28 Most Awesome (Nov 2020) Push Presents For Dads

Push Present For Husband(updated in Nov 2020) Are you searching for the best push present for dads?

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A complete list of the top push gift ideas for daddies.

What are good push presents to give men?

Buy a present that will make the father to be feel extremely special. Whether he is a first time dad or an experienced parent, welcoming the arrival of a newborn is always an exciting experience. Things that are meaningful, practical, thoughtful or funny are great suggestions to celebrate the journey of fatherhood.

Whether is a push present for dad from wife, other family members or friend, at Mammoth Gift Ideas, we have compiled a wide selection of birth gifts for dad that he will certainly appreciate. We also have a great selection of push present ideas for mothers here!

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This picture frame will make a loving new daddy gifts from wife who is expecting. This will communicate your appreciation towards the wonderful job he has done as a husband as well as your anticipation in having him as the father of your soon-to-be or newly born child.

This vintage frame with a handmade string heart shape comes with 2 photograph slots where he can secure shared moments with his child. With its ability to be hung or placed on a surface, it will also be a great addition to the home’s interior décor.

Keep your loved one excited about being a new dad with this stylish titanium bracelet. What makes this bracelet a wonderful push gift for dads is its fashionable and hypoallergenic design.

The incredible titanium material is lightweight and extremely durable. Also a wonderful gift for first time dad at hospital, this bracelet is a perfect way to keep him invigorated about being a parent.

Recognize your partner’s effort in the parenthood journey and support given during your pregnancy stage with this amazing gift which is essential given his new parental role.

Provide him with a helping hand by presenting him with an “assistant”. This personal voice assistant helps him perform simple tasks such as reminding him of feeding and changing diaper times.

This personal voice assistant also provides great companion and entertainment for him, playing him music and reading him an audio book.

The fatherhood novelty is one to give a soon-to-be father or a new dad some jitters. With a funny message imprinted on it, this coffee mug is an amusing push present for men that you can give a friend or relative in such a situation to help take the edge off the anxiety.

Made with high-quality ceramic, this is an item that they can use for a long time to signify their bold step into parenthood.

Keepsake photos are precious as a photo says a thousand words. This is especially so during your baby’s important milestones in his first few years.

Help your husband capture his adorable child’s growth by creating fantastic keepsake milestone photos with this gift containing wood age blocks. A popular push present idea, he is sure to document the precious moments with this set of different date combinations permutations. A pair of such blocks are awesome twin baby gift ideas too!

For a light hearted gag push present , This super hilarious apron will surely make him laugh out loud when you present it to him. It is not just a practical apron but is specially designed to help him perform his daddy role to take care of the newborn.

The apron is soil-resistant and the face mask will shield him from any smell that he has not accustomed to yet. There is also a toy to distract the baby to let him do his chore effectively.

Profess your love and appreciation to the proud father of your baby through this book which contains your pages of your affection for him. The prompts in the book helps you to express yourself and personalize this gift.

Use this book, which can be a creative bday gift for husband, to recount your pleasant memories with him, from the day when you know you are expecting, the support he has given during your expectancy stage to the day you welcome your new bundle of joy.

This is a push gift for new dad which will touch his heart and he will read this book over again to reminisce the good times.

This beautiful sculpture from Willow Tree forms a figure of a father holding an infant. This is to symbolize the bond between a parent and his child.

Coupled with a lovely message on the card, this is a thoughtful and sentimental gift made especially for a new dad or one who anticipates gaining that title soon. This is a long-lasting push present ideas for dads from wife that will mark the beginning of their new journey as a father and be a source of inspiration even years to come.

Show your love and support to a soon-to-be dad with this heart gift made of wood. It has an encouraging message engraved on it that will assure him of the great father that he will be even as he looks forward to the big day.

One of the best present from baby to daddy, it is a compact-sized gift that will act as a perfect accompaniment for another gift such as a bottle of wine. Following the gifting, it can be hung somewhere to add on to the décor of the home. This is also one of best present to an expectant dad from baby.


Special announcement bodysuits are fabulous baby push present for dad. Buy your new baby this wonderful bodysuit to send your husband an emotive and meaningful message.

It conveys the idea that he has reached a key milestone in his life. The simple wordings also summarize the memorable journey he has taken to reach this point as a father. Cute matching bodysuits are also recommended big brother gifts!

What better way for a wife to celebrate her husband after becoming a dad than this lovely pocket watch? This great new dad gifts from wife is engraved with a wonderful message meant for husbands.

It helps to remind your loved one that you truly believe in him so much that you are ready to raise kids with him through time as symbolize by the pocket watch.

Gunmetal Beer Growler Set Personalized

Giving your husband this daddy gift for new baby gift, which you can arrange for the baby’s birthday imprinted is the best way to mark this special occasion and congratulate him for his new role.

This sleek gunmetal beer growler set, which can be personalized with his name and baby’s birthday is the perfect unique gift for the beer lover. The uniqueness makes it a wonderful push present for man who has everything.

He can enjoy his ice cold beer and create those precious moments with you and the baby.

You have come this far with your hubby, from dating to marriage and now proud parents of your lovely child. Both of you go through ups and downs during these different stages and your relationship strengthened along the way.

What better way to convey your feelings and celebrate this milestone of the arrival of your new-born through your very own romantic book from LoveBookOnline. An awesome new dad gift from wife, you can personalize it by writing the stories both of you have created and most importantly, listing the reasons why you love him.

Gift your husband this Garmin smartwatch that is a suitable pushing gift idea. Its rugged look exudes fearlessness and will be an inspiration as he walks into the not-so-easy journey of being a parent.

It will also symbolize the time he became a father and the journey that lies ahead of him. Water and scratch resistant, this is a durable item that he can keep and cherish for years to come. This watch can be a special dad retirement gift too.

This hilarious T-shirt is one of the best new daddy gift ideas from wife or best friend as it can be worn during those tough days when the baby has been crying all night and the dad feels drained.

Get your loved one a “battery low” funny T-shirt. This idea is unusual but yet practical and special, not to mention that the clothing is printed with quality ink for added color vibrancy and durability. It is also one of the best gifts for brother in law if he is a new parent. 

Children grow up so fast. As a parent, you want the moments of them as babies to last forever. With the baby handprint kit, you can make this possible for a new dad.

A wonderful gift for dad to be from wife, the kit includes white clay, frameset and diagrammed instructions that will enable him to easily come up with a framed clay handprints and footprints of his baby. This is a charming gift, which is also one of the best push presents also, that he can place around the house as a beautiful reminder of his child’s infant days.

Apart from having a stylish and versatile design, this leather wallet for new dads has ample slots to keep several cards and his dollar bills. Choose from different colors to suit his taste.

Also a great push present for second baby, the best feature has to be the option to customize it with his name or initials from a list of fonts to best match his preference. It will be something he can use and keep for a long time.

The newest addition of the little one in the family demands more time and attention from the parents and more time is spent at home.

If your beloved partner is a gym junkie or exercise fanatic, let him know that you are aware of the change in the lifestyle and thank him for the compromise he must make through this gift.

By presenting him with this resistance band set, he can continue to do what he likes and undertakes the various resistance training exercises in the comfort of home near his newborn.

This Audible subscription will be the perfect male push present who loves reading. He will be amazed by the wide selection of audiobooks that he can choose from.

In addition, taking care of the new baby means having less time, hence this gift which allows him to listen to audio books is timely as he can listen to the books while taking care of the baby needs for example sterilising the milk bottles and changing diapers.

A cool and fun way to celebrate being a father – a wine glass with a hilarious message that only parents will know.

This funny wine glass cheers him up especially during the challenges that comes with fatherhood. It reminds parents that they ought to celebrate in reaching this milestone. A great present for your best guy friend.

Men are not known to be big on words. If he likes to express himself by writing instead, then giving him this journal will be a great push present for husband. Becoming a father can be an overwhelming experience. This is, however, only the beginning. There are even greater moments ahead.

With this perfectly sized journal, the man will be be able to note down these moments and safeguard them forever. A good company Christmas gift too, the cover is embellished with a unique design and with its ability to be refilled, he does not have to worry about letting go of this prestigious cover. 

A thoughtful push present idea for dad, a ergonomic carrier gives the man more option besides a stroller as it keeps his hands free.

Made of premium cotton, it is easy to wash and also super comfortable for both the infant and the father. The padded straps and waist belt minimizes the strain on the back even with a chubby kid!

With a new-born, your spouse will be spending more time at home. Keep him entertained when the baby is sleeping with this tablet. With this tablet, he can read a good eBook or surf the web anywhere at his convenience, without the need to open his laptop.

Both of you can enjoy couple time with this tablet in the comfort of your home, have movie date nights and play games. The best feature has to be the hands-free with Alexa is a life saver for him when he has his hands full because of the baby.

With a newborn, parents need to multi-task constantly and remain organized. This wood docking station is a practical pushing present for fathers from wife as it helps them remain organized at home or even at the office.

The dock comes with a photo holder which he can put his baby and wife’s pictures. There are also slots to charge his phone and keep his watches and other important belongings. The versatility of this organizer makes it a useful Christmas gifts for 17 year old boy too

A thoughtful congratulatory gift for the male parent would be an insightful book about fatherhood. This informational book is a good place to start for a new daddy push present.

In this book, the authors share some shrewd insights and useful illustrations. The book teaches men how to maneuver through fatherhood and become great parents.

Personalized Decanter set with 4 Lowball Whiskey Glasses

This gift is suitable for hubby who love whiskey. Show him how proud you are of him for being there for you during the expectancy and delivery time by bestowing him with this luxurious looking decanter set, personalized with your hubby’s name and baby’s birth date.

This decanter set is a great addition to his current collection and is sure to bring smiles to his face when he enjoys his favorite whiskey.

Is your partner a taco lover? If so, he will definitely love a taco themed shirt. With a little one on the way, then this matching family shirt set will make an even better gift for him. This will be an adorable way to signify the great team of 3 that you are about to become.

Also a wonderful birthday gift for dad from baby, the shirts are available in several colors allowing you to get matching colors or do a mix and match. The design and fitting of the shirts are also made to suit that of a father, mother or infant. A matching outfit is also found in our list of big sister gifts for toddlers.

Becoming a father is not an easy task. Show your support to a father to be with the perfect stroller to make this an easier experience for him. This is a lightweight stroller with an easy grip that he can use on all terrains as he goes out for a jog or a stroll around the neighborhood.

Great for the sporty man, it is compact and easy to fold. This great push present for daddy also comes with mesh pockets and organizers to bring along the essentials. Also a gift to consider for 2nd baby, the numerous amazing features on this stroller will provide him with the much-needed convenience.

What is a push present and do dads get one too?

A push present is traditionally given to the woman, usually from the husband or other close family members, to mark the joyous birthing occasion. It can be given before or after the delivery of the newborn.

Nowadays, the soon to be dad can also receive a gift from his expecting partner or wife, family members and friends to mark his journey of fatherhood. All the push present examples we have stated above are excellent considerations that daddies will appreciate.

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