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37 Most Awesome (Jan 2022) 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

(updated Jan 2022) Are you looking for the best 21st birthday gift ideas?

Is your son, daughter, sister, brother, girlfriend, boyfriend or best friend reaching this important age soon?

Check this out:

A complete list of the best 21st birthday presents that include a wide variety of gifts!

What do you get someone for their 21st birthday?

Buy something special to celebrate this milestone birthday. The gift can be symbolic to indicate their official entry into adulthood as 21 is the age many teenagers look forward to. Whether your present is unique, creative, cute, fun, cool, thoughtful, sentimental or personalized, make them feel exceptional when receiving it.

21st birthday presents

Our great gift guide, besides having several drinks related items, also list numerous non alcoholic gift ideas and covers various price range to make your twenty-first birthday gift search easy.

Find out more below!

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This glass will make memories that last. Imagine having wine or other liquor legally for the first time in a branded glass that says you are now old enough to drink.

Your twentysomething’s mind will be blown away. If you want to give something memorable that will be kept for a long time, this is it.

Celebrate this newly earned freedom with them by getting them this timely, most thoughtful drinkware.

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If the youth turning 21 wants to celebrate by drinking and wants to invite friends over for party games, then this alcoholic mixology kit consisting of a useful bartender set is the perfect choice!

At the celebration event, there is no worry about a designated driver and all that comes with drinking away from home. You will be bringing the coolest item. They will be able to make the best cocktail right there at home and will be the envy of their guests.

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Bring back wonderful memories of childhood with this LEGO set. Fire up the imagination of the young adults as they try to assemble this cool looking ship in a bottle set.

With many ship features like cannons, sails, flags and mast, this is a fun bday gift for your 21 year old nephew or brother as they get their hands full on these colorful building bricks.

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21 is the age where one starts drinking in many countries. This great small gift idea can make this day even more special for the adult with a special shot glass that is crafted for the occasion.

The glass can hold 2 ounces of shot and has writings that you can read even with liquor inside. Let everyone around knows that the recipient of this shot glass has reached this momentous age!

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What better way to celebrate the special day than a piece of art that showcases the history of your name! Many people, even when reaching adulthood, have little knowledge of the history of his or her name.

Printed on premium paper, this art piece has the option to be framed and there is also a choice to have some customized text to make it even more unique. One of the best 21st birthday gift ideas for son or daughter from parents.

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Common birthday gift ideas for 21st are those that signifies the start of adulthood. What better way to signify that than with a premium multitool from Leatherman to give to a loved one turning 21.

It is not only a practical handy tool, it is also symbolic as it shows that the recipient is independent and ready to take on all the various tasks. For this 21st birthday gift, it comes with numerous functions like combo knife, pliers wire-cutter and more. The one-hand access and lightweight makes it very easy to operate.

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There is nothing that makes a loved one turning 21 happy more than something hilarious and thoughtful. This one of a kind toilet paper has funny images printed all over it.

When answering nature calls, you definitely need something that distracts you from the seriousness of the act, and this paper will do exactly that for the young adult. An awesome birthday gag gift idea to show everyone during the birthday party game or for other age like a forty year old men’s birthday present.

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Probably one of the funniest attire specially designed for the occasion.

This is a top-quality T-shirt that uses high-quality lasting ink to convey the funny message. It is also a nice balance between durability and comfort.

The perfect 21st present as it is hilarious, thoughtful and special.

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There is something exceptionally lovely about music boxes that makes it timeless and a keepsake that captures endearing memories. From Music Box Attic, there is an enormous selection of music boxes which you will definitely one that suit the receiver.

The noteworthy features are the option to custom engrave the box and choose the music you want the box to play from the large collection of songs available! Nothing says you own it like having your name or initials on it that plays your favorite song! A great anniversary gift too, it can also be given when they graduate from university or college.

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At their party, present the 21 year olds with a pint-sized fine black book that provides a guiding star for people going into their twenties.

This period in their life will likely be filled with misperception, hope, and dissatisfaction as they transition into adulthood. ‘101 Secrets for Your Twenties’ will inspire and motivate the youth towards facing the upcoming challenges with gusto.

An amusing, funny and honest guide for your son or daughter will provide the best guide to help them in their twenties.

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The ability to legally drink is the main focus aspect for a twenty first birthday party.

With the heavy-duty shot glass that is clear, easy to use and a breathalyzer that is funny and helps one know how drunk he or she is, the party couldn’t get any better. This is great gag gift idea for the bday recipients as you welcome them to the legal drinking age.

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Instead of the usual massage chairs, consider this portable massage gun that will provide a satisfying pain relief experience. Able to penetrate deep into the muscle tissues, the 21 year old girl or guy will enjoy the quiet and circulating motion.

Everyone at the 21st birthday party will also want to get their hands on this amazing tool and try it for themselves!

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Celebrate their official entry into adulthood with a special wine glass like no other.

As they can legally start drinking alcohol, give them this wine glass that is beautifully hand painted. The crystal accents add to the attractive design. Packed into a decorative box, this is certainly one of the best handmade birthday gift idea that you can buy for your son or daughter turning 21.

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How many gadgets do young adults have these days? How nice would it be to have one wireless charger stand for all of these gadgets?

This charging stand is not only beautiful, but it’s also very efficient and lets the owner charge not just the smartphones but also the ear pods and smartwatch! With protection against overcharging and an angle adjusted phone stand, this is something anyone needs! A great non alcoholic gift idea too!

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If you are thinking of a more unique present that is suitable for both men and ladies reaching this adult age, why not buy something that is personalized with the year they are born in?

Present them with this mug with attractive wordings and font. Let them know they are limited edition which will bring about smiles. The mug is not just to hold beer, it can be used to drink water and juices too.

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Giving this unique candle is the perfect way to amaze young adults as you will let them know the significance of their birthdate. Great as a part of the centrepiece of the 21st birthday decoration, from the candle, which is inspired by astrology, he or she will know more themselves like personality and tarot cards.

Furthermore, the invigorating scent of the candle will thrill the recipient and the premium glass can be reused after the candle is burnt.

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With double wall and vacuum insulated interior, this tumbler is perfect for keeping hot drinks steaming and also maintaining cold beverages icy.

The useful lid minimizes spills which makes it a must have while travelling around. With the year that they are born in clearly printed, it is a unique tumbler made just for them for their everyday use.

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Surprise your youth with a lamp like no other. This night light has eye-catching magnetic spheres that you use to operate the lamp. An awesome present for the young adult who can display it in the bedroom, study room or even in office.

A piece art that has a smooth curvature that is pleasing to the eye, it is the perfect 21st birthday gift which is also suitable to give for other occasions too.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Give the 21 year old with a one of a kind jar from KindNotes. Inside the special jar which comes in a nice gift box, there are numerous messages, each kept in an envelope. Select from a range of themes and designs to create a sentimental gift.

You can choose to add your own customized message for the most personalized gift. The perfect gifts for 21 year old, add a birthday card or greeting card, gift card, bracelet or other items to further surprise the young man or woman!

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Duffel bags with ample storage space are always good present ideas and also useful Christmas gifts. This overnight bag can keep all the essentials for the young adult.

Whether is for gym, short trips, work or camping, this bag will do the job well with its durable materials that also gives it a premium look. Suitable for both men and ladies, you can give this bag together with the experience gift if you have planned for an activity for the recipient to experience as part of the 21st birthday ideas.

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Copper mugs exudes luxury and exclusivity. They have a brilliant shine that brings an added warmth to the coldest drink you choose to pour in.

Get a complete copper mug set that is a great addition to his or her home. Besides the mugs, there are also cocktail copper straws, coasters, spoon and a shot glass! An excellent beach themed gift too, your sister or brother receiving it can also come out with their own cocktail and serve it in these classy mugs.

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Commuting while listening to music or watching their favorite programs is a typical practice today. They may listen to music or watch films quietly without bothering others with these high-quality noise cancelling headphones and comfy earpads that can be easily kept in a messenger bag or cool backpack.

Among the top birthday presents for 19 year old boy and top 18th birthday gift too, the wireless function makes it simple to connect to a variety of devices. In addition to having a superior built-in microphone, the powerful bass creates a rich soundscape for an immersive experience that will leave your 21-year old son impressed.

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If you are thinking of a present that double up as a decorative item for your best friend, then this commemorative item is the choice as part of the 21st birthday decorations.

It not only has fun evoking popular signs of the birth year, it also has numerous fun facts that are worth mentioning in the year they are born in. Fitting nicely in any 8×10″ frame, this is the perfect item to bring along at the birthday party. Get a personalized keyring too to delight the recipient even more!

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The first 20 years, from being a toddler to a teen to a young twentysomething, are the formative years their lives.

A meaningful keychain that celebrates that is perfect for this milestone age.

This beautiful keychain is made of stainless steel and durable, it is the best jewelry gift that is sentimental and special.

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A fun 21st birthday gift idea is to get stuff to announce the fanatic who has reached the legal drinking age! This fun drinking game has all the funny and laughable creative ideas that no one at the birthday celebration will be spared!

When it comes to the birthday boy or girl, they will relish the freedom that comes with reaching the age as they party hard into the night.

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This inspiring journal by Meera Lee Patel is the best creative present idea for someone who just turned 21.

The journal comprises of brilliant hand-drawn letters and photos that enliven the inner soul with motivation. The inspirational quotes are worth every penny. This non alcoholic birthday gift goes a long way to show that your care about your loved one’s creative life. A great gift for young women as well.

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A multi-functional smartwatch from the popular brand Fitbit is one of those irresistible gadgets for any youths.

Get the latest news and many other useful information from the built in Amazon Alexa. Besides helping them with their health and fitness with features like heart rate and steps tracker, it also helps the 21 year old to get better sleep as it measures and understand their sleep quality.

Easy to use with great and useful functions. A terrific birthday gift idea for 17 year old boy too

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For something practical and useful for your daughter, a tumbler certainly fits the bill.

Better still, get a set of 2 tumblers with distinctive mint and white colors which are both extremely cool looking. Made of food grade stainless steel, they will be pleased to know the tumbler are designed to keep their drinks hot or cold for a long time.

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There’s so much to celebrate in turning 21. New possibilities and new limits. This multi-functional gadget gives them the freedom to stream their movies, music and much more without fighting over the remote control with anyone.

There is so much internal space to store music and movies. The memory can be expanded by adding an external SD card, not to mention cloud storage. Now that will impress your young adult!

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This keychain is a useful must have for both men and women as it offers more than just holding your keys. Its unique feature certainly is that it is also a personal alarm that can protect you in case of emergency.

In case of danger, your best friend or loved one can quickly activate the alarm which will emit loud sound to draw attention or scare off the intruder. The flashlight is also another feature that can come in very handy. Small and compact, this is definitely something that should be carried around when you are on the streets or out in the parks. This is one of the top birthday gifts for 19 year old female too.

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If you’re looking for a luxurious way to wow a young adult, this rose wine set will do the trick.

This stunning set is packaged in a rustic-looking wooden crate box. A magnificent Chateau Montaud rose wine awaits the recipient inside the package. To top it off, the package comes with scrumptious appetizers like crackers and cheese to accompany the drink. You can use the wooden box to complement the birthday party decorations. It is also a terrific gift idea for parents as well.

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Looking to surprise your loved one? Then here is something that should make them extra happy. This uniquely-designed glass is one of those sentimental thing that walk down memory lane with your kin to old age.

The glass is painted in a distinctive graffiti art that sets it apart from other sorts of presents. You can expect this awesome birthday gift will be much appreciated by your sister or niece.

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A unique addition to their drinks collection would be an engraved, stylish flask. This present idea is good for picky people as it does not limit itself to any one particular color. Instead, it is finished with a premium, polished stainless steel.

The material used to make this particular flask is rust-resistant meaning that it can be used to carry many types of drinks. The flask also has a spill-free design which includes a funnel and two shot glasses.

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Baseball caps have remained fashionable accessory as it can complement one’s attire while providing some shade. A good way to surprise your male best friend would be to get them a vintage baseball cap.

The best part has to be the funny wordings that will make people laugh once they understand the joke. Among the most hilarious 21st birthday gifts for guys and gifts for men in their 20s, this cap is also ideal for other sporting activities like golfing, tennis and running.

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This unique tactical pen is ideal for both ladies and gentlemen. Apart from complimenting your loved one’s attire, the gadget will come in as a handy day to day tool. Its multifunctional nature makes it practical for all sorts of professions.

The pen comes with an inbuilt flashlight, a bottle opener, a window breaker plus other safety-related tools. A great small birthday gift idea for your loved one turning 21. A multi functional pen is good as a corporate gift to give during the festive holidays.

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Create a memorable 21st birthday idea by giving a personalized keychain like no other! This unique keychain has the recipient’s image engraved into the heart-shaped keychain using high tech process.

This personalized accessory will surely delight the 21 year old. Besides keychain, there are other similar crystal items to choose from like necklace and ornaments.

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Do you have a loved one who enjoys traveling? Well, if you have one, this is the set that would delight them.

Apart from being an elegant piece of décor, this World map poster can be instrumental in a traveler’s life as a travel tracking tool. Moreover, the wide map is made of high-quality laminated paper with a superb glossy finish.

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Happy Birthday Bucket

Instead of a gift basket, consider this bucket from Dylan’s Candy Bar. This amazing bucket contains some of the most popular treats which is definitely your go-to present for them. Inside you can find cake batter crunch popcorn, birthday cake bars and more. If they are a fan of sweet treats, do not let them celebrate without their favorite snacks.

Being over 21 says they have grown up but nowhere does it say no more fun. So, go on and get them this bucket of yumminess that will add the fun to the first few days of them being an adult.

The perfect gift for those who do not drink which makes it also a great 16 year old birthday gift too.

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