33 Most Awesome (Jul 2020) Dirty Santa Gifts This Christmas

Best Dirty Santa Gift Ideas(updated in Jul 2020) Are you planning or going to a Christmas party with the traditional Dirty Santa game being played?

If yes, then buying the best Dirty Santa gifts is definitely a must so as to make the game more fun.

What is Dirty Santa Gift Exchange Game?

A common event in many holiday parties, Dirty Santa is a gift exchange game that has been played over the holiday festive season for many years.

The term “dirty” is used as the rule of the game allows the participants to “steal” gifts from other participants and avoid gag gifts.

What Are The Best Gifts For Dirty Santa?

For the best gifts to exchange at the Dirty Santa game, you can include some of the following characteristic: funny, gender neutral, creative, useful or cool. You can include gag gifts too if you want to add more fun. Depending on the budget, the Dirty Santa gifts are usually under $20 or under $10.

Many people have heard of white elephant gift exchange, for the Dirty Santa version, the gifts may not necessarily be something which people do not want – it can be a great and useful gift idea too.

Good news:

We have compiled a whole list of good Christmas presents for your consideration. Many of the gifts are under 20 which makes them very affordable.

If you are looking for holiday gifts ideas that are corporate related, this article has all the great ideas.

Let’s get started now for the gift exchange!

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One of the common activities that is played after the dirty Santa gift exchange is just pure fun and booze.

A suitable naughty dirty Santa gift, whether is meant for the organizer of the party or any party members, this card contains a whole list of silly and hilarious tasks for people to sabotage one another.

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A great gift to make the recipient smile in amusement. This funny wine glass is an ideal inexpensive gift that can be passed around without fear of breakage as it is wrapped in bubble wrap in a sturdy box.

Made of premium glass with white print words that are highly visible, it is surely a wonderful last minute dirty Santa gift.

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If you want to bring an extra large gift that will capture everyone’s attention, then this jumbo big playing cards is a great consideration. Instead of the traditional cards that can fit in your hands, why not use alternative cards that is unique and fun filled?

Certainly one of the most cool Dirty Santa gifts around!

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The popular Yankee candle is one of the best Dirty Santa gift you can consider as it is timeless and appropriate for the Christmas season.

The fragrance is made from natural extracts with the wax blended with the optimal oil to give off the ideal scent.

The design requires no holder which means the recipient can burn it to create the immediate holiday atmosphere!

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For the gift exchange at the Christmas party, it is most likely that you have no idea who the gift recipient it.

This funny mug, which is an excellent gender neutral gift, has numerous holiday season related decoration on it. Made of ceramic, it can also be a great decorative item during the festive period.

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This sneaky gift makes the recipient look like an alcoholic! Funny and practical at the same time, it is made of high grade stainless steel and a choice of several amusing imprinted words.

This gender neutral gift will bring out laughter during the Christmas party! An alcoholic flask is a popular gift for 21st birthday too.

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Thinking of something that is great and useful to bring to the party, you can consider a USB clock fan that not only serves to provide some cool wind but also display the time in the most cool fashion.

The clock novelty will amaze anyone who see it for the first time. This is surely an affordable and one of the best Dirty Santa gift!

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Anyone who receive this gift will be bewildered at first and thinking “What exactly is this?”. Made of high quality fabric, he or she can wrap themselves in this blanket and imagine a large human burrito in the making!

A useful item to bring for travel, camping or simply in the comfort of your home!

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How about bringing a present that looks cool and useful? This Corkcicle Air has a special pour feature and innovative aerator function that will make the wine’s aroma be expanded.

Serve wine in a perfectly chilled manner with this good gift. Who says you can only bring a white elephant gift?

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Who says exercise is difficult? With this exercise wooden block, all you need is to walk around it to complete the daily required walking distance!

You will help the recipient, whether is your family, boss or colleagues, meet and exceed all of their exercise goals right at in their home! A cheap and creative Dirty Santa present!

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Literally a thumb drive, this portable USB data storage is a practical and cheap Dirty Santa gift.

Even with more data being stored in the cloud, a physical portable storage device is still useful in situations when you want the information to be stored locally. A novel miniature memory gift that can be used in various operating system versions, it is ideal for your colleagues, friends and family.

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Stir up the Christmas cheer at the party with this board game that is totally designed for the holiday season.

For the game, you can perform transactions like increase your property valuations by purchasing presents. With reindeers instead of railroads, this is definitely a recommended gift for family fun. A great and fun gift to exchange with other people!

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This funny Dirty Santa Gift will definitely bring out the naughty during the gift exchange at the Christmas party.

A one-off joke, it may appear initially as an innovation, but once people realize the humor, it becomes a great decorative item.

Also a cool gag gift, give it to those who love outdoor activities and need frequent hydration!

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A funny and good item to exchange during the party, this is a funny take on the tabletop Christmas tree. It has all the accessories to set up the tree.

A great silly gag Dirty Santa gift that is cheap and naughty, it can be a prank gift for your co-workers or friends. Who knows, it can also be the best bathroom decoration too!

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Corgis are highly adorable and popular dogs. Their most noticeable feature is their cute butts that sway conspicuously when they walk. This Christmas gift is not just suitable for animal lover, it can be given to anyone as it is also a pillow.

This comfortable throw pillow is a great addition to the home as a housewarming gift for bachelors or in the office.

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Looking for a small gift that is useful and affordable? This To Do List note pad is one of the best Dirty Santa gift to exchange at the party. Let the recipient get organized and procrastinate less.

This fun note pad offers quick reminders and is easy to rip off. Whether is a grocery list or tasks to finish at the workplace, this note pad does it job well! A wonderful Christmas gifts for 17 yr old girls too.

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A funny and gender neutral always make one of the best gift exchange item when playing Dirty Santa. To make your gift even better, get something that is practical with Christmas theme

This humorous Santa Bathroom set includes with toilet seat cover, tank cover and rug, is the perfect present this holiday season. Great as a beautiful decorative item too.

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This gift will likely be what all the participants at the Christmas party will be fighting for. A highly practical gift that is simply one of the best. There is surely someone who loves coffee.

This compact personal coffeemaker comes with a useful travel mug. The small footprint, with automatic turnoff features make this lightweight device to must grab gift!

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For a creative and naughty gender neutral gift that can bring laughs to the holiday period, get this musical toilet holder that will play a classic Xmas song with hilarious fart sounds when it spins.

The silly song that is played makes it extremely funny and great. The gift recipient can place it in different washrooms to spread the joy!

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Protect you and your friend from identity theft with this RFID blocking sleeve. Place the credit card into the sleeve and the metallic shield can protect scanning from RF readers.

A wonderful stocking stuffer during the Christmas season, this gift is made of durable material which means the recipient can slip his or her card in and out many times without worry. This is an excellent birthday present for husband too!

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Enjoy music on the go during the cold Christmas winter! Keep warm with this double knit hat while you dance to the music. Ideal for outdoor activities with a one size fits most design , it is connected via Bluetooth and offers long continuous music.

A highly recommended affordable and useful unisex gift for the Christmas season! A wonderful creative 18th birthday gift too.

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Remember the shock potato game whereby people have to pass the potato around as fast as possible. This cleverly designed toy has all the elements of bringing this party game to the next level.

Designed to handle drop when people inadvertently let go of it when they feel the electric shocked, it comes in different game mode. Once the gift exchange is done at the party, all the participants can proceed with this Shockpotato game!

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When you ask the Christmas party’s organizer on what to bring and the reply is “Nothing too expensive” or a similar comment, then this gift is the most appropriate!

A jar that explicitly tells you there’s nothing inside! An excellent last minute Dirty Santa gift, you do not have to worry on what to bring as this gift best fits the criteria!

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Get this affordable shark toy that can help to relieve stress with its stress ball alike features. Squeeze them whenever you feel stress.

The fun part is that when you squeeze it, the shark will pop up a human leg! A great way to release anxiety and liven up the mood. The gift recipient will be thankful for this interesting and useful gift at the Christmas party!

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Find the loot only when you complete the puzzle! A unique gift for the gift exchange – no more boring gifts as the recipient has to solve the spatial maze before the item in the box is released.

This is surely one of the best Dirty Santa gifts as it is suitable for all ages, gender neutral and affordable!

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A joke gift box that will sure make everyone around laugh! It looks like a real upscale product for wine drinkers with the elaborate description on the box, however, the supposed product is something that does not exist!

During the gift exchange, party goes will think this is real, watch their expression when they realize that it is a ludicrous item!

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Let the recipient enjoy a tipsy day with this great fun gift. This wine glass can hold an astonishing entire bottle of wine, so with one serving, you can have all the wine for yourself! Wine lovers will love this creative glass.

Made with quality finishing, this is certainly one of the best Dirty Santa gift around!

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Let the recipient work hard to get their gift. Whether is cash or gift certificates or tickets, you can place them inside the maze box. The “prize” can only be extracted after successfully completing the required tasks.

Great for a cool gift during the gift exchange party, whether is for your relative or office coworkers.

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For a Dirty Santa gift that is gender neutral and handy, consider this credit card tool set with essentials survival kit.

The smart design means no carry sleeve is needed. Use it in the outdoors or urban environment. Also a cool gift for 16 yr old boys, this unisex present may look simple, but the recipient will be thankful for its usefulness in many situations. 

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This unique gift for Christmas is not just for fidgeters or people who are feeling anxious, it is also a wonderful and affordable anti-stress gadget. Its special 4-in-1 cubic design allows spinning in 4 different shapes.

Spend some time relaxing while spinning this toy to help relieve tension. Definitely an excellent last minute Dirty Santa gift that is gender neutral.

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If you want to bring a present that is for someone who has everything, why not consider a useful and great barbeque grill cleaner?

During the Christmas season, many people hold bbq gathering. This cleaner can clean a variety of grills from charcoal to electric. Made of solid brass, it is durable and heavy duty which makes it a useful gift for the holiday season. You can consider this as a gift for your wife’s birthday too!

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Fancy a good gift idea for the Christmas gift exchange event? This traditionally designed piece of cherry pie is hand crafted and hand painted manually for a lovely detailed finishing.

A beautiful ornament for the Christmas tree, the sparkly bright colors will surely delight whoever receives your thoughtfulness.

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Whether the party goers are drinkers or teetotallers, getting this gift will surely bring out a smile in the recipient.

Made of premium quality glass, the words are highly visible and is dishwasher safe. It can also be paired with a bottle of wine if you are thinking of buying a more expensive dirty Santa present. A funny birthday gift for the 40 year old man too.

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During the Christmas holiday season, with many parties around, there is a high chance of a Dirty Santa Party that you have to attend. It is recommended that you put more effort in buying the best Dirty Santa gifts.

Our list of presents – mostly under 20, with some under 25 or under 10, gives you a good selection of price. Whether is a last minute decision or not, we hope you have found a gift that you can be proud of being “stolen” by your friends, coworkers or family members at the party.