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The 43 Most Awesome (Dec 2023) Corporate Holiday Gifts This Year

By Michael See
(updated Dec 2023) Are you searching for the best corporate holiday gift ideas this festive season?

Good news.

Whether is for your bosses, co-workers, clients, employees or other business associate, we have compiled many appropriate Christmas presents for the workplace.

In our all-inclusive list, you can find many corporate Christmas gifts of various prices and variety. During the holiday season, it is the time to show your appreciation to your fellow corporate associates and give your best wishes.

If budget is not an issue, be sure to check out our comprehensive list of luxury corporate gift ideas here! Outside of your office, if you are looking for the best Dirty Santa gifts, we got you covered too.

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If you are scratching your head for the best Christmas gifts for employees to tuck into their socks this holiday season, then you should consider this golf pen gift desk décor.

With three cool gel color inks to work with, the recipient will get a kick out of using these minimalist golf-stick-inspired pens to sign documents, write down their thoughts or simple to “play a round” of mini golf in between the hustle and bustle of life.

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Are you interested in upping your creative game when coming with the perfect Christmas corporate gift? Do you want to give something awesome that will keep the recipient excited for a new day to arrive for the year 2024?

I personally love this Life Hacks 2024 Day-to-Day calendar. Whether you are into wellness, relationships, or technology, each page of this full-color calendar will give you money and time saving tips to help you work smarter and not harder.

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Keep your hot drink warm with this smart mug! The ceramic smart mug has a temperature control function, extended battery life, and automatically turns itself on or off.

Beautifully designed, the user can pair it with the optional Ember app control it to receive notifications, set your preferred temperature, and customize the presets using a smartphone! Give these unique corporate Christmas gift to your employees and they will all be delighted to use it in office and appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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This is a great client present if your client enjoys playing golf in his spare time. This 24K gold display golf balls and marker make the ideal combo for him or her to proudly exhibit in the house or place of business as a way to express their appreciation for this pastime.

One of the best corporate Christmas gift ideas that can also be utilized as a promotional item, its high quality finishing and the luxurious packaging makes this one of the top unique high end corporate gifts as well.

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Granted most information is readily accessible on our phones or tablets. But, there is something about tangible stuff that will never fade away as far as I’m concerned. This stunning colorful magnetic levitation floating globe world map helps you quickly navigate through the different countries around the world.

The globe is designed to float allowing you to navigate the map in style. An amazing, cool desk accessory that looks futuristic, it is the centrepiece item to showcase on a table, shelf or anywhere to spread a positive mood.

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This is undoubtedly an amazing perfect ornament holiday gift for your corporate clients this festive season. The wonderful lights in the interior of the glittering globe will create a delightful Christmas cheer – a great decorative item at home fireplace or at the workplace.

The festive cheerful atmosphere is increased as this snow globe that runs on batteries can offer a continuous swirling for the most eye-catching effect.

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This Leatherman multitool offers your coworker or business partner all the important tools they will need in just one tool. Great as an individual gift, it includes a knife, wire cutter, pliers and more, giving the user much in terms of options and versatility and it is also light to be carried around easily.

A noteworthy feature is the unique one-handed opening mechanism which is especially useful when your other hand needs to hold onto something.

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In today’s fast-paced world, the fear of missing out on communication is real. This 2 in 1 wireless charger with an adjustable stand would bring peace of mind to the receiver. It will comfortably charge different smartphones and other devices like Airpods pro.

With its dual wireless charging design and adjustable stand which can also collapse to a pocket-size piece, this would be a welcome year-end stuffer to put inside Christmas stockings. One of the best employee Christmas gift ideas for the department party or as a thank you present to your business partners!

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With the changing times, physical things like paper and pen are getting replaced with the phone or tablet. But, there is something about jotting down your thoughts that makes the decision or task you are about to carry out more achievable.

With this reMarkable Bundle 2 Notetaking Innovative tablet, the recipient in your company will get the best of both worlds. You get a chic, portable, super thin tablet with the wonderful feeling you would get when writing on paper.

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This grand holiday bundle with delicious treats is one of the highly recommended Christmas presents for customers.

Visually appealing as I see it, the basket contains gourmet treats like chocolates, pretzels, popcorns and more for the recipients to enjoy the festive cheer in style. it is also the perfect Christmas gift basket in office to spread the love and joy! Add a nice message to make it the best holiday gift ideas for business clients!

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This festive season, give your clients the best corporate gift with this box of the most tasty gift idea – beautiful handmade biscotti that uses the finest all natural ingredients.

With several delicious flavors to choose from, these authentic edible cookies will surely not disappoint. This delectable corporate gift comes in a classy box with an elegant bow tie.

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Christmas celebrations are marked by moods to give and express a sign of appreciation to the people close to you. If your corporate associate is a wine aficionado, this chic, modern electric wine opener will be the perfect corporate gifting idea to consider!

It comes with charger and batteries is an ideal business holiday gift. The impressive feature about this wine opener is that it can open a bottle fast and can open many bottles with one battery charge. The foil cutter is a useful addition too.

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Give your colleague or business client who is a whisky lover, this set of premium whiskey stones and shot glasses, kept in an elegant looking box.

This is a welcoming and timely office Christmas party gift idea as they can enjoy their whisky using this set, partying away and have a merry time!

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The funny message cards allow you to express how you feel or think about people and work in your office. It will surely put a smile on the readers’ faces.

These hilarious messages and pictures are also a great communication starter, and it helps to set the liven up the mood in the workplace especially during stressful period. A wonderful desk business gift this holiday to bring out laughter.

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Gorgeous wine glasses are not only conversation starters, they make every sip memorable. Give your favorite wine drinker colleagues these modern copper stemless wine glasses that are beautifully designed with a touch of copper plating.

They hold a good amount of wine and will mesmerize people around every time the copper catches different light. The stemless glasses will help turn excessively chilled beverages to bearable temperatures. Also, the copper reflection is not a bad way to discretely check your face or surroundings as you party the night away.

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The ultimate aromatherapy diffuser and essential oil set is a thoughtful gift for that business associates and colleagues who deserve a relaxing break.

It has an intricate wood grain design and comes various ambient light modes to suit different moods. Suitable as part of a care package, this bundle has 10 essential oils in the mix, which would bring a heartfelt smile to the receiver’s face. Place it near the Santa Claus ornaments and Christmas tree for a great way to send best wishes during this year end celebration.

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Christmas Gift Baskets

How amazing it is to receive a Christmas gift basket packed with savory foods, coffee, wine, chocolates, and gourmet among other niceties! Interestingly, Design It Yourself allows you to customize these Christmas corporate gifts.

The good thing is they have a variety of options to choose from. Therefore, personalize the gifting experience with these holiday Christmas hampers. Add some touch of uniqueness in decorations and embellishments to your gift basket using their system.

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Surprise your corporate friends or delight customers with individual gifts that is purchased specially with each and every one of them in mind.

An excellent alternative to branded Christmas presents, you will get a quality printout of the recipient’s history and story behind his or her name. Choose for the printout to be professionally framed to make it extremely presentable. You can add a short customized text to make the final product even more personalized.

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This friendly swede capacitive 4-in-1 stylus pen is the perfect practical stuff for your teammates this holiday season. With four functions to choose from, your loved ones will enjoy pouring out their creating juices.

Whether it is to draw, write, or play a game, this pen is designed to get the job done in a smooth way. There are 4 tips to choose from and it is compatible with different screen devices such as smartphones, E-readers, and tablets.

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This innovative pen is more than just for writing. Made of strong aluminium, it is lightweight and compact which can be carried easily in your pocket or bag.

It has several useful functions like bottle opener, LED flashlight and a glass breaker tip. The strong tip can also be used to protect against an assault or other emergencies.

Discreet and versatile, it is a great employee Christmas gift idea and also for your business client or your boss.

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Inject some happiness to your coworkers office life by giving them these 6 sticky notepads with different funny wordings.

You will be amazed with how creative these wordings are.

These humorous notes will not just brighten their day, but also their recipient who receives these notes – certainly fantastic Christmas stuffers or funny holiday gifts for your colleagues. A great funny Dirty Santa gift idea too!

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This black and luxurious ballpoint pen is an extraordinary gift for versatility and flexibility in writing. You can get this cosmic-inspired and uniquely designed pen in aluminium and zinc materials.

With a special magnetic type of closure, this floating pen stands up in the magnetic field and I like that the gravity defying appearance can be a great conversation starter at the office. It gives you a feeling of relaxation and brings in a space vibe when you spin it.

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These fresh, crunchy assorted nuts will put a smile on your loved one’s face. They come in a sectional platter that is enclosed in a gorgeous gift box.

This mouthwatering assortment of freshly roasted nuts are made in controlled batches so you can look forward to enjoying their freshness with every bite that is certainly the perfect gift idea this holiday.

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Old Time Candy! The Candy You Ate As A Kid!

Old Time Candy has assorted candies to bring back those childhood memories. You can send your business associates their old-time favorites from Old Time Candies.

They have a Pack-a-bag option which you can utilize to make a unique candy gift assortment from hundreds of candies. This is a perfect way send your congratulations to your corporate partners a variety of candies they used to love back in the day and bringing back awesome memories.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Instead of the usual branded corporate gifts, you can consider giving something expertly curated that brings about a heartwarming positive mood.

From Kindnotes, the receiver will get a jar like no other – inside the jar contains numerous uplifting and inspiring notes which are each kept in an envelope. With different themes and designs to pick, you can also come out with customized text to make it personalized.

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Inject some happiness to your co-workers when they use this hand warmer. This useful device during the cold season, is available in a few colors for you to choose from.

Its fast charging feature means they can spend less time plugging to the electric source and long usage time ensures it will not run out of power when they spend considerable time outside. The perfect bingo gift idea too and certainly useful for someone who need that extra warm during the holiday cold temperature!

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This is among the top staff Christmas gift ideas to help them nourish their skin through the cold winter months. It is also great present for those clients who seem to have everything.

The kit, which is packaged in an attractive tin, contains various soothing and moisturizing cream for the hands, feet, lip and more. There is also a multipurpose ointment made of quality herbal ingredients. A useful kit that conveys your season’s greetings for this Christmas.

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Impress all the recipients with this wonderful present. Notetaking with pen and paper will never be the same again with this smart reusable Rocketbook notebook.

Your handwritten notes can be easily sent and saved in popular cloud storage services like Dropbox while the page can be erased quickly to reuse.

A unique corporate Christmas gift idea, who says handwritten note-taking is outdated?

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The iron flask vacuum water bottle is an elegant, useful item that you should consider as a corporate Christmas gift to get. Some of the noteworthy features include no flavor transfer and temperature retention, this is a functional branded corporate gift that will suit various ages.

Both hot and cold beverages can keep their temperature for an extended amount of time. The bottles are easily gripped and have a lovely aesthetic and a cool appearance.

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If your colleague or business customer is a lady who has everything, then this classic gift is one that you may want to consider.

This soft and lightweight scarf is available in five different and versatile colours, which will definitely match her wardrobe of clothes.

The elegant and feminine pashmina scarf is a great accessory to spruce up her outfit, while keeping her warm.

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Ever thought that a USB flash thumbdrive can have multiple uses? Impress the people in your company with this amazing gadget. Other than using it as a storage device, its unique design and features mean it can also be used as a ruler, bottle opener, magnet and more!

The sturdy one piece forged metal design makes it especially durable and a very handy, practical small item that will be well appreciated. Separately give them each a greeting card with the company logo imprinted for the best employee gifts to spread the festive cheer.

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Rocketbook brings along the most innovative productive solutions in the market. It is a perfect way to help to notes, organize days and plan ahead.

The most remarkable feature is that it is reusable and the integration of the book to the cloud enables users to save pages on services like iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox. Handwritten notes and planning will never be the same again. A great tool to improve productivity, this notebook set that comes with 2 different sized books has the wow factor – definitely a well-liked office gift this year!

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Spa gift baskets are thoughtful items for both your male and female co-worker or business associate. This great basket contains all the essential like bath bombs, shower gel and even bath salt to help him or her unwind, while indulging in a home spa session which I truly like. Best of all, it is packed in a re-usable basket.

Giving this bundle is a gesture that will make them feel special and refreshed. Separately get a gift card to delight them even more! A bath and body set is also a suitable birthday present idea for wife.

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Classic Series Wine Gift Membership Red and White - 6 month

Give your co-worker or business associate a regular wine treat this Christmas season by buying them this premium wine club membership.

Choose from various subscription plans that allow different number of shipments over different periods of time. Your recipient will receive 2 bottles of top-quality wine selections from two different high esteemed boutique vineyards per shipment.

Your recipient will also receive accompany cellar notes of the wine. This is definitely a great holiday corporate gift for a wine enthusiast!

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If your co-worker or business contact is an active grill and smoker chef, this will be the ideal Christmas present for them. The golf themed BBQ tools are kept in a cool looking golf like storage bag. This set is useful especially during holiday season, when they will be cooking tasty grills for friends and family.

With this complete grill set as employee gift, your staff can enjoy interacting with his guests while cooking tasty treats with these unique grilling accessories.

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Surprise your corporate business recipient with a variety of tasty and healthy dried fruits including mangoes, peaches and pears. They can enjoy great variety of nice snacks together with their favorite drinks in the pantry.

The value of giving these gourmet gift baskets does not end with the dried fruits because the wooden tray is reusable. The wooden tray that holds the fruits is reusable and can be turned into a basket to keep other things in future like fresh fruits, handmade chocolate and other delicious treat.

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Give your fellow beer lover colleague or business client a cool piece of hanging art using beer caps as part of the decoration. Display it in the office or at home for good memories of the great drinking times.

The frame, made from beautiful wood, comes pre-drilled, which makes it ready for mounting. This is a cool stuff that he can put into good use, for months to come after the Christmas season.

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Give you colleagues or business clients a chic gunmetal beer growler for them to enjoy their ice cold beer or any other of their favorite drinks.

With a hammered and vintage look, this high quality growler is definitely a great addition to their collections and they can enjoy their drinks in style this holiday season.

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If your colleague or business associate likes hot beverages like coffee or tea to kickstart the day or loves travelling, this is definitely a fabulous addition to add into the Christmas socks!

With these insulated tumblers which double up as a coffee mug, they can enjoy nice warm cuppa while on the go, thanks to the leak proof lid. It modern design helps to brighten up the day. A good Yankee Swap idea too

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Assorted premium dark chocolates made from the top ingredients are undoubtedly among the most popular items during the year end season.

At first look, the recipient will be impressed by the appealing and luxurious box of this branded Christmas gift. Inside, there are gourmet chocolates with the finest delicious ingredient including solid chocolate heart and macadamia nut. These decadent delicious treats are sure to satisfy any sweet cravings! Get various such box snack to create a gift tower!

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Hearty Hospitality - Housewarming Gift Basket

Show a sign of gratitude and welcoming gesture to your business recipients by giving them with a hearty gift basket that includes wine, cookie and more.

Best of all, there is a wide selection of alcohol available from red wine to champagne to suit the taste of the business associates. You can also upgrade the greeting card and ribbon to make it even more classy.

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If ever you are torn about the gift to buy for your coworkers and associates, you can almost never go wrong with beautiful crystal decor. This tree of life beautiful crystal ball is just the perfect example. It is intricately crafted to turn any room from drab to fab.

Made from high quality crystal, each of these appropriate business Christmas gifts is a gorgeous 3D piece that is meant to energize the room in which it’s placed. The laser engraving brings this decorative piece to life.

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This UV smartphone sanitizer is something functional for your co-workers or business clients for their use in office or at home.

The box which allows a thorough sanitization of your smartphone, also allows charging as there are USB ports which you can connect your phone with.

Besides your phone, you can disinfect small items like keys, smartwatches, accessories and more! Stay safe from microorganisms with this highly useful gadget.

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