36 Most Awesome (Oct 2020) Housewarming Gift Ideas for Couple

Housewarming gift for couple(updated in Oct 2020) Brainstorming for housewarming gift ideas for couple is important as moving in to a new home is a joyous occasion to mark the new chapter in the duo’s life.

What is a good housewarming gift for a couple?

It will be great to find housewarming presents that are practical to help the couple settle in their new house with less stress; or get items that commemorate the couple for finally moving in together. Good gifts include household gifts like useful kitchen aids, home and garden decor, couple blanket and couple drinkware.

We have put together a wide selection of good housewarming gifts for couples for you to choose from, including useful kitchen gifts, elegant barware, home décor and garden decor. These practical gift ideas are in a range of budget, to help the new house owners settle in with less stress.

With this wide selection list of gifts for moving in together, we at mammothgiftideas.com aim to help you point in the right direction in your choice of ideal gift for the couple.

We’ve got you covered, so now bring cheer to the new proud owners at their housewarming party!

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With “Mr” and “Mrs” words on these mugs, this gift will definitely bring a smile on their faces when they opened this his and hers housewarming gift.

These high quality mugs are perfect in size and weight, heavy enough for the couple to enjoy their morning beverages.

It is an excellent and useful gift to convey your well wishes to the pair for their house move.

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Help transform your couple friend’s new living room into a relaxing, tranquil oasis. Moving is a stressful time, so what better gift is there than the gift of a cosiness and togetherness?

This canvas art will help conjure up a peaceful living room atmosphere with a meaningful and nostalgic feel.  It is certainly one of the more unique housewarming gifts for couples.

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What better way to remind the couple of their symbolic reunion with this attractive and modern gift?

This amazing looking moon silhouette lamp provides a warm and soothing glow. Whether they display it in their bedroom or living room, it is certainly a great decor for their bedroom.

One of the best housewarming gifts for newlyweds with its creative and special design.

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Personalized Photo Canvas Print

A picture says a thousand words. This photo canvas print, which displays the couple’s sweet moments is an endearing and thoughtful addition to the couple’s new abode.

The high quality picture in latex canvas conveys your sweet congratulatory message to the duo for moving to a new home.

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Congratulate the couple on their new home and their lives with this luxurious gift.

This gift includes lead free whiskey glasses and decanter with couple wordings – “ours”, yours” “mine” , which makes this gift a centerpiece at their new lovenest.

With this house gift for couples, the pair can enjoy their drinks and enjoy their couple time in years to come.

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Buying the couple chocolate dipped strawberries, with an assorted mix of dark, milk and white chocolates, provide great starter snacks and smiles for the duo who just moved in to their new abode.

The chocolate coated snacks provide tasty and heartwarming snacks to go with wine, is one of the best housewarming gifts for young couple to unwind after moving house.

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A home decor that displays the family members depict cosiness and family warmth. It is a suitable housewarming gift for couples, who currently have children, grandchildren or have family planning in mind.

This family stand, which has a black plate with gold texturing on the leaves make the stand elegant and luxurious looking, a great decor in their new home. The couple and family members will have an enjoyable session arranging these magnetic discs and add the discs when the family grows in future.

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This is an ideal housewarming gift for the pair, signifying the “Handsome and Gorgeous” living together now.

They enhance the appearance of their living room and also gives the living room a comfortable setting. Their embroidered pattern adds a beautiful touch to the finishing. A great set to represent your blessings to the new couple in moving to their new home.

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Personalized Caribbean Sand Canvas Sign

A wall sign with the couple’s personalized names, initial, and date of your choice is a sweet and loving gift to convey your heartfelt happiness to the couple, for their new abode.

This wall sign, with sand and beach as the background, is most apt for a new home, a nest which they can proudly call it their haven.

This sign has two lines of personalization, which you can decide which two lines are more suitable for their new home.

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If you’re looking to make a statement with your housewarming gift, look no further than this unique beer cap holder which is suitable for beer and wine lovers. Help them make a splash in their home with this unconventional, yet stylish gift.

The couple will appreciate the aesthetic look of this holder, which proudly display their beer and wine adventures through the beer caps and wine corks, as well as the pleasant aesthetics and modern look. A recommended Christmas gift idea for young couple too!

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For a couple who grow love to have a sweet figurine at their new apartment, this is one of the most ideal new home gifts for couples to send your well wishes to the pair who have finally moved to a home that they call theirs.

This hand painted porcelain item showcases the act of being together comfortably on a couch can be a romantic moment too. We also recommend other hand painted sculpted figures in our page on second baby gift ideas here.

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This pair of sturdy and attractive glasses will spruce up the duo’s new abode.

These mason jars makes their concoctions more cheery and fun. This stylish display, with a personal touch of their names displayed, also enhances the kitchen’s decor. A practical unique couple housewarming gift to bring to the house party!

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The surest way to set a comfortable mood in a home is to light a candle or two. Consider purchasing this tea light candle holder set to display on their table and enjoy.

This heart shape design symbolizes the love for the newly wed which makes it a sentimental housewarming gift for the 2 people. Made of natural wood, when placed with 2 lighted candles, the flickering lights create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

This is a fantastic retirement gift for your wife or mom, as she spends a relaxing and retiring day at home.

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Mr. and Mrs. Pillowcases is undoubtedly one of the best romantic gifts for couples and newlyweds that fits together perfectly.

This high quality super soft pillow case is personalized so that couples can have their first name and wedding date printed on it. It is designed to add beauty to the perfect new home.

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Pacific Coast Classic Dried Fruit Tray Gift

Buying a gift for a couple who has everything pose challenges. Hence the best gift for this pair will be tasty and delicious food. This is especially so when they love good snacks!

This unique housewarming gift basket idea for couple comes in a presentable tray. They will be able to enjoy a variety of dried fruits and nuts like apricots, apples and almonds. A delicious and healthy treat to convey your well wishes to the couple in their first home.

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This housewarming gift is a fantastic gift to create luxurious and relaxing couple time for the pair in their new home.

A wonderful first home gift, the warm and calming LED lights and delightful fragrances coming from the essential oils create a relaxing and soothing environment, providing the twosome peace and relaxation in each other’s company.

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This 2 piece set of stemless wine glasses make a good housewarming gift as it is practical and personable. They can also use this pair of crystal wine glasses to enjoy their favourite wine in their new abode.

Also a wonderful his and her anniversary gift, with the nice “Mr and Mrs” prominently displayed on the glass, this awesome couple gift makes perfect ornaments to their very own home, a home that belong to just both of the lovely pair.

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Personalised Bamboo Bar Board with Shot Glasses

If your couple friends are the type of home owners that live to spend time in the kitchen, consider this beautiful cutting board as a good gift for moving in together.

The special design catches any juice from meat or produce, which will help them keep their counters clean and entertaining-ready. This board comes with lifetime warranty and is easy to clean. The bamboo itself is also beautiful and durable.

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This is one of the cool housewarming gift for couple moving in together to a new home as it is romantic and versatile.

It is romantic because it is not just any blanket throw, It is a reversible throw that has “Mr and Mrs” on the blanket to send your well wishes to them. It is versatile because they use this intimate gift to cuddle and foster closer bonding or as a nice decor on their couple’s sofa.

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This practical new home gift idea for couple sits nicely at any corner of their home and the neutral colour matches the duo’s home décor.

It provides a great cosy corner for the pair to have bonding time, or for each of them to relax on this beanbag chair, reading a book or watching the favourite movie.

The chair is made from materials which provide full support and long durability. It also comes in various colors, including neutral colors, which is great fit to any home decor.

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The wooden shadow box, which has a glass in front, helps to keep the couple’s adventures and happy memories intact. With a slot specially designed for them to slot in their tickets and so on, they can easily keep these tickets and store it in this box, a box that they call theirs.

This box makes a cool and heartwarming home decor for the couple’s abode too. A unique house warming gift for couple who loves sentimental stuff. It is also a unique housewarming gift as the new house owners can develop their own decoration by deciding what to add in the box.

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Champagne and Glassware Gift Set with Moet and Chandon Imperial

The two glass flutes and the quality champagne is an ideal first home gift ideas for couple. You are also helping the duo to spend quality time together when they enjoy the quality champagne in their very own new place.

The exquisite metallic accented box that comes with this set further adds to the luxurious feel.

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If your friends are into cooking, buying this cutting board, which displays the couple’s family name, is a great household gift for couples moving in together.

With this bamboo cutting board, the pair will enjoy using it whenever they want to cook as it truly belongs to them with their engraved name. This is a perfect gift for amateur and professional cooks and for everyday use.

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If one of the pair is either allergic to roses or doesn’t like flowers, there are some amazing botanical arrangement worth gifting for the couple. This gift serves as a perfect replacement for real roses.

It makes the home more beautiful and cost less when compared to buying a bouquet of real roses. In addition, this decent holding piece place at home requires no maintenance and adds elegance to their home, which is a good news for them.

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Any Message Husband and Wife Aprons  – Sweet and Practical

If the newly wed love cooking, this will be the housewarming gift for the couple.

The aprons are available in crisp white, cool black or bright red, with a matching gift bag that makes the present special and also cool gifts for couples to do together.

These aprons can be used for their favourite hobby such as baking, cooking and grilling.

The apron comes with two handy front pockets, which provide sufficient space for them to keep the important tools and stuff required for cooking, recipe cards and spices and so on.

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Chocolate Fondue and Champagne for Two Gift Hamper

Chocolate Fondue and Champagne – Includes Keepsake Picnic Hamper

With a new place to call their home, the couple can spend more quality time together indoors.

One of the popular ways is to bond over a nice bottle of champagne and tasty chocolates. With your gift, they will thank you for helping them enjoy their duo time together in their cosy abode.

With all the tools that they need for the fondue and champagne, the couple can enjoy a fondue treat anytime they wish. In addition, they can use the keepsake picnic hamper for future outings, for example, to spend a day in the park.

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Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set – Complete with Bonus Items

Moscow mule copper mugs is one of the practical gifts to consider giving to the young couple for housewarming. They can re-use the mugs and they make great addition to the bar counter decor.

This gift comes with bonus items, which include copper straws and shot glass.

The copper material gives this glasses a luxurious feeling, ensuring that your gift is surely a lovely addition to their home

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Wine Kit Set in Elegant Wood Case – Perfect Gift for Any Wine Enthusiast Couple

The tools in this set are easy to use and wine opener is designed to fit perfectly in your hands.

This sturdy and high quality set is good value for money as it includes wine stopper, wine aerator and son on. It helps in removing corks of all sizes and styles effortlessly (including synthetic corks) without breaking it.

It is among the perfect house warming gift ideas for couples and wine loves. It is also designed to fit perfectly anywhere in your home be it your kitchen or living area.

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Multi-Function Tools Gift Set – Durable and Handy Set of 10

This incredible set of 10 multi-function tools comes in an amazing gift box, making it a perfect gift idea for couples during housewarming.

This gift set of 10 handy tools include screwdriver, pliers, and even a can opener and key holder.

This compact and high quality tools are ideal for minor repairs, assemblies, and installations in the house. They are small in size and lightweight which makes it easy to carry wherever the couple go.

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Classy Grilling BBQ Set in Durable Aluminium Case – Grill in Style

This is a wonderful gift for the couple who loves grilling or organising backyard parties. With a BBQ set complete with all the tools that they need, they can grill their meat in style.

It is easy to wash and kept nicely in a heavy duty aluminium case, definitely one of the best housewarming gifts for couples who like to cook.

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Heart Keepsake Clock

Personalised Desk Clock – Thoughtful and Functional Decor

With this sweet and luxurious looking clock, you are giving the proud owners of their new home not just a functional gift (a clock that tells time), you are also giving them nice looking décor to their apartment.

The personalisation and meaningful wordings make time reading looks cool as well. It will definitely be a nice addition to their home!

Besides a housewarming gift, if you are thinking of what to get your wife for her birthday, then a personalised clock is a wonderful present too.

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Set of 2 Royal Beer Mugs – Charming and Novelty

Looking for housewarming novelty gift ideas for the newlywed couple?

These mugs with their names displayed in a heart makes a romantic gift for any of your favorite couple for housewarming.

These beer mugs with royal titles (King and Queen) are stylishly designed to exude country style and are dishwater safe.

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Portable and Ergonomic Tool Set – Perfect For The Gardening Couple

Remember, a new home doesn’t just mean new rooms; it means a whole new yard with which to get creative.

For the gardening couple, consider this set of tools that are handy and practical. With the ergonomic design, they can spent hours in their garden without feeling hand and arm fatigue easily. This set is the perfect gift to congratulate them for moving into a house that they call theirs.

It shows your thoughtfulness to the pair who has green fingers.

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Decanter with Whiskey Glasses Set – Elegant and High Quality Bar ware Set

If your friends love wine or liquor, consider a very classic gift that can never go wrong: the decanter set.

The best thing about decanter set is that they make perfect combo gift, with a decanter and 2 glasses.

The set is useful as well as artistic, an ideal barware. Pick a set that expresses your couple friends’ homestyle for a winning, appreciated housewarming gift.

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Couples Love Wall Sign

Couples Love Wall Sign – Classic and Romantic

One of the best housewarming gifts for couples is this set of classic looking couples love wall sign.

This is because you are not just beautifying their living room or bedroom with this wall sign, you are also helping them to create a cosy environment to strengthen their bond.

This gift displays your thoughtfulness and well wishes for the pair’s moving into their new home.

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Crystalite Orbit Box – Luxurious and Elegant

A orbit box personalised with the couple’s name and/or your personal message and artwork makes this gift a unique gift that is specially tailored for the couple.

This also shows your thoughtfulness and heartfelt congratulations to the couple.

The box, which is made of crystal material, will spruce up the home, creating a luxurious and elegant ambience for the couple’s house.

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So what should you consider when finding the gift for the couple’s housewarming party?

First of all, moving to a new home is a great milestone for the couple. For the newlyweds, they are excited to finally have a place to call their own. For parents, they are thrilled to have found the perfect place to raise their children. For the retired couple, they are excited to relocate to a new neighbourhood to have a change of environment and enjoy a different experience in the new neighbourhood.

Settling down to the new home presents a totally different set of challenges too. It can be quite tough initially as they have a long to do list to check off, to ensure the smooth transition of the move.

This includes ensuring all belongings are delivered to the new place, ensuring furniture is arranged as per their preference and the list goes on. Hence, if you are invited to the new house owners’ housewarming party, be sure to congratulate them on their successful move by giving them a thoughtful and considerate housewarming gift.

To the couple, besides marking a new chapter in their life. It is also a bitter sweet experience, from scouting around and reaching consensus for a suitable abode, to all the nitty gritty details in planning and renovating the home, to relocation and final settling down to their new home.

Celebrate their auspicious moment by giving them the blessings and well wishes through your special and unique gift, as they start and settle in their new life.