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The 43 Most Awesome (Apr 2023) Gifts That Will Delight 15 Year Old Girls

By Doris Tan
(updated Apr 2023) Searching for awesome gifts for 15 year old girls?

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A comprehensive gift ideas that are cool and suitable the for teenage female!

Regardless if you are finding presents for her birthday, quinceanera celebration, Christmas or other joyful events, this is the right page.

What to get a 15 year old girl?

Give her something that showcase her exuberance. During this teenage stage of her life, she is likely interested in things that are special and cool. Also, your gift can be fun, interesting, hilarious or creative that matches her interests and personality. Other good suggestions include personalized and keepsake items.

Gifts for Teenage Girls Age Fifteen

At, our curated list cover a wide range of products with varying prices – whether you are buying for your daughter, granddaughter, sister, girlfriend or best friend, this is the place to find the gift for the girl age fifteen.

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This is the perfect gift for a girl who loves skincare as the pack itself has 12 Korean face masks!

These paraben-free masks cater to dry, oily, or sensitive skin. So, why would she adore this set? The mask can help to hydrate and nourish her skin to keep it rejuvenated. Let her enjoy a pampering experience in the comfort of her home with this delightful skincare set.

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This 4-in-1 Jade face roller with eye massager will take her beauty regime to the next level – something which teen girls will be very keen to achieve. Made from Brazilian jade, with regular use, she will benefit from its soothing healing ions.

This set not only helps with blood circulation but also helps smooth fine lines. As I see it, the small roller is perfect for smoothing fine lines under the eyes while the ridged roller will help with blood circulation.

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Inspire the 15-year-old girl with the help of high-quality journal. I believe this luxurious journal is perfect for capturing her thoughts and ideas. Made with quality ivory paper, the pages are thick enough to prevent the common issue of ink bleeding.

In addition, I see that the gold and copper hardcover adds a touch of elegance. So, why would she love this gift? The numerous lined pages allow for her to write, draw, and express herself which no one else can see it if she wishes to keep it private. This journal is certainly a beautiful writing companion that she will cherish it.

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A 15-year-old girl just needs a multipurpose bag to transport her necessities such as books, accessories, electronics, make-up, cute soft toy and lip balm on the move. The bag’s adjustable straps make it easy to carry, and I reckon the large inside capacity accommodates all of her key things without much fuss.

It is a great gift idea if she’s a sporty girl who can use it as a gym bag or a daily duffel bag if she has a lot of activities after school. It comes in a variety of eye-catching patterns and attractive colors.

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A stainless steel bracelet is a way to show that the teen girl is very special to you. Among the best present for 15 year old girls quinne, the bracelet can be adjusted to the size of your girl’s wrist.

The steel bracelet beads make this gift elegant and lovely. Be it for your niece or friend, she will love seeing it on her wrist every time she wears it. She will know that she is loved.

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Every name has an interesting story to tell. Share the female teen’s interesting story behind her name by giving her this special gift. This interesting gift for 15 year old girl has her name, narrative of her name and the lovely adjectives associating with her name printed and nicely framed up.

You have a choice to personalize it by adding a custom text and have it printed on top of her name. This adds thoughtfulness to the gift and makes a great décor in her bedroom. This present idea is suitable for guys too, including for 16 year old teen guys.

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If you are thinking of what do 15 year old girls like, then make up is certainly a popular option. The one thing that is as essential as a good mirror during makeup application is good lighting.

With this makeup mirror, she does not have to worry about finding the perfect lighting as it is fitted with LED lighting. She can easily adjust the brightness as well as the angle of the mirrors to fit her situation. The trifold mirror contains several panels, some with magnification mode to give a better look on areas that require detail.

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This personalized chic tote bag will have her looking forward to running her next errands! It has a gorgeous design that can blend perfectly with most outfits and is large enough to hold most of her essentials.

The canvas is made of cotton and its front can be personalized with a gorgeous monogram to add a personal touch. Its water-resistant interior makes it perfect to take on that road trip, go to the beach, picnic or even on sleepovers. Teen girls who receive these stylish bags will be overjoyed by how useful they are!

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There is something elegant about a tennis bracelet, especially one that can’t help but catch one’s eye when kissed by light. This beauty will shimmer on her hand with every step she takes. It goes with any outfit and is made from durable metal for years of beautiful wear.

Present it to her at her 15th birthday party and she will wear it immediately in front of guests! I appreciate that it comes with an adjustable pull chain so you don’t have to worry about the size or wearing and taking it off.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

From KindNotes, this is one of the best unique gift ideas that the 15 year old girl will treasure and keep for a long time. Inside the jar, she will discover numerous encouraging and inspiring notes, each kept in an envelope.

You can select from different themes and designs, there is also an option to come out with your own customized note to make this the perfect personalized present. Great as a room décor, you can separately add a gift card to surprise her even more!

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Nothing beats a customized gift idea from her mom and dad. The travel mirror comes with incredible sayings customized that will make your daughter love it.

The special mirror will serve as a reminder to her in the future of the gift she received from her parents. One of the top gifts for 15 year old girls, it will portray your love for her as it is a very sentimental present. It can be presented for a daughter at a sweet sixteenth birthday celebration or other similar celebrations too.

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What better way to encourage a 15-year-old girl than to give her something she will really use? A wireless headphone from Bose with a quality design is surely a popular tech gadget birthday gift.

The top-notch noise cancellation, extended battery life, and amazing comfort will appeal to her. This stylish looking headset is also a great holiday gift for your teenage girl, teen boy, or any family member!

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Use this opportunity to help the young person learn more about herself, particularly her date of birth. She will spend a fair amount of time going over the intriguing material, which is beautifully produced with various specifics of astrology based on her date of birth.

This personalized gift is also very unique and can be used to decorate her bedroom. Furthermore, you can consider separately giving her gift cards so that she can buy other things that she desire.

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A journal is a perfect gift for a teenage girl who likes to write. This writing journal forms an even more sentimental gift meant for a daughter and will be a great symbol of a father’s love.

One of the best gifts from dad to his daughter, you can also give this to her as a keepsake which she can use for many years. Also a great sweet 16 birthday gift for daughter, it is appropriately sized allowing her to carry it around with her and note down her experiences.

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Every waking moment is a chance to learn something new. This Willow tree hand-painted figure symbolizing a lifelong love of learning is the great gift for her as she turns 15, to let her know that you recognize what she brings to the table. It is the perfect way to acknowledge that special achievement or work she has done as she is no longer a little girl.

Beautifully crafted and hand painted and can be displayed on a shelf, mantel, or table, it is easy to clean or dust. Beautiful figurines are great big sister gifts also to consider.

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As the name suggests, “The How-To Cookbook for Teens” is one of the best Christmas gifts for 15 year old girl if she loves cooking and is a novice in the kitchen department.

This recipe book has simple and basic recipes which require common ingredients saving her from lots of hassle. She can polish her skills with easy-to-follow instructions and simple but yummiest recipes from breakfast to dinner. And who knows, you might get surprised by her cooking too?

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A charm bracelet is an excellent gift to surprise her with as she celebrates her big day. She will love having this pretty bracelet to complement her outfits.

The bracelet also comes with a charm engraved with words of inspiration to motivate her as she steps further into her life. The expandable nature of the bracelet allows it to fit any size and at the same time making it easy to wear and remove. A great small birthday present idea for 15 year old girl.

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This is a simple and stylish gift that will help a teenage girl celebrate with style. The impressive 15 beads will look good on her when she wears it. The most significant advantage of this bead is that It will serve as a great reminder to her of the elegant present she received while young.

It comprises of a sterling silver chain, wire, and fifteen stylish beads. It is the best jewelry present to give your close friend or girlfriend. A cool quinceanera gift too.

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This jewelry box has a very elegant yet comfortable and classy design which is very suitable for a jewelry box as it can hold all the accessories in it without letting them slip out.

The box has compartments for every item of ornament and therefore, it is the dream jewelry box for young teens and a great girly girl addition to the Christmas list ideas.

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Consider this one-of-a-kind candle if you’re looking for a novelty and a useful item. The best part is certainly this – inside the candles are hidden jewels which she can wear and add to her accessory collection!

The various types of earrings and pendants means you will be able to find an accessory that match her preference. The candles can be part of your homemade birthday gifts for 15 year old girls can also be used to decorate the party venue.

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This is one of the most unique item that a girl wishes for on her special day. The candle, which is inspired by astrology, is created specially to match her birthdate that comes with several delightful information like her personality description, ruling number and tarot card.

A great gift for 15 year girl, moreover, there is a custom blend of natural fragrance that will surely invigorate the lady as the special candle is burnt, after which the premium glass is reusable.

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A young teen girl will love a soft throw blanket to keep her warm and cozy as she curls up in bed or on the sofa. A cute Christmas present for girls, it is also lightweight and she can carry it with her as she travels or goes camping.

Its burrito appearance adds an amusement touch to it allowing her to wrap herself up and look like a giant burrito.

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Looking for trendy gifts for 15 yr old girls? Try this lovely handbag. The handbag is very adorable and fun that will make your sister or niece fall in love with it.

The bag is beautifully made with impeccable attention that makes it the best small shoulder handbag for women. It will make her traveling much more comfortable and fun.

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The moon lamp is a simple but emotional present to gift a young woman this Christmas. The moon lamp comes with incredible features that will intrigue her.

It comprises of the 3D printer and dual-color (white and yellow) when using it. The impressive feature is beautiful moon’s surface which is from real images printed in a 3D technology. She will love to light up her room using the lamp that is an interesting Christmas presents for the high school girl.

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Let your daughter or niece feel relaxed with this coloring book. Coloring is not just for children. This book has numerous pages that for her to relax and unwind. It is made with top-quality paper that she can write on with common coloring stationery like markers, colored pencils, gel pens, or watercolors.

The black background reverse pages reduce bleed-through, ensuring a neat and enjoyable coloring experience. I reckon this captivating coloring book will become her go-to stress-reliever.

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There is the perfect present to put a smile on the 15 year old girl! A great Christmas gift idea for your teenage granddaughter, the heart-warming message which is laser engraved is encouraging and makes her feel special.

Able to keep her drinks warm or chill for a long period, she can easily bring this tumbler with her with the lid that minimizes spills. A top item to add to your gift list this year!

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If you are looking for something creative, magical, inexpensive and joyous, then a 3D pop up card from Lovepop is the perfect choice.

A good Christmas gift for a 15 year old female, choose from a wide selection of incredible looking cards that will surely astound her. The colorful, intricate designs are excellent teenage girl gifts to make them feel awesome. The versatility of 3D cards makes them also a wonderful idea for get well gifts.

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Ladies like to have bags of different sizes to suit their needs. This sweet looking small crossbody bag is a good addition to the Christmas list ideas for girls. It has a nice hollow carved design and cute tassel which is the ideal bag for the female teen who wants to travel light for certain occasions such as running errands in her neighborhood and walking her dog.

This stylish bag, which is also available in other colors and designs, has enough space to keep her essentials such as phone, cash, ID card, keys, lip stick and more.

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What a better way to celebrate this Xmas than with a tactical pen for self-defense. The pen is durable and very strong since it is made from aluminum.

The self-defense pen will protect the teen girl from any danger. Girls and women are vulnerable; hence it will make be of great use for your daughter or girlfriend. Convenient to carry in a handbag or schoolbag, this tactical pen is an unusual but practical small gift to light up her day.

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As a teen girl, she is likely to have started stocking up on beauty products. She will, therefore, love a trendy cosmetic pouch to store her makeup like powder and nail polish at home or on the go. It can also serve as a stylish essential bag for her to carry her everyday items such as phone, headphones, medication and more.

Several designs are available which can be further customized with the recipient’s name to make this popular gift more personal and unique for her this Xmas.

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Relaxation is a welcome entity is everyone’s life, regardless of age. This shower bomb aromatherapy variety pack speaks volumes to the receiver.

This pack includes tantalizing aromatherapy steamers that will turn ordinary shower time into a beautiful, relaxing spa-like experience. An excellent alternative to bath bomb, the soothing fragrances are not overwhelmingly strong and can be placed at the corner of your shower and let the fragrance relax her.

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This cardstock decoration is the ideal decorative item for the party venue. An inexpensive gift for 15 year old girls, it is printed on quality paper with easy to read wordings.

The year 2007 cardstock acts as a fun conversation starter with guests who will enjoy recalling famous 2007 incidents, movies, melodies and facts.

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As soon as the lid from the unique music box is lifted, the sound of music fills the room with joy. Make it even more special by engraving her name and a short message on a music box that she can take home with her. Select from different color and designs.

In addition, you may select from a wide variety of music that will best fit her personality and preferences, or even play a music that you provide. This is one of the most awesome 15th birthday presents you can give to your daughter, sister, or girlfriend, and she will be overjoyed to display it in her room. If you’re also looking for the perfect anniversary gift, this is it.

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Thinking of what to get a 15 year old girl? How about something that useful. This practical gift for her is very suitable for your daughter as it helps her know more about herself.

It is also motivational and aids in her creativity. It is the best listener and an amazing friend which allows her to express her felling onto the paper without any fear or regret. The journal is the best way for the owner to keep a record of the little things in life; the little moments of joy and pleasure that are often forgotten in the chaos of life.

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This easy to clean vacuum water bottle with straw lid is an ideal gift for the holiday season to ensure your loved ones remains hydrated.

Suitable to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for many hours, it is dishwasher safe and you won’t have to worry about sweat or slipping thanks to the slip-free powder coating used. Made of durable material, it is handy enough for the person on the go. The young lady can keep it conveniently in her backpack, gym bag or swung by hand with the hoop.

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Every girl in her teen years wants to feel like a princess. One of the best birthday gifts for 15 years old girl, the tiara is the best way to make her feel special and beautiful.

With a glittery tiara, she can play with her friends and feel special and loved. A sash is an amazing expression of her inner happiness reflecting outside on her sash. With a sash, she truly feels happy and special. This is what she truly wants; to be made to feel special on her special day!

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Giant Gumball Stress Ball

Give the teen a unique gift which helps her relieve her stress and unwind after a day of school activities.

A fun gift for 15 year old girls, this stress ball is no ordinary stress ball as it is gigantic in size and has a sweet bubble-gum smell.

This is also a nice desk décor, brightening up her study area when placed at her desk. Anytime she wants to chill or enjoy her break in between her schoolwork, she can reach out to this stress ball and knead her stress away.

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The young lady is likely to have charging devices for her gadgets already. Even so, this wireless charging station would be a good improvement for your 15-year-old daughter and it will be a device she actually wants. Due to its wireless charging feature, she will no longer have to deal with unsightly wires and adapters.

It also has the capacity to charge 2 gadgets including Airpod pros at the same time if they are compatible with the charger. It also functions as a smartphone stand that can be adjusted to provide a suitable viewing angle.

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The So Clover board game is an excellent idea to consider purchasing for your the high school girl if she enjoys challenging her mind and participating in interactive games. In addition, you’ll get to spend some quality time with her, which is always a plus.

This board game is simple, easy to comprehend, and can be started right away. It can be played in an average of thirty minutes and there will be full of laughing, joy, and a lot of socializing. She will quickly learn to love this game!

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Do you want a fun present for her? This funny 15 years old t-shirt is the best present you can give your teenage girl. It is not just a present but a valuable one.

A cute and funny gift for girls age 15, the large square root will capture anyone’s attention instantly. The material, including cotton, makes her feel comfortable when wearing it. In addition, there are many other maths symbols in the background that makes it special. Suitable for all-weather wear, the t-shirt is a great present for her as she can wear it for years to come even when she is no longer square root of 225 years old!

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This sturdy fashionable slim minimalist thread wallet is the ideal suggestion to add to a gift guide for the young woman who enjoys carrying her essentials. She will love the colorful wallet to carry her cash or cards, or even other small tidbits.

Thanks to the build-in ring, it is possible to attach the wallet to a backpack or any other place she may like. The colorful, fashionable wallets will match different styles and personalities. It is made of a beautiful combination of leather and a dash of elastic for the pocket.

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This amazing reusable multi-paged book is innovative and creative in its making as it contains several versatile and different styles of page construction. A popular gifts for teenage girls, it works as a multi-purposed assistant for undertaking a number of tasks such as planning trips, ambitious goal setting, vigorous note-taking, creative sketching as well as sharing new ideas.

Along with the multi-tasking ability of the notebook, its reusable paper can teach a lesson or two to young girls about recycling and saving the environment. A good Christmas gifts for 15 year old boy too.

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Balloons are a symbolic accessory of a party and giving these special balloons set to the girl will fill her day with colorful happiness.

Unlike the regular balloon set, the color scheme is elegant with quality material used. As a result, when a girl receives this amazing set of balloons, her day becomes even more special and it adds a new colorful memory to her memorable day.

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