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33 Most Awesome (Jun 2021) Gift Ideas For Expecting Dads

(updated Jun 2021) Are you looking for the best gifts for expectant dads?

Great news.

We have come out with a comprehensive list of gift ideas for dads to be.

What to buy for an expecting dad?

Buy a present that makes the soon to be dad feel special. Whether he is a first time dad or an experienced parent, welcoming a new-born is always a memorable occasion. Great gift suggestions for the father to be can be something that is sentimental, practical, thoughtful, funny, unique or meaningful.

Presents For Fathers To Be

Our all inclusive gift list helps you discover many great gift ideas at various prices to help you celebrate fatherhood with him for various occasions and venues, including gifts at delivery hospital, birthday celebration, father’s day, Christmas and more.

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Give the new dad something unique and personalized! A one-of-a-kind map that showcase the alignment of the stars when he was born!

Also the perfect gift for father’s day, as he prepare his new role, he should be reminded of the time when he was born as part of life journey! Great as a home decoration item, he will love this special night sky map print which he likely has not seen before!

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Pump up the expectant dad’s with the most imaginative message on this wooden heart from the bump. The new male parent’s heart is already tender with emotions waiting for his little one.

A message from his unborn child will brighten him and prepare him for his new role. One of the best and meaningful gift from unborn baby to dad, it puts him in the joyous and anticipatory mood. A great gift for your husband, it is going to make him smile genuinely when receiving this sentimental present. You can also give this as a baby push present for dad!

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Baby Bath Time Gift Deluxe

Bathing time is always a fantastic moment for every baby. Help the expectant parents enhance that moment by gifting them with this deluxe basket.

The basket comes awesome baby stuff used in bathing a child. It will not only make the them happy but also will help them save on budget with practical and thoughtful gift. A fantastic Christmas gift for soon to be parents also.

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Let your friend inform the public of his happiness of becoming a dad soon with this T-shirt. The t-shirt has a superb and soft texture for enhanced comfort.

He will appreciate you for helping them tell the world they are moving to the next level without opening their mouths. A wonderful shirt for expecting dad from wife, it is the superb gift idea to delight him.

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3D Laser Gifts Capture Moments in Crystal

Nothing touches the heart more than a customized item that is made specially for the recipient. The laser engraved crystal is a treasure that will enliven anyone – choose from a picture that best represents the occasion and select from a range of shapes of crystal for the image to be stunningly etched inside the crystal!

One of the top gifts for expecting dad, this is keepsake that should be placed prominently in the house!

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The reason you want to buy a new dad this gift is because it captures all the emotions involved. It symbolizes new beginnings as parents. The sentimentality is everything. If he is a dad expecting his first baby, then this nice gift is even more meaningful.

The sculpture is hand-made and hand painted making it such a delicate and unique gift to match the very tender emotions the expectant parents are experiencing at this moment of parenthood. One of the best push gifts for wife too.

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A baby gadget that every expectant parent will love to have! This baby monitor does more than monitoring the infant with its high resolution camera.

It also has a smart 2 way talk so that the little one can hear the parent’s voices, it also can detect sounds like baby crying, room temperature monitoring and also feeding session to remind the new dad it is time feed the child!

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Teach the new father to be a caring parent with this cool and useful baby dome.

The dome has a superb design for easy use indoors and outdoors. It has a canopy for protecting the young angel from the sun and bugs.

A practical expectant dad’s gift from friend, he will fall in love with it and strengthen the friendship for enabling him to enhance the safety and care of the expected angel in his house.

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A lullaby will be a norm when the new-born finally comes to service. One of the best present for the father to be, this amazing portable white noise machine has sound option for the baby that makes it a perfect present.

The machine fits easily in diaper bag and hooks easily on strollers. It is easy to use and the first time dad will appreciate you for helping them enjoy a peaceful outing. A great Christmas gift for new dad too.

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Alexa will allow the dads-to-be to manage his moments with the new-born at a glance using the HD screen.

A fantastic first time dad birthday gift also, they can call friends and extended family to make that big announcement or show off the photos of their newly-born bundle of joy. Additionally, they can set timers and calendar reminders so that they do not miss a moment with their new-born.

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Traveling will be the norm when the baby is born. Help the expecting dad ease their budget by gifting them with this amazing diaper bag. The bag has a tactical polyester body that makes it water repellent and wear-resistant.

Also, it is durable and military-grade making it a comfortable accessory for carrying the kids’ gears. A cool baby gadget for dad, offering this bag to your friend will keep you in their memories, especially when he is performing diaper duty!

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This matching outfit of baby bodysuits and men’s shirts is a funny and sentimental gift for first time parents or for husband to encourage strong bond between them. When the child is born, the newly promoted father is proud to be the centre of attention, bringing his baby around in this set of matching outfits.

One of the best dad and baby gifts and for father’s day as well, they both will look great for family photos as well. It can be a creative birthday gift for dad from baby too! Matching outfits are also wonderful big brother gifts for toddlers too.

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Are you looking for a perfect practical gift for those new parents? Get these dad and mom mugs that come with 0-3 month unisex bib and onesie. The mugs are made of high-quality ceramic and have top quality printings.

The new parents will surely appreciate the gesture of bib and onesie and know that indeed the parenthood adventure has begun. This set is also a great push present for daddy from wife!

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A gift is best appreciated when it fills a real need during babysitting. Bring this cool dad baby gear gift to the baby shower for a new dad and see them put aside every substandard diaper changing pads they may already have.

The quality is superior so that he can perform his diaper duty efficiently. One of the best second baby shower gift ideas too, this pad is not just easy to clean and dry, it comes with pockets for up to five diapers. There are enough space for wipes and baby other items. The father even has space for his keys and phone. As is an innovative one-hand-only pad, he conveniently be holding the baby and opening it up at the same time!

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These apron and face mask will be the hits of the baby shower as the dad will say bye to getting soiled at last. Daddy will appreciate the two hilarious “bottle nipples” that will trick the baby. It comes in a reusable pouch with a cute toy.

At the call of duty, he can easily slip the pre-loaded apron on and get down to the battle. One of the best funny gag gift for the first time father. A good daddy’s first Xmas present too as a dad’s joke.

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This double wall vacuum insulated tumbler, which has the words “Best Dad Ever” proudly displayed, is a tumbler which the new father can call his own. It also reminds him of his child when he drinks his favourite hot or cold beverage from this chic tumbler.

A suitable father’s day gift from a new-born, this special tumbler is suitable for driving trips as it includes lid, straw and straw brush. You can consider this tumbler too when you are searching for mens 40th birthday gifts if he is a parent as well..

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The relaxing white noise machine is genius as any new parents need this. The machine makes him an instant skilful parent for putting the baby to sleep in seconds. He will need this when travelling or at home.

Especially useful for first time dads, this reduces the anxiety of dealing with a little love one for the first time. If you want to give your new father friend a gift that will suit their needs, this is it.

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Does your future father friend love to celebrate a milestone by toasting with wine? He will probably be doing that as he ushers his new-born into the world.

Make it memorable by ensuring he uses this wine glass gag gift that will add richness to his favorite drink. He has been waiting for this moment indeed. The superior quality prints of the message on the glass will resonate perfectly with the event and make him a proud dad.

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If you know the name of the infant, then this is the perfect expectant father’s gift! A top quality blanket which is super comfy for the child. Best of all, personalized the blanket with the child’s name that will make the parents proud!

With many designs to select from, this special blanket can also be used as a room décor in the nursery room. We also recommended blankets as a good big sister gift from baby.

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Are you searching for a perfect thing that will add sparkle to the newest dad in town? This cute gender neutral baby gift box has several essentials in the most presentable packing that will certainly delight him.

An awesome present from mom or good friend, the box contains organic cotton romper, swaddle to keep the baby warm, pacifier and more. All these treasured items add to the fond memories of fatherhood.

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Does he like coffee? You know lots of coffee is going to be served as he stays awake to keep an eye on the new baby. If you are a mother-to-be looking to break the news to the baby’s daddy, serve coffee in these fancy mugs to surprise him.

That is bound to be an experience he will always remember. If you are a friend, make your gift a unique one. Buy them this present for new mom and dads mug set to show you know him well.

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Surprise the dad-to-be with these cute baby socks with funny wordings. Their colors are neutral, hence suitable for both baby boys and baby girls. Additionally, they come with anti-slip soles to keep the little human stable as they try taking those first steps.

The baby will feel comfortable as a combination of quality materials went into manufacturing these new born gift socks. They will fit perfectly to those cute little toes and keep them warm even during the winter cold.

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One of the best non-baby gifts things for new dads, this stylish back-pack is one diaper bag he will love it from day 1 of babysitting. It is spacious enough to carry not only diapers, but also feeding bottles, changing pads and everything he needs.

Anything easy to clean for the new father will save time for the already busy parent. The fact that it is durable saves him money too in the future.

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All new dads know that new-born babies require lots of sleep. What they do not know is how to get them to sleep and how to keep them asleep for the long hours that they need.

Put him in the know by getting him this newly revised book that has all the secrets he needs. One of the best be prepared baby book, you will become his favorite friend for getting him the top gift when he needs it the most during his fatherhood.

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Delight the couples expecting their baby with a treat that will ignite laughter from their proud belly.

The cookie bouquet contains hand made vanilla sugar cookies in shapes of balloons, stars and thumbs up, all nicely put together. Therefore, the colorful gift is as delicious as it is adorable. It fits perfectly with the baby shower event or for the new parents at the hospital.

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This T-Shirt with the hilarious wordings “The Man Behind The Bump” splashed across is a unique and hilarious way to reveal his wife’s pregnancy.

This is an ideal soon to be dad gift from the mom to be to share this intimate journey between the spouses or to a family member or friend, whose wife is expecting.

Decked in comfortable and cool black, he will surely wear this T-shirt with pride during his wife’s pregnancy period.

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Get this highly portable and long-lasting cute machine for your male friend, co-worker, boss or relative who is soon having a new-born. His baby will feel dad or mum’s presence anywhere and anytime as its battery charge can last for long.

Its soothing and relaxing sounds can effortlessly lull the little bundle of joy to sweet slumber-land. The adjustable eye-friendly night lights and timer options makes this a great cute baby gadgets for expectant dads.

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Newborn babies have little immunity against infection, therefore giving the expecting dad this unique gift is thoughtful as it helps the dad to disinfect his cell phone easily which can be a carrier of germs.

A great new daddy gear also, this portable and ergonomic sanitizer can disinfect other items such as jewellery, keys, glasses and even pacifiers. The recipient has an option to charge his cellphone wirelessly while disinfecting it, thereby saving time. This is a good gift for husband’s 50th birthday also.

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Dog tags are for special occasions. What do you think a dad to be is thinking about? Being a parent, of course! He wants to memorialize it, but he probably does not know how.

That is why this suitable small gift idea for expectant dad from wife will touch his heart. By having his baby, he will be earning the title father too. And by buying him this symbolic little gift you’ll be helping him express feelings he could not put in words himself. It is also a wonderful Christmas gift for the soon to be dad.

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Help the dads-to-be keep memories of their new-born by gifting them with this amazing digital photo frame.

A great 75th birthday gift idea for a man too, the frame comes with a sizeable display and easy plug and play setup making it user friendly. It has a USB port and remote control for running the slides.

With this cool gift for the expecting dad, he can capture every moment of his newborn baby.

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Living with a bumpy mother for the first time can be mind boggling. As such it is a time to help the new dad gain confidence and offer support to his pregnant partner.

There is no better way than gifting him with this handbook. The book contains in-depth information on fatherhood and advice useful to the 1st time father. It will help him take care of his partner until delivery time.

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New Arrival Blue Baby Carrier Gift Basket

Surprise the new dad with this well thought out gift. It has a baby carrier and more. There are so many gifts you could give him, but the baby carrier gift basket says you are with him in this journey.

This awesome gift for the new dad at the hospital shows that you share in his excitement and you are thinking about the baby’s arrival too. The basket has more than just a baby carrier. It has cool baby accessories like booties, soap, tee shirts and more which are essential needs for any new parent.

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The expecting dad will thank you for this thoughtful gift which provides him with restful breaks.

Taking care of the baby is a physically taxing but happy task as part of fatherhood. During their rest breaks, he can place this massage chair pad on a chair to soothe his aching muscles.

A great retirement gifts for dad also, this massage chair pad, with seat warmer, allows him to target the areas that he wants to obtain relief as it allows him to choose the massaging area. The cushion is a useful bachelor pad gift too for a man’s housewarming.

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Gift Ideas For Expectant Dads