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33 Most Cool Gifts (Sep 2021) For 17 Year Old Girls

(updated Sep 2021) Are you searching gifts for 17 year old girls?

Get this:

We have curated a complete list of the best gift ideas for the teen girl! Whether you are searching presents for Christmas, her birthday or other happy occasion, you will not be disappointed.

What to get a 17 year old girl?

Get something that shows her youth and energy. During her teenage period, she will be drawn towards things that are cool, fun and interesting. Additionally, your present can also be creative, funny, meaningful and personalized. It should preferably suit her taste and personality so that she will treasure it for a long time.

Present Ideas For 17 Year Old Teenage Girls

Our comprehensive gift guide cover a wide range of variety and prices – whether is for your daughter, granddaughter, sister, girlfriend, niece or friend, what to get for the girl aged seventeen begins here! If you are also finding presents for 17 year old boys, click here to find out more.

Let’s go!

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This silver necklace is the perfect present for your daughter who loves accessorizing herself.

Made of quality sterling silver, she will feel amazed when she wears it – the beautiful 17 beads represents all the wonderful years she has spent while she prepares for the future ahead.

Packaged in a lovely box, it is something that can be sent directly to her with no extra wrapping needed. It is surely one of the best gift ideas for your 17 year old girlfriend. You can also find similar item in our page on 40th birthday gift ideas for her too.

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Teenage girls love to wear makeup to display their individual style. It is a form of expressing their character. It is a time for them to experiment different makeup looks.

Hence this makeup mirror with natural and soft lights is the ideal gift for her. The magnifying panels and the free rotation greatly help the girl to enhance her look with her makeup tools and kit.

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An ideal and unique piece of art for a teen high school girl to have. Surprise her who is preparing for adulthood soon with something that describe the history and story of the name.

This meaningful and memorable item can be transformed into a wall art as you can choose to have it framed. On the quality paper that her name story is printed, you can also have the choice to add customized text to make it the most unique present received.

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Given that the majority of people these days hold several electronic gadgets, a wireless charger that allows the college student to charge multiple devices is a very practical tech gift.

This charger is compatible with a broad variety of gadgets, including her mobile phone and smart watch. The stand’s height and angle are adjustable, which allows her to watch it comfortably in her dorm room while also charging her gadgets. Because of its small size, she can simply fold and carry it in her bag while on the move.

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A pen that serves more than just for writing. This tactical pen provides the teen with various useful tools in the event of an emergency.

Made of durable aircraft grade aluminium, it is a discreet life saving tool that can break glass, fend off assault and more. A cool gift for teen girls, the seventeen year olds will appreciate your thoughtfulness in choosing this tactical pen. This is also one of the best gifts for 16 year old boy!

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Give her an interesting tshirt that is designed just to showcase her age! Though not many people will know instantly the answer the square root question, once they figure it out, it will be a funny realization how special the tshirt is.

Lightweight with a comfort fit, this is a practical gift for the 17 year old teenage girl who loves to bring joy to people around her. It is also a great way to communicate to others the fun side of her.

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Personalized Pashmina Scarf in Choice of Colors

Thinking of something useful to surprise your teenage friend? Then this pashmina scarf fits your requirement. Made of a blend of pashmina and silk, it is ultra-comfy to hold and gives her a relaxing mood when she holds it closely.

With several colors available, you can surely find one that suit her taste. Best of all, you can personalized it with her name to make it the most unique gift.

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Celebrate your daughter’s teenage seventeenth birthday with a precious bracelet.

This piece will make her feel honoured and exceptional in her life. The bracelet is a product of premium metal, meaning it will not wear out within a short duration. This aspect shows your level of care and love towards her throughout her life.

Also, its elegant design will match with her style and enhance her outlook making her love you more. It is a great gift Christmas gift for your teenage girlfriend too. You can also get a charm bracelet if she likes decorative trinkets. 

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Most of us have a funny side and we also have imaginations that takes us beyond the galaxies.

These Wonder Woman knee high cape socks fills both those spots for a teen girl. Help her live her fantasy as a superhero with these special socks that are knitted with Wonder Woman emblems.

A cool and hilarious affordable gag gift idea for 17 year old girl.

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This is without a doubt one of the most memorable and useful presents for the young lady – a set of fun looking bath bombs that are created to resemble delicious desserts like donuts and cupcakes!

Full of rich essential oils that are moisturizing for the skin, she will be pleased with the ingredients and fine scents including lavender rose, lemon peppermint and more. Guaranteed to bring a smile on the teenage girl on the special occasion, these fun items are also recommended Christmas gifts for ladies who want nothing.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Get her the most special jar she will ever receive! From Kindnotes, inside the jar, she will find numerous lovely messages that are each kept in an envelope. You can select from a list of themes and designs.

Each jar is presented in a nice box. In addition to the list of messages that you can choose to give your teenage daughter, you can also come out with your customized words for a personalized wonderful gift! Consider separately giving a gift card for a bigger surprise for your loved ones.

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With so many distractions around, it is no surprising people have problem getting things done nowadays. This is also true for teens as they are surrounded by numerous online activities that demand their attention.

Put a smile on her face when she sees this book – she will understand the relevance of it. The practical and useful information inside will help her to survive and thrive in the increasing complex world. The teen girl will be thankful for this handy guide.

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One of the most cool and high tech practical gift for the high school girl, this notebook is one of a kind.

Not only is it reusable, she can easily save what she has written by uploading her notes into popular cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

To reuse the page, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. She will be grateful to you for receiving this amazing notebook. One of the best gifts for 15 year old girls too.

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Besides a funny present idea for the 17 year old female friend, this alarm can be consider if you want something that can suitable for her birthday or Christmas.

Provide her with a peace of mind whenever she is out alone – this amazing device can emit loud sound and flashing light when activated during times of emergency. She can easily bring it around as it is lightweight and compact.

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At 17, youths usually cannot leave the phone out of their hands. They like to be constantly connected.

This crossbody phone purse is the absolute practical birthday gift for the girl turning 17. This front pocket comes in numerous designs and makes an eye-catching piece of her outfit.

It is also a versatile piece as the strap is adjustable, which can turn this bag into a purse or pouch. This versatile bag is also among the best gift ideas for 19 year old college girl too.

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Nothing makes a lady feel special than displaying their name. Make this aspect a reality by offering this single edge-hammered personalized charm necklace as a present to your 17 year old daughter.

It comes with a personalized pendant that you can customize to feature the recipient’s name to make this a unique present idea. It has a high-quality chain making it durable. Etch your name in the teen girl’s heart by adding this jewelry in their treasure box.

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Gifting your loved one with a multi-purpose tablet is surely a cool present for her this Christmas. She will be impressed by the vibrant high definition display that lets her watch her favorite shows, play the most trendy games and catch up on the latest news and books displayed in vivid pictures.

The 17 year old will also appreciate the long battery life. One of the best Xmas present for her!

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A Vera Bradley big travel duffel bag is a casual but stylish bag that a teen girl may use to transport her belongings. Available in a variety of eye-catching stylish patterns, the spacious interior and compartments enable her to arrange many of her necessities such as wallet, cosmetics, make up brush, lip balm, portable charger and earbuds.

Made of cotton, you can be certain that this is a great gift ideas for 17 year old female, as this high-quality bag will last her a long time.

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Flowers are always a favorite among ladies, the female adolescent will not say no to a bouquet of fresh flowers presented directly to her.

She will adore you when she receive this bright and colorful assortment of gerbera daisies.

You can also include a vase for her to easily place the beautiful flowers in her room that will surely brighten up the place with its vibrant color combination.

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One of the most cool and beautiful earrings for teenage girls, she will love the quality sterling silver material, a choice of gemstone to match the month of her birthday and a secure leverback.

Wearing this pair of dangle earrings will draw positive comments with the sparkle and shine – the perfect jewelry birthday gift for the girl age 17. Lovely earrings are also great gifts for women in their 20s.

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This small coin purse is ideal to safeguard her coins and small notes. It is made of leather, has a zip at the top, slit pocket and card slots. The minimalist design makes it easy to match her wardrobe.

With this purse she will know where to find her coins as it will help her be organized.

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Technology never sounded better! Get these headphones for a teen girl age 17 which enhances her listening experience with quality noise cancellation and microphone system for superior voice pick-up and flawless sound.

In addition, it comes with a number of useful features such as Bluetooth pairing which she will appreciate and cherish. Definitely one of the best gift for her during Christmas!

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Isn’t almost it about time she spruce up her room? You may surprise her with something she has never seen before with this vinyl record label wall art. This is a really unique and thoughtful present idea as it is a highly customized piece of amazing looking wall art.

Apart from the unique vinyl record label design, you may personalize the title and lyrics of one of her favorite songs. Additionally, you may include her name and a personalized greeting. It’s also a fantastic idea for Valentine’s Day!

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Precious Moments Bisque Porcelain Figurine, Chase Your Dreams

From Precious Moments, this inspirational fine bisque porcelain features a young girl in floral detailed dress with a confident poise.

With the encouraging words “Chase Your Dreams”, it reminds the young lady that her future is in her hands. The hand-sculpted and hand-painted figurine with attention to details makes this a truly uplifting item to keep as she prepares for adulthood.

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A pink smartwatch that is eye-catching and special will delight any teen girl. Built with several high tech features like a sleep score system to help her get more restful nights; integrated Alexa for quick access to latest news and information; fitness related tracking like steps walked and calories burnt.

All these cool features will certainly complement her lifestyle which makes it one of the top Christmas gifts for your 17 year old sister or niece. Fitbit smartwatches are fantastic Christmas presents for teen boys age 17 too.

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Girls love accessorising and necklace is one of a teen girls’ favourite accessory. It can enhance her appearance and make her look more attractive. It gives her a feel-good factor.

This silver piece, which comes with handcrafted heart pendant is a wardrobe versatile, which matches her outfit well.

The meaningful words on the card are encouraging, adding to the thoughtfulness of this gift for your 17 year old daughter or granddaughter.

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This slim cruiser tumbler is a perfect gift for a the 17 year old girl as it helps to keep her hydrated in style. It is fashionable, durable, insulated, made of stainless steel and has a splash proof seal.

Whether she is drinking something hot or cold, this tumbler will keep her beverage just the way she wants it for hours. A great gift for sister in law too, it fits into most cup holders, has a flip lid and not one but two BPA reusable straws!

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For teenage girls who love flowers, give her a unique flower for her 17-year birthday with this beautiful preserved flower. Preserved flower also symbolise your eternal care and love for her.

This handmade preserved flower, which requires no watering, can spruce up her desk or room, brightening her day.

You can choose her favourite colour from the wide array colours available. Check out here for gold covered roses that will also make her day!

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Giant Gumball Stress Ball

Whether is at school or at home, the young person is likely to be facing stress from multiple fronts. Get her a stress ball as an avenue to let out the tension.

Better still, give her an extra large sized stress ball for the ultimate stress relief. Also a wonderful Christmas gift idea, this ball smells like sweet bubble gum for more added fun!

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It is always important to be safe from germs and viruses so this portable cell phone sanitizer is a practical addition to a teen girl’s collection.

This device can be taken everywhere she goes with its a sleek and compact design along with a UV sterilizer. This cool gift idea will sanitize her phone and any other small devices such as iPods and jewelry to get rid of germs and keep her healthy.

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Remind your girl about the activities and events that happened in the year they were born.

17th birthday decorations is a precious gift to make work easier. This piece covers significant events, music, movies, sports, and even legends of the moment.

It is unique and designed to match the party’s décor. So, if you’re looking for a way to make this day unforgettable, this is the right piece to give your daughter.

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Consider a trendy makeup pouch if your teenager daughter likes to use makeup. This floral designed comestic bag lets her easily keep her makeup accessories. She can also it as a travel pouch for her essential items like earbuds and keys.

The best feature is that there is a customization option to add her name, initials or other relatable words. This will be one of the best personalized gifts for 17 year old girl. An ideal stocking stuffer too!

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Teen girls love makeup therefore make it easier for her with this all in one travel makeup set inexpensive gift which will be sure to make her delighted!

It includes eyeliner pencils, blush brushes, lipstick colors and so much more. Whether is for your niece or girlfriend, she can experiment with various cool colors with this complete set.

This will help boost her confidence and gain independence as she matures. You can also get her some nail polish if she likes manicure too.

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