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37 Awesome (Feb 2023) 60th Birthday Gifts For Women To Delight Her

By Doris Tan
(updated Feb 2023) Is your mum, wife, mother-in-law, sister, aunt, female friend or lady boss celebrating her 60th birthday soon?

Check this out:

An extensive list of gift ideas for women turning 60!

What do you get a woman for her 60th birthday?

Buy a gift that will make her feel special. It can be a present that is related to her hobby, personality or interest. Consider items that are thoughtful, unique, funny, cool, handmade or personalized. Something that she can relate to when she receives it is always a great suggestion.

Our complete gift guide lets you explore various ideas and prices to ensure that you can find relevant presents for her 60th birthday. You can also find related gifts on our page on the best gifts for retiring females here.

Let’s dive in!

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If you know a woman who enjoys her drink, this birthday wine glass is an excellent inexpensive gift for her.

With the humorous phrase “Aged To Perfection”, year of birth and the high-quality construction, she is likely to think of you anytime she uses this classy glass to drink wine or any of her favorite drink. I believe the elegant packaging will further impress her. This is a perfect gift for a female retiree too.

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Sometimes taking a trip down memory lane helps us realize the beauty of life and acknowledge how we should do it more often. This unique Bluetooth speaker is crafted into a magnificent vintage retro design that will help a 60 year old lady boss or mom relish some sweet old times.

Manufactured with walnut wood to enhance its vintage appearance, it has advanced wireless technology and an enhanced brass system. If your elderly woman seems lost in old times, give her this perfect vintage speaker to cherish her good times.

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Women of all ages love flowers in my opinion. Whether is a gift for your female co worker or lady boss, combining flowers and her birthstone colors is a classic traditional 60th birthday gift which shows your love and thoughtfulness.

Best of all, these birthday real roses, preserved with enamel will never wilt, making it a permanent décor at her bedroom or living room. The flower comes in attractive box which saves you time to wrap.

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A top quality towel warmer is one of those stuff that you do not know you want it until you start using it! Easy to use, it helps to maintain a constant temperature for the towels.

With a built in section to add essential oils to the warm towels, her family members and her towels will not only feel luxuriously warm but also fragrant too! One of the best 60th birthday gifts that is useful for the whole family!

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De-stressing, entertaining, quality time, and lots of cherished memories come with solving puzzles. Moreover, if your elder friend likes taking challenges and investing their creativity and time in solving puzzles, what would be the best gift for your favorite brainiac?

And if it’s the ultimate sudoku puzzles book, it’s the cherry on top! This jumbo puzzle book has a large number of engaging, unique, bold, and clear printed puzzles.

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Surprise the woman with the story behind her name! If the female retiree turning sixty does not know the history of her name that she has for the past 6 decades, now is the time for that special information.

Printed on quality paper, you can further customize this piece of art with your heartfelt text to make it the most personalized present for her. A good gift for your mother in law or female friend too! Consider this as a great gift for new grandparents too to feature the names of their grandkids!

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Buying something related to skin care is always a good idea for loved ones. This jade face roller helps to provide muscle relief and keep her skin fresh. It can be used as part of her beauty regime in the morning or before she sleeps.

Use it on your wife’s face, eye and neck area or any other muscle that require a good relaxing roll. She will surely appreciate this useful tool! A face care set is also featured in our list of gifts for mom who doesn’t want anything.

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This jewelry is suitable for a lady who is celebrating her milestone 60 year old birthday as the necklace has six rings. I like that these simple rings are great to symbolize 6 wonderful decades and made of sterling silver, this is a wonderful gift for a woman who has everything.

Beautifully wrapped and comes with a card to write your wishes, this symbolic jewelry, which is wardrobe versatile, is sure to make her delighted! Pair it with a gold dipped rose for the ultimate combination!

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

To commemorate the milestone birthday, give the special lady this beautiful jar. She’ll find a variety of thoughtful, encouraging messages in this jar from KindNotes, all of which are stored in individual envelopes.

A wonderful birthday gift for 90 year old woman too, Various themes and designs are available for you to select from. To make it even more memorable, you may design your own personalized wording specifically for her as a unique 60th birthday gift idea for her.

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There is never enough of birthday party supplies! Bring along these party decorations to the 60th birthday party, which includes yard signs that consist of designs like birthday cake, hat shape and more!

Use these brightly colored signs to decorate the yard, as accessories at the photo booth or props for party games. Send your birthday wish with these cool and fun supplies to wish the lady a wonderful day!

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Nothing speaks better with experience than a one-of-a-kind flower that is entirely assembled from LEGO pieces!

This beautiful flower display is ideal for your grandmother, mum, sister and best friend as she can spend some amazing time to piece together the different vibrant colorful blocks while using her creativity to the fullest with some of the customizable features. An excellent DIY handmade birthday gift too as you can easily incorporate your own handicraft with this product.

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A wonderful birthday party idea is to let the birthday girl enjoy a relaxing foot spa massage right in her own home! With high quality massage rollers to provide a deep massage to relieve stress, the heat and bubble jet provide the extra comforting feeling for a complete spa bath.

Celebrate the milestone occasion for your loved one with this quality foot spa massager. It is also a gift that you can bring to a woman’s housewarming party.

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At age of 60, she is probably nearing the age of retiring. With more time on hand, there is certainly more chance to visit national parks and other outdoor destination.

This compact binoculars will help her get close up images of the flora and fauna. Easy to hold and to focus with soft rubber materials. The best feature has to be the smartphone adapter – the lady will be able to easily take and share magnified pictures with her smartphone via the binoculars lens!

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If the lady is a candy fanatic, then look no further. This is the perfect gift to celebrate her 60th birthday to make her feel young again with the foray of candy flavors available as you wish her a happy birthday. Most these candies were widely available during her growing up years.

Watch her enjoy the treats and see that smile that comes with the excitement. An excellent birthday gift for women who has everything from their grandkids. It is also one of the best 40th birthday gift idea for woman too.

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What better way to celebrate 60 than the perfect funny description of her age!

She is not as old as what people think with this calculation on a quality coffee mug!

This useful gag gift not only tells that special woman you that watched her journey and fully accept who she is but would also strike a positive impression in her memory.

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Find Quality Custom One of a Kind Mother's Day Gifts at - Personalize your 3D Crystal Photo Gift Today. Free Shipping! Shop Now.

Impress her and guests with one of the most unique gifts for 60 year old woman from the way i see it! Whether is for a sixty year old grandma or mom, this intricate, state-of-the-art crystal display is such a great keepsake for a memorable 60th birthday idea or a stunning anniversary gift.

Choose a photo which you like to be displayed and with the quality craftsmanship, you will get a personalized image that is engraved beautifully that matches this special occasion. A wonderful gift for 75 year old woman also.

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Music boxes are treasured keepsakes because they have a timeless quality. One of the best gifts for 60th birthday woman is a music box from Music Box Attic, which has a wide variety of options to customize.

It’s a genuinely unique gift when you can engrave the box and choose from a large variety of songs you wish the box to play. You can also add your own song that you want! Ask the birthday girl to open the box, listen to her favorite song being played for that sentimental moment before you sing the happy birthday song!

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Gold pendants always make a very cherished present; it reminds you of the person who gave them and the memories related to them. But, when it is customized, it enhances its value.

At the birthday party, giving the elder lady this Birthdate gold pendant would be very thoughtful for that truly unique sixtieth birthday gift idea. It comes with crystals and gemstones personalized according to your birthdate. Surprise the sixty year old woman with this visionary gold pendant so she can radiate her energy.

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Feeling sassy and fabulous at age 60 is definitely worth celebrating! Announcing to everyone that it is your special day is especially great for the older woman as it describes how the occasion should go when clocking 60.

Regardless of the birthday party theme, make her wear it during the 60th birthday celebration to bring laughter around! The striking design makes the t-shirt even more special. A gag gift t-shirt is worth considering as 16th birthday gift ideas too.

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The perfect practical gift for any female worker or your mother in law, this pillow offers her the best means to ease off the stress after hectic days at work.

This pillow not only makes her relax but also allows her the option to heat her neck, shoulder or back on cold days.

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Do you know a woman like your mum or grandma who has thrived all her life with her beauty and charisma and now aging like a fine wine? In celebration of the theme of the 60th birthday party, get her this cute and alluring tumbler cup with “Age to perfection” engraved on it.

This beautiful glitter charcoal cup is made of premium quality stainless material, and maintains your water temperature.

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A healthy and tasty birthday surprise! Although there are going to be a number of delicious treats served on the table, the one that has a combination of bright color and mouth-watering dried fruit will steal the attention.

This gift basket can be converted into a serving tray or a fruit bowl for future use. Certainly an impressive and practical present which is also an excellent last minute birthday gift idea for wife turning 60.

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A self-written book is in fact the most precious thing that you can give to anyone.

An ideal birthday gift for a 60 year old lady who has everything. It contains various thought provoking questions that she can pen down with her most personal answers

This book with full of special details including her wisdom and legacy, which is also an amazing gift for 80 year old woman, is a prized asset that her future generations will learn to treasure.

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Still considering what to get for her birthday? Remember this: Women love accessories and jewelry including earrings, necklace, bracelet.

Presenting her with this jewelry box, which you get to engraved her name on the lid to personalize it, is a perfect for your 60th year old mother in law. With a beautiful flower motif design, the gift recipient now has a luxurious looking place to keep her jewelry organized.

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Taking care of a bonsai at home has several health benefits. For a lady turning 60 which is also the time to consider retirement, doing something that is useful is always a good idea.

This complete Bonsai package consists of seeds, soil, planting pots and growing guide which I think is all a beginner needs. An unusual but special idea for her indeed. This is a great special housewarming gift idea too.

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The travel lover perfect sidekick. This scrapbook is great for your mother in law or sister with its lightweight structure and picture – sheet per view approach leaving her to be creative as she sees fit.

This homemade personalized book is one of the best birthday gift idea for the 60 year old woman and an excellent small gifts idea for women!

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From LoveBookOnline, you will be able to customise the most unique book to express your love and care for the recipient.

With a choice to choose how each page is to be designed including the content, you will be able makes a wonderful love book that only she will truly understand.

If she loves a keepsake gift, then this is definitely an awesome 60th birthday gift idea for mom from daughter or for your beloved wife. This unique book is among the best gifts for couples too.

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Presenting the 60 year old mum with this travel book ideas from the renowned National Geographic will surely keep her excited as it saves her so much time to plan her next trip, making this a practical birthday gift.

Besides the numerous travel advice that will aid in her planning, she can get lots of fascinating facts about the various national parks to let her appreciate these natural treasures more when she visit them. The beautiful images makes this a great coffee table book too!

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The smell of pleasant candles is always a big hit with women. The lady will not say no to a presentable and luxurious looking candle that is specially chosen for her.

So what makes this candle so special? It has been made with her birthday in mind. She will get interesting information about her birthday based on astrology and a scent that was made just for her. Besides that, you can add a message to make it even more unique. Certainly one of the best items to bring to a 60 year old birthday party!

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A sunflower theme is one of the many excellent 60th birthday party ideas for her. On her special day, give her a handmade knitted cute sunflower that she can place it in her car, desk or simply anywhere with its small size.

This cheery, cool handmade smiley sunflower, with its bobblehead shaking effect, helps to spread positivity around. A great 60th present that is also wonderful to give on mother’s day.

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Why not treat the 60 year old lady with the most delicious biscotti?

With several delectable flavors including craisins, peppermint and cookie, she will certainly be most touched with this dozen of natural, high quality cookies.

This tasty treat, which is also one of the best 18th birthday present ideas, comes in a classy box, which emphasizes your appreciation for your mum or a loved one.

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Nothing says more about an unforgettable experience than this appropriate banner to hold many memorable photos. A fantastic DIY homemade gift that is inexpensive, you can simply hang up all of the pictures you have consolidated with the selection of photographs you have chosen, all with a beautiful design and finish.

With this affordable birthday present that is the perfect idea for the best 60th birthday decorations to commemorate her reaching this milestone, the lady will certainly be thankful for your thoughtfulness and effort to come out with this amazing and appropriate decoration idea.

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This book of rhymes offers you the bond that comes with offering presents to your partner during their birthday. The nice illustrations are great for casual reading.

It also great to give to that special woman with it pointing out you want her to grow old with you.

A funny present for your wife or best friend as she goes through each page with funny depictions of aging. Separately, get a gift card too so that she can buy whatever she fancies!

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Pinot Noir Series Gift Membership - 3 Shipments

If she is someone who enjoys having some wine regularly, why not consider a giveaway consisting of a wine membership? Choose among the different wines like Pinot Noir and Shiraz.

An especially great gift idea for a birthday lady who is a wine lover, this is a best option if you already know her taste. Top quality wines are wonderful high end corporate gift ideas too.

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This 3-in-1 set is great for your loved one as it comes with a card containing meaningful words to show your affection towards her.

Whether is for someone in your family or at work, your loved one will be pleased to know that the package also includes a bracelet and a gift box to complete this thoughtful present for a very happy 60th birthday.

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At the 60th birthday party, surprise her with this special clock. A novelty item, she will be intrigued by this unusual clock which has the main purpose of helping her to keep track of days.

Perhaps what makes this a truly unique 60th birthday gift idea for her at the party is that this clock is great for seniors and retirees, even if she is still working, this can be a precursor to the actual day when she is officially retired.

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If you are looking for the perfect pearl set to give your wife on her birthday or as a mother’s day present, then you should consider this great jewelry set which consists of a necklace, bracelet, and earrings.

After all “The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.” An excellent first birthday gift for wife after marriage too.

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Birthday Gifts 60 Year Old Women