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43 Most Hilarious (Oct 2022) Gag Gifts For Men And Women

By Michael See
(updated Oct 2022) Are you searching for the best gag gift ideas?

Check this out:

A specially compiled list featuring many funny joke presents to create maximum comedic effect!

What are some good gag gifts?

Gag gifts are funny items given as a joke or for a comedic effect. A good gag gift matches the recipient’s personality, interest or behavior. For a gift exchange whereby you do not know who the final recipient will be, get something hilarious and silly in general so that everyone will get a good laugh.

Joke Gifts

Our wide variety of funny presents include things that are hilarious, silly, for pranks, inappropriate, useful, unique, dumb, outrageous and more!

Whether is for Christmas, birthday, April’s fool, graduation or any event in office or at home, our funniest present ideas will give the men and women around a good laugh!

Let’s be amused now!

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This mug sure is funny! Give the person you want to prank this mug in front of everyone and it speaks a lot about his or her character! This prank present, with its witty wordings, stands out among other mugs with its contrasting colors.

An appropriate gag gifts for seniors as well, make sure the recipient is able to take the joke! He or she may turn out to be a hateful person after receiving this mug! Or display it prominently so that others will keep a distance and enjoy some peace in the office!

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A toilet paper that would remind you of what you’ve done! Hilarious and giggly way of engaging your friends in a great laugh with this toilet paper gag gift.

Suitable for all sorts of occasions as happiness and chuckles are what required at any event whatsoever!

Wrap it as a joke present and just be prepared to check out your friend’s reaction.

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Thinking of giving gag gifts that are useful? This set of silicone spatula will be well received, especially with its vibrant design that will add more colors to the kitchen.

Each spatula has its own hilarious wordings which will bring chuckles to guests who see it for the first time. Made of premium silicone that can withstand high temperature, you can use it for multiple tasks in the kitchen. It is a creative and funny housewarming gift too!

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Taking a number two can get uncomfortable with other people around. While you may try to eliminate the odor with an air freshener, it may be too late as it is already in the air.

If you know your loved ones who are especially sensitive, this toilet spray toilet humour idea will be a good tease and solution. Spraying this beforehand will trap the odor enabling them to potty without worry.

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Can you imagine receiving a pizza box but when you open it, you get colorful socks? Well, play this prank on your pizza lover husband and get ready for a beating from them!

The entertaining and novelty joke gag gift is going to be the reason for endless laughs during family gathering.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that the socks are actually really nice and useful. The man will thank you for it sooner or later! You can also hide a gift card or birthday card inside the pizza box to delight the man even more!

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Your gym buddy needs some motivation through this funny sleeveless tee that says “I flexed and sleeves fell off” It would not only make them laugh.

Rather, the fun gag gift for men will be the perfect gift idea for husband’s birthday or for a male friend on April’s fool.

Your husband or guy friend will be ready to flex their muscles during a hardcore workout session! The workout session will be full of laughter!

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Everyone loves the genuine looking prank lottery tickets – they enable you to trick anyone with the excellent fake winning lottery tickets and scratch off cards.

The great tickets comprise of millionaire jackpots and cash king tickets that is the ultimate gag idea at the party and any special occasion! It comes with unique trick games as you can trick someone that they have won a millionaire jacket that will make them think that they are millionaires.

Wait and see things unfold as you laugh off with this good joke white elephant fun idea.

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What is a better way to light up a person with some funny gift ideas like a miniature Christmas tree toilet plunger?

The funny toilet plunger matches festive holiday mood exactly.

The incredible Christmas gag gift can be adorned with ornaments to give it a beautiful look this holiday season. A silly white elephant item for secret Santa gift exchange!

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This is a great choice if you are looking for an insanely funny Xmas gag gift for a friend or drinking buddies. And I relish receiving such crazy gifts once a while. It is a novelty liquor dispenser that features Santa Claus! This will be sure to make drinking more fun for your recipient.

They will simply need to press the liquor dispensing button and have Santa pour their favorite drink for them. It can be used as a beer dispenser too – a useful beer gag gift for beer lovers or wine lovers as well if wine wine is the preferred drink!

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There is no better funny stuff than the practical flip office item. The useful office gag gift enables you to salute your colleagues with humor that will put smiles on their faces the moment they set their eyes on it.

It comes with an erasable marker that enables you showcase your creativity and customize unique hilarious messages. Get it for the entire team this Christmas as the moody cards will undoubtedly bring great laughter this festive holiday.

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Farting Emoji Poop Pen

The writing was never fun until the great pen that makes fart sounds was launched! Life changed after that! Give the obnoxious poop pen to tweens, ask them to press it, and just enjoy the sound of it. The fart sound!

Imagine, a bunch of friends pressing the pen in a class and the teacher observes it! What will happen next?

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Is your friend or coworker playing gimmicks to look smart? Provide them with this witty and funny book!

They would not have to fake it as he or she would be able to learn a thing or two while appearing to be smart without much of the effort.

In addition, the content is so sidesplitting that they will end up as a genius! One of the best office Christmas party gag gifts!

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It is always very amusing to give someone a roll of toilet paper out of the blue for no apparent good reason.

The toilet paper is probably one of the best Christmas gag gift ideas a person can give because of the ridiculous effect.

Each sheet is printed with a cute image that causes extreme laughter when viewed. It is the perfect goofy Christmas gift and among the funniest Yankee Swap gift!

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The perfect toilet time is a classic funny and wacky toilet gift. The curious timer comprises of a regular joe sitting on the golden pot.

Especially fun to give to your brother, dad or boyfriend, the timer allows you to spin to set it for up to five minutes for your loved one to finish pooping and get out of the bowl.

From where I’m sitting, for the long poopers, this classic toilet timer is the ideal inappropriate gag gift idea!

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Combine an arm workout while drinking beer! The unique glass will make most people laugh once they figure out the dual purpose and witty meaning behind.

Enjoy the frothy deliciousness beer in extra large size. Made of glass with the perfect size as I see it and safe to wash, it is a great prank present to bring to a bachelor party or as a housewarming gift for bachelor pad.

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A DC comic fan friend will find this particular pair of socks quite amusing. More so, if they are a ”Flash” superhero follower. This is because it is red and yellow in color featuring the signature “Flash” costume design. It will be fun to pair this with a Flash costume which they already own.

They will also love wearing them with their regular outfits and showing them off. A suitable anniversary gift as well to indicate how fast time has passed!

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They will not be able to stop themselves from laughing at the sight of this funny gag gift idea. It has the appearance of a not-so-attractive Christmas sweater making it a funny prank joke to play on them.

Wearing this costume, they will achieve a hilarious look that is bound to make them the center of attraction at any gathering. The long-sleeved t-shirt has been decorated with a 3D photo-realistic design making it look like a real sweater.

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Is the man always in need of beer or soda? Then, why not get him a can holder that can always stick to his head without any fuss?

For sure, this silly hat would look humorous and stupid. But his problem would be solved with this bucket hat style of headwear! An appropriate groom gag gift too, there are even straws that are attached. So, your friend could sip and walk nonchalantly!

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Tubey the Tubeman will make an exciting wavy friend. It is a funny present for friend who will enjoy staring at its silly antics and each inflatable arm. It is similar to the typical tubeman found outdoors only that it has a desktop size.

They simply need to plug it in and enjoy its wackiness. It will make a great and fun addition to their office workspace.

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Be a couch potato, recline wherever you want to and hold the soft bread-shaped cushion tightly in your arms.

The creative bread-shaped cushion is so comical and amusing that it will be a great goofy present for anyone who loves to eat and sleep. The cushion will always incite hunger in your friends or family members and make them eat more with this humorous gift!

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Whether you are old or young, you can rock this unisex funny gag gift at any day and time. The modern design and soft fabric makes it comfy to wear.

Best of all, the sarcastic wordings are printed using top quality inks for a vibrant and durable finishing. One of the funniest t-shirt around, your fun-loving male and female friends will surely wear it out for a good comedic effect.

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A silly and rib-tickling item to showcase during family gatherings that would prove to be the best past-time for your dad or brother when they are engaged in the most useful activity ever and top funny gifts for men!

A hilarious gift that is useful as it helps them train and improve their golf game. Now, they will not feel bored during the potty time!

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The Handimonium is a hilarious game that assures plenty of laughter and is one of the best party ideas when you incorporate this game. The set comes with a pair of tiny hands that one is meant to wear when playing.

The rest then get to create fun challenges that appear simple but would be difficult to do with tiny hands. Watching them as they struggle and fumble will guarantee lots of fun.

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The burrito tortilla human blanket is a hilarious present idea that can be used on your friend or brother and sister. Ever wonder what it feels like to be wrapped up like a giant Burrito?

Now you can provide the answer. An amazing gag gift for women, it has a round design with various sizes that is comfortable as a blanket and they can enjoy a relaxing time inside, fully wrapped! Also among the best gifts for 15 year old teenage girl, you can choose the larger size blanket to make it a cool funny present idea for couples too!

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Desktop Punching Bag

In today’s times, even stress can be released through funny tactics with stress relief gag gifts. If you want to hit someone but you cannot, then the table top punching bag would come to your rescue.

Pass it to your boss who is always angry but cannot do much about it!

When he or she hit it at the desk, the stress will say goodbye with the aid of this wacky desk gag gift.

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When you encounter a personal disaster, the emergency underpants will gladly help you. These practical joke present come in 3 pairs of underpants that are packed individually. They can fit both genders, whether huge or small. It comes with a durable and compact container.

A funny and clean old age gag gift or over the hill present, these emergency underpants are always there to rescue whether searching for random stuff or dark humor gifts.

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You may be looking for something cool to appreciate your father or friend on a special occasion such as Father’s Day or his birthday. Some teasing and Dad joke may go a long way in making him happy on his day.

That makes this t-shirt an ideal cool adult gag item. He will feel loved and appreciated while at the same time have a good laugh at the joke behind when wearing the shirt with the funny phrase.

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There is no better way of pranking someone than using the fart filter box.

All that is required is to place the real item inside the prank box and strive to have a straight face while the person receiving opens it and finds out they have been tricked.

They probably think a fart filter is a dumb hilarious gadget! Great as part of your DIY homemade gag gift idea for your mom or dad. Also a great dirty Santa game present idea, the high-quality box’s relatively large size makes it ideal as a packaging for various birthday or Dirty Santa presents exchange.

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This is a great funny birthday present or troll gifts for friends if you are looking to pull someone’s leg. The person will expect the wooden box to have an essential use which they will be determined to find out.

Consequently, they are likely to have high expectations as they curiously flip the switch only for a tiger to pop out. This will be a fun joke to play on them.

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Make your office colleagues laugh their hearts out by giving them this funny and crazy mug. Plus, the mug is so amazing in terms of quality that it proves to be a perfect choice!

Invoke a little sense of humor in your office co-workers, sip a drink together and laugh together with some Christmas office humor!

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Spread the joy at the Christmas party with these large entertaining bundle with tissue paper. These funny grab bag gift ideas are the perfect way to communicate some witty and sarcastic remarks during the exchange.

Comprising of 3 designs and made of quality paper materials, it can also be used as part of your DIY homemade gag birthday gift to put the actual birthday present inside. This set of bag is a good Christmas presents for couples for you to keep your Christmas gifts for them.

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Gigantic Lollipop

The usual lollypops end too soon and you are always unable to taste them in the right manner! But, the gigantic and even funnier lollypop is designed to last long while providing a great strawberry flavor to your mouth.

Pass this unique hilarious stuff to your kids and see their reaction on licking it for even once as they will not be able to handle it properly because of its huge weight. A good suggested wedding gag gift too for the bride and groom to eat!

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The funny toy suits both the adults and children. An inexpensive gag gift, this toy has an amusing feature that involves squeezing it lightly with one hand, and a leg will pop up from the shark’s mouth!

These incredible features will make both the boys and girls laugh. You can easily prank your lover with this shark too. The soft surface is easy to hold with just one hand to squeeze it and make the leg pop up.

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Would you ever have a cup of coffee in a toilet shaped mug? Well, the hilarious ceramic toilet coffee mug is apt to make anyone chuckle and giggle.

One of the best gag gifts, the design is so unique that there will be so much fun around whenever the mug will be taken out. Want to play a prank on someone? Then this is the right comedy gift to get!

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The funny ‘This beer tastes like I am not going to work tomorrow’ wording alone will make someone laugh. Such glasses are popular hilarious gifts which are great not just for beer lovers.

The glass is designed superbly as it fits very well in your hand and has an old-fashioned hand that builds a remarkably sleek silhouette. Made with high-quality materials that give a delightful taste of your favorite brew. The cup helps to relieve stress from work as it gives your best friend a reprieve with the bustle of work life.

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Giant Inflatable Soccer Ball

The huge soccer ball is a great white elephant gift that will please sports fan. This oversized present idea brings playing soccer to a whole new level. Made up of durable materials, it weighs much heavier than most sports balls.

Soccer game will not be the same again. Properly kicking the ball for free kick will be impossible and heading the ball will look stupid! A truly fun experience.

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You can turn slippers into a humorous quirky gift by going for this pair of funny lobster flip-flops instead of the more common fish slippers. The lobster theme makes them a great accessory for the beach, pool, or general summer wear.

Additionally, the pair make comfortable footwear with a soft shoe body. A great stocking stuffer idea and fantastic bachelorette gag gift too, their anti-skid design also makes them suitable for wet conditions.

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The quirky dehydrated water can is basically a joke on its own! If any of your friends heading towards a hiking journey, then why not give them this can.

This appropriate camping white elephant gift will be the funniest present idea when they actually see what is in it!

The fun witty survival kit will not make your friends feel even a bit thirsty anymore.

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World's Smallest Super Soaker

Tell your kids that you are giving them a super soaker this Xmas. Place your this small version inside a large box.

Imagine their disappointment when they see this small pocket water pistol!

A great kids gag gift idea, this small funny gift will liven up the mood before you pass to them the actual super soaker! Make sure the real super soaker meets their expectation though!

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The colorful, designed socks for ladies bring a hilarious and very playful personality. A cheesy Christmas gift, it is combined with words stitched directly to the socks.

The socks will make everyone around you burst into laughter and is also an awesome bridal shower gag gift especially you know the bride to be is a wine lover.

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The funny biggest back scratcher is a great absurd present given for maximum comedic effect especially at a party. It is equivalent to having numerous back scratchers in one that enables the user to experience maximum enjoyment using minimum efforts!

Also a funny and one of the best joke gift for your wife or husband, the extra large back scratcher is amusing as you can say that it can scratches the back better his or her spouse!

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The visuals of the face of the cat will make everyone burst out laughing. This cat gag gift will certainly be the star attraction at the party event.

This novelty item is filled with helium to enable it to float easily. It can also be given as silly prizes for adults if you plan to hold game competition for guests at the Xmas or birthday party!

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Tell the recipient that you can make them super powerful in an instance – they will feel the “power” of the infinity stones once they put on this oven mitt novelty item! This symbol of immense power is something that is recognized immediately who have watched the popular Avengers Endgame movie.

A fun way to see the gauntlet in real life. A kitchen aid that great for stocking stuffer too, let him or her feel the power to impact the universe with this gauntlet.

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Funny Gag Gift Ideas