, getting surgery recovery gifts is a good suggestion. However, if you are not sure what is the best way to help alleviate the pain, giving a funny present will certainly cheer the moody person.

The hilarious words on the scented candle, which is made of natural soy wax, helps to provide mental support that makes it a good gift for injured friend and sick people. Separately give handmade diy greeting cards to cheer him or her even more!

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Cheer up your loved one and help them get well soon with this tasty unisex box.

This thoughtful box idea, which is a suitable sick person care package too, comes packed with seven different cookie varieties manufactured by reputable brands.

A fantastic get well food idea recovery box for both men and women, it contains encouraging messages of hope to your loved one as they get better.

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The perfect caring and comfort combination – a super soft and cozy throw blanket. What makes it an extra special get well gift are the numerous healing words and other inspirational phrases that are used to decorate the blanket.

Suitable for cancer patients or people suffering from concussion, this present is certainly thoughtful and practical. Available in various colors, every color has its own special qualities. High quality materials are used to make this blanket comfortable to help the recipient with a speedy recovery.

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Let the patient have some quiet quality time by doing some adult coloring. Not only can he or she reminisce the childhood days when coloring was a common activity, coloring can also be a therapeutic stress relieving activity from my own experience.

A good and inexpensive get well gift for older people to keep them occupied and calm while recovering. A crossword puzzle book is also a good alternative.

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The road to recovery begins post surgery. During this period, the patient has to more selective on what to eat so as not to consume unhealthy food that can interfere in the recovery.

As such, giving healthy snacks that are vegan, gluten free and dairy free is one of the safer options if you are considering edible surgery gifts. The perfect after surgery care package, the versatility of this package makes it a good Mothers day present, sympathy gift and other special occasions.

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Colorful fresh flowers are wonderful and traditional gifts of happiness to give to the person who is recovering, wishing her the best of health.

Among the top post surgery gifts for her, this wonderful flower arrangement for a lady will boost her spirits and brighten the area. Make your grandmother, mother, girlfriend, or female friend feel less dismayed by the fact that they are confined to a single room. The bright colors of these varied flowers like roses and lilies in a vase will brighten her day and make her feel better about herself.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

What is better than several feel better notes? Many uplifting notes put together in a nice jar that is worth keeping as a treasure after recovery!

With numerous words of encouragement and inspiring phrases, this can be a great homemade DIY get well soon gift idea as you can add some of your own paper origami or additional paper notes complement this item. Your best friend or relative will certainly appreciate your kind words.

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This amazing care package includes a special frosted glass candle that provides aromatherapy to help the woman relax. It also has a sleep mask to help her get a restful sleep.

One of the best get well care package for women, the box has a pair cozy socks to keep her feet warm. Best of all, the heart pendant reminds her of your love which makes it a great care package for your girlfriend, mom or grandma who is recovering. The overall colorful design of the entire care box idea certainly helps to liven up her mood and promote wellness.

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This gag gift t-shirt can be a good get well gift idea after surgery, including joint replacement procedure, if the patient has a good sense of humor and the surgery has been largely successful.

It can definitely cheer them up when their friends read the funny wordings. It is also a great inexpensive present for someone in physical rehab as it serves a good reminder that they are working hard towards a full recovery post surgery.

A similar woman’s V-neck t-shirt version can be found here.

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A lightweight fleece blanket is the perfect companion for both men and women who had surgery. Whether they are resting on bed, watching TV on the sofa or reading a book, this premium lightweight fleece blanket with sleeves is a thoughtful addition.

If you are thinking of what to send instead of flowers for a get well soon present, then this is the ideal item to promote a quick recovery. It is also a great welcome home from hospital gift idea. We also feature fleece blanket in our recommended gift ideas for 75 year old woman.

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I appreciate that this useful feel better soon care package has many essential items to help a person have a speedy recovery post surgery.

Its comprehensive package includes snacks and handy items like cookie, snack mix, mints, travel size tissues, reusable water bottle, activity book and other essential elements.

Suitable for various ages, whether is for a teenager or an elderly, this get well soon basket is perfect for showing love to your loved one recovering from surgery.

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Are you having trouble coming up with the ideal gift to brighten the surgery patient’s day? What about a sunflower bouquet that will never fade, wither or die? This beautiful pop-up sunflower bundle is created to lift their spirits of the recipient in my judgment.

The bundle includes a stunning sunflower morning, sunflower bouquet, and a pop-up card with a blank note card to write a customized message that will brighten his or her day.

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A shiatsu back and neck massager with adjustable speed is undoubtedly a useful device you can give someone who has recovered from surgery.

As they probably have certain mobility issue and needs to rest post surgery, such massager helps them to promote blood flow in their muscles and relieve muscle pain after lying on the bed for long period of time. By helping to reduce tension in the body, this is something great for surgery recovery. A massager is a wonderful 90th birthday gift too.

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An adorable plush soft toy that will certainly cheer up and lift up the mood of the recipient!

Besides the cute and snuggly sloth with the meaningful words “Hang In There”, there is also a greeting card that provides encouragement and list some activities the patient can do.

To top it off, the items are packaged in a colorful illustrated box which definitely is a wonderful get well gift idea for kids after surgery.

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A set of eco-friendly made of bio-degradable soy wax in colorful flowery design container will certainly bring cheer to the recipient. A good, inexpensive and useful feel better gift idea for women, this candle set include various fragrances like lavender and jasmine to provide a relaxing ambience when lighted.

Whether she is recovering from an injury, illness, surgery, each uplifting scented candle will provide comfort and joy. This is also among the recommended pet sympathy gifts for the owner who has lost a pet.

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Let the recovering person have a soothing environment with the help of aromatherapy from essential oils. With a quick and easy way to delivery fragrance to his or her room fast, this is an excellent item for someone recovering from stroke, cognitive disabilities or cancer as it helps to relax the mind as I see it.

Compact with several functions, it can also double up as a humidifier to keep the room fresh with cool mist.

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Make someone feel better with this versatile special mug with vibrant colors specially for someone on route to recovery.

Made of microwave safe ceramic material, this is ideal for anyone who loves to have a hot beverage. Great for your grandma, the bright colors will cheer her when she is feeling down. It can also be a creative feel better gift idea for a girl who is still in school to keep her pens and highlighters.

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This cute teddy bear is the best friend to anyone in need of a pick me up, regardless if he or she is recovering from a broken leg, knee surgery or from other illness.

Stuffed with soft fur, this get well soon teddy bear can be hanged by all arms with love. The cast is flexible and can be personalized with a comforting message. A cute get well gift at hospital to cheer up a kid.

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It would also be a good idea to get your sickly loved one something to cuddle up during those tough days. This get well teddy bear is a perfect gift for an ailing little girl to feel better.

Apart from bearing some encouraging messages on the cute hoodie to wish them well, the bear is made with quality materials and the stuffed animal can provide comfort for a long time.

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Keep your loved one busy and help them forget about the pain with this get well soon puzzle fun book for men. Suitable for your grandpa, dad or male friend after surgery or other ailment, this manly get well gift puzzle book comes with different types of fun games including Sudoku, word finds, crosswords, quote puzzles as well as funny jokes.

Great as an item in an activity gift basket, this book gift will help you lift his spirits during those tough days. Separately get a gift card and warm soup to delight him further!

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When patients are recovering from an illness or surgery, having sufficient bed rest is important. It is also recommended that they do not walk around too much as they are not completely well yet.

With a large amount of time spent in bed, presenting him this foldable bed tray lap desk is ideal for people on bed rest. This tray serves many uses – they can use work this bed tray lap desk to have meals and snacks, reading or surfing the web on their laptops.

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With much of time spent in bed recuperating, having a personal and handy item within reach is important.

Great for people recovering from knee surgery or shoulder surgery, this bedside storage organizer is a functional device to reach out for items they need without having to get up which makes it a good gift for people on bed rest.

Besides placing mobile phone, remote TV controls and medications in this organizer, they can also place some healthy snacks to ensure hunger pangs do not come. Best of all, after recovery, the organizer can be placed at other places such as sofa or desk.

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Made from natural pure beeswax, the candle is good way to light up your loved one’s life as they recover from illness.

Burning the beeswax can help a person to relax with a nice honey-like scent. The natural ingredient from this unusual get well gift idea will provide a pleasant experience and that they will remind your loved one that they are appreciated and cared for at all times.

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A quality bamboo tumbler is the perfect item to get someone in the hospital besides flowers – it is practical, cool and can be used long after the person has recovered.

The double vacuum insulation allows the drink inside to keep cold or warm for some time while the slim design fits nicely in the holder’s hands. It is like having your home tea mug on the go as the user can bring his or her favorite drink out. An ideal present for your mom or dad post surgery as it can keep their desired drink warm.

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Bee Well Cookie Bouquet

The bee well cookie bouquet has a cute flower and bee shaped cookies to enlighten the day of your loved one.

A great edible get well present for hospital patients, send them love and care as they recuperate from their illness or surgery.

The buttery, handmade vanilla sugar cookies provides a nice treat and is a wonderful comfort snack.

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Doing things while on bed rest is not that easy. However, with an ergonomic bed pillow the experience can get a whole lot better. That is why it would be a great idea to get your sickly family member one of these bed rest pillows with arm rest.

This particular pillow is multipurpose as it can provide firm support for neck, back and arms. Useful as a feel better gift idea for someone on bed rest or recovering from knee or back surgery, its design makes it easy for one to sit on their bed for long hours and feeling comfy without straining their muscles.

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Let your loved one enjoy some self care in the comfort of home. With this home spa basket that is suitable for both men and women, they can enjoy a luxurious spa kit that includes bubble bath, bath bomb, body lotion, face mask and more!

The fresh ocean scent will keep them relaxed and invigorated. Let them experience some skincare products to feel great especially if they just went through a difficult recovery process. We also recommend a refreshing spa kit in our recommended gifts for eighteen year old here.

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Get Well Prescription Gift Box

You could also get your dearie a thoughtful get well prescription gift box just to lift their spirits. This prescription box comes with a variety of tasty treats which include cheddar cheese pretzels and pizzazz fruit slices and other healthy snacks.

A great get well edible food idea for recovery, the snacks are packed inside this box just to help your sweetheart recover fast. It is also an awesome activity gift basket as you can find word search puzzle book and deck of playing cards.

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This cute get well soon notecard with a cover featuring an adorable water loving otter is sure to put a smile for your sick friend or coworker.

With its uniquely large size, this card has enough space for everyone to pen down their feel better notes. Show your loved one that you are caring him or her with words of prayer and other comforting words.

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Let your loved ones recover faster by putting a smile on their faces or even a big laughter with this pack of six happy pill giggling dolls.

Available in different colors, the pills will make laughing sounds when pressed, great as a fun get well soon gag gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend or a child to cheer them up. This can be a perfect humorous gift to get someone in the hospital who are unwell as it offers a respite from the tough time.

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Docs Get Well Gift Basket - Get Well Gift Basket

This get well soon basket filled with goodies complete with aromatic ground coffee and coffee mug will delight the recipient.

This basket contains a great assortment of snacks, including healthy dried fruits and crunchy nuts and gourmet cheese spread that goes very well with the tasty crackers. The assortment of snacks goes well with coffee, which is included in the bundle as well.

This is a thoughtful and practical idea which also includes the “Get Well” mug, conveying your well wishes to them.

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An incredible mix of nostalgic candies that not only taste well but also warms the heart as it brings back wonderful childhood memories. A nice present for all ages, whether is for older people or kids who are on route to recovery, this is an excellent comforting feel better gift.

The variety of candies will help those feeling down as the sweet taste will bring moments of happiness in this tough period. It can be a cool DIY get well gift as you can add more candies yourself.

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