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39 Awesome Gifts (Nov 2022) To Impress People Who Have Everything

By Doris Tan
(updated Nov 2022) Are you searching for gifts for people who have everything?

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We have come out with an all-inclusive list of suggested gifts for someone who has it all for men and women.

What to get someone who has everything?

Great gift ideas for these self-sufficient people can be something thoughtful to make them feel special. Even though they are usually comfortable with their lives already, they probably still need new stuff. Get something practical or novel that they likely do not know exist. Tasty treats, unique personalized keepsake or sentimental items are good suggestions too.

Whether is to impress your parents, friends, husband, wife, uncle, aunt or couples, our awesome gift guide will help you find something ideal for Christmas, birthday, housewarming or any other special occasion.

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Make someone rethink their position if they think that “I have everything I want!” Make a lasting impression on the receiver with a unique speaker. This Bluetooth speaker uses magnetic levitation to allow it to float, making it much cooler than the typical wireless speaker in the market.

I suppose it is an an unusual gift that is appropriate for individuals of all ages. Whether it is for a child at home or a wealthy manager to exhibit at the workplace, this desk accessory is imaginative, creative, fun and functional. It can also be given as a housewarming present for people who do not need anything.

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Give this wireless charging stand station to your peers as a token of your appreciation for them, and they will appreciate it. The highlight of this charger is certainly its looks. The premium leather used makes it stand out among many other wireless chargers in the market.

The versatility of this gadget is that it can be used as door prizes for events as well as for giving to a friend who has everything. It can make their workspaces more beautiful while simultaneously reducing the amount of space they take up makes it undeniably a worthwhile highly practical present.

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Let your recipients know the power in their name with this name story print as a present. The customized art print shares the story of their names!

A wonderful birthday gift for someone who has everything, your loved one will be happy to know the meaning and the origin of their names. The people with a fulfilling life will further enhance their self-discovery journey with this useful knowledge.

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Many people who have a long list of achievement love trendy, elegant and sophisticated devices. If you are thinking of “what do you get someone who has everything for Christmas?”, then this cocktail shaker would be the perfect present.

This entire shaker set is a piece of art with an attractive luxurious gold finish. If these people love mixing up drinks such as whiskey, tequila, rum, gin and brandy, then this is the perfect set for them to have a wonderful hand on experience. It is undoubtedly one of the top gifts for people who have all things and have achieved what they wanted.

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Purchase a marble cutting board or cheese board with a personalized design to impress the wealthy person. As marble is natural occurring, I see that the board that you get will have a unique vein design like no other.

Apart from serving trays, these boards can also be used as cutting boards and are excellent housewarming gifts too. You can choose from several designs with customized details to etch into the stone surface using a laser engraving process. This board is a great suggestion if you are thinking of what to get rich person for Christmas as part of your holiday shopping.

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An eye-catching LEGO set is among the best house gifts for people who possess almost all stuff. Let them showcase their LEGO building skills. The detail of the ship like the sail, flag and mast will surely intrigue anyone who examines it closely.

The colorful set is a conversation starter for guests and it should be displayed in a prominent place in the house!

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11in. Platinum Trimmed Red Sparkle Rose
Some of you might be aware of the long-lasting roses that have been coated in gold. As a birthday present for a woman who already has everything, why not take it to the next level and make it more impressive? A genuine rose that has platinum trimmed or even one that is totally dipped in platinum!

Platinum is one of the most valuable metals available, and due to its remarkable resistance to corrosion and strength, this rose will be the pinnacle of all others that she receives. A rose can be a lovely Christmas gift for your wife, and it can also be a symbol of the undying love and unbreakable bond that exists in a relationship.

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This high end looking golf ball set is a great lavish gift idea for high achievers who are familiar with the sport of golf. It is a terrific present for your uncle or boss who has everything, and it comes with a 3 golf balls that can be displayed at workplace or home.

I like that a gold marker and hat clip are also available for the rich man or woman. The paper used to package the items is of high quality and the recipient will definitely appreciate the thoughtfulness of the lavish presentation.

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Let the gift recipient drink in style with his or her own whiskey glass. This is no ordinary glass, it is personalized with the name and monogram of the receiver. In addition, you can add a short customize text to make it even more unique.

The perfect gift for people who have everything including older person like your grandparent, whether is a hard liquor or cold brew, this glass will soon be among the favorite things that the man or woman will treasure!

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High achievers love to live to their best potential and living free from stress or body pains is important to reach their life goals.

Giving them this device is a great choice. The perfect gift for old people who have everything, like your mom, dad or boss – the top-notch massager activates the bodies’ repair and recovery mechanisms, which relieves sore muscles, thereby enabling the body to relax.

Who would not want such an amazing and useful device?

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Many achievers’ lives include having fun, entertainment and celebrations and it is what this wine glass is all about. With its hand-decorated accents and paints, the wine glasses are visually a work of art, not to mention the unique cocktail recipe painted on its base.

A great gift for the girl who has everything, this glass exudes utmost elegance, making it the perfect choice for rich people who do not want a lot for Christmas or birthday.

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Personalized 3D photo gifts from - free shipping!

A crystal that is unlike no other! Select an image that you believe will likely make the recipient pleased. The image will be expertly laser etched into the crystal to create the most attractive and personalized gift ever received.

A great thank you gift for someone who has everything, let the good memories be kept in this keepsake item. Certainly something that will be cherished for a long time.

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Send a generous and tasty dried fruit snack basket. These delicious dried fruits are perfect for people who do not need anything. Rather than giving a generic gift card, select a fruit basket that contains the recipient’s favorite dried fruits or snacks.

Best of all, the basket tray turns into a beautifully presented basket which can be reused to store other things. If you want to choose a gift that anyone would want, then this is the answer!

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Books are by far the best classic item you can ever give to someone. This book answers numerous questions that we get in our minds on a daily basis. It is an effort to improve our philosophy about life.

It enhances personal knowledge, enlightens us about events through actual experiences and makes our bonds with our loved ones even stronger! This meaningful book is a one of the best gift ideas for families who have everything that will connect you with them for a lifetime.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Get something that will surely surprise the person with this special jar. Once opened, there are numerous pieces of handcrafted messages that are specially chosen for the receiver!

This attractive memory jar can be part of your DIY homemade gift for people who have everything – you can select messages from a variety of topics most suited for the occasion. You can also opt for more customization to make the final product even more one of a kind. Also a top gift idea for your self-sufficient parents who have a comfortable life.

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A birth chart book that is completely individualized, creative and unique to the recipient. This book, which is suitable to give not just on birthday celebration, but on Christmas morning, New years eve or Valentines day, shows the constellations and positions of the planets and stars when they were born according to the astrological birth chart.

With numerous pages of in-depth horoscope analysis, interesting insights are found on every page that makes it an exotic gift that is truly unique.

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If the recipient loves bird watching, traveling or attending a concert or sports event, a powerful pair of binoculars with a smartphone adapter is indeed the ideal choice.

This pair of binoculars provide superior optics for optimum close up images outdoor on inside a large venue and is a good gift for older people who have everything and feel fulfilled. With the useful smartphone adapter, they can capture and share close up images and videos via the binoculars lens.

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A tactical pen for self-defense is a small gift that means a lot to the recipient. Not only does it work like a normal pen, it also has many other functions which will come in handy especially in an emergency.

Inexpensive, budget-friendly and especially a useful and great present for woman who has everything, the user can use the pen to break glass, protect herself from danger like an attacker and more. Its lightweight and discreet design makes it easy to bring along in your pocket or bag.

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If you are thinking of a list of what to give the person who has everything, then this is definitely a good suggestion. Basically, the rich people probably have traveled to many countries – these maps will certainly delight the globetrotters!

These are 2 maps: one of the entire world and the other one of the USA. Hence, whenever the person visits a certain country, he or she can scratch that part on the map and then there will be something interesting to see! This is also a great goodbye gift for the person who has it all.

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Imagine a music box which will thrill even the man or woman who does not need much things already. From a wide selection of traditional and novel designs to choose from, including the shape and materials, you can be sure that there will be something that will suit the preference of your friend, husband or wife.

In addition to the choice to engrave a short text, the most impressive feature is that you can customize the song to be played! Also an inexpensive present idea for millionaires, this personalized gift is also a wonderful Christmas present for people who have all things.

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Deliver this unique diamond shaped decanter set with 2 glasses to someone you care about for the most unique gift idea.

A classy set for parents who have all things, this drinkware set is designed so beautifully that they will be delighted to enjoy nice whiskey from the glasses and decanter that is highly luxurious looking! Inspired by diamonds, they will be able to drink in style and also impress guests at their home with an aesthetic upgrade to their home bar.

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The name itself tells you why this is such a great present for rich adults. These people can sometimes be under pressure, either stemming from their businesses or personal lives.

However, with a copy of this incredible book, it is my belief they are assured to start their days in a positive mood. An inexpensive Christmas gift for people who have everything, the book uses the science of positive psychology to boost one’s happiness. It is something thoughtful to give a millionaire too.

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Give this package and make a lasting impression. The tasty and healthy gourmet nuts package comes with a good mix of wholesome goodies.

It is an excellent substitute for the more common candies and chocolates treats. A top gift for a couple who has everything and also for parents who have everything, by giving them this great treats, you will show a sense of mindfulness on their wellbeing.

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Surprise your loved ones on their special occasion with this mug warmer. A practical gift for person it all, the mug warmer operates through gravity induction.

It turns on when you place a coffee mug on it and off once you remove your mug. Help them transform how they enjoy their coffee, tea, chocolate or any hot refreshing drink.

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There are many people who desire luxury in their lives once they have achieved success. This extends to their barware as well. They be thrilled to get something especially personalized for them and feel special.

It is easy to see why this growler is the best gift for friend especially if he or she is a craft beer enthusiast. It is the perfect size for your rich friend to enjoy favorite local brew fresh and at his or her convenience. Choose from different graphics that best suit their preferences.

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What to get the woman who has everything? How about making her room awesome with this moon lamp? The lamp features 3D printing technology which makes it durable and highly realistic of the moon’s surface.

In addition, it has a timing function and numerous LED colors. As the recipient enjoys the various lightings, he or she will appreciate your thoughtfulness in getting this amazing lamp.

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For those who have green thumbs, maintaining a small garden is probably not a challenge. However, if time is a constraint especially for the busy professionals, this Wi-Fi enabled indoor hydroponic bundle that includes herb seed kit is what they actually want.

Incorporating smart garden technology like automation of certain steps and app control, growing a variety of plants will no longer be difficult with this useful gift.

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You need to look after your friend or loved one’s skin if they are unconcerned towards it! The Burt Bee’s Classics set includes useful self-care products like lip balm, hand repair cream and an ointment to soothe all sorts of skin issues!

Best of all, the set comes in a beautiful nice tin so that you do not have to spend more on packaging and wrapping. A top thank you gift for someone who has it all! You can consider this set too as a 75 birthday gift.

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An innovative and reusable smart notebook from Rocketbook enables the user to save written notes onto common cloud storage services such as Dropbox.

The user can easily wipe it off the written notes from the special paper that is used in this notebook and be ready to start over. An excellent Christmas gift idea for husband who has all things, he will be glad no extra paper is discarded after each use which is excellent for the environment.

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A practical gift for home for people who needs nothing, help them to relive their muscle tension, especially in the neck area. Stress and tension go away when you get a nice, warm massage!

Get this massager to help your wealthy friend feel relax. It could be easily worn around the neck while traveling, watching TV or reading a book. Let them say goodbye to all the worries and relax!

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Are they tea or coffee drinkers? Well, this product has to be in everyone’s household. The hot and cold tea and coffee maker will provide them with hot or cold beverages according to their preference.

The one-touch technology will easily get them whatever drink they require! So, surprise your wealthy millionaire friends or family member with this multi-functional household device. The coffee lovers will love it!

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Chocolates are the best thing you can give someone who do want a lot. Most people love chocolates! Both premium strawberries and chocolate are used as the ingredients to make the most delicious snack you can find.

The strawberries are juicy and especially pleasing when eaten together with the hard to resist chocolate! The delectable mix comes in a beautiful box that means you do not need to purchase extra wrapping!

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A knife is everyone’s utmost requirement in the kitchen when cooking. Therefore, you need to give this kitchen knife set as housewarming gifts for people who do not need anything and let them make some great and yummy dishes!

With these knives that have the most unique and eye-catching cosmos designs, cutting and slicing become really easy because of the non-stick feature. The easy to grip handles with color coding make working in the kitchen a breeze for their housekeepers or themselves.

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The smartphone sanitizer box is must-have gadget for everyone who cares about hygiene. Also, The perfect tech gift for people who have everything and the ones for whom you care the most.

The UV light can sanitize not just smartphones but also small items like earphones, keys and jewelry. In addition, the wireless charging capability lets them save time! Definitely a stuff people want for Xmas and their birthdays! For gift exchange activities like Yankee Swap, this sanitizer box is a good suggestion as well.

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For people who do not need anything, giving them a box of the most delicious biscotti cookies will be something they will not mind! Certainly better than a gift subscription box idea which may be difficult to please the receiver. Made of quality ingredients, the cookies go well with your afternoon coffee or tea and even eating on its own is a pleasure.

These gourmet cookies are wonderful last minute gift ideas for someone who has everything especially during the holiday season, whether the recipient is self-sufficient or not, few can resist these mouth-watering biscotti that comes in a beautiful box.

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Even if you have all things, there will be occasions of being stressed at some point in life. Therefore, this aromatherapy essential oil diffuser Bluetooth speaker is one of the most thoughtful gifts for rich people who owns many things already.

The essential oil will get directly into the senses and sound therapy and light therapy will help people remain calm and composed.

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These well-off people’s lives scream luxury and comfort. What better way to make them feel like they are at the top of the world than giving them the latest bedside lamp that has a circular design and various brightness, colors and effects.

An appropriate wedding gift too for people who have everything, to operate this lamp, all you need is a remote control and you will be able to create a different atmosphere in your home, which is why it is one of the best item to give hard to buy for people.

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People who don’t need anything will still yearn for quietness during their rest time. Now, a white noise sound machine not only helps them to fall asleep fast, but it also helps you stay asleep.

This device utilizes a proprietary fan impeller found inside of an optimized enclosure to produce a white noise that makes the surrounding fade away for them to sleep. A suitable tech gift for those who need nothing and expect to see big smile on their faces. This machine is an appropriate post surgery gift too.

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Giant Stress Ball

With many stress triggers in today’s hectic world, it is not surprising to see many people feeling stressed and negative. Instead of the usual small stress ball, why not get a giant version for the ultimate stress buster.

It can be used anywhere at home or workplace and something that anyone would love. This simple gift for people who have many things already can help them have an instant way to release the tension that is built up inside. A great present idea for people who are hard to buy for too. Turn it into a gag gift by asking the receiver to demonstrate different ways to vent his stress on the ball!

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Christmas Gifts For People Who Have Everything