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The 43 Most Awesome (Jan 2023) 50th Birthday Gift Ideas This Year

By Doris Tan
(updated Jan 2023) Coming out with 50th birthday gift ideas is an interesting but challenging task.

Think about this.

Whether is for your wife, husband, mom, dad, friend, co-worker or boss, someone turning 50 means he or she is reaching an important milestone in life.

What is the best gift for 50th birthday?

Buy something that makes him or her feel special. This is the time when many things in life have been accomplished. Great 50th gift idea suggestions include something related to hobby or personality, items that are funny, meaningful, practical or creative. An item that specifically celebrates this milestone age is recommended too.

Here at Mammoth Gift Ideas, we seek to recommend numerous fiftieth birthday gift ideas for women and men which they will like and appreciate. Do check out our list of top 50th birthday party ideas too!

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I like this particular pair of golf balls with its unique design. If that fabulous 50-year-old loves golfing then they will enjoy carrying to the field this beautifully designed golf ball in celebration of 50 years of walking on this earth.

The set of two golf balls is neatly packed in boxes ready to be gifted which makes it the best 50th birthday gift. They come with the official logo and are sure to be a memorable hit for the golf lover. Even non-golf lovers will love this set as it is decorative and can be displayed easily at home, in the car or office!

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This Bose portable wireless waterproof speaker is the perfect for that 50 year old birthday celebrant who enjoys the outdoors and loves surrounding themselves with beautiful music.

With long battery life, he or she can get lost in their musical little world as they explore the beauty that the great outdoors offers without worrying about running out of battery juice. This waterproof speaker is intricately designed to give the clearest possible sound.

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The cushioned seat and back support, reclining backrest, and robust steel frame make this chair a smart choice.

I appreciate the fact that it can also be folded, making it very convenient for him or her to take to sports events or other outside activities like as traveling to the beach or camping in the woods. The practical gift for men turning 50, the shoulder strap makes carrying and transporting the chair simple.

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Flowers are a classic favorite among women of all ages. Surprise the birthday lady on her special day with this special flower – a rose that never fades. This rose is even made more interesting as the color of the rose matches her birthstone color.

Fifty year old is a memorable birthday as it embarks another chapter of her life. This is apt for women over 50 to commemorate this chapter. A great thoughtful birthday gift for wife also.

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A motivational t-shirt that celebrates reaching this milestone age.

The beautiful design coupled with the funny words “Aged to Perfection” reminds everyone that the 50 year old is perfect and still going strong! Available in various colors, it is made of quality materials that ensure durability.

The birthday recipient will be proud to wear this exclusive t-shirt to specially announce this important age has finally arrived.

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Who doesn’t like to spend more time relaxing at home? How about engaging in some creative play with this special LEGO plant display.

Create a unique assembly of succulents that are modelled after real plants. The intricate details and realistic presentation will surely astound the birthday man or woman. You can arrange the 9 plants together or display them separately. An unusual gift that is great for a 50 year old woman who has everything!

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Give a special personalized 50th birthday gift that can be proudly displayed at home or office – the story of his or her name! To mark a special birthday year, this beautiful art piece celebrates this important occasion in an artistic and meaningful manner. Even after 5 decades, the recipient may not know the history of his own name.

The high quality printout, which has a choice to be framed, includes the option to add a custom text to make it even more special. A suitable gift for someone who has everything.

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Reaching this milestone age is something worth celebrating and having some fun. Remind the 50 year old about this age with this funny novelty present – a toilet paper that is designed specially for this occasion!

Amuse everyone when they see this small, inexpensive but highly unforgettable prank item which can be a good party favor too!

Printed on quality paper, this practical gag gift will surely bring out the laughter.

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Using this humorous mug, serve the 50-year-old a large amount of booze or any other acceptable beverage to celebrate their milestone birthday!

Test the recipient’s ability to maintain their footing after gulping down from this hilarious gag gift for someone turning 50. Make a memorable toast to him or her as a way to spice up the ambiance of the celebration.

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Suitable for a lady celebrating her important 50 year old birthday, this necklace which has five rings, which symbolise 5 decades, is a suitable piece of jewelry to give her best wishes for her birthday.

Made with Sterling Silver, this is a wardrobe versatile which I can see it matching easily with many different outfit. I would say it is one of the best gift for mom or sister turning 50. A great gift suggestion for the 40 year old woman too.

As it’s in packaged in a nice box with a special card for you to write your best wishes, it’s a ready to give present, hence this is also a great last minute birthday present!

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If the birthday man, whether is your brother or husband, enjoys a glass of whisky, celebrate his 50 and fabulous birthday with this classy and sophisticated drinkware that will not go outdated.

The best feature of this glass is the pewter badge that states his age and funny wording “Aged to Perfection”. It comes in an elegant gift box and velvet bag to make this item complete. For an even more special experience, get a set of whiskey stones and gift card!

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Having a modern photo frame with all the useful high tech features is like a treasure trove of memories that we may relive again after time! One of those great 50th birthday presents who like receiving or sending images of their loved ones including their children and grandchildren, this WiFi digital picture frame is a fantastic Christmas gift too.

This multifunctional gadget not only lets people shares images instantly using the app or email, it can also play music in the background and auto-rotate images! I would certainly use this photo frame with so many useful features. The cool tech device makes it a great gift idea for 17 year old boy too!

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This is perfect for your family member, as the questions raised in the book provides an heirloom that will last for generations. The family can also use this book as a great way to foster closer family ties.

The birthday member will be touched to receive this book that enables him/her to write his/her own story. This amazing book is also one of the best 75th birthday gift ideas also.

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Whether the birthday recipient is your wife or husband, this box of nostalgic candy is one of the best way to celebrate the 50 and fabulous birthday.

With numerous retro candies, there is surely some tasty sweet treats that he or she can relate to from all the past special occasions gone through. Just like the other birthday party supplies, share them with other guests at the birthday party or simply enjoy the candies with loved ones. The exclusivity of this colorful set makes it a great gift for the 50 year old who has everything.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Among those meaningful 50th birthday gift ideas that people can readily think of, giving a keepsake jar from KindNotes that comes with numerous meaningful notes inside is undoubtedly a special idea. It is like having numerous special birthday cards in a extraordinary jar.

You can choose from a range of themes and designs. Each note is kept in an envelope. Besides the notes that are predetermined, you can also add your own customized messages to make this keepsake item even more unique.

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If the birthday person is adventurous and loves outdoor, then this is the best present – a powerful binoculars that gives sharp and bright images. Its lightweight and waterproof specs makes carrying it anywhere a breeze.

The best feature undoubtedly has to be the smartphone adapter. By mounting the smartphone to the binoculars lens, the user can capture and share beautiful magnified images and videos easily with friends!

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A tumbler is certainly a useful and one of the best gift for a 50 year old, whether the recipient is your husband, wife, friend or colleague.

The practical tumbler comes with press-in lid and can store both hot or cold beverage.

Made from stainless steel, double walled and vacuum insulated, the best feature is the beautiful and timeless design with artwork that is printed visibly. A tumbler is suitable for all ages, which makes it a great 21st birthday gift idea too.

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Looking for ideas that are unique? Consider this NAP Touch Throw Blanket. Its special fabric is created to provide the relaxing mood to do things that the birthday person enjoys like reading a great book, watching the latest online show or a nap.

One of the best gift for 50 year old woman who has everything! A comforting blanket is one of the best get well gifts too.

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If the 50 year old likes to cook, this apron is especially memorable for the birthday folk, to mark his or her milestone in life, the big Five-zero.

The hilarious wordings on the apron is sure to bring smiles and laughter to his or her guests or family members when wearing this apron.

This makes the cooking experience interesting and fun. A pair of matching aprons for a couple is also among the best his and hers gifts ideas too.

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A gorgeous piece of birthday book that can be personalized to make the birthday present truly special. This one-of-a-kind birthdate book is personalized with the recipient’s birthdate information. Inspired by astrology, the receiver will understand more about herself based on the stars and more.

She be thrilled to put it on display the unique, exquisite book in the room and show it off to her friends and visitors, making it one of the best gift for 50 year old woman.

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Music boxes have a timeless quality about them that makes them a treasured souvenir. There is a large number of music boxes available at Music Box Attic which makes it one of the best gift for 50 year old woman, whether is for your wife, mum, sister, female colleague or friend. These amazing music boxes are the perfect anniversary gifts also.

Furthermore, the possibility to engrave the box and choosing from a wide selection of song the music you want the box results in it a truly personalized gift. As for the birthday party ideas, you can consider presenting this music box with the music played before singing the happy birthday song!

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Personalized 3D photo gifts from - free shipping!

Those dazzling whites, arched brows, and smiles all merit a trip down memory lane. Because of the exceptional workmanship, this personalized 3D picture crystal helps bring a photo to life, resulting in a mind-blowing present.

They will appreciate a clear photograph that has been skilfully engraved into the crystal utilizing cutting-edge technology. This is the best option if you are searching for a keepsake item.

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When the man or woman is on the go, it is always a good idea to have a multipurpose special pen with them. The strong construction of this tactical pen contains a flashlight, multi-tool and other features in addition to being a writing instrument.

More significantly, I believe the best feature has to be the powerful tip may be utilized as a defensive instrument when there is a threat to one’s safety in addition to being able to shatter glass in an emergency. This compact pen is definitely one of the best last minute birthday gift you can find!

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With every sip of her favorite beverage, she will be reminded of all the amazing things the number 50 has brought. Age is just a number and this gorgeous hand-painted artisan wine glass is made with love in appreciation of the five decades she has spent honoring this universe with her presence.

As a bonus in this funny 50th birthday gift, she will find a tantalizing cocktail recipe to try at the base of the glass. Consider bringing a lovely customized cake, birthday candles and balloons as party decorations to create unforgettable experience!

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Imagine an astrology inspired candle unlike any you have seen before, even for those at the age of fifty. This is one of those unique birthday presents intended to commemorate his or her birthdate! This excellent present includes information on the recipient’s personality, tarot cards, and numerology.

The soothing smell of natural fragrance from the birthday candle will also be energizing. You may also get a homemade handwritten 50th birthday card or a gift card to purchase other things that your loved one wants!

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Give her a funny and practical gift to make her 50th birthday memorable even for years to come.

This shopping tote bag is one such item, which can also double up as her new favorite grocery bag, library tote or even beach tote.

The simple minimalist design makes it a versatile bag that can be carried in many different occasions.

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Welcome the start of an important milestone in life with this informative book. He or she can learn numerous ways to be well prepared for the challenges ahead while having an optimistic approach with life.

The wisdom that is shared will be very useful for people who may dread about the uncertainties ahead. They can also draw more inspirations and plan they want to achieve ahead. Definitely the perfect gift for the fifty year old.

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If the 50 year old has green fingers and loves to spend time in the garden attending to the plants and flowers, then this tool kit is ideal to bring variation to her gardening hobby.

The kit contains several essential tools like shears and trowel which are made of stainless steel, easy to hold and heavy duty. There is also a tote bag to keep the tools organized after usage.

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Many modern people suffer from a lack of good nights sleep including myself. An idea that helps the golden man or woman to relax and sleep is a useful and thoughtful item for the 50th birthday.

With 12 sound programs that are made of brainwave frequencies, the gentle rhythms will help the brain to enter into a relax mode to provide sleep. Give him or her the tranquil settings at night for a well deserved restful night every day! White noise sound machines are recommended gifts for second babies also.

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The wordings on the beer pint glasses evoke wonderful memories in future for the fifty year old.

The wordings makes this a wonderful way which convey your thoughtfulness and well wishes on his or her 50th birthday. Besides looking fabulous, the beer glass offer clarity in showcasing various types of beer like lager, IPA and stout.

This vintage looking cool drinkware for the 50 year old man and woman will certainly be a keepsake item that will be treasured for many years.

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The birthday mate who loves travelling will be excited to receive this map, as 50 year old is the perfect time for him/her to list down the countries and cities (for the world traveler map) that he has travelled.

50 year old is the right time to reminisce the enjoyable travelling experiences and take a stock check of his/her bucket list.

This is indeed a timely and meaningful gift for the frequent traveler and also a great gift idea for couples as well.

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Looking for a present that can function as a decorative item at the birthday party also? This party poster can serve as part of a great 50th birthday idea as the theme can be a throwback to the 1973 period.

With interesting and memorable facts on a large sized quality poster paper, other guests in their 50s will have an enjoyable time discussing some of the points mentioned in the poster which serves as the highlight among the different 50th birthday decorations.

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Searching a gift idea for a lady who is celebrating her 50th birthday? Get a present which she can indulge in an array of relaxing and enjoyable activities, right in the comfort of her own home.

In this gift basket, she can find manicure and pedicure kit, fragrant bath soap, body butter, tea leaves for drink and much more.

With an assortment of items to pamper her, this is certainly ideal for the birthday girl! We have also recommended spa related items in our page on sick care package.

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For the 50th birthday, offer this funny mug that states the hard truths about reaching this important age. The body definitely has endured decades of wear and tear and some of the effects are probably already showing.

Let the simple but true and funny words on the mug lighten up the mood at the party while having a light hearted note to remind the recipient the importance of self-care.

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If the 50 year old is a techie who loves electronics gadget, then you can be sure he or she will love this device.

Imagine the ability to project what is on your smartphone onto a screen or wall easily in high definition images!

In addition, this all-in-one projector has a built-in speaker for a complete and enjoyable experience.

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If the birthday baby enjoys sipping on wine then this wine of the month value-oriented wines subscription will make their day. With this thoughtful high end gift, they get to look forward to the doorbell ringing and the wonderful wine delivered to them for the month.

He or she will appreciate every sip of quality wine from around the world and is perfect for the 50-year-old who has everything. In addition, if they get to read about the maker of the wine, what it’s best served with, and how best to store it in the “wine letter” that accompanies the delivery.

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This is a device that seldom goes wrong for anyone in this age range. What makes this massager stands out is that it has numerous head attachments for different kinds of muscle. In addition, there are various speed levels to suit different preference.

I appreciate that it is built with a quiet motor with an easy holding design, this wonderful and nice massager can be used all year round, which will surely delight the birthday boy or girl! Certainly a great gift for 60 year old men too.

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Birthday cakes are special for every occasion. But, this happy birthday gift cake candle is meant to be extra special. The soy wax is infused with the wonderful smell of cake to ensure the 50 years old revisit the wonderful day over and over.

The aroma is meant to roam around a given space for many hours while the thought behind this special birthday present is meant to last forever in the birthday man or lady’s memory.

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This magnificent cheese board will make a statement in the recipient’s dining area and kitchen. Guests will be impressed by the finely crafted bamboo board that comes with drawers and cutlery.

This 50th birthday gift also includes other useful accessories, such as a wine opener, bowls, plates and markers which will be much appreciated as well. You can also get a specially customized birthday cake and gift card to make him or her even more joyous.

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It is a good idea to take stock of his life at 50 and thank his lucky stars. What better way for a birthday beer enthusiast to be thankful for his favorite ice cold beer!.

One excellent method to help him do so is with this robust outdoor growler set as presents for 50 year old guy. It can also be used to keep soup or coffee hot for a long time because of the vacuum-insulated body. This is an awesome birthday gift for brother too!

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For the upcoming birthday, why not consider getting a box of these irresistible gourmet biscotti.

With twenty four gourmet biscotti that comes in various mouth-watering flavors including chocolate chip, nut crunch and cookie crunch, these edible arrangements handcrafted treats are made from premium ingredients for that unforgettable afternoon tea!

Packed in an elegant box with a bow, this is definitely one of the best gifts for someone turning 50. It is also a recommended 40th gift idea for men.

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50 is a huge milestone birthday. Consider giving something that is useful and customized just for the recipient.

A top quality tumbler made of high-quality stainless steel with insulation fits this criteria. In addition, you will have the option to choose from a list of different attractive styles and personalized with a name or short text. The double-walled insulation ensure the temperature can be maintained for a long period. The perfect 50 birthday gift idea for men and women!

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Want to see the birthday person doing something funny at the 50th birthday party? Why not get him or her this mug, and then drink from it? You can put coffee, tea or any hot beverage that is deemed suitable and let him or her drink this present, to make the birthday celebrant a proud person.

Made of microwave and dishwasher safe material, you may include this gag gift for the 50 year old with other items to complement it e.g. coffee powder, tea bags and more.

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