33 Most Cool Gifts (Aug 2020) For 15 Year Old Boys

Presents for 15 Year Old Boy(updated in Aug 2020) Are you looking for great gifts for 15 year old boys?

Good news.

We have compiled gift ideas that are cool and awesome for the male teen. Whether you are searching for a present for his birthday, Christmas or a joyous celebration, this is the right place.

What are good gifts for a 15 year old boy?

Get something that will make him feel special as a youth. In his teenage years, he is full of energy and will be intrigued by things that are fun and cool. Additionally, good present suggestions include things that are creative, interesting, funny, personalized and unique. A well thought gift also matches his interests and personality.

The best gift search for the boy aged fifteen starts here – regardless if the purchase is for your beloved son, grandson, brother, boyfriend or friend, we have a complete list with a variety of recommended items at different price points.

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This math t-shirt will form an interesting gift for a teen boy as he hits the fifteen-year mark. This inexpensive gift for teenage guys turning fifteen has a funny imprint that will be perfect if he is a math lover.

It is made of 100% cotton making it a comfortable, soft, and breathable t-shirt that he can wear anywhere including when going to school.

Make the most out of the leisure time for the teenage boy. Let the leisure moment be fun with this hoverboard that is a wonderful Christmas gift for 15 year old boy.

The board features a Bluetooth speaker and LED lights that brighten and entertain him. Your son or grandson will also enjoy music as they scoot in your backyard or around the neighbourhood with this cool stuff for teen boys.

Forget the dull, simplistic travel mugs that do not even keep your beverages hot for long. Here is a fancy tumbler, complete with a flip lid and straw that will be a worthy gift for just about anyone.

One of the most common gifts bought for 15 year old boys, the mug is vacuum insulated to keep beverages hot or cold for hours. The mug comes in a variety of bright colors for an aesthetic look, hence your teen son or brother will always love to carry the mug around.

When it comes to presents, there is no going wrong with electronic gift, especially when the recipient is a teenage boy. Gift your son or best friend this HD 8” Fire tablet and you will be sure to light up his time. The tablet has an 8” impressive clear display. He will enjoy the latest shows on many entertainment sites.

The tablet also has the Alexa feature, further broadening the horizon of what he can do with the electronic device. Certainly one of the hottest gift ideas for the teen boy this Christmas.

Does he love to play basketball? If so, he will find a light-up basketball totally awesome.

A great active gift for 15 year old boy, it uses LEDs to give it a fiery glow. The glow is activated by impact where the ball illuminates while playing and automatically goes off when not in use after a while. Nonetheless, it looks and feels like a normal basketball. Night games will become even more enjoyable and fun with this.

If you are searching for several sports gifts for 15 year old boys, then consider this GlowCity variety pack of 3 consisting of football, basketball and soccer ball!

Instead of trying to catch up with the trending gifts for 15 year old boys currently, why not get this distinctive gift idea to surprise him completely.

Each name is unique on its own and with a background story to tell. Let the birthday male teen know about the story of his name with this meaningful gift – a framed-up portrait of his name proudly displayed, and the related interesting stories printed below his name.

You may include your customized text, which will be printed on top of the featured name and choose his favourite color from the list of available frame colors so that he will cherish this well thought present.

Take the teenage boy to a world of science. The solar system crystal ball is an ideal unusual gift for 15 year old boys. This ball features well-curved planets and made of high-quality material.

A cool present, the ball will inspire your boy’s astronomical dream. Also, its ability to display different colours will be a source of happiness. So, it is a good option for enhancing the love for science in your teenage boys.

Personalized Heritage Supply Duffel Bag with Antique Hardware

This is a practical and good gift for the boy who travels frequently or have regular sleepovers at his friends’ place. The personalized duffel bag helps the him keeps his items in an organized manner.

This bag even contains tablet pockets which is essential for digitally connected teens. It is available in neutral colours which match his outfit and it can be personalized with his name to make it the most unique present for him.

This multi-purpose tactical pen is a practical and cool gadget for teenage guys to get this Christmas. This pen will help him prepare for survival when crisis arise.

It will help your son or friend save himself and others in case of an emergency. Best of all, they can use it as a normal pen in school. With it, you can help him feel secure and have peace of mind.

Getting a teenage boy out of that gaming chair is not easy. This is something that everyone can agree with making the message on this t-shirt humorous and relatable.

Made with cotton, it has a nice feel making it a comfortable and simple t-shirt that can be worn with anything. Soon, this is likely to become his favorite t-shirt to wear when heading out. A wonderful secret Santa gifts for 15 year old boys too.

In this digital age, a teenage boy may not take to the idea of jotting down notes using pen and paper. They might however like the idea of a smart notebook to help them to easily write, store, and access their personal notes.

One of the most amazing gifts for 15 year old boys that are hard to please, the innovative notebook comes with a special pen for writing and a microfiber cloth for erasing. Writings made can easily be wiped off using the damp cloth allowing him to reuse it for years.

Most importantly, he does not have to worry about losing his notes by using the Rocketbook mobile app that connects and conveniently saves his notes to various cloud services.

Besides getting the usual games for 15 year old boys during Christmas, why not buy something different. This drone with a powerful camera is a perfect gift for your son or boyfriend. This is more than just a toy, as he can use the drone even after getting to the adult years.

One of the best toy for 15 year old boy, the drone incorporates some of the latest technologies with WIFI capability for live streaming, HD camera for a perfect photo and video capturing and more. Another impressive feature is that the quadcopter is compatible with VR headsets to give the user a first-person viewing of everything the camera captures for an unsurpassed fun experience.

Does your recipient love music? Certainly, as many teens spend their free time listening to music. It is time to change how they listen to music by introducing them into the open-ear technology.

The open ear wireless bone headphones are cool tech gadgets for teenage guys. One of the hottest gifts for teen boys, he will love the new way of listening to their favourite tones and music. As the music sinks in their mind, so shall your name.

Help your teenage boy observe far things well. These binoculars work well for wildlife activities. With it, you will transform your boys’ love for adventure.

The perfect outdoor gift for 15 year old boys, they can use it to watch football games or any other outdoor activities. The binoculars are an excellent present for your adventurous high school boy. As they enjoy each outdoor activity or mission, your bond with them will become stronger.

He might be too old for a toy, but this mechanical puzzle model kit will be an exception as it is also an educational gifts for teens. This is especially if he has an interest in engineering and construction.

Piecing this wooden gift puzzle together will put his workmanship to test in a fun, challenging, and educational way. The ideal brainy gift for 15 year old boys, he will also enjoy the satisfaction of creating his own marble run set. When done, it forms a decorative piece that he can display somewhere in his room.

If you are looking for a proper gift for your teenage son or grandson, the Under Armour sackpack will put you on the right track. The bag is just the perfect size, allowing him to carry their stuff in a comfortable space comfortably making it great gifts for athletic boys.

The straps are also round and comfy, unlike other sack packs whose straps hurt the shoulders. Undoubtedly one of the most popular Christmas present for teen boys age fifteen.

Teenage years are formative ones. As such, a growth mindset journal will be a useful present for the fifteen year old boy.

Specifically designed for teens, the journal helps to promote growth, positivity, resilience, and gratitude. Included inside are also fun activities and writing prompts to will help with self-discovery. A useful present for teen turning 18, he will receive guidance on achieving the right mindset to help him follow through with his dreams.

A beautiful keychain is a meaningful way to tell someone you love them and a sentimental keepsake item that is usually included in the list of top birthday gifts for 15 year old boys.

The keychain has a nice motivational inscription, making the gift relevant for the joyous occasion. Also a cool present for 15 year old girls, the stainless steel material is durable and you can be sure that your son will always remember the gift and special connection you have whenever they see the chain.

Rubber Grip 13 Function Army Knife

This gift is an essential tool that the male adolescent should bring out daily to meet any emergency needs.

A great small gift ideas for teenage guys this Xmas, it contains many useful functions, including screwdriver, scissors, and bottle opener, which are useful for his everyday life.

A useful housewarming gifts idea for guys also, this compact army knife can be personalized with his name and a short message that makes it an extremely unique present idea.

If you are pondering what to get a 15 year old boy, then this is a versatile gift that will wow him. Make the teenage boy’s 15th birthday memorable with these decorations party supplies.

The eye-catching supplies will make it a special day to remember. It features numerous coloful balloons that mark the new age milestone for your boy. Inflate the helium air into the balloons and hang the decorations to create the best atmosphere at the party venue.

This solar-powered outdoor smartwatch is a wonderful electronics tech gifts for teenage guy who is physically active. He can now use sporting apps on the watch to track his sporting activities such as hiking, surfing, running, and more.

He can also monitor his body wellness by tracking the heart rate, stress, pulse as well as sleep pattern. One of the coolest presents round, it is resistant to heat, shock and water, thus is durable and suitable for an adventurous boy.

Personalized Birthday Cookie Gift Basket

For the guy who loves chocolates and cookies, present him with this lovely cookie gift basket containing individually wrapped gourmet baked goodies. The highlight of this tasty treat is the centrepiece consist of a sugar cookie which you can customize it with your personalized birthday message for him.

This personalized centrepiece is decorated with an extra-large chocolate dipped brownie, tasty chocolate covered Oreo cookies and delicious chocolate hand dipped fortune cookies. Certainly a gift basket that boy age fifteen will remember for a long time.

Giant Stress Ball

Teenagers encounter numerous challenges during this period of their lives from school work stress to relationship matters. Instead of the usual stress ball that only fits in his hand, show him you understand him by giving him a giant stress ball to vent his biggest frustrations.

One of the best toy for him for his birthday or Xmas as he can bring it along conveniently and squeezed hard into the rubbery toy for a satisfying feeling.

Many teenager guy probably spending most of his free time playing video games anyway so why not just make it more comfortable and fun for him with this gaming chair.

Fitted with speakers and subwoofers together with its vibration capability, this chair will create the ultimate gaming and entertainment experience for him. Certainly one of the best item to add to the Christmas list for teenage guys.

Personalized Ogio Gym Bag

Gift the boy this stylish gym bag which he bring along during for his workout sessions. The good thing is that you can personalize it to match his favourite colors and also add his name or initials.

This bag offers various pockets enough to put all gym gears. Also, it is suitable for travel purposes. With this unique Xmas gift, your son age 15 will feel joyous with a useful belonging that is unique and special. This bag is a good present for a sixteen year old teen boy too.

Is he full of humor? If so, this cap is a perfect funny gag gift idea for him. It is an ideal item for people full of sarcasm and humorous sentiments. When he wears it, everyone will be ready for a jovial moment.

Hence, you will play a crucial role in establishing his identity. Make his friends and schoolmates laugh out loud when they see this funny present.

Who does not love illusions? This 3D light up basketball lamp is an excellent cool gift that will not fascinate your teenage son alone, but everyone else that sees it.

The device is a cool design of acrylic glass that plays amazing tricks on human eyes. From a distance, you will see a fantastic illusion of 3D depiction of a basketball with glowing colors. This cool gadget is worth every penny and certainly a wow gift for 15 year old boys.

Check here for a baseball 3D nightlight to gift the boy who like baseball.

What better way to light up your 15-year-old boy’s birthday party than a back in 2005 anniversary board? The board is an unframed cardstock created to take him back in time to his birth year.

The print has a minimalist design and will play a massive role in marking your son’s special day. This inexpensive gift idea will also remind guests at the birthday party of the life in 2005 – the president then, famous celebrities, music, premiered movies, sports and more – the perfect gift idea to decorate the party venue.

If you are wondering about the kind of bag to get a teenage boy for Xmas, then this is for you. Instead of a typical bulky backpack, this crossbody bag is compact with enough space for him to store his essentials such as keys, phone and school ID.

One of the best gift ideas for 15 year old boy, if he is big on brands, then he will love showing off the Adidas logo imprinted on the front side of the bag as well as the straps.

Custom Wood Sign Painted

There is no better gift than one that shows the amount of detail and work you have specially put in. That is what you get with these custom-made wood signs.

You can select your preferred specifications like the font color, typestyle, wood size to be crafted to make the final product truly unique for him. The result is a handcrafted creative wooden piece with your special message. This is definitely a suitable gift for the 15 yr old boy who has everything.

This ceramic mug is a simple yet sentimental gift to present to your teenage guy. In our current hard-paced life, we may find ourselves forgetting the simple virtues of love and gratitude that should be the core of human existence.

This great mug is a beautiful way to send light to your loved ones and remind them you care. The mug is scripted with a Happy Birthday message on the side, so every time he uses the mug they will remember your love for them.

Personalized Hanging Canvas Toiletry Bag

No birthday present beats a personalized gift. Personalized gifts are unique to the special person and hold a lot of sentimental value for them. That is why this personalized hanging canvas travel kit is an invaluable gift idea for a teenager turning 15.

The bag is a modern fashion and will showcase his unique personality to the world while serving as a valuable travel kit. Since the bag will have the boy’s initials, you can be sure that they will always treasure it and want to have it around for years to come. This is a good suggested gift for dad to be from wife also.

Happy Birthday Cake Pop Up Card / Lovepop

Give him an extraordinary birthday cake that he can keep for life and helps him preserve the fond memories of his 15th birthday.

This cheery pop up card containing a colorful three-tiered layered 3D cake is a fun way to send him your best wishes.

You can write your personal wishes on the little note card which slides out of the card to make the present special and unique for him.

Best Gifts For Boys Age 15