37 Most Awesome (Oct 2020) Gifts I Want For Christmas This Year

Image of Christmas Present(updated in Oct 2020) Are you pondering the question “What Do I Want For Christmas?” this year as the festive holiday season is coming?

Great news!

Whether you are a teen boy, teen girl, adult man or woman, young or elderly, studying, working or retired, we have come out with a comprehensive gift wish list if you are not sure what you want for Christmas in 2020.

Here’s the deal:

A “What do I want for Christmas quiz” can sometimes determine what is the one thing you may like or need – doing the quiz can be tedious and the final choices can be limited. We prefer to give you an all-inclusive list of the top choices that is not necessarily related to your current hobbies, interests and personality.

Many of our recommended Xmas awesome gift ideas include some of these great characteristics – cool, practical, fun and novel. You may even be surprised by some items as you do not know they exist!

Our complete list of our top Christmas presents will help you on how to figure out what you want for this year end holiday!

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Make yourself merry with this aromatherapy gift set. A popular stuff I want for Christmas day as people are spending much time indoors, the set comes with essential oils and an ultimate aromatherapy diffuser.

It has a combination of numerous essentials oils while the diffuser provides several ambient lights. With it, you will make the joyous period enjoyable and offer therapeutic benefits to the people who live with you.

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Viruses and other microorganisms can seriously affect our health and well-being. This is especially prevalent in 2020 and many are taking maximal measures to eliminate coronavirus. This sanitizer is a definite must have Christmas gift this year to keep yourself safe and healthy.

The box can eliminate microorganisms from your smartphone and other small personal accessories through powerful UV light. The wireless charging feature of this device is also incredible and time saving!

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Signature Tackle Box

A assorted mix of some of the best candies from Dylan’s Candy Bar is simply irresistible to many, even if you do not have a sweet tooth!

With popular treats like gummy berries, milk chocolate candies, jelly beans, gumballs and more, you will be delighted with this most sought after Christmas present.

Best of all, the multiple compartment tackle box can be reused as a storage container once you have eaten all the yummy treats!

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Enjoy your night this holiday with this lovely nightstand lamp. This is a splendid Christmas gift that you will want if you are a homebody! The lamp comes with varying colors that are eye-safe and flicker-free which is great if you like to read in your bedroom.

Also, it features a circular design that adds beauty to your home décor. It is a nice present idea for enhancing your mood too.

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This glowing ball is a fun addition to your late-night parties or sports events. The preinstalled batteries with a good lifespan makes each ball able to function continuously for many hours.

You will get a pack of 3 balls – basketball, football, soccer ball and other tools in one package. Choose whichever ball you like for a fun sports game with your friends. They will surely be impressed with these lighted balls. A memorable and cool present to want this year!

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Giant Stress Ball

Are you feeling especially stressed or anxious this year? Get an oversized stress reliever ball and bring the moments of tranquility into your life.

Probably among the most wanted gifts in 2020, when you dig into this squeezable ball with both of your hands, your blood flow will increase, and you will get rid of your aggravation. Keep the additive desk toy both in your office and home.

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Let this great portable massage gun be part of your recovery after exercise or hard work. The portable handheld massage gun comes with several adjustable speeds that enhance pain relief and blood flow.

You will enjoy each moment with its deep and relaxing massage. Easy to use, this is certainly a popular item for those seeking to alleviate their muscle tension.

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Consider taking this wonder pen with multiple functions. Due to the lightweight, the pen is ultra-easy to handle and allows you to write perfectly in different conditions. It has a durable tip that can easily break glass, open a box and protect yourself.

An especially useful present for teen girls and adult women, do not forget to take this self-defense gadget in your pocket when you are out.

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With much stressful and depressing events happening in 2020, it is unavoidable that many people feel worse compared to previous years.

Why not get a functional journal that will aid you to feel happier and brighten your mood?

One of the best Christmas gift ideas in 2020, you can use the Five Minute Journal everywhere to help you think more about the good things in your life. Pen down your gratitude and improve your mental health. Definitively the top things to get for Xmas!

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If you have no idea what you want for Christmas, then you can consider this powerful pair of binoculars.

No matter if you travel outdoors, love bird watching or like to attend large sporting events then this device is ideal for you. The waterproof feature and powerful lens let you see bright and clear images.

The best feature is definitely the smartphone adapter which lets you take and share close up images and videos via the binoculars lens!

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Precious Moments Bisque Porcelain Ornament, Dachshund Through The Snow 2020 Dated Dog

Do you love dogs? If so, there is no better way to have a merry season than with this 2020 dated dog ornament. The eye-pleasing ornament features red and green attires keeping the dream of the Dachshund alive.

It is also a great ornament to add to the Christmas tree. A classic holiday gift, ask for this ornament to satisfy the dog lover instinct in you!

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The last paper you would ever need is this smart reusable notebook. You can wipe away your handwritten notes with a damp cloth or upload and save the notes, sketches, calendar planning and more to popular cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive and EverNote.

Access your uploaded notes easily anywhere. Whether if you are a college guy or girl, or a working adult, this smart notebook will solve your problem on how to decide what you want for Christmas this year!

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A nice multi-tool gadget that gives you many options especially when you least expect you need it. With features like a small knife, ruler, ballpoint pen, screwdriver and more, this highly useful compact tool fits nicely into your pocket or bag.

From a well-known brand, this small but versatile tool is certainly something good to buy for yourself for Christmas day this year.

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Enjoy a hot cup of hot coffee on the go by with this fantastic coffee maker. The coffee maker comes with all components required to make coffee.

In addition, it has an inbuilt filter that helps you to contribute to environmental protection. This is something worth asking Santa for Christmas this year if you are coffee lover!

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Mini Party In a Bucket

Put your family and yourself in a year end festive party mood with this gift package.

A suitable last minute Xmas present, the package features popular Dylan’s Candy Bar treats that kick off the party mood during the holiday season.

A cool thing to get this holiday, let everyone in your household enjoy their favourite candies.

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Many of us likely spend many hours a day sitting in front of the computer or using our phone. It is inevitable to experience neck and shoulder pain. With this wireless and portable neck massager, you can feel a stimulate human massage to relieve muscle tension and better blood circulation in the area.

Undoubtedly among the Christmas hottest gifts to get if you are suffering from pain, the ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fitting that you will truly appreciate. One of the top practical gifts to get!

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Feisty Pets

What should I put on my Christmas list? How about something funny, fun and cute all at the same time? Let yourself have a merry moment during this festive holiday by asking for these feisty pets in your wish list.

These cute pet toys come with a unique configuration will brighten up your mood. They feature different facial expressions that will keep yourself and those around you entertained. People will be surprised by the sudden change in the expression from a lovable cute soft toy to a snarling creature! One of the best gag gifts for Christmas too!

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Have you always wished to build up a home theatre? Maybe you also wanted to take the movie outside. Perhaps, you need this incredible portable projector.

One of the best and biggest Christmas gift around with more people staying at home, this fabulous gadget allows you to enjoy the best image and ensure your wonderful watching experience. It supports multiple media ports and is compatible with laptops, smartphones, game consoles and more.

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Drones have always been among the top things to ask for Christmas for both beginners and serious hobbyists. This drone comes with a HD camera that captures excellent aerial pictures and videos.

It can travel far and has a useful and amazing return-to-home function – when the battery is about to die or the drone is out of range, the drone automatically returns home. A cool gadget and trendy gift for both adults and teens.

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Personalized Christmas Tea Towels - 12 designs

Complement your holiday decors with a personalized tea towels. A good last minute Christmas gift idea, these towels come in different sizes and designs. They are a suitable choice for your kitchen, dining table or serving tray.

To make the towels unique and personalized, you have a choice to add your name or initials. So, it is an awesome classic gift to feel merry during this festive season!

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Do you regularly experience back pains or cramps? Help yourself deal with it by getting this electric heating pad for pain relief. The heating pads are strong and long-lasting.

Additionally, they produce high penetrating heat that relieves any pain in seconds. So, what do I need for Christmas? This wonderful heating pad to soothe those aching muscles and be ready to take new challenges in the coming year!

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This unique and attractive moon lamp comes with various stunning LED colors. Beautifully designed with realistic 3D printing of the moon’s surface, the colors of the lights can be set to flash, fade and other cool settings.

A cool stuff to get for Christmas, a noteworthy feature is the timer function so that it can switch off automatically without your intervention. This stunning lamp is a fantastic Christmas gift for people who have everything too!

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The 37-in-1 black wallet allows you to use it whenever the circumstance demands. The tools inside will help you screw things in, secure bolts, and cut things and more.

It is made from rigid stainless steel, lightweight and can fit in your pockets easily. Regardless if you are a DIY lover or not, this multi-purpose tool is an awesome holiday present to consider!

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This amazing sound machine comes with numerous useful settings, including an adjustable tone and volume. It is suitable if your neighbor is loud or if your partner snores.

This innovative portable machine has a remote control, and on and off timer, and night light. Its settings suit kids, adults and even pets – definitely it should be part of the list of things you want for Christmas!

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Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup Decoy Safe

If you are still stuck with the “I don’t know what I want for Christmas” question, then consider something unique and fun this festive season!

Certainly the more interesting present idea around, this hilarious but useful chicken noodle soup is actually a decoy safe where you can keep small items like cash and valuable accessories inside. This cheap, affordable decoy will give you some ease if there are precious things you want to keep away from uninvited guests in your home.

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Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker

Rekindle back your childhood memory by getting this cotton candy maker. This maker enables you to transform your kitchen into a carnival!

Additionally, it is a smart way of turning hard confectionaries into smooth and easy melting candies that take you back to your childhood moments.

Still pondering “what fun things do I want for Christmas”? This homemade cotton candy maker is the answer!

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The Shiatsu massager kneads your back, neck, and shoulders, soothes your muscles, and gives you that comfortable feel. It has an adjustable rolling and spot massage where the chair massager works on your back and back spine.

You can opt for a full, upper, or lower back. If you feel muscle tension especially in your back and neck, then this is something you will likely need and to add into a list of things to get for Xmas!

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If you use your smartphone frequently to watch videos or reading, then this adjustable phone stand is something you should get for yourself for Christmas! It is made with an anti-slip design to give maximum protection to your gadget.

The stand’s height is movable with a large tilt range for a comfortable viewing angle. In case your phone’s battery is running low, there is a hole on the stand to allow you to charge.

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With more people being conscious about microorganisms that cause diseases, a portable sanitizer wand is probably a convenient device we guess is among the trending gifts for Christmas who are concern about personal hygiene.

With this UV sanitizer wand, you can disinfect surfaces like bath tabs, sofa, towels and more without water. It is lightweight and portable and can be used at home, in the office or while you are on the go. We believe this will be a hot item and among the top ten things for Christmas that we recommend you should get.

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The inside of this bag is partitioned, has a padded pocket for holding a tablet and the front pockets that are easy to access. One of the most desired gifts for those who travel around frequently, the two mesh expansion pockets can hold an umbrella, water bottle, or sunglasses.

If you move around crowded places at lot, this would be the perfect item in your wish list. Its slash resistance, locking compartment, RFID blocking pocket among other useful features will give you a peace of mind.

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If you are a teenage or young adult men, then consider this gift package – it features a unique slim wallet in an elegant box.

The wallet will help you take care of your cards, money and coins, making it a good Christmas presents for brother in law if you are thinking of getting something for him.

As you take out the cash or card to settle various bills, you will be pleased at how convenient and useful this Xmas present idea is.

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Brighten the mood of friends and relatives during the merry season when they visit you. The portable wireless Bluetooth speaker with LED color lights comes with great features and functionalities that create a lovely and entertaining ambiance.

With it, everyone around can enjoy the best music. Also, you will have control of the brightness and choose your desired color lights. Definitely among our top ten Christmas gifts that we recommend. An awesome gift for 16 year old boy too!

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Nothing can be frustrating than a cellphone with low battery during the festive season. Solve this issue with this portable solar power bank.

The power bank acts as a battery backup and is suitable for remote and outdoor activities. Get this hot gadget to make your 2020 holiday a fuss free one.

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Enjoy great tasting water anywhere by adding this premium bottle into your Xmas wish list. The bottle comes with a premium filter that eliminates odor and chlorine, giving the tap water a fresh taste.

It has a superb design that will match with your office or car interior. With this convenient gift, you can reduce the cost of buying bottled drinking water and save money in the long term! Get this for a woman who wants for nothing and she will definitely be impressed by how useful this bottle is!

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Personalized Camo Sit N' Sip Cooler Chair

If taking those Christmas gift quizzes still have not help you to know how to figure out what you want for Christmas, then this personalized Sit N’ Sip cooler chair is a perfect choice.

This chair is suitable for outdoor activities, parties and bbqs. The cooler allows you to store your favorite drink and enjoy a relaxing moment seated outdoors. Best of all, you can personalized the chair with your name to make it the most unique Xmas present. An exceptional idea for 75th birthday too by giving this portable chair cum cooler.

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Slushy Maker

What to get yourself for Christmas that even you will be surprised and delighted? Make your holiday joyous with a frozen treat from your favorite drinks with this slushy maker.

This maker is a good gadget for any member of your family staying with you too! It has a superb design that frozen any drink within several hours. So if you and your loved ones love frozen treats, there is no better random holiday gift that everyone can use than this slushy maker. It can also be part of your DIY Christmas gifts by treating your friends with your own homemade slushy treats.

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Pamper yourself with this gift basket. It comes with all you need for a luxurious spa experience including fragrant shower gel, body scrub and bathing towel, among others.

The coconut oil has a pleasing scent and a tremendous nourishing effect on your skin. This basket is great if you are busy mom or dad – give yourself a well-deserved relaxing experience without having to leave home.

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How do I find out what I want for Christmas?

Besides the usual Christmas quiz which can be tedious and inaccurate, we recommend simply going through an updated list of holiday gift ideas to know what some are of the hottest, trendy, popular, most wanted and most sought after items this year in 2020.

Many times while going through an all-encompassing gift list, you will discover awesome new items that you do not know exist! Such new stuff probably will not be in your recommendation if you just take a “What to Get For Christmas Quiz” as it falls outside your interests or personalities. Sometimes discovering a random gift may be the best way to find out what you want this holiday season!

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