33 Most Awesome (Nov 2020) Big Brother Gift Ideas

New Big Brother Gift(updated in Nov 2020) Are you searching for the best big brother gift ideas?

Good news:

We have created a comprehensive list of gifts for big brother when new baby arrives. Whether is a big sibling gift from the baby brother or baby sister, a present for the big brother at baby shower or a Christmas gift, we got you covered.

What are good gifts for big brother when baby is born?

Get a present that will make him feel special and also not feel neglected. Welcoming a new-born is always a special occasion for the older sibling and parents. Great gift suggestions are big brother related clothes, educational books for toddlers and gadgets. Gifts that are cute, unique, personalized or keepsake are recommended too.

Whether the elder son is a young toddler or older, at MammothGiftIdeas.com, our all inclusive list of amazing gift ideas for the kid suit various budget and interests. We also have a list of gifts for the big sister here!

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This 3-piece superhero gift set is specially designed for older sibling that have new little brother or sister.

It is great way to make the older boy feel delighted and special. The high quality 3 in 1 set contains a new big brother book, a superhero mask made out of felt and a superhero cape.

This matching outfit makes an adorable gift for a soon-to-be big brother. This is something he can wear before the baby comes to build his excitement and anticipation for the new baby on the way. Afterward, they will get to match with this cute big brother little brother gift.

This set will be perfect for some cute photos together. The hat, romper, and pants which are made with cotton will make comfortable pyjamas even for the baby.

Make learning the ropes of being a responsible older son fun by getting the boy this illustrated guide. He is new at it and of course wants to be good at it.

A suitable becoming a big brother gift, this book will make him laugh as he learns the little things that make him cool in his younger sibling’s eyes. If you are looking to teach him to be happy being a big brother, this is the ideal guide.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to let the child know the story of his name? From NameStories, the story is printed on quality paper with a choice to frame it so that it can be displayed prominently.

Plus this piece of art is perfect for decorating his room and a great sibling gift from new baby. The best part is that you can customize some text to make it even more special for the little gentleman.

Save up the fun times with this photo album. This photo album is perfect for storing favorite photos of your older son and his infant sibling.

Perfect for show and tell and as family keepsakes. Also a wonderful Christmas gift for big brother, it is made from sturdy fabric material and will not get torn apart when handled by children. The slides are made from vinyl to prevent the pictures from sliding off.

This outfit set is a must for every boy-girl sibling. The funny wording on the larger T-shirt gives the older son a sense of responsibility to offer protection for his baby sibling.

It is one of the best big brother gifts from baby sister. Made from cotton, these clothes are designed to give both the brother and sister the best comfort and style.

You can also find a similar big brother and baby sister matching clothes here.

A special tumbler is a cool way to remind your son about how proud you are of him for being the best brother.

This special tumbler, which is a great big brother gift for toddlers, comes complete with a straw and has a unique shape which easily fits into the hands of little children. Its nice color and cute design will undoubtedly be well liked by the little boy.

Gift this set to a soon-to-be big brother and help him prepare for his new role. He can learn from the big brother book for toddlers which contains a story on how to become an older sibling.

The set also contains a teddy bear to keep him company when the baby comes. As he plays and cares for his teddy bear, he’ll practice doing the same for his new sibling. There is also a unisex rattler to share with his little sister or brother.

From the popular movie Toy Story, this one-of-a-kind pop up card will surely surprise your elder son when he opens it. A pop up 3D card features the easily recognizable Woody and Buzz! He will surely be delighted to see his favorite cartoon characters in 3D.

You can write a nice personal message too on his new role. The card can be included as part of your handmade big brother gifts which you have prepared for him. An unforgettable experience to commemorate the arrival of his little brother!

The new baby will need to be taken care of; by everyone in the family. What better way to train the toddler to take care of his baby sibling than with this baby doll for big brother.

A fun big brother announcement gift, it makes the whole experience fun as he will have “a baby” of his own to take care of. The matching cape says he has the powers to protect both his doll and his little brother or sister.

This easy to clean high quality metal picture frame is a must have for when the new baby arrives. A great keepsake present and fantastic for newborn and big brother picture ideas, it will hold their first memories together as siblings and make him feel important.

After all he is the older sibling! Seeing their picture together makes him know he is not being replaced. An excellent baby boy gift idea suggestion too.

Everyone will be wanting to take photographs of the little bundle of joy that has just been born; so will the big boy! A kid’s digital camera will be a cute big brother gift from baby to be to make him look forward to it.

With this camera, he will be able to capture beautiful moments of his infant sibling with his new camera. It is easy and can handle drops making it suitable for a kid.

Big Brother Kit Ideas

There is probably going to be a big “welcome home” sign for the new baby or twins. And even though he had his own, your toddler will not remember that.

He may be affected about being left out when everyone is celebrating. This congratulations box is guaranteed to change all that. No one wants to be replaced. An awesome big brother gift bag idea for hospital or a baby shower, spare some attention for the boy with this thoughtful present.

This is a t-shirt that comes in infant and toddler sizes to fit a young boy who is about to get a baby brother. With “I love my baby brother” imprinted on it, it is a great way for him to express his love for his new sibling.

A suitable gift for 1st time big brother, it is unisex and comes in a variety of colors enabling you to give him clothes with a color that he loves.

A thoughtful present to give a big brother expecting a little sibling. The best feature is that it can be customized with the elder son’s name and the little baby’s first name too.

The book speaks on the hopes and dreams of the older sibling and how great it is to be one. It comes with a medal to let him know he’s doing a fantastic job. The book is made out of hardcover designed to last longer and the medal is a fibreboard material. One of the best gifts for boys who just became a big brother when baby is born.

A cute bear that is specially created for this occasion. It is the perfect soft toy to give a child with a younger sibling. Perfect for baby announcements to the little one and great as a reminder that he is still an important member of the family.

It is a thoughtful present idea and an awesome “I am the big brother gift” to let the him know that he is doing an amazing job. The teddy bear is washable and easy to clean.

With a new addition to the family, you do not want your child to feel left out. This aqua drawing mat comes with several drawing items such as a booklet, templates, magic pens, and stamps which will be sure to keep him occupied.

Over time, this is a unique and creative toy that he can use to play with his new sibling and bond. With no use of ink, paint, or any other toxic substances it is a neat and safe toy for him and even the baby.

What better way to make the older siblings proud than to present them with a beautiful figurine crafted specially to mark this occasion.

This hand-painted intricate figure shows a young toddler cuddling an infant together on a beanbag – you will be impressed by the attention to details. Among the best big brother big sister gift, this figure is keepsake and when the infant grows up, he or she will be reminded of the love from the older sibling. You can also give beautiful figurines as baby shower gift for twins.

What better way to make children feel loved on the arrival of a younger sibling than putting it in a coloring book? A good big brother gift for hospital to keep the toddler occupied, this book contains coloring activities highlighting how special they are and how cool it is to have a younger sibling.

Made from relatively thicker paper to disallow crayons and coloured pencils from seeping through to the other side. It also comes with mazes, and word search pages for all-round fun.

Dino Baby Hanging Growth Chart

Becoming a big brother is a sign of growth. As such, this hanging growth chart will be a great gift for a promoted big brother to be to show him that he is becoming a big boy ready to take on the new role.

This is also something he can use with his younger sibling and compete in height. It will also be fun for him to watch and monitor the growth of his baby sibling!

If your child is worried about getting a new sibling, then you can use this baseball cap to cheer them up.

It will not only be a great outfit for him, but it will also make him feel mature and like the promoted to big brother that he is about to become. With the visible words embroidered on the cap, he will wear his new title with pride.

Up until now he has been the center of attention, being the first born and all. Now everyone is distracted with the arrival of the new baby or twins. You want to keep your toddler busy. Do not do it with passive entertainment. Let him learn actively to develop his creativity with this multi-color modeling clay.

A useful item as part of the big brother kit idea, the clay dries fast making his work safe and not easily messed up. With all the colors he can make anything, and discover art so early.

Let the big brother be the newborn’s bodyguard! With this walkie talkie, that is also a good big brother big sister gift, you can assign the older brother the role to be on the lookout for his baby sibling.

Make use of the walkie talkie to communicate with the parents or babysitter when they are busy. He will feel the joy of taking additional responsibilities and the walkie talkie is a symbol of him growing up to be a responsible family member.

The hardest thing to do can be making sure the first born is not ignored. But it’s not difficult to know if your toddler is interested in sports. And if he is, this is your jackpot.

Among the coolest big brother t shirt around, his eyes are going to open so wide with excitement to receive this outfit. He will feel loved and noticed with this cool t-shirt.

Make playtime fun with the reusable dragons. The first born gets to be active and involved in the game.

These sticker scenes not only sharpen his imagination, but they also allow him to be creative. And the fact they can be reused is perfect. That means he can go to the racetrack with his little creature friends and explore all over again.

Someone is soon going to tell the little boy to get his toys organized. Give him this beautiful box to keep his toys and you will never fight over being organized again.

This beautiful personalized big brother gift will be appreciated coming from anyone. Whether you are the mom, the dad, or the aunty, your gift is not just good looking and personalized, it will help teach the boy a lesson in being organized. A cool gift for older sister also!

Childrens Activity Gift Basket

This is a great way to say thank you to your son for being a great sibling with this fantastic big brother kit idea. The gift basket contains colouring books and crayons, snacks and cookies, a game set, stuffed teddy and more.

Children can have all around fun with this gift basket. There are lots of colouring and activities to be done plus there are snacks and candy for when they need to take a break.

As he transitions into the new life of a new big brother, this gift set will be wonderful for him. With a big brother children’s book included in the set, he will be able to know more about being a responsible older son.

He will also get a friend to play with in the form of the soft toy that is also part of the gift. The superhero theme of the toy will inspire him to be ready to protect and care for his younger sibling.

Tell your son he’s having a baby sister or brother the cool way. With this T-shirt, you will make your toddler happy to welcome the new family member without feeling left out.

One of the best big brother little brother gifts, the matching body suit for the newborn makes it the perfect clothes gift set. Makes him feel he is a responsible elder sibling with the birth of the baby.

There is also a big brother little sister matching attire too!

Watches are timeless gifts for boys when they get a younger sibling. This digital sport watch comes with LED lighting which can be adjusted for easy time telling at night.

Easy to read and the perfect big sibling gift from new baby, it also has a stopwatch and alarm. Its waterproof feature means your older son can wear it for some light water activities. It comes with a thick, scratch resistant mirror surface to prevent scratches and breakage. We recommend a sports smart watch in our list of 18 year old birthday gifts here.

This backpack comes with a cute stuffed animal. Now you know the stuffed animal is going to be his friend for life. The backpack is a perfect gift for a toddler because it has padded straps that are comfortable on the young child’s shoulders.

An excellent big brother gift for baby shower, the boy can easily carry a few of his own stuff when travelling or use it to keep and carry his learning stuff.

Beside Husky, there are several other lovable animals to choose from also.

Play Kits Subscription Program Auto renew

The arrival of a newborn means you will have less time for your older son. However, his development cannot be neglected.

A play kit subscription is a useful solution as the older brother will periodically receive play products which are specially created and designed by experts to cater to children’s development. A great big brother gift idea for 2 year old, he will get hands on learning experience on interactive products that are fun and educational. This subscription kit is also one of the best baby gifts for second child.

Personalized Boy Superhero Pillowcases

An older sibling is supposed to protect his little sibling just as a superhero would. This personalized superhero pillowcase will be an exciting unique gift for him and will inspire him as he takes up his new role as an older sibling.

The present also gives you a chance to choose from 4 different superhero designs and even customize it with his name to make him feel special and truly like a hero.

Big Brother Sibling Gift From Newborn