33 Most Awesome (Oct 2020) Big Sister Gift Ideas

New Big Sister Gift(updated in Oct 2020) Are you searching for the best big sister gift ideas?


We have compiled for the grown ups, a complete list of big sister gifts when a new baby arrives ideas. Whether is a sibling gift from new baby, a present from parents for the older daughter or big sister baby shower gift ideas, we got you covered.

What are good gifts for big sister when baby is born?

Search for a present that will make her feel special. Welcoming a new-born is always a special occasion for both the parents and the older sibling. Great gift suggestions for the big sister can be toys that she can pretend play with, jewelry items or educational books. Gifts that are cute, unique, personalized or keepsake are recommended too.

Whether the recipient is a young toddler or older, you will be able to find a list of amazing gift ideas for children to suit various budget. We also have recommended gifts for second babies here also.

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One of the best big sister gift set, this bundle consist of 2 heartwarming books with stories that the parents can share with the older sister to prepare her for the new sibling.

She will learn about the average day in her new life as an older sister and also be reminded that she is unique and her parents love her. In addition, the cute bear with a t-shirt that read “I’m The Big Sister” is an appropriate big sister announcement gift.

Make the older sibling excited when she receives the cape from the new baby. She is now officially the superhero and be the guardian for her younger baby boy or girl.

She receives not only the cape but also a matching eye mask and lanyard! This lets her perform her role play with realism as she embark on the journey as the hero of in the family!

Get this tumbler as it is an appropriate gift for older sibling when baby is born as its design is specially made to celebrate this occasion. It is insulated and does not gather condensation on its surface, making it perfect for little hands.

It also has a screw-top lid and a straw to curb the spilling of liquids. This cool tumbler is themed with a perfect design for a new big sister.

The big sister bracelet easily adjusts to fit the wrist. The older sibling can wear it even after she has grown bigger. This bracelet comes with a free jewelry bag that can be used to store the bracelet and other small pieces of jewelry.

It is a beautiful gift for older sibling when baby is born and a perfect way of expressing the love for the young toddler.

A creative mat that will keep your older daughter occupied and joyful. It has lovely letters around the drawing area that will make her enjoy learning ABC. The cute sea animals will also help her understand different animals.

A suitable Christmas gift for big sister, the painting board has colorful surroundings that will foster the kid’s impression of colors. Best of all, the toddler can reuse the painting board to for hours of educational fun.

Get this gift box that has pots of paint, a paintbrush, stickers, and glue for the little princess.

A suitable gift for older siblings when baby is born, she will be occupied with activities like using the magic pen to color the pictures and bring out details and beautiful patterns. On every page of the book, she will find an artwork to finish and also a seek-and-find activity.

The photo album is extremely special as it is created just for this occasion when there is an addition to the family. The tiny hands will love it as it is easy to open.

The album can fit several pictures. On the inside, it is made with a plastic bag that holds the images in place. The cover is also soft with an adorable cartoon album which makes it one of the most cute gifts for the big sister.

The book has unique stories that will spur a child’s imagination. It helps the kid build their self-esteem while young. As you read it to them, you strengthen the bond between you and your child. This is especially important as with a second child, there will inevitably less time for the older sibling.

A unique big sister gift as you can customize the book with your daughter’s name, the book comes with suitable lessons on the importance of generosity and being helpful.

One of the most popular cartoon movie in recent years which showcase the love between 2 sisters, Disney’s Frozen captures the hearts of many young and old audience.

With this pop up card featuring the older Elsa, it will reignite the emotions of the movie. Great as a sibling gift from baby for the big sister, you can add some inspirational words and make it a memorable symbolic present for your elder daughter!

A Little Princess Gift Basket

Let the little eyes discover sweets and all playful valuables in this treasure. A special pregnancy present for big sister that has several beautiful items to keep her excited.

It also has Disney princess crayons, light up puffer ball, Disney princess puzzle, among many other games that she can enjoy. With this gift basket, your older daughter will surely feel like a Disney princess as she welcome the arrival of her little sister.

A great present for big sister as it is inspiring for the little girl. It includes a highly rated sibling book to make the older daughter feel special.

This unique and personalized book can be easily customized such that you can detail the children’s name and the gender of the new baby making it perfect for building that new connection between 2 new siblings.

A picture is worth a thousand words and this sentiment keepsake frame will keep them safe and secure.

One of the most remarkable big sister little brother gift around, the older sister will cherish this present with a photograph of herself and her baby brother. She can proudly display the frame to show how much she loves him.

Also available in “Me and My Sister” photo frame.

Ever wondered what the perfect gift that you can gift a child when she has a new sibling is? Look no further at this amazing shirt made with comfortable material.

Suitable to wear it at the baby shower party, the large print of “Promoted To Big Sister” on it makes the perfect case. A wonderful cheerleader big sister gift, there are multiple colors and size options to choose from – a must-have for new older sibling!

Role play and learning are essential when growing up. A gift bag set with big sister toys such as this recommendation will help older daughter when her younger sibling is born to transition into the new role and also to become a helpful, trained helper.

Items inside includes items such as a big sister diaper bag, sippy cup and a doll which will help her learn how to take care of her sibling successfully.

Give this sibling set shirts that tells it like it is, no mistaking who is the big or little sister. Includes a big t-shirt and a litter sister bodysuit made from cotton.

One of the best big sister little sister matching gift idea, this creative clothes set will help them to bond in style and asserts who they are. Matching clothes for adult and kid are recommended in our list of push present ideas for dad.

You can also find a similar matching outfit for Big Sister and Little Brother here.

Made with polyester, this amazing unicorn plush pink shirt with a sparkling message is a great big sister gift from new baby that can encourage any child to act the part and love their new sibling dearly.

With a pink mane and tail and embedded sparkly accents on its horn, this cute white unicorn would be well-liked for any toddler girl.

This kid’s camera with a 3-inch HD touch screen is an awesome present for any new elder sister as it grants them the opportunity to capture every moment of their new sibling’s life thereby enforcing that intimate and loving connection and sisterhood.

This child video camcorder is the perfect big sister gift at hospital as she can capture her own amazing moments of the new born too.

This unicorn bracelet and necklace set for toddlers and little kids is a top choice when looking for the perfect big sister gift jewelry.

With an adorable design with cute crackle beads and a unicorn on both the necklace and bracelet, your daughter is bound to love this item set. Also recommended to be presented to your elder daughter at the baby shower, this gift is guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

Let the little girl know the story of her name with this unique art print. Printed in quality paper and available in frame or unframed choices, you will be impressed by the attention to detail that makes this the perfect big sister cheer gift when you are picking the new sibling gifts.

She will be thrilled to see her name in large font with a print that describe the history and story of her name! It is a great Christmas gift idea for older siblings too!

This gift is all about crowing the older sibling! A very creative 3 piece gift set that will sure to make the older daughter smile.

One of the best baby doll for new big sister, the doll is dressed in signature outfit and a beautiful crown that is designed for and to make her feel special. The set also includes an interesting illustrated book about crowing the sister.

A fun playset that gives the older sibling “hands on experience” in taking care of a newborn baby. With several essential items needed for a newborn including a stroller, baby carrier and baby bag, she will be mentally prepared to become a big sibling.

A pretend play activity will help your daughter take on the new role which includes a baby doll for new big sister. She will be more aware of some of the activities she can her help her parents like bringing the diapers, pushing the stroller and more.

Let your little princes engage in some fun pretend play as part of her elevated status as an older sibling. She can now be dressed up like the classy little girl she is and with this gift that would be the case.

This little girl’s accessories playset includes stylish purse, pretend makeup and credit card! One of the best and creative big sister gifts, she will feel like the latest big girl in the block.

Cherry Toy Box with Elegant Calligraphy Lettering

The durable toy box suits children of all ages and is a great promoted to a big sister unique personalised gift. Because of its durability, the cute girl can gift it to her younger siblings as a keepsake treasure.

You do not have to worry about your kid’s safety as it comes with a double lid supports. Best of all, you can calligraphy your kid’s name on the cherry toy box to customized it for them.

Play Kits Subscription Program Auto renew

With a second or third child, you may have less time for the older sibling. However, focusing on her development is an important part of her growth.

With this play kit subscription plan, she will periodically receive play products that are designed by experts for her various learning stages. A suitable big sister gift ideas for 2 year old, the toys include STEM and other brilliant products which are enjoyable and educational at the same time. An excellent baby gift for second baby too.

This outfit is a great gift for toddler girls who become big sister. It is made with cotton and lace which is comfortable to wear and soft to the touch.

A stylish patterned t-shirt and a nice matching skirt with tutu bow knot that will accentuate who’s who in a very precise manner. It is a cool Christmas gift for the older sibling too!

An impeccable and simple gift for older sister when her younger sibling is born. A gift set with a bracelet and an adjustable necklace inscribed with the words “Big Sister” is sure to make her feel extraordinary.

Both pieces are made of stainless steel, fine cut and beautifully crafted to demonstrate love and to strengthen the sisterly bond.

An awesome pregnancy gift for soon to be big sister, help her embark on this new exciting journey with this bundle that includes a story book, a super big sister doll and a gift card.

Older sister will most definitely adore this gift bundle when her younger sibling is born as it will make her proud and happy all at once. Help her fill her role with this keepsake present.

These easy peel stickers are ideal for older sister when her younger baby sibling is born so that she can use her imagination to create and re-create scenes in this princess garden.

A useful item to put inside a big sister hospital bag, she will be able to play to her hearts content, lost in time and space with more than 60 stickers which leaves no mess.

Girls Name Personalized Throw Pillow - Two Tone

Looking for a personalized big sister gift to celebrate the birth of your second child? Then this amazing throw pillow in two-tone design is the right choice.

An amazing gift for every young girl, you can customize with the name of your choice. In addition, there are several colors to choose from. The machine washable specification makes maintenance easy too! Personalized throw pillows are awesome gift ideas for 17 year old female too!

This jewelry is one of the most unique big sister necklace from baby that she will receive. You can personalize it with her name, birthstone and birthstone!

Your toddler daughter will be delighted to receive her own present and will be excited to show it to her friends and relatives. Made of quality aluminium, this sibling present from baby is something she can wear for a long time with its durability and keepsake value.

This stroller with a little doll is a great gift for your young daughter who now has a little sibling. The best feature of this fun certainly is the interactive doll that kicks its legs when the stroller is rolled along!

This doll also has its accessories like blanket, sunglasses and cup. You can use this special stroller set to teach her how to take care of her younger sibling.

One of the best big sister gift ideas is this teddy bear wearing a T-shirt with the “I’m The Big Sister” announcement wordings. The message is direct and easy to understand for the firstborn – you are now a big sibling!

Your daughter knows she has assumed an additional role in the family and this teddy bear is the cutest plush stuffed animal she owns which states her role.

An interactive present which can be personalized with her name and part of your homemade big sister gift set. It is machine washable for a queen or standard pillow.

She will have fun coloring the pillowcase just the way she wants it then sleeps contented like the princess she is on them.

Sibling Gift from New Baby