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34 Most Awesome (Sep 2021) Second Baby Gifts To Wow 2nd Time Moms

(updated Sep 2021) Are you looking for the best second babies gift ideas that second time moms will love?

Check this out.

A specially curated list of presents to wow the newborns and parents.

What do you buy for a second baby gift?

Second time parents are already busy looking after the elder child. You can consider practical baby gifts or toys that the second child can use, gears that moms need to better look after the newborns or items that keep the first child occupied. Things that are sentimental, unique and thoughtful are great suggestions too.

Best Gifts for Second Baby

Whether you are getting items for your wife, daughter, sister or friend, at you can be sure to find something you like to bring to the second baby shower, baby sprinkle party or a simple gathering.

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Busy mom has young ones to attend to and keeping the older toddler occupied with meaningful activities can be a challenge. This is when this aqua magic mat will come in handy.

One side is a doodle mat for the kid to express creativity while the other side is a waterproof play mat. With the extra large size, it can also be a future play area when the newborn becomes older and the 2 kids can have fun and bond together there!

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Give your pregnant wife this excellent book, and you will never leave her mind. This memory book enables the family to welcome the second born in style.

It is a creative piece for enhancing the family bond when they add another member. Your expectant wife will love keeping a journal of the daily events. This is a keepsake baby book to keep the wonderful memories of parenthood and the multiple kids’ development.

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The perfect baby shower for 2nd child, this bodysuit has witty and funny wordings and a cute image to indicate to everyone that this infant is the second addition to the family as the newest member.

With 4 “players” now in the game, there will be even more fun and joy. Made of super comfy materials, the child will feel relaxed in this original and unique attire.

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There is just something about plush toys that ignite calmness when touched. This super-soft plush mother-baby elephant toy set is a perfect gift for bedtime storytelling, playtime, or snuggling.

The child can cuddle to their heart’s content without you worrying about harmful substances. Additionally, there is plenty of soft plushness to hold for both the younger and older children!

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This tote bag is a practical as well as an awesome gift for second babies. The large size helps the family with new child keep their kids’ changing essentials like diapers, wipes, toys accessible and baby gear organized both indoor and outdoor.

Designed with a soft and yet long-lasting cotton canvas exterior, the numerous pockets offer enough storage space for all your kid’s changing accessories. They are convenient to carry and come with a bonus bottle koozie that helps to retain warm milk for kids. It is a good baby sprinkle idea too!

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Help a mom celebrate the new member of the family with this family sculpture. Most things capture a time, but this one captures emotion, the memory of moments that stay in the heart forever.

It is the perfect non-baby gifts for mom expecting her 2nd baby for such sentimental occasions. It is easy to clean and ready to display at her favorite spot in the house, so you won’t be adding her more work in maintenance.

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With a second child, both parents will surely be more busy. Even the older child, even he or she is toddler, will have some tasks to help with. Let everyone be easily reachable with this walkie talkie set.

The older child can perform the role of an older sibling and use the walkie talkie to update parents on the newborn’s status when they are not in the same room. A great baby sprinkle gift idea also, the walkie talkies have long range and clear sound features.

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Bamboo baby towels are excellent when it comes to absorbing water and keeping your young one’s skin dry. They are super soft and hence suitable for the delicate skin of your toddler.

A great gift for third baby too, the softness of this hooded bamboo towel will make the young one enjoy a tender feeling amid bathing. Besides, the material is gentle on the baby’s delicate skin. As a result, your kid will enjoy a comfortable and yet a soothing bathing experience.

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Let the 2 children bond together with this matching and unique 2nd child gift idea! This set of cute attire consist of a toddler tshirt and an infant bodysuit.

With several colors to choose from, this can also be an awesome present to bring to a baby shower which will definitely please the parents. It will make a perfect picture moment for the whole family when the little ones wear this set of attire with funny wordings. A wonderful gift for second baby of different gender also.

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Get your pregnant daughter or sister with the right gear at the right time. She needs this to complete her second baby registry. Parenting is fun. But every mama will tell you that it can be very draining too.

With two babies, that is a different story all together with double the effort. Make it a little easier on the 2nd time parents. A practical baby gift as they can change the baby’s diaper conveniently.

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This is a perfect baby gift for second child. Having restful sleep is positive for children’s development. Parents with 2 young children will undoubtedly appreciate this amazing gadget.

Putting one baby to sleep is hard enough. Imagine having to put two babies to sleep. Even a super organized mom will need the help that this white noise sound machine offers when it comes to soothing and putting the kid to sleep. We also recommended a similar machine in our page on get well soon gifts to feel better.

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Tummy time or playtime should never be boring. With this piano music mat, the child will not be grumpy for long. Its lightweight non-woven fabric will not harm precious skin and every time the child’s hands or feet touch a “key”, educational sound will be produced.

It helps children make music while educating them on different colors and animals while also improving their gross motor skills like many other good baby toddler toys. As a plus, the batteries will not run out fast thanks to automatic energy-saving if the mat remains idle for sometime.

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Are you looking to assure your beloved pregnant wife who is going to be a mother of two that your family is united? This is the right accessory. All the emotions that come over a new mom may make her a little insecure.

Get this great jewellery gift for second time mom from husband as it tells her that they are a family unit; that they will always be there for one another. And it assures the expectant mom of the integral part she plays in the family. This will definitely touch her heart. You can also find similar beautiful necklace in our list of 40th birthday gift ideas for her.

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A 3 pack of top quality swaddle blankets are great as a Christmas gift for the new born. Each blanket is soft and cosy meaning every infant will snuggle nicely in it that will please the expecting mom.

They come in different designs so that you can pick the best design to match the gender of the expected new baby. Also a good suggestion for a second baby shower, there are many uses to complement any existing baby gear – swaddle wrap, burp cloth, nursing cover and more. The new mom will be thankful for such useful items.

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Every name has a story behind it. Whatever inspired the child’s name, with the story of the children’s names, both the 2 children will have an understanding of their names in future and it will be a great conversation starter for visitors.

This personalized name art is something thoughtful for that special parent and child, comes in different colors, and can be presented framed or left frameless.

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Wipes are something that cannot be handed down from the older sibling and hence is a must have. Wipes warmer is an interesting and unique baby #2 gift idea – it is probably something moms wish they have it earlier to warm up those wipes.

Warm wipes will enhance their diapering experience as it soothes young ones and makes them enjoy the diaper changing process. With a wipe warmer, the child will escape the risks of cold wipers that may cause irritations amid diapering. A top Christmas gift for second child too.

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Babies are cute and make you want to pick them up and cuddle all day. Sadly, they also grow up so fast and if you are not careful, you can miss out on tangible memories.

With this first year journal album, you can capture all the precious memories to reminisce over in the future. The eco-friendly pages will safely keep all the precious memories without having to worry about the words bleeding over time. You can comfortably add both pictures and words in the pages.

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A second time mom may easily find that she ignores the older child’s sleep and wake patterns because she is so busy. But having proper sleep routine is crucial for the child’s development. That is why this toddler sleep clock one of the best gifts for second time mom.

Also a wonderful present for a dad expecting his newborn, it comes with reminders flashing different colors for sleep time, nap time and more. It also plays lullabies and wake time music. It is configurable so she will not be stuck with the same routine if it does not suit her needs.

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This amazing set will boost your bond with the mum. A thoughtful mom and baby gift idea, the set comes with baby and mums essential daily care products to nourish their skin.

In addition, it has a canvas tote which makes it easy for the mums to carry it around. It is a remarkable gift for mommy after birth to show your care and mindfulness.

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Send your congratulations on the infant’s arrival with this cool baby wrap. These wraps are simple to use and offer many benefits over the traditional holding methods.

With the help of the wraps, she will reduce arm and back pain that results from carrying children for extended durations.

Something nice for mama after birth, which makes it a one of the best push gift ideas too, also help to strengthen the bond between them and aid in the child’s behavior development.

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How cute are these? No mother of two little girls would not want these! Bring them to a baby shower if you already know she is having a girl. With all the attention the newborn needs, the mom is likely to be struggling to have time for her toddler.

A fantastic gift for second baby girl of same gender, imagine how happy she will be to have something for her first daughter that will make her know she is important – a big sister. Also a great baby sprinkle gift idea and baby gifts for girls, these special apparel will spread joy all around. A recommended big sister little sister gift, it shows you know what the mom is dealing with.

Check here for a pair of matching outfits for brothers!

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Help your friend monitor her child as she takes care of her firstborn with this video monitor. A must have accessory in the second baby checklist, this gadget has a super quality video and audio.

It is also versatile and lightweight allowing your second-time mum to carry it around the room. Hence, by getting her this baby gadget which is certainly among the top ten baby gifts, you will have played a central role in helping her care for the new born.

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Shower time can be exciting or traumatizing to both baby and parent, depending on how the day went. With this neutral baby hamper, a parent has everything they need to make bath time as pleasurable as possible.

The gift basket is beautifully packed in a drawstring bag and includes a blanket wrap, a brush and comb set, and hooded towel among others. The wide-eyed teddy bear will bring a toothless smile to the child’s face while the cute plaque will bring a smile to the parent’s face.

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One of the best gifts for a mom with toddler and an infant is a humidifier. This eye-catching elephant diffuser will not only add a dash of intrigue to the room but will produce cool mist when in use.

Parents can enjoy gentle bursts of a relaxing fragrant mist as they tend to baby and the baby will love the various color cycling in the dark and enjoy a peaceful sleep. It has a decent capacity, is on the quiet side, and comes with auto shut-off when the water runs out. You may purchase another of these multi-use humidifiers if the older child is sleeping in a different room so that the toddler can also benefit from the benefits of this amazing device.

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Kids want to keep looking at the pictures of those who love them. Getting them this cool photo album would enable them to keep a memory of the most important people to them. Your daughter or sister can also keep printed pictures of her dearest child pictures easily.

Likewise, the mirror in the front helps to keep them busy as they try to figure out what’s in the mirror! A top Christmas gift for soon to be second time mom.

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New Arrival Blue Baby Carrier Gift Basket

Do you think the mom is ready to pass down used baby carriers, booties and such items to baby number two? Many second time parents do that, but usually not by choice.

Surprise her by giving her something new for the new baby is you are thinking of what to buy for second baby boy. Also useful second baby shower gift idea, the baby will have his own new stuff like apparel, toys and the mom will be happy you are the friend or relative who made that possible for her.

A pink baby carrier gift basket is available too!

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Art and craft supplies are perfect for a 2nd time mom looking to keep their elder children busy. Kids feel good when trying out new things and hence the idea of gifting them with arts and craft supplies would wow them just as toys to.

Generally, kids absorb a lot of information and they may not be able to express themselves in words. However, they may have a different visual way to express their thoughts and emotions – arts and crafts could be all they need.

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A second time mom is busy. And it’s easy to forget the precious moments of each day as time slips by so fast especially when taking care of 2 kids. And yet there are precious memories she needs to keep.

This memory book has an easy to fill one line of the child’s behavior development note or other memorable stuff that she can quickly fill in at the end of each day. An awesome 2nd baby gift for someone who has everything, it is a present that can be seen and touched every day for five years. It can also be given as a push present for men and it will last lifetimes because even when the babies are grown, it will be something dear to their hearts.

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Want your present to the family something that will stand out? This box with many practical items is the answer. The baby clothes is organic. You are starting the little man’s life with one of the best lessons he is ever going to learn, to take care of the environment. And mom will be happy because you care for the infant’s delicate skin.

A wonderful baby shower gift for second baby too, the mother of two will like the memory book to start recording memorable moments while still busy caring for the infant. A gift box for little lady is also available!

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For a woman expecting a second baby, a spacious bag will certainly be extra useful to keep essential gears, apparel, accessories and toys. Other mom bags have space for one baby’s stuff. But your pregnant sister or friend now has a toddler and a new baby.

Made of strong polyester, it can withstand all the wear and tear from being carried everywhere. It also has insulated pockets for feeding bottles to keep baby food at the right temperature. A backpack that combines convenience and style. A great push present for husband too.

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Get something that the newborn baby will absolutely love! This docking station from the renowned DockATot is multifunctional – the parents can easily supervise the infant lounging and playtime, while giving the newborn ample room to move the limbs and supports tummy time.

One of the most practical gifts for second babies, the new mom and dad will surely appreciate your thoughtful gesture. For some models, there are options to customize the dock, for example, it can be personalized with the 2nd child’s name, certainly this is the perfect present for the baby who has everything.

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Surprise the new mom and dad with the most personalized present they can receive – a keychain that features the baby’s picture! From The 3D Gift, provide the best picture you have and any other instructions you have.

You can be assured of a high quality resolution keychain that can last for a long time. Great to celebrate the baby’s birth! Something to consider as a sibling gift for the older child too.

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Orange Art Box Gift Subscription

Help the mum with an older toddler keep her first-born occupied by giving her this fun art supplies and projects subscription box. This can be in addition to toddler toys which the first child can play.

A great big brother gift idea too, this gift package will enhance the first child’s creativity and imaginations while offering them a fun moment. With it, your daughter or wife will have maximum time for the newborn. If you have no idea on the best coming out gifts, this thoughtful subscription box is an ideal choice.

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A double stroller lets both children enjoy a comfortable ride outside without creating much fuss for the parents. Lightweight with a easy 1-hand fold, the stroller has flexible wheels for easy movement and comfort.

The extra large canopy offers good protection against the sun and rain. With the 2 seats, this is a wonderful gift for twin baby too.

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Gifts for Second Time Moms