33 Most Awesome (Dec 2020) His and Hers Gift Ideas

(updated Dec 2020) Are you searching for the best his and hers gift ideas?

Good news.

We have come out with a complete list of his & hers presents!

Whether the couple item ideas are for bridal shower, engagement, wedding, anniversary celebrations, housewarming, Christmas or Valentine’s day – you can be sure to find gift sets that are matching, cute, romantic, personalized, practical, creative and more.

His and Her Gift Item Sets

At Mammoth Gift Ideas, our wide selection and varying price points of his & hers gifts will be suitable for your family members, friends and co-workers at various stages in life – dating, bride and groom to be, newlyweds or a duo celebrating their wedding anniversaries. We got your covered. Check out here for more couple gifts ideas.

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Thanks to the remarkable Mr. & Mrs. Wine Glasses, now you’ve got an idea of a present for a lovely pair who can enjoy together.

Also, now you have the opportunity to present an exquisite set of wine glasses the way you like! Showcase the well-built wine glasses that are made with extreme precision. Raise a toast elegantly!

This is the best matching gifts for him and her especially if both partners are working. Due to the hectic outdoor office routine, they constantly have to look at their watches to keep track of their meetings and professional engagements.

With this amazing present, they are reminded of each other as they have the other piece of the puzzle.

During certain special occasions, a good way to celebrate your love with your other half is to give this four-piece necklace bracelet matching set. Besides being a great set of matching him and her signs, this gift is also suitable for people who are in a long-distance relationship.

Giving your other half a necklace with “half of a huge heart” pendant with the words “I Love You” engraved on the pendant is the best way to profess your love. The necklace is in silver tone and the pendant is in silver tone for the female, black tone for the male, making it a wardrobe versatile accessory. Also a great engagement gift, it also includes matching bracelets to make it a complete present idea.

Searching for a cute presents? The excellent, cotton-made pillowcases are your perfect answer! The pillowcase set reminds them every now and then to rekindle the love.

The idea of beautiful pillowcases is to connect loving pair! Let the both of them spend some precious time with this comfortable pillowcase set! This set is also an excellent his and hers wedding décor for newly weds in their new home.

Coffee is an essential and loved part of a couple’s life as the day begins by holding a cup of coffee in hand and discussing the activities and plan for the day while still in bed.

This cute his and hers gift idea makes sure that they will start their day with a smile on their faces and they will also be reminded of your love and care for them.

When it is time for pampering and getting close, this kimono robe spa bathrobe set is a practical present for the loving pair to wear together.

These creative robes have tie closures, are handmade of cotton and are mid-calf length.

Beautifully embroidered, soft and comfy, it is a useful present that can be used all year round.

This set of exquisite Moscow mule copper mugs are made with high quality materials and come with a pair of copper straws that make a superb combination present this charming Christmas season or as an anniversary present idea.

Get this outright beautiful bundle and let them enhance their house bar. Give them a chance to never ever have a drink alone! The versatility of the copper drinkware means they are also a beautiful his and hers beer mugs. In addition, copper mugs are great expensive gift ideas for corporate clients.

This adorable set of charm pendant keychains is an amazing and inexpensive gift for a valued loved one.

Also a fantastic his and hers Valentine’s day gift, they need constant reminder and assurance of the love their partner has for them and this gift is an amazing way of reminding that they are loved and that their love is always in your thoughts and heart.

Surprise them with this loveseat that is designed specially for a lovebirds to use and spend quality time together.

Made with great quality material, the heavy duty foldable chair can be used at many outdoor places while providing them with ultra-comfort with the padded seat and sloping arm rest.

At home, they can use it in their backyard, lawn or balcony to be reminiscent of love, all the time!

This is an ideal gift for all occasions to be given to the duo who have different likes in alcohol – he is a beer lover while she is a wine enthusiast.

Also among the best his and hers housewarming gifts, the glass beer mug and glass wine set has a touch of royalty with the “King” and “Queen” words engraved on them respectively. This wonderful wedding anniversary or bridal & groom gift makes a nice addition to their current barware collection.

Cute His and Her Gift Ideas

This cool his and her shirts idea is the best way they can show the world the depth of the love and affection they have for each other. If you gift this shirt to your partner and wear a similar one out in public, it is not only the announcement of your special status.

Suitable especially for those who are dating, it is a gentle reminder to each other that in the crowd of people, they belong to each other as they wear these cute shirts.

These attractive Mr. & Mrs. Aprons are designed extremely cutely to win the hearts of the recipients.

A fantastic home gift for him and her already living together, the aprons are bundled with a romantic recipe book and oven mitts. Also a perfect wedding gift for sister and brother in law, this is a great chance for them to enter the kitchen together and create a recipe that both will enjoy.

This inexpensive four-piece necklace bracelet set is a cool and stylish gift to present to a couple to convey your well wishes and blessings for the pair of lovebirds.

It is also a gift to consider giving to your partner to make your partner feel special which is also a meaningful man and woman anniversary gift. The necklace pendants with the word “His Queen” and “Her King” and matching bracelets with the crown charm attached makes a cute set with a touch of royalty.

Love is in the air and this gift set will certainly make your partner feel loved.

This lovely and practical set includes a body pillowcase, two mugs and two pillowcases which are made from polyester mix and cotton.

One of the best his and her gifts for their home, the couple items are filled with love, hearts and hugs to saturate the atmosphere.

Wine tumblers with engraved Mr. and Mrs. signs are the perfect gift ideas for husband and wife as it reminds them constantly of the admiration that they have for each other and the relationship that embodies it.

Whether for an outdoor picnic or enjoyment at home, this multi-purpose set is elegant in its design and the color scheme is above and beyond exceptional. The best feature is that the tumblers can keep drinks inside hot or cold for long period. The attractive packaging means no additional decorative items are needed.

Keep warm and protected with these crew socks which are absorbent and breathable. They can be worn alone or accompanied with your choice of footwear.

Great as a fun present idea for your friends or family members getting married or for partners to give each other because the socks signifies a warm and protective way that nurtures love. It is also a suitable his and hers sports wedding gifts for them to wear while engaging in outdoor activities.

This great his and hers pint glasses adds fun to an awesome dining experience at home. For the pair, whether is a romantic or casual dinner at home or evening fun with invited friends, the joyous mood is enhanced by the presence of such beautiful pint glasses.

Being dishwasher safe, they do not have to worry too much about washing it after they done with the booze and fun.

Matching necklaces are the perfect way to make your partner fall in love with you all over again. An awesome his and hers wedding anniversary gift too, this inexpensive titanium set is the perfect love symbol for the lovebirds.

A person can give this symbol of care, affection and admiration to his or her partner, making them realize that just like this necklace, their love for each other is close to heart.

These are thoughtful his and hers travel gifts to consider. It contains several useful items to make travelling easy.

The holders will keep passports secure and the durable travel tags for marking and identifying luggage along with a pen to write! Passport holder and luggage tags set are awesome client Christmas gift ideas as well.

Send them off in style with this lavish gift which will be treasured and appreciated for its uniqueness and practicality.

This euro pillow cover set gift is the best way to keep the spark and love alive in a long distance relationship as its meaningful text imprinting reminds the lovebirds of the unmatchable love and affection they have for each other.

Pillows symbolize comfort and the touching meaningful loving messages on the covers symbolize the love for each other regardless of distance. It is the perfect combination for a blessed life.

Husband & Wife Mug set is not only appropriate for your tea or coffee cravings. Rather these mugs remind you of funny nutritional facts that can make your life small heaven.

One of the best and funny his n hers items, the mug set proves to be a brilliant package so that the recipient can follow the rules in a relationship! An awesome birthday gift idea for husband as well!

Matching Christmas Pajamas, printed with a marvelous title “Santa’s Squad” is your go-to his and hers Christmas gift for a loving pair.

Let them coordinate their clothing and exhibit the attire in an endearing way to enjoy the festival of happiness! A cute and usual present, as the duo matches their clothes, the festival of love seems blossoming to the core!

This high quality Mr. & Mrs. tumbler set is an exceptional for bridal shower or wedding gift for the bride and groom. Incredibly cute, highly attractive and appealing tumbler bottles’ thermal double-wall could keep your drink hot or cold for 24 hours.

In addition, the high quality stainless steel bottles can resist scratches which enhance the durability. Give a chance to your beloved recipients to drink together and strengthen their relationship!

Personalized His/Hers Wooden Hangers Set of 2

This personalized wooden hanger set comes with the option to add a customized delightful message.

Suitable for those who have everything, those receiving it would never be able to anticipate such a gorgeous personalized his and hers gifts

Surprise them with a thoughtful message, engraved on the hangers that have nice polished metal hooks.

What better way to profess your love for your beloved and let your other half know how much your love is with these bracelets with meaning words engraved on the bracelet.

This stylish set of couple bracelets is wardrobe versatile, making it suitable for daily wear. Appropriate for those who are dating, there are other designs and messages for you to choose from, allowing you to choose a set which is closer to what you would like to express to your other half. A romantic bracelet is an appropriate push present too.

There is nothing like dancing and romancing with a glass of wine. Ideal as a house his and her drinking glasses to bring to a bridal shower or housewarming party, this glass set makes it all the more meaningful with its special design for such occasions.

Great as a wedding décor present too, it is made with quality glass, it has a cute printed image on each glass in dimensions. Keep the romance going with this lovable glass set.

This set of comfortable King and Queen matching shirts is a great present to send your congratulatory wishes to a couple most occasions. It is also a great gift to present to your other half to warm your loved one’s heart.

Wearing matching shirts make fantastic photoshoot images as well. It is also an appropriate his and hers wedding gift to get active outside.

This pair of necklaces are made of tungsten steel which is resistant and hard. The durability makes it a great present that they can wear for a long period to signify their strong relationship.

Ideally engraved with the words, “I Love You” to share and foster romance between the partners. The best gift idea if you want something lasting and wearable.

A cute and affordable pair of jewelry because it demonstrates love and affection that is delightful. This puzzle piece necklace keychain set is made of stainless steel that ensures durability.

A wonderful romantic present during Valentine’s day for those who are dating, these lightweight pieces can be engraved with words of love where you can choose the most applicable words to express how you feel.

A pair of lovebirds wearing matching outfits is an image of divine love and this matching pair of shirt set will magnify this view.

“Love a lot” are words that highlights a special kind of love, therefore it is an idyllic gift for them.

Made of quality cotton, the shirts are loose fit for men and slim fit for women.

High absorbent, long sleeves bathrobe are useful commodities of frequent usage. Suitable for newlyweds, with these accessories of daily comfort, you are sure to convey the message of love and affection.

This bathrobe set adds class to the lifestyle. Made of comfortable cotton, let they enjoy hotel quality accessories at the convenience of their own home. Check out the matching slippers set here.

Mr. and Mrs. Mugs are a perfect Christmas gift this season. The well-crafted, made from ceramic, and highly durable mugs are excellent for all the lively people out there! It is a chance for every pair to sit together and talk and relive the gorgeous moments of life.

Gift the wonderful package, which is also a great his and hers wedding gifts and let them sip away all the worries of life!

Personalized Couples White Apron Set

Love is everywhere, even in the kitchen! A great recipe starter for the pair to use in the kitchen or backyard.

There is no better way to cook up the love than by using these personalized apron sets which are available in three styles and with each first name engraved.

The customization of the names makes it a unique his and her gift for those who have everything. Quality aprons are practical birthday gifts to consider too.

His and Her Gifts