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The 39 Cool Gifts (Apr 2023) That Will Delight 17 Year Old Boys

By Michael See
(updated Apr 2023) Are you searching for gifts for 17 year old boy?

Good news.

We have created a list of cool and awesome gift ideas for the teen boy! Whether is a present for his birthday, Christmas or other special joyous occasion, this list is what you are looking for.

What to buy a 17 year old boy?

Find something to reflect his youth and energy. During his teenage years, he will be drawn towards things that are cool and fun. In addition, your gift can also be personalized, funny, creative, unique and meaningful. It should preferably match his interest and personality so that he will treasure it for a long time.

presents for 17 year old boy

Our specially curated list includes a range of prices and variety – be it for your son, grandson, brother or friend, your gift guide for the boy aged seventeen start here! Check out here if you are also searching presents for 17 year old girls too. We also have a list of 17th birthday ideas to help you quickly shortlist some amazing party celebration ideas.

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Do you want to make your gamer teen son feel special? Well, you are in luck because here is a perfect perfect birthday gift idea for the 17 year old: how about a “Do not Disturb I’m Gaming Tumbler with Lid?” It comes in black with a lid making it perfect for any drink, soda, juice, or coffee.

Whether is for your boyfriend or good friend, watch him carry his all-time favorite tumbler, and the best thing about this practical present is that it is durable; therefore, it will last for years. A great gift for 16 year old boy too.

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Illuminate your 17-year-old’s world with this cutting-edge Smart Lamp! This versatile gift offers customizable ambiance, featuring adjustable brightness and a multitude of colors to suit any mood. I reckon that the lamp’s sleek, modern design adds flair to his personal space, while its voice control compatibility and USB charging port make it a must-have gadget.

Experience seamless integration with smart home systems, and let him express his unique style – all with a simple command. I believe this is the smart lamp where innovation meets creativity!

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Here is a practical birthday gift for your favorite 17-year-old: the weekender overnight duffel bag! With its modern design and durable canvas material, this bag is a stylish and useful choice for any adventure. The spacious interior easily fits many essentials, while multiple pockets keep belongings organized.

He’ll love the convenience of the shoe compartment and the adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable carrying. So, let him travel in style, and make memories with this ultimate weekender bag that’s built to last!

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Bring fun laughter to your teen brother or son by by presenting him with this beautifully designed funny T-shirt that is sure to attract attention.

Let people around know that he is 17 years old without being too obvious. He will love it even more if he likes maths subject. Lightweight with a comfortable fit as I view it, this is the perfect inexpensive gift for almost any occasion for the teen brother or grandson.

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This waterproof Bluetooth speaker from JBL is ideal for any occasion and weather. Inside a lightweight, waterproof, robust body, it features a loud booming bass that delivers a punch. To accommodate a bigger venue, you may also connect it with more than one speaker.

Furthermore, the lengthy battery life guarantees that the music during the party never stops. There is certain to be a hue that he likes among the many striking colors available.

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Does your teenage boy love to cook? Or you want him to learn to cook as part of his life. This Christmas, get him this How-to Cookbook for teens with easy recipes to learn.

This cookbook will see him not leave the kitchen because it contains numerous easy recipes he would want to try repeatedly. The book is awesome because it will help him learn to cook delicious dishes that the whole family will love. Moreover, it is a great way to keep him busy and engaged in the kitchen.

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Surprise your teen son who is entering adulthood soon by giving him this distinctive item. As every name is unique with a history to it, let him know more about the story of the name you have given him with this meaningful gift.

This memorable keepsake can be transformed into a wall art as it is a framed-up portrait and you can personalize it by choosing his favorite color. He will fall in love with it, and you will get a special part in his heart.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Surprise him during this special occasion with one of the most unique gift he will receive with this amazing jar from KindNotes. Inside the beautiful jar, he can find numerous envelopes, each with a message that convey love, inspiration and more!

Choose from various themes and designs. You can also choose to customize your own messages that only he will appreciate the words. This is especially good for the teen boy who has everything. These special jars are also good get well gifts for men.

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Looking for the top Xmas or birthday idea for the adventurous and active 17 year old? Here is an idea: get him the all-terrain remote control monster-truck truck. He would love it this cool toy because don’t they all love some speed?

This monster truck is waterproof and looks like to me can take on realistic off-road performance. It is controlled by a remote and is designed for practicing high-speed durability. This monster truck will have him playing outdoors and enjoying the sunshine with friends and family.

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A magnificent candle that is customized to match his birthdate! This one-of-a-kind candle is a personalised gift that contains astrological information based on the date he was born.

Beautifully packaged, he will get to know more about himself from the interesting information provided. He will be ecstatic to show off the candle in his room and post this incredible masterpiece online with his friends and followers!

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As he edges into the later part of his adolescent, acquiring life skills that will prepare him for adulthood becomes more critical. More challenges await him as he takes on more responsibilities. This is when this book comes in handy.

It provides a practical guide into numerous tasks that he will likely encounter. Instead of searching the internet for disparate information which can be time consuming, this book of life skills by itself is the go to guide. The perfect gift that both teenage boy and teenage girl will find it useful.

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This height-adjustable wireless charging station will undoubtedly be appreciated by him. He will like this rapid charging station that can charge more than 1 tech device at the same time. Allow your son this Christmas to use his phone or tablet while it charges at the same time.

And most of all, like many tech gifts, he will like the fact that he can take it with him wherever he goes since it can be folded to a compact size. Certainly a cool present idea the 17 year old male can show his buddies!

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Surprise the teen with a board game like no other. Muffin Time provides the ideal dosage of mayhem for both teenagers and adults. This one-of-a-kind card game is both humorous and unexpected – a murderous potato and a runaway train are just two of the many random cards available in this fun party game.

Easy to learn and fast to play, this is definitely a fun way to spend time with family and have a good time with your friends. If you are celebrating his birthday, after the game, bring out the birthday cake as the perfect way to end the night.

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No more using papers because we’re in a digital world, thanks to technological advancements! Perfect for the high school boy, this notebook, which includes task list, weekly planner, lined pages and more, has been designed to disrupt the status quo and lets the user handwrite notes on its high-tech powered pages.

Clearing out what he has written does not require him to tear out pages but only a wipe with a damp cloth making this book one of the top gift ideas for teenage guys 17. Another amazing cool feature has to be that his handwritten notes can be easily uploaded to Google Drive, Dropbox and other popular online storage services for easy access anywhere!

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A cool looking wooden digital alarm clock is a great addition to his bedroom at home or in the hostel.

This stylish tech gift offers dual alarm setting, wireless charging for compatible devices and the eye-pleasing, stylish design makes it a wonderful room décor as well. The brightness can be adjusted to suit the surrounding. Select from the different colors available that you know best match his preference.

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Fancy a practical teen boy gift that is designed minimally for him? Then this cool looking metallic wallet is a great choice. Made of durable materials, it lets him keep his essential cards and cash while the RFID blocking feature is extremely useful to protect against chip readers.

One of the top stuffer ideas and best gifts for guys in their 20s, this functional wallet is aesthetically designed and definitely a consideration if you are thinking of getting older teens a wallet.

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A great and unique small gift idea for the seventeen year old, he will be amazed by the number of uses such a small pen has.

Made of superior quality materials, he can not only protect himself with it during an emergency, the teenage guy can also use it in everyday life as a bottle opener, flashlight and of course writing.

It is easy to carry along in his pocket, slingbag or backpack. An excellent Xmas or birthday gift for your son, brother or any teen guy or teen girl.

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A pair of good noise-cancelling headphones make traveling or studying in school a heavenly time to enjoy his favorite music. A great cool gift for high school boys, the music from this headphone provides a rich deep bass and cancels any ambient noise whether he is in a bus or noisy environment.

Best of all, the headphone comes with comfortable ear pads and a battery that lasts for a long period. Also among the great gifts for 15 year old boys, the strong Bluetooth connection gives a stable and active wireless connection for an uninterrupted experience.

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Surprise the seventeen year old with this gaming set! While seated in this chair, he can game like a boss! Undoubtedly, this chair is an incredible design that can satisfy the interests of a true gamer because of its superb features.

It has inbuilt speakers and vibration motors that sync with the bass audio from the game and provide a whole new experience of enjoyment of video game, making it one of the best gifts for a 17 year old boy.

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A cool speaker like no other! The amazing levitation technology makes the speaker appear to be floating, which catches the attention of onlookers.

Ideal as a stunning addition to his interior decoration in his bedroom or study room, he will be impressed by the equal sound that is produced in all directions by the circular design. The perfectly created gravity-defying orb is a fun gift for 18 year old boys that is gorgeously designed which produces incredible music experience.

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If you’re looking for a tech gadget that he can use on a regular basis, this Garmin wristwatch is a great option. He may use it to monitor his heart rate, stay connected to his smartphone alerts, and assist him with navigation, all packed into a robust rugged design.

This watch has an extended battery life and is a great way to commemorate the special occasion of the guy turning 17 years old.

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Shape the seventeen teen’s photography passion with this fly drones with a camera as a birthday present. As they have come to age, replace their toys by giving them a functioning drone camera.

With the camera, you will enhance their opportunity to capture important memories in their lives. Drones are awesome Christmas gift ideas for boys –  good fly drones will help nurture their videography or photography career in future. It can also be incorporated into the outdoor games he play with his friends.

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Adding a 17th birthday decorative item can bring excitement to the party venue, just as thrilling as the sweet 16th celebration. It sets the atmosphere as guests will learn more about key events and memories from 17 years ago.

Moreover, this decorative piece serves as a fantastic and unforgettable keepsake after the festivities. You can discover similar items on our sweet 16 gifts for a girl page. This print can also be combined with other handmade items to create a thoughtful DIY gift.

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This casual wallet is a functional gift for the teenage boy turning seventeen as it has an ideal number of credit card pockets which enable him to organise his identity card and other cards that he has such as loyalty or membership cards.

There is a removable ID window which is great for your grandson or son to put his student ID conveniently. As this stylish bifold wallet is available in various colours, you get to pick one of his favorite colour. Get the young man a gift card separately to make him even more delighted!

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The sense of happiness you will bring into that teen’s heart when you give him something that matches his interest is extraordinary because it shows you understand him well.

This is why this Under Armour gym bag is a good fit especially for the teenage who likes to visit the gym or engage in sports. A great gift for brother in law too, this bag offers a good space to carry the most essential items like clothes, Apple watch, ipad, headphones among others for his travel or gym trip.

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The common gifts for basketball fans are basketball related merchandise, such as t-shirt, shoes, water bottle and even the basketball itself.

For the 17 year old teenage boy, give the basketball fan something unique and special a light up basketball that is perfect for night games. With this one-of-a-kind cool basketball, there is no need for him to stop his game come evening time, when the sky turns dark. A great present for the athletic 17 year old male as wll.

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A cool looking sports water bottle that can be used everyday. Many energetic teen boys spend their time outdoors exercising or engaging in other physical activities.

Having a tough, vacuum insulated bottle that can maintain the temperature of the liquid inside undoubtedly is a great feature. This top quality water bottle is made of high grade steel can has a wide mouth for easy use. Choose from a variety of colors to suit his taste for the perfect gift.

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The Sports Fanatic Care Package

Is he facing much stress from school or other expectations? Use this chance to give the sport fanatic a truly heartfelt gift and let him know that his loved ones care for him.

This is a care package which is especially appropriate for a 17 year boy who has everything. Inside the box, he can find numerous cool items and tasty treats like mini candy, snacks mix, cookies and more! In addition, you can add a personalized message to make this the most unique present!

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Brighten the teen’s leisure time by having a unique display at home while learning more about the solar system. This crystal ball that showcases the planets in special laser 3D carving is a certainly one of the top Xmas idea for the 17 year old.

Made up of quality materials, the crystal ball comes in various LED light up orbital modes and is fascinating and educational.

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Outfits and accessories are especially important for teenagers to maintain an image that exudes their personality. Caps is one such accessory that make great statement piece to an outfit. Caps is the teenage boys’ form of expressing their character.

This baseball cap with the funny wordings and image is absolutely perfect as it will portray the teen’s funny personality and is a great conversation starter. The neutral color of the cap makes it an easy match to any of his outfit.

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Looking for something to spruce up the teen boy’s bedroom? Then this nightstand lamp is the answer.

Simple fixtures can change how a room feels within minutes. This cool looking and modern nightstand lamp instantly adds color to his bedroom.

The multiple creative lighting effects serves as a decorative item to bring various unique feel to his room. It can also be used as a proper reading light for the school boy with the warm white color. Definitely one of the most cool gift for the 17 year old boy.

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Let the older teen assemble his own LEGO model rocket of the Nasa Apollo Saturn V! Enhance his creative thinking with this great holiday gift and stocking stuffer.

His hands will be full while building this rocket kit and ignite his outer space imagination. Each LEGO brick comes together and transforms into an impressive spaceship toy. Even adults will want to have this kit!

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Giant Stress Ball

Imagine receiving a stress ball that is unlike any stress ball that he has seen. A giant version that will definitely surprise him.

Teens face numerous challenges in school and at home during this growing phase of their lives. With a quality stress ball that he can dig and knead both his hands in, he can destress while enjoying a satisfying feeling playing with this awesome teen’s gift which also makes it an awesome birthday gift for 17 yr old girl too.

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This Fire HD tablet is the top reasonably priced electronic device since it is an all-in-one device.
Videos, games, ebooks, audiobooks, and a lot more will be available to him with ease. The brilliant high definition display that creates vivid visuals has to be the most stunning feature.
This is one of the greatest Christmas present ideas for a 17 year old guy as well as a cool 18 year old birthday gift – truly a fantastic family-friendly entertainment device.

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Many teen boys love to play computer games. This all in one PC gamer bundle is the best set that will make the gamer guy go wow and ecstatic.

This is because it has the complete set of accessories – backlit gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, headset and mousepad – that he needs to enhance his gaming experience. This is a thoughtful and useful Xmas gift for his gaming setup.

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Teens nowadays live in a constant world of distraction, whether in the digital world or own personal interaction with people around.

Help the high school boy with some useful guide with this highly practical and informative book. It provides insight on how to navigate challenges and to perform well in this increasing complex world. He will surely benefit with the wisdom and lessons incorporated into the book that is written by renowned authors that can guide him for the rest of his teenage life and beyond.

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A powerful UV sanitizer box with a large sanitizing space is what teenage boys need to protect themselves from harmful microbes. Besides his smartphone, he can also sanitize other of his belongings like airpods pro, watches and keys.

A significant feature has to be the wireless quick charging function that allow him to charge compatible smartphones without the need for charging cables, making this device like a portable charger. Your 17 year old son or friend will also love the aromatherapy diffuser capability that keep his phone freshened.

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Many teen guys love video games and this t-shirt is the appropriate funny showcase for the occasion.

The best part of this t-shirt is its humorous graphic that emphasize how much video gaming means to guys. Additionally, this cheap but great present can be worn throughout the year as gaming is a whole year activity.

They teenager will love this funny, sarcastic shirt which is a great birthday gift idea for the 17 year old teenage guy.

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Teenage guys are constantly inquisitive and seeking to expand their horizons! A 3D wooden mechanical roller coaster puzzle is a cool and one of the best gift for the 17 year old boy who has everything.

It appeals to the senses, keeps the young boys engrossed, and, most importantly, the puzzle allows you to help him create something to match the teen’s room decor. This is something really special for him to have this on Christmas morning, and he will be able to show it off after it has been solved!

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