37 Most Awesome (Sep 2020) 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

Birthday Gift For Women Turning 40(updated in Sep 2020) Is your wife, daughter, sister, female friend, coworker, best friend, or lady boss celebrating her 40th birthday soon?

Good news:

A comprehensive list of gift ideas for women turning 40!

What is the best gift for a 40 year old woman?

At the age of 40, she is at the prime of her life – be it at home or in her career. Buy a gift to celebrates her achievement and make her feel special.
Whether the gift is creative, unique, funny, cool, traditional or personalized, it is good that she can relate to the present.

Our extensive gift guide lets you explore various ideas and prices to ensure that you can find relevant presents for her birthday. You can also check out our page on the best 40th gift ideas for men here.

Let’s dive in!

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A special jewelry for the special someone. This bangle is no ordinary accessory, it is made of highly polished stainless steel and has several charms like a cake and wine glass charm, all depicting positive messages.

She will wear the bangle with an uplifting mood. An affordable and thoughtful memento present the woman will be pleased to own.

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An awesome and funny last minute gift for her, this mug’s hilarious wording is a conversation starter when her friends and family see it.

Made of superior white ceramic, it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

She can use it for her daily dose of coffee, tea, cold juice and more.

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Personalized Monogrammed Apron

If she loves to cook in the kitchen, giving her a stylish apron is the most appropriate gift idea.

It comes with large pockets which are very handy to keep her ingredients or utensils. Best of all, you can add 3 letters to design a monogrammed text from over 20 beautiful thread color. The lady will be able to show off her personalized apparel in the kitchen! It is a great gift for the retiring woman too.

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Personalized Gift Box Set Pink Flask & Shot Glass

A cool and special gift for the modern lady, this pink matte flask and shot glass set stands out for its cheerful color.

Holding 6oz of drinks, it comes with 4 handy shot glasses which are fit nicely into a regular size handbag. Adding a cheerful mood to her and her friends when they are served drinks from the bright colored flask. Make the gift unique by personalizing with relevant characters.

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For her 40th birthday party, amuse everyone by bringing this funny yard sign. It is precisely created for her.

Tell her neighbours that she is celebrating the age of forty, a milestone of reaching the status of a senior in the country!

Weather proof and brightly colored, it is sure to bring out a smile.

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Celebrate her milestone age with this most special box of candies.

Designed to look like a vintage box straight from 1980s, she can find an assorted mix of popular candies she would surely had tried some when she was a kid. Let the 40 year old woman experience a wave of nostalgia as she unbox this treasure trove.

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Zodiac Rose Trimmed in 24K Gold

A zodiac rose is the perfect gift to show your love for her. The petal is imprinted with her zodiac sign which makes it extra unique.

Choose from various colored roses and various trims. You cannot find a more special and personalized rose which makes this an awesome traditional 40th birthday gift for your wife, girlfriend or daughter.

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Not sure what is to get for the woman who has everything? Then a great suggestion is this delicious chocolate biscotti.

Comes in a dozen of high quality biscuit, each one is made of natural ingredients and top with a distinctive flavour. An excellent birthday present idea for your 40 year old aunt or female co-worker!

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If you are thinking of a gag gift for the birthday lady, then this toilet paper is certainly the best you can find.

With the wordings “You’re 40!” wording and emoji that are printed on the full toilet paper roll, she will be constantly remind of her age no matter how much she pull the roll! Suitable for your wife, sister, aunt, friend or anyone who deserve a good laugh at the birthday party.

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Whether the woman is a wine lover or not, she will definitely have a great laugh when she receive this gift.

A cute looking gift set, it comes with a 12oz insulated, double vacuum tumbler that can keep her drinks hot or cold, comfortable and funny wine socks and a also a key bottle opener. All in pretty gift box. Definitely one of the best 40th gift idea for her!

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A tank top that is designed just for the birthday woman. Made of lightweight materials, it is perfect to wear in the gym or during her exercise. The design is fashionable and the vintage black color never goes out of style.

The funny wordings add a touch of humour to it, making it one of the best 40th birthday gifts for her!

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At this age, she is at the prime of her life. Busy juggling the tasks between home and the office, the woman has many things on her plate.

Give her a time to rest and massage with this wonderful pillow.

Fitting nicely behind the back or neck, this pillow which is also a great push present idea, provides kneading function with heat function. Definitely a thoughtful gift for your 40 year old wife.

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A beautiful and inexpensive wine glass that is designed specially for the birthday woman – with the year she was born in and the funny wordings “Limited Edition” and “Aged to Perfection” that are printed clearly.

The versatile glass can serve wine, cocktail, champagne, juice and more. A wonderful funny gift for the 40 year old lady who has everything.

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A simple and elegant jewellery that holds a lot of meaning. Let her have a memorable time with this beautiful necklace. The beauty comes from the four silver rings that represent 4 decades.

Made of sterling silver and interconnected, she can be assured of the necklace’s durability and strength. It comes in a pretty box and card, making it one of the best gift for your wife celebrating her 40th birthday. Such similar beautiful necklace is also recommended in our page on the best gifts for second time moms.

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For the woman who has experienced 40 years of amazing life, this creative mug celebrates her happy moments, tough times and all her special memories.

It shows her strength, enthusiasm and how she stands out among her peers.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, it is the prefect creative gift for your best female friend or co-worker. Mugs, especially those matching ones, are also a good suggested his and her gifts for wedding too.

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From LoveBookOnline, you will be amazed by the numerous options available to create the most unique book to show your love and care for the birthday woman.

Every page is customizable with various images, illustrations, emojis and more for you to tell the story that only the 2 of you will truly understand. Definitely one of the best personalized birthday gift for her, you can add a personalized note with your sincere message as part of your story.

A creative and romantic keepsake gift for your wife or girlfriend indeed.

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If you are thinking of a highly versatile present idea for her 40th birthday, then this Audible membership is a great suggestion.

She will have access to a comprehensive selection of audiobooks from numerous categories. There will definitely be available to her liking which she can listen anywhere and anytime at her own convenience. The lady will be grateful for receiving something so useful from you!

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A practical present like a pair of binoculars will appeal especially to those who loves to spend the time outdoors, whether is at a national park or at a large sporting arena. Consider this lightweight, waterproof binoculars that is easy to carry and one of the top practical gifts.

The most useful feature definitely is the smartphone adapter. She will be able to capture and share with her friends close up images and videos with her smartphone via the binoculars powerful zoom lens! A great gift for your female best friend turning 40.

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Personalized Scarf - Pashmina Scarf

A beautiful Pashimina scarf is a practical gift as it not only looks great on the lady when she hang it around her shoulders, it also helps her to keep warm especially in the airconditioned indoor room.

Choose from various popular color, it is one of the best 40th gift for your female co-worker or lady boss as they can wear it in the office.

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Who says the time to plan an extensive travel around the country is only after retirement. In this modern age when information is at your finger tips, even at this age, she can start to plan for an extended holiday.

With a lot of details, illustrations, images and tips for every state, you can help her fulfil her dream of visiting many parts of the country with this comprehensive travel guide.

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Let the birthday girl get all the attention at her birthday party. Be the queen of the day by wearing this shiny and attention grabbing silver satin sash and tiara.

The tiara is made of eco-friendly metal and can also double up as a cake topper! A humorous wonderful gag gift idea for the forty year old lady.

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Personalized Compact Mirror - Heart - Silver Plated

A handy compact mirror is always a useful item in any woman’s handbag that makes this a great small 40th bday gift for her.

The best feature of this mirror is the silver plated cover that has a crystal heart design. Signifying your love to the woman turning 40, she will definitely feel your care for her. An inexpensive, perfect last minute gift idea for wife.

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A top gift with a special and timeless design, this 12oz tumbler is no ordinary insulated container.

Made of quality stainless steel, the double wall, vacuum insulated feature comes with a lid to keep her drinks hot or cold. The best part is undoubtedly the cool design. In addition, it has the year she was born in, truly a meaningful present for the birthday woman. A cute tumbler is also featured in our page on the best big sister gifts.

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A practical birthday present idea which she will benefit greatly when she is staying indoors at home is this beautiful 3D printed moon lamp.

It displays various colors and illuminations and comes with remote and timer functions.

Make her room extra attractive with this unique lamp, this is definitely a useful present which she can use frequently for a long time. An ideal housewarming gift for a new female homeowner too.

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At the age of 40, she probably is busy and at the prime of her career. Pamper her with a relaxing spa gift that is created specially for her 40th birthday!

This thoughtful gesture will surely be well appreciated as there are several useful items that will let her have a rejuvenating spa experience at home. The heartfelt message inside the gift box will make your gift a memorable one.

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Willow tree small figure are one of the best birthday gift when you want to convey love and care. Beautifully hand-painted, it fits well on a table, shelf or fireplace mantel.

The birthday woman will appreciate the attractive flowers held by the figurine who loves flowers. Sentimental and thoughtful, this is a great gift for your wife or girlfriend.

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At this age, she has experienced some of the retro culture in her younger days. Give her a retro design sling shoulder bag! Ideal for daily use at work or leisure, it has a top zipper closure and a few compartments inside to keep her things neatly.

Made of synthetic materials, it is great for vegans who do not use animal products.

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A birthday gift that easily double up as a decorative item for her birthday party, this pack of 3 quality signs fits the requirement perfectly.

Printed in vivid colors, everyone at the party can enjoy recalling some of the key events that happen in the year she was born in. A creative 40th birthday gift idea indeed.

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A unique bracelet that is created specially to celebrate her forty years, this beautiful jewellery comes in 40 dainty gold dipped beads.

Each bead commemorate her time around and is a wonderful reminder to treasure what she has now. With an adjustable cord that can fit most women’s wrist, she will love this gift that is made just for her.

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Veuve Clicquot Champagne Basket

If she loves to enjoy gourmet food and drinks, then you can impress her with something high end that she can enjoy to the finest in the comfort of her own home

The crisp, full flavored popular champagne and accompanying gourmet food are packaged in an attractive tote. Decorated with satin ribbon, this special combination of the finest drink and food basket will keep her truly satisfied.

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A beautiful and useful gift with a hidden treasure is always a popular birthday present. From JewelScent, you can search for special candle, fragrance, bath bomb that has a hidden jewel inside!

When she use the item to a certain level, she will certainly be pleasantly surprised to find the hidden jewelry inside.

The wide variety of scented products at JewelScent makes it easy for you to find something that she will like, which also makes it among the best gifts for the woman who wants nothing.

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Silver Heart Key Chain

Thinking of a small birthday gift so that she can carry it with her while on the move, then a key chain is a good suggestion.

To make it special, a heart shaped key chain with the key to symbolize the key to your heart. Even more meaningful – an engraved heart shaped key chain that is only for her; this is certainly one of the best engraved gift for your 40 year old wife.

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Massage Gift Basket

Give the birthday girl a reason to slow down and relax. The massage gift basket contains all the necessary items from massage oil and guide, chocolate truffles, votive candle and roller ball massager. All these in one basket!

Perfect for a relaxing evening or a romantic time to use with her partner. An awesome birthday present to show your thoughtfulness and care. It is a thoughtful get well soon gifts for women too.

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Looking for a simple and funny gift on a budget? Then this fun T-shirt fits the bill.

The hilarious wordings in front will bring out laughter when the lady wears it in front of her friends.

Perfect for your female friend or lady boss, it is lightweight with a classic fit. The cool gag gift idea for her 40th birthday.

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Personalized Tote Bag - Heavy Canvas - Countryside

A big with spacious interior is a good 40th birthday present for your female friend. A long lasting that has the versatility to bring to the office and outdoor, the zippered roomy main compartment helps to keep her belongings safe.

The best part is the embroidery you can personalized her name or any unique characters she can relate to. It is an awesome Christmas gifts for 15 year old girl to consider also.

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Enhance her drinking experience with a decanter set. With an elegant globe and an antique ship design, it comes with a gold stopper to add a touch of pure class. With a capacity of 850ml, she can also serve not just alcohol but also water, soda and other beverages.

It is certainly a luxurious traditional 40th birthday gift for the woman celebrating her milestone age. A decanter set is an excellent high end business gift too.

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Personalized Large Waffle Cosmetic Bag - Makeup Bag

Thinking of a great gift for her which she can use it frequently? Then a makeup bag is one good suggestion. This cosmetic bag has large compartment to keep her important items. The zipper ensures things are kept securely.

The best part is you can add her name or any relatable characters. An excellent 40th birthday presents idea for your sister or female friend. This is a wonderful sweet 16 gift idea too.

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40th Birthday Gifts For Women