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43 Most Awesome (Nov 2023) Gifts I Want For Christmas This Year

By Doris Tan
(updated Nov 2023) Are you pondering the question “What Do I Want For Christmas?” this year as the festive holiday season is coming?

Great news!

Whether you are a teen boy, teen girl, adult man or woman, young or elderly, studying, working or retired, we have come out with a comprehensive gift wish list if you are not sure what you want for Christmas in 2023.

Here’s the deal:

A “What do I want for Christmas quiz” can sometimes help you to determine what is the one thing you may like or need – but doing the quiz may be tedious and the final choices can be limited. We prefer to give you an all-inclusive list of the top choices that is not necessarily related to your current hobbies, interests and personality.

Image of Christmas Present

Many of our recommended Xmas awesome gift ideas include some of these great characteristics – cool, practical, fun and novel. You may even be surprised by some items as you do not know they exist!

Our complete list of our top Christmas presents will help you or any person on how to figure out what you want for this year end holiday!

Scroll down now!

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If you love plants and enjoy building small pieces into amazing art then you will enjoy this LEGO Bonsai Tree building set with cherry blossom flowers. One of the best and biggest Christmas gift around, this beauty comes with a rectangular pot to hold your gorgeous piece. It allows you to create a uniquely stunning blossom pattern that will fit perfectly in your home or office.

To top it off, the gorgeous leaves come in green or pink to make for wonderful interchangeable décor. For those who are also considering “What should I get for my birthday?”, then this stunning LEGO set is an awesome suggestion.

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Still pondering “what fun things do I want for Christmas? Consider this: game time is perfect for bonding with friends and family. Get this extremely fun game for up to five players this Christmas season – the Exploding Kittens Good vs Evil card game.

It helps you explore your witty and cunning side as you embark on the battle of Good vs Evil. With many exciting cards to explore, this game is designed to keep you in stitches with every character you battle.

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Who needs the frustration of always wondering where your wire charger is? This compact 2-in-1 foldable fast magnetic wireless charger will give you peace of mind as you go about your daily activities.

It is compatible to numerous devices and will let you enjoy seamless, wireless charging faster. It comes with an anti-slip base so you don’t have to worry about your device when charging. It is also easy to carry thanks to the compact folding feature.

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If you are considering getting a beanie for this Christmas season then you should consider one that comes with Bluetooth. This comfortable yet washable beanie gives you at many hours of wonderful talk-time or music.

The material used is not only breathable, it is washable and can be connected to a number of Bluetooth-enabled devices.

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This is one of those stuff that you do not know you need it until you use it! A phone holder that is perfect for keeping your hands free as you use the device. The gooseneck flexible phone holder long arm bracket clamp allows you to enjoy using your device with the option of rotating with ease.

Whether you wish to watch a movie, make a video, or take beautiful photos, this gadget makes phone use pleasurable. The arm is flexible and sturdy while the soft rubber cushion is designed to gently hold your phone or tablet without fear of scratches.

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If you ever found yourself in harm’s way, you would have some peace of mind knowing that you have this battery-powered keychain personal alarm siren for defense.

This weatherproof keychain is not only beautifully designed to match your outfit, it is designed to produce an extremely loud noise when you find yourself in trouble. It is lightweight, makes use of high-intensity LED lights, and can be easily attached to your purse, keys, or even backpack. One of the top practical gifts to get!

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Looking to elevate your creativity and kickstart 2024 with a bang? Consider gifting yourself the Life Hacks 2024 Day-to-Day calendar. It’s a fantastic choice for several reasons. This calendar, filled with numerous tips, covers various aspects of life, from wellness to technology, money and time tips and more.

Imagine starting each day with a fresh dose of inspiration and practical advice, all neatly laid out on colorful pages. Undoubtedly among the Christmas hottest gifts to get, it’s like having a daily mentor to help you work smarter, not harder. So, why is it a great Christmas gift for yourself? Because investing in self-improvement and productivity is your ticket to a more efficient and fulfilling 2024.

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Tempt your tastebuds this holiday with a basket full of delicious treats. With an assorted mix of quality gourmet food including caramel corn, chocolate pretzels, chocolate covered cashews and more!

Enjoy these quality gourmet treats on Christmas morning with your family and friends and through the holiday season. This nice present idea is packaged beautifully in a bright red ribbon and reusable gift basket. These delicious treats cannot be excluded in any Christmas wishlist!

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This is the LEGO set that you probably wish you own earlier! Resembling succulents, it’s a great way to take your mind off things and trigger your creativity as you assemble these building blocks.

You can build 9 different plants and create a distinctive appearance for your area by displaying the plants together, in small groups, or separately. You will be awed by how each plant has been meticulously sculpted to resemble a real succulent. Get this for your loved one too!

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This is the best gift if you are into golf! This set of cool pen set that resembles golf clubs is not only something that you can proudly display at your desk to show people around that you are a golf enthusiast, it is also a nice complement to all the golf accessories that you already have.

Even if you are not a huge fan of this sport, this unique, fun novelty pen set is also the perfect gift if you already have everything and would like something that stands out.

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This unique and attractive moon lamp comes with a stunning levitating technology that lets it float and rotate constantly. I appreciate the beautifully designed, realistic 3D printing of the moon’s surface, the color of the light changes with different patterns.

A cool stuff to get for Christmas, a noteworthy feature is the wireless charging feature which means that it is being charged during the levitation! This stunning lamp is a fantastic Christmas gift for people who have everything too!

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If you are still stuck with the “I don’t know what I want for Christmas” question, why not consider enjoying some self-care with this set of skin care products from the popular Burt’s Bees set.

Packaged in a lovely tin as I view it, you will find several essentials like cuticle cream, lip balm, hand repair cream and foot cream. A multi-purpose ointment is also available, which may be used to treat dry skin and minor wounds. All these are useful items as the year closes which you can surely use it next year too.

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Imagine getting in bed this holiday season with your favorite book and not having to worry about getting up to turn off the light or disturb your partner’s sleep.

This amazing rechargeable LED neck reading light is made for just that. With its bendable arms and different brightness levels, you get to enjoy an ergonomic design that makes for comfortable reading. It lets you enjoy many hours of reading time when fully charged.

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Consider taking this wonder pen with multiple functions. Due to the lightweight, the pen is ultra-easy to handle and allows you to write perfectly in different conditions. It has a durable tip that can easily break glass, open a box and protect yourself.

An especially useful present for teen girls and adult women, do not forget to take this self-defense gadget in your pocket when you are out.

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The quick charge hand warmers are perfect for cold weather! If you are about to celebrate, make sure you and your loved ones keep themselves warm during the celebration. Give them this power bank hand warmer, which is of the perfect size in my opinion, that can also charge their electronic devices in rapid time!

The long-lasting battery can literally make everyone extremely happy. This is a good suggestion as well if you are still contemplating on the question of “I don’t know what to get my mom for Christmas”.

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Enjoy a hot cup of hot coffee that can be kept warm as long as you want beside you! This amazing and unique smart mug gives you the opportunity to control the temperature through an app!

The stylish-looking mug will keep your drinks at the best temperature, accompanied by a coaster that supports charging. This is something worth asking Santa for Christmas this year if you are coffee lover. Also a great stocking stuffer for women, it is unique and classy that everyone would simply love it. Remember to check if your coffee maker needs an upgrade too!

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The last paper you would ever need is this smart reusable notebook. From my experience using it, you can easily wipe away your handwritten notes with a damp cloth or upload and save the notes, sketches, calendar planning and more to popular cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive and EverNote.

Access your uploaded notes easily anywhere. Whether if you are a college guy or girl, or a working adult, this smart notebook will solve your problem on how to decide what you want for Christmas this year!

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The Christmas season is a beautiful time to catch up with family and friends and enjoy all the good things life has to offer. This chameleon award-winning board game is perfect for bonding and creating special memories.

In an amazing race to catch the chameleon who is among the players – family and friends will enjoy trying to catch it before it blends in with its environment. It’s perfect for engaging the brain and sharing hearty laughter.

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If you enjoy multitasking or if you would rather not blow your hot face with the traditional hand-held fan then this portable rechargeable USB handing neck fan will do the trick.

When you are feeling hot, especially during the sweltering hot summer, simply wear it around your neck and let it do its magic! With twin-turbine fan blades and numerous wind outlets, your body will enjoy a fabulous all round cooling experience. It has a different wind speeds adjustment and the soft material feels comfortable on the skin. So, what do I need for Christmas? This innovative neck fan to stay cool in the coming year!

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Let this great portable massage gun be part of your recovery after exercise or hard work. The portable handheld massage gun comes with several adjustable speeds that enhance pain relief and blood flow.

You will enjoy each moment with its deep and relaxing massage. Easy to use, this is certainly a popular item for those seeking to alleviate their muscle tension.

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If you want to throw a killer Christmas party on Christmas eve or any other days, you need this JBL powerful speaker at your venue. Besides the amazing sound based on my personal experience, the portable speaker comes with advanced paring options for you to connect with other compatible JBL speakers for the ultimate surround sound!

Whether you are playing the popular Christmas music by Mariah Carey or other music video, this high-tech speaker from a well-known brand is certainly something good to buy for yourself for Christmas day this year. It is also a good Christmas gift idea for son in law as well.

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After your day’s activities, coming back home to a soft, deep tissue kneading back and neck massager with heat would be the icing on the cake. This Shiatsu massager is portable and can be brought anywhere.

It is designed to really work those tight muscles thus leaving you relaxed and ready to tackle a new day. With different adjustable speeds, you get to put just the right pressure where you need it and when you need it. An exceptional idea for 75th birthday too by giving this portable massage pillow!

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Make yourself feel relaxed with this aromatherapy thoughtful gift set. The package comes with essential oils and an ultimate aromatherapy diffuser, and is a popular stuff I want for Christmas day since people are spending more time indoors.

It contains a variety of essential oils, and the diffuser emits a variety of ambient lighting. You will enjoy the festive season and provide therapeutic benefits to those who live with you when you use it.

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Drones have always been among the top things to ask for Christmas for both beginners and serious hobbyists. This drone comes with a HD camera that captures excellent aerial pictures and videos. Moreover, it has useful features like wide-angle shooting and mobile phone control.

It can travel far with its batteries and you do not have to worry about having to cut short the fun due to low battery. A cool gadget and trendy gift for both adults, teens and is also one of the top stocking stuffers for men

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This glowing ball is a fun addition to your late-night parties or sports events. The preinstalled batteries with a good lifespan makes each ball able to function continuously for many hours.

You will get a pack of 3 balls – basketball, football, soccer ball and other tools in one package. Choose whichever ball you like for a fun sports game with your friends. They will surely be impressed with these lighted balls. A memorable and cool present to want this year!

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A towel warmer is the perfect way to feel warm and comfortable during the chilly winter months surrounding Christmas. This compact warmer can soothe and warm many stuff from the bathroom towel to the bathrobes and even your blankets and clothes.

During the festive season, this is the premium gadget which you never know you need until you have one! Get this awesome warmer during your Christmas shopping to make your 2023 holiday an extra cozy one.

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If taking those Christmas gift quizzes still have not help you to know how to figure out “what do I want for Christmas”, then you will be excited with this creation from LEGO.

When it comes to the great gift to add to your Christmas list, there is plenty to be delighted about with this ship in a bottle. It features a highly intricate ship that is inside a cool looking bottle. Besides the challenge of building this ship, you will surely be proud to display it in your office or home once the ship is completed!

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If you have no idea what you want for Christmas, then you can consider this powerful pair of binoculars.

No matter if you travel outdoors, love bird watching or like to attend large sporting events then this device is ideal for you. The waterproof feature and powerful lens let you see bright and clear images.

The best feature is definitely the smartphone adapter which lets you take and share close up images and videos via the binoculars lens!

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If you have multiple electronic devices and a hectic schedule, this all-in-one charger is the best option. It is useful for charging a smartwatch, wireless earbuds and a smartphone all at once.

The best part is that it works with many compatible gadgets and foldable so that you can easily bring it on the go. It’s the best wire-free presentation to keep your work area in office or at home neat and tidy and a definite must have Christmas gift this year.

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These beautifully scented aromatherapy shower bombs are great to get to enhance the year end festive party mood. Once you use these shower bombs, from my own experience, I am sure you will madly fall in love with the soothing scent of it.

You will be in a good mood because you have a very nice refreshing shower. A good alternative to bath bombs, it can also be part of your DIY Christmas gifts by giving your friends with your own homemade soap bar or scented candle to complement these items.

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How about getting a cool game if you are still stuck with the question “What do I want for Christmas?” This unique, innovative, yet highly engaging gameplay can bring the entire family around a single board.

A fast paced game that lets the players test their reaction and hand eye coordination as they battle it out this half foosball and half air hockey game. It will surely be your favorite thing in your home for a long time and a good last minute Christmas gift idea too!

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A music box like no other that you have seen before – undoubtedly a good addition in a gift guide for the holidays. Celebrate the year end with a personalized gift.

You can choose for engraving option to include meaningful text and best of all, there is a choice to play a song that you want! How amazing is that. With a wide selection of music box designs, there is certainly one that will suit your preference.

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A clean environment is a good start to good mental health. When it comes to cleaning hard-to-reach spaces such as in between your keyboard, the air conditioner unit in your car, or in between your sofa gaps, this compressed air duster with various nozzles and brush heads will come in handy.

It comes with different wind speeds and LED lights to ensure even dark spots are not missed during the cleaning process.

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This lovely Christmas décor will make a perfect gift for your Christmas stockings this holiday season. The 3 pack comes with fishbowls, Christmas trees, Santa, and snowman crafts.

The different sizes of fishbowls make for an interesting assembly when you put everything together. Everything is designed to bring a beautiful sprinkle of the Xmas spirit to your space.

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With much stressful and depressing events happening in 2023, it is unavoidable that many people feel worse compared to previous years.

Why not get a functional journal that will aid you to feel happier and brighten your mood?

One of the best Christmas gift ideas in 2023, you can use the Five Minute Journal everywhere to help you think more about the good things in your life. Pen down your gratitude and improve your mental health. Definitively the top things to get for Xmas and wish yourself a Merry Christmas!

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If you are looking to add to your collection of amazing glassware then you should consider this origami style drinking glasses set. It is not only gorgeous-looking, but is it lead-free and designed for the wonderful enjoyment of your favorite beverage.

This eco-friendly set boosts of weighted bottoms to minimize shattering. The ribbed glassware are designed to fit perfectly on any occasion.

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Lift the spirits of your visiting friends and family this holiday season. The portable wireless speaker with lights has several useful features and capabilities that I am sure will impress you.

It offers a unique way of charging your smartphone while lighting the room, playing music like Christmas songs and holding a phone. Definitely among our top ten Christmas gifts that we recommend. An awesome gift for 16 year old boy too!

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Enjoy great tasting water anywhere by adding this premium bottle into your Xmas wish list. The bottle comes with a premium filter that eliminates odor and chlorine, giving the tap water a fresh taste.

It has a superb design that will match with your office or car interior. With this convenient gift, you can reduce the cost of buying bottled drinking water and save money in the long term! Get this for a woman who wants for nothing and she will definitely be impressed by how useful this bottle is!

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If you are a teenage or young adult men, then consider this gift package – it features a unique slim wallet in an elegant box.

The wallet will help you take care of your cards, money and coins, making it a good Christmas presents for brother in law if you are thinking of getting something for him.

As you take out the cash or card to settle various bills, you will be pleased at how convenient and useful this Xmas present idea is.

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This amazing sound machine comes with numerous useful settings, including an adjustable tone and volume. It is suitable if your neighbor is loud or if your partner snores.

This innovative portable machine has a remote control, and on and off timer, and night light. Its settings suit kids, adults and even pets – definitely it should be part of the list of things you want for Christmas or gift giving ideas for your loved ones.

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Boba Tea Light

For the love of Boba tea, this light would be a great addition to one’s space. The ambient light is designed to bring a warm, welcoming feeling to one’s space while the faux boba is designed to bring nostalgic feelings of the beloved milk tea beverage.

What to get yourself for Christmas that even you will be surprised and delighted? There is no better random holiday gift that everyone will love than this cute lamp. It has a decent battery life, with an automatic shut-off to preserve its life. It is small enough to carry from room to room, yet bright enough to illuminate a small space.

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What should I put on my Christmas list? ? How about something that can aid in stress relief? When it is time for celebration, you will like to be in a relaxed state. So, for this reason, these tiny neo-magnets will do the job exceptionally.

You will forget about all the stress and be focused on the festive holiday activities which are all lined up for you. If your friend or family member is under stress, give him or her this cool stuff so that they can spend the occasion with a pump.

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With the pace of life becoming ever more hectic, having something that can help with promoting the sense of letting go and serenity is definitely among the trending gifts during the Christmas season.

You will love this relaxation and mediation aid – simply dip the paintbrush and express your ideas through writing, drawing and painting. The noteworthy feature is that your drawing will fade with time, hence the sense of letting go. Treat this as the perfect Christmas gift from Santa Claus!

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How do I find out what I want for Christmas?

Besides the usual Christmas quiz which can be tedious and inaccurate, we recommend simply going through an updated list of holiday gift ideas to know what some are of the hottest, trendy, popular, most wanted and most sought after items this year in 2023.

Many times while going through an all-encompassing gift list, you will discover awesome new items that you do not know exist! Such new stuff probably will not be in your recommendation if you just take a “What to Get For Christmas Quiz” as it falls outside your interests or personalities. Sometimes discovering a random great gift may be the best way to find out what you want this holiday season! Let the reindeers deliver the items to you! If all else fails, ask for a gift card first!

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