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Our 39 Most Awesome (Aug 2023) 40th Birthday Gifts To Delight Her

By Doris Tan
(updated Aug 2023) Are you searching for the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women?

Good news:

We have a comprehensive list of gifts for women turning 40!

What is the best gift for a 40 year old woman?

At the age of 40, she is at the prime of her life – be it at home or in her career. Buy something to celebrate her achievement and make her feel special. Whether the gift is creative, unique, funny, cool, traditional or personalized, it is good that she can relate to the present.

Birthday Gift For Women Turning 40

Whether is your wife, sister, daughter, female friend, coworker, best friend or lady boss celebrating her 40th birthday, our extensive gift guide lets you explore various ideas and prices to ensure that you can find relevant presents for her birthday easily.

Let’s dive in!

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Toast and celebrate the lady turning 40 with this beautiful and inexpensive wine glass. It’s designed especially for that special lady, proudly displaying the year she graced the world. The words “Limited Edition” and “Aged to Perfection” playfully etched on the glass, delivering a dose of humor.

What I like about this glass is that she can use it to drink other fluids from wine to cocktails, champagne to fresh juices. This versatile gem ensures every sip is savored in style. And hey, if you’re scratching your head wondering what gift to get for the 40 year old lady who has everything, this glass is your answer.

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Who says travel planning’s only for retirees? No matter your age, it’s prime time to map out your dream adventure. This guide of 100 interesting cities has loads of info, pics, and tips. Help her make her travel dreams real, from coast to coast and continent to continent.

And if If you are still pondering “What do I want for my birthday?”, your problem solved! This comprehensive travel guide book us not just info, it’s the gift of endless adventure!

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Instead of sending her fresh flowers, show her your eternal love by giving her a “preserved” rose. A genuine rose that has been coated in enamel to protect it and is additionally embellished with the metal of your choosing. This rose present is extra special since you’re giving her a rose with the same color as her birthstone.

What I like most about this rose is that it may be personalized with her name, a brief message, or her birthdate, making it an awesome traditional 40th birthday present. It is also certainly one of the best engraved gift for your 40 year old wife, girlfriend, or daughter.

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A simple and elegant jewellery that holds a lot of meaning. Let her have a memorable time with this beautiful necklace. The beauty comes from the four silver rings that represent 4 decades.

Made of sterling silver and interconnected, she can be assured of the necklace’s durability and strength. The jewelry gift comes in a pretty box and card, making it one of the best gift for your wife celebrating her 40th birthday. Such similar beautiful necklace is also recommended in our page on the best gifts for second time moms.

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While I agree that a woman may not be able to turn back the clock, we can still take measures to maintain our appearance. This useful bundle, which makes a wonderful small birthday gift for most ladies, is the ideal answer.

It includes a jade roller as well as a quartz gua sha. Her skin will be healthier and younger if she incorporates a face massage into her regular regimen. Oils, serums, and moisturizers, which she may apply using the silicon brush provided, can be used to complement this.

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An awesome and funny last minute gift for her, this mug’s hilarious wording is a conversation starter when her friends and family see it.

Made of superior white ceramic, it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

She can use it for her daily dose of coffee, tea, cold juice and more. I certainly do not mind displaying this mug at my work desk!

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If you are thinking of a practical present idea for her 40th birthday, then this deep tissue massage gun is a great suggestion.

She will enjoy a relaxing deep tissue massage from the massage gun that comes with different heads to give her relief to various muscles. The numerous adjustable speeds will suit different preferences. Quiet and easy to hold, she can enjoy the massage anywhere and anytime at her own convenience. The lady will be grateful for receiving something so useful from you!

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Let the woman’s know the story behind her name. Even though she may be a grown up already, she probably still does not know the inspirational history of her name.

She will get a nicely printed piece of art that showcases her name. You and choose to frame it and add a custom text to make it more special. Signifying your love to the woman turning 40, she will definitely feel your care for her. An inexpensive, perfect last minute gift idea for wife and also one of the best gifts for women in their 30s.

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Fun 40th birthday ideas include getting her to drink wine from a special wine glass that is designed specially to mark her age! I personally would love to sip wine from this exceptional glass.

This glass contains nice glitter details and the stem has bows to create a fun mood. The funny feature is the wordings on the bottom of the glass that will surely bring out the laughter when people see it!

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A beautiful personalized last-minute present for her to celebrate the special occasion. With a leatherette strap, the bag may be carried around easily and secured with a zipper. Made of robust canvas and lining inside, the comfortably fit in the lady’s purse or any luggage while yet providing plenty of storage space for her essentials like makeup and electronic gadgetry.

She will surely appreciate that you choose the letter with her initial! Separately get her a gift card, hide it inside the cosmetic bag to surprise her even more!

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Give your special woman this amazing jar to celebrate the milestone birthday. Inside this jar from KindNotes, she will find numerous thoughtful, inspiring notes that are each kept in envelopes.

You can choose from various themes and designs. To make it even more personalized, you can create your own customized text that is just for her for the most unique gift!

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Willow tree small figure are one of the best ornament when you want to convey love and care. Beautifully hand-painted, it fits well on a table, shelf or fireplace mantel.

The birthday woman will appreciate the attractive flowers held by the figurine who loves flowers. Sentimental and thoughtful, this is a great gift for your wife or girlfriend.

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A tank top that is designed just for the lady. Made of lightweight materials, it is perfect to wear in the gym or during her exercise. The design is fashionable and the vintage black color never goes out of style.

The funny wordings add a touch of humour to it, making it one of the best 40th birthday gifts for her!

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How about a unique birthdate book that is created just for her? At the age of 40, she probably has received many kinds of presents already. A customized birthdate book that is inspired by astrology can surprise her indeed makes it one of the best 40th birthday gift ideas for women.

She will appreciate your thoughtful gesture as she gets the chance to read numerous interesting details to learn about herself with this birthday book.

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Celebrate her milestone age with this most special box of candies. It is designed to resemble a vintage gift box from the 1980s – inside she will discover an assortment of popular candies, many of which she would have loved to have sampled when she was a child.

This treasure trove will undoubtedly bring back fond memories for the 40-year-old lady who will be opening it with childlike joy. The colorful mix will surely delight her during the 40th birthday celebration!

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If you are thinking of pulling a harmless prank, then this toilet paper is certainly the best you can find.

With the wordings “You’re 40!” wording and emoji that are printed on the full toilet paper roll, she will be constantly remind of her age no matter how much she pull the roll! Suitable for your wife, sister, aunt, friend or anyone who deserve a good laugh at the birthday party.

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Music boxes have always been keepsake birthday gifts that are appreciated by generations. Give the girl a reason to slow down and relax as she admire the intricate details while listening to the melody.

From Music Box Attic, you can find a large selections of music box designs that best match her taste. Furthermore, you can custom engrave the box and select the melody from a list of songs! It will be the most personalized music box she ever receive. Great to give a mum on Mother’s day too.

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A practical present like a pair of binoculars will appeal especially to those who loves to spend the time outdoors, whether is at a national park or at a large sporting arena. Consider this lightweight, waterproof binoculars that is easy to carry and one of the top practical gifts.

The most useful feature definitely is the smartphone adapter. She will be able to capture and share with her friends close up images and videos with her smartphone via the binoculars powerful zoom lens! Great for your female best friend turning 40.

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Looking for a simple and funny gift on a budget? Look no further than this chuckle-worthy T-shirt. With its side-splitting print on the front, the birthday shirt will bring out laughter when the lady wears it in front of her friends. It’s lightweight, it’s got that classic fit we all love, and the 40th birthday humor?

Well, it’s the cherry on top. Perfect for your female friend or lady boss, this cool 40th birthday gag gift idea will make the celebration a memorable one!

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From LoveBookOnline, you will be amazed by the numerous options available to create the most unique book to show your love and care for the birthday woman.

Every page is customizable with various images, illustrations, emojis and more for you to tell the story that only the 2 of you will truly understand. Definitely one of the best personalized birthday gift for her, you can add a personalized note with your sincere message as part of your story.

A creative and romantic keepsake treasure for your wife or girlfriend indeed.

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Let the girl get all the attention at her birthday party. Be the queen of the day by wearing this shiny and attention grabbing silver satin sash and tiara.

The tiara is made of eco-friendly metal and can also double up as a cake topper! A humorous wonderful gag gift idea for the forty year old lady.

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Imagine a candle that is unlike any candles that you have seen before. This is one of those special birthday gifts that is made to celebrate the date that she was born in! In this perfect gift, she will find interesting information relating to astrology including her personality, tarot data and numerology.

Furthermore, the relaxing scent will certain invigorate her. To further delight the lady, you can separately come out with a diy handmade birthday card or get her a gift card for her to buy other stuff that she desires!

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How about a remarkable 40th birthday card to surprise her? From Lovepop, she will be thrilled when she opens this unique card. With a large selection of designs available from 3D pop up flower gift basket, bouquet, birds and more, she will be impressed by the intricate details.

These amazing looking stunning colorful artworks are cool 40th birthday gifts for women that will be treasured for a long time. Popup cards are thoughtful get well soon gifts for women too.

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Wish her happy birthday with a practical tote bag from the popular Michael Kors. With its signature leather and chain that is recognizable from a distance, the birthday girl will like the spacious interior, zippered and slip pockets to easily keep her belongings.

The evergreen design shoulder tote has the versatility to bring to the office or parties. A nice tote bag is an awesome Christmas gifts for 15 year old girl to consider also.

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This gorgeous looking tumbler is no ordinary container, with its unique and timeless design. The tumbler is made of high-quality stainless steel and comes with a cover to keep her beverages hot or cool.

The amazing design and beautiful rose gold tone are probably the greatest features. It also includes her age, which is a meaningful present for a lady celebrating her fortieth birthday. A cute tumbler is also featured in our page on the best big sister gifts.

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At this age, she is at the prime of her life. Busy juggling the tasks between home and the office, the woman has many things on her plate.

Give her a time to rest and massage with this wonderful pillow.

Fitting nicely behind the back or neck, this pillow which is also a great push present idea, provides kneading function with heat function. Definitely a thoughtful gift for your 40 year old wife.

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Bring out the smiles in everyone with this t-shirt.

This shirt is designed with women fit sizing to ensure comfortable fitting. Printed with quality link, the hilarious message will make the lady’s husband beaming with pride. Regardless is a present idea for your wife or female friend, this is t-shirt that she can wear well beyond the current year!

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A practical birthday present idea which she will benefit greatly when she is staying indoors at home is this beautiful 3D printed moon lamp.

It displays various colors and illuminations and comes with remote and timer functions.

Make her room extra attractive with this unique lamp, this is definitely a useful birthday gift which she can use frequently for a long time. An ideal housewarming gift for a new female homeowner too.

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A unique bracelet that is created specially to celebrate her forty years, this beautiful jewellery comes in 40 dainty gold dipped beads.

Each bead commemorate her time around and is a wonderful reminder to treasure what she has now. With an adjustable cord that can fit most women’s wrist, she will love this great small 40th bday gift that is made just for her.

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Find Quality Custom One of a Kind Mother's Day Gifts at - Personalize your 3D Crystal Photo Gift Today. Free Shipping! Shop Now.
Is it time to show her something truly personalized? With this 3D photo crystal, you can give her a truly unique item. It is a highly personalized gift as you get to select the image you want to be laser engraved into dazzling piece of art to showcase as the 40th birthday decoration centrepiece.

Choose the most meaningful photo to touch her heart. Are you still stumped as to what to buy a woman for her 40th birthday? Get this one of a kind photo crystal, which also makes it among the best gifts for the woman who wants nothing.

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Whether the woman is a wine lover or not, this is a 40th birthday idea that will make her have a great laugh when she receives this set.

Cute looking with vibrant colors, it comes with an insulated, double vacuum tumbler that can keep her drinks hot or cold, comfortable and funny wine socks and also a key bottle opener. All in pretty presentable box. Definitely one of the best 40th gift idea for her!

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A special jewelry for the special someone. This bangle is no ordinary accessory, it is made of highly polished stainless steel and has several charms like a cake and wine glass charm, all depicting positive messages.

She will wear the bangle with an uplifting mood. An affordable and thoughtful memento present the woman will be pleased to own.

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Not sure what is to get for the woman who has everything? Then a great suggestion is this delicious chocolate biscotti gourmet treat.

Comes in a dozen of high quality biscuit, each one is made of natural ingredients and top with a distinctive flavour. An excellent birthday present idea for your 40 year old aunt or female co-worker!

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Giving her a beautiful apron is the best option if she enjoys cooking in the kitchen. It has big pockets that are ideal for storing her ingredients or tools. Best of all, you can clearly display her name on the apron with the personalisation option!

In the kitchen, the woman will be able to flaunt her customized attire! It is a great gift for the retiring woman too.

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For her 40th birthday party, amuse everyone by bringing this funny yard sign. It is precisely created for her.

Tell her neighbours that she is celebrating the age of forty, a milestone of reaching the status of a senior in the country!

Weather proof and brightly colored, it is sure to bring out a smile. This is the large greeting card for her!

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Enhance her drinking experience with a decanter set. With an elegant globe and an antique ship design, it comes with a gold stopper to add a touch of pure class. With a capacity of 850ml, she can also serve not just alcohol but also water, soda and other beverages.

It is certainly a luxurious traditional 40th birthday gift for the woman celebrating her milestone age. A decanter set is an excellent high end business gift too.

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Thinking of something that can easily double up as a decorative item for her party? This pack of 3 quality signs fits the requirement perfectly.

Printed in vivid colors, everyone at the party can enjoy recalling some of the key events that happen in the year she was born in. A creative 40th birthday gift idea indeed. After the party, she can easily keep them for an unforgettable celebration, treat each of these like a large birthday card!

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Let you loved one enjoy a complete stress relief and relaxation experience in the comfort of her own home whenever she desires! Besides the upscale looking packaging, I like that it has several essentials like bubble bath, shower gel, lotion for her hands and body and more!

Made with premium nourishing ingredients, pamper her to the max with this ultimate bath set basket. This is a wonderful sweet 16 gift idea too.

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For the woman who has experienced 40 years of amazing life, this creative mug celebrates her happy moments, tough times and all her special memories.

It shows her strength, enthusiasm and how she stands out among her peers.

Microwave and dishwasher safe, it is the prefect creative gift for your best female friend or co-worker. Mugs, especially those matching ones, are also a good suggested his and her gifts for wedding too.

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40th Birthday Gifts For Women