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33 Most Awesome (Dec 2021) Yankee Swap Gift Ideas This Xmas

(updated Dec 2021) Are you searching for the best Yankee Swap gift ideas for a party this Christmas?

Check this out!

We have come out with the most complete list of Yankee Swap ideas for all ages and various budget.

What is a good Yankee Swap gift?

For the best items to bring to this type of gift exchange party, you can consider something that include some of the following features: funny, creative, useful, cool, fun or unisex. Make sure the present is wrapped and unmarked so that participants cannot guess what is inside or who brought it.

You might be wondering:

Unlike the more commonly heard white elephant gift exchange, what you can get in this case does not necessarily have to be something that people do not want. You can buy useful or practical stuff too.

Funny Yankee Swap Ideas

Our comprehensive list of the top Yankee Swap gifts will help you easily search things for your friends, coworkers, family members and kids. Many recommended items are under 20 and affordable. Whether the gift swap is at done at a Christmas party in office, home or other venues, you will find a good present for both men and women in no time.

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If the participants are adults, then this drinking card game is excellent for them! One of the best alcohol themed gift swap idea, there are some funny cards in it that will definitely make you and your adult friends tipsy.

For some of the most interesting and crazy alcohol, beer ideas, you will be reading the card loudly and then you or your entire group will have a go at the drink! When holidays are around the corner, such cool games become the best present ideas ever!

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A white elephant sort of an exchange gift is always a hot favorite theme! So, these emergency underpants that come in a compact tin container could be the gag Yankee Swap idea you are looking for!

There are 3 undies in one pack in these funny gag gifts that are suitable for your friends, in case they go through some emergency while having crazy merry going parties! No more worries of soiled pants!

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It’s impossible not to smile when you see a funny-looking Santa booze dispenser on display during the holiday season. How about getting this funny gag gift for the Yankee swap party?

Individuals drink spirit in their own unique ways during Christmas. This funny dispenser will either make you laugh or grimace. When you press the liquor dispenser button, Santa fills your glasses with your favorite alcoholic beverage.

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Why not consider something helpful to put in the wrapped gift instead of a white elephant gift idea? Every day, this calendar has something interesting to offer.

With so many tips and techniques to learn, the receiver may expect regular life hacks to help them better themselves or become more efficient or successful. This calendar will become one of his or her favorite things, and he or she will look forward to seeing what the hack of the day is each morning!

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Looking to have some laughter time at a yearend gathering? Give this embroidered toilet paper to your friends, co-workers, or even your boss that prompts them to use it in the event that they get crap for Christmas. That is what is printed literally!

The tacky unique gift idea comes packed in a wrapping paper with a beautiful ribbon so it is one of the funniest gifts for those who are vouching for some good time.

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An insulated water bottle with modern trendy design that is eye-catching and easy to use for teens. Keep your favorite drinks cold for hours as the bottle comes with double-walled and insulated features. A good idea for coed Yankee Swap, the leak proof straw lid lets you bring out and drink easily without having to worry about spills.

No matter who receives this item during the exchange, it is certainly something worth keeping! This is a wonderful Christmas gift for 19 year old females as well.

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Are you prepared for the chilling winter? Instead of getting traditional air activated hand warmers that is suitable only for single use, try this rechargeable hand warmer which lets you reuse it.

With a quick charge feature, the time to fully charged it is greatly reduced. The smooth and easy to hold design makes it a very good Yankee Christmas gift. This is definitely something people will love when they receive or swap for this item.

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Since it is Christmas, then it is time for some fun and enjoyment with the ring toss game! Yes, with this fun office gift exchange Yankee Swap idea, now the ring toss game is available to be hanged anywhere and start playing thereby.

There is a strong magnet at the back of the board that will stick anywhere. Create fun memories and see who wins at the end!

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Pizza delivery? Only this time the pizza box will be filled with colorful socks instead of an actual pizza.

The set of four socks are made with patterns respective to those of various types of pizzas and pizza dough.

This will make an out of the box funny present swap idea that a lover of both pizza and colorful socks will find hilarious. Add a candy cane inside the box to add to the festive mood.

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Why not give your goofy friends or relatives a humorous gin glass as part of your Yankee Swap joke gift idea this year? This lovely old-fashioned lowball glass is a sight to see and favorite thing among those who love to drink hard liquor. It can complement a cocktail kit if you have that in mind to give them separately.

The funny wordings on the timeless design will make it the top gift selection during the exchange. It will not only make the participants happy, but it will also make the others around them grin as a result of the use of it.

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A coloring book may seem boring and uninspired. However, it is actually one of the most useful gifts to get people these days given so much uncertainties that people have gone through in recent years.

Adult coloring books can be used as a stress-relieving tool. People who filled up the pages with various colors not only enjoy some “me” time, but also provide our bodies with the advantages of a stress-free way of life.

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Squirrel in underpants is an ornament that should go well with every Christmas tree out there. With this hilarious squirrel, donning some crazy underpants, the tree will look totally complete!

This could prove to be a well-liked white elephant Yankee Swap idea. Those who always complain about their trees not emitting a fresh and eventful vibe will be excited to receive this surprising and cute decorative white elephant item!

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Other individuals can trade for any unwrapped gift that has been picked and opened, according to one of the Yankee swap rules. Whoever picks and opens this item at the holiday party will quickly discover that it is a well-liked device that other want to exchange for!

This stand is adjustable to accommodate various viewing angles. This is one of the finest gift exchange ideas since it can charge two devices at the same time and has a fast charging feature!

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Inside the gift pile, there is usually something that will make everyone laugh out loud. This novelty toilet paper will likely be one such item! With funny jokes on every square, toilet time will never be the same again!

Spend time laughing at the jokes as you pull the paper. A top family Yankee Swap gift idea, it will definitely bring a smile on the faces of your family members!

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During the festive season at Christmas parties, whether is an all girls’ celebration or men’s event, we enjoy drinking wine and feasting to our hearts content. With the numerous bottles of wines that are opened at the same time, it is unavoidable there will be left overs.

With this innovative creation, you can use the wine condom to seal up almost any opened bottles. The shrink fit feature ensures that regardless of the size of the bottles, you will get an air-tight and water-tight results. A condom has more functions than what we know!

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These wonderfully fragrant aromatherapy shower bombs are ideal for enhancing the end-of-year festive party atmosphere. The perfect secret Santa gift exchange idea as well, whoever use it will be delighted with the relaxing fragrance of these shower bombs after using them.

A fantastic alternative to bath bombs, it is also among the best family gift exchange present idea and a sure favorite item people wants to steal from others once they figure out what is inside the wrapped gift!

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Instead of the typical way of presenting the item, turn it into an adventure with this puzzle pod.

Whether its cash, candy, gift card or a phone etc. you can place in it the item that you wish to give.

It will then be a fun and interactive process where you get to set a code that a teen or your kid has to crack to access the treasure.

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Everyone loves receiving a Christmas present. But, not so fast. Having placed the fun gift inside this maze puzzle box, they will have to solve the maze before getting their hands on the present.

Not too hard nor too easy, this money hiding ideas for Yankee Swap will be a great way to teach patience and concentration, especially for children. It will be a challenging yet exciting way to receive something.

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A warm and cozy throw blanket will make a creative gift swap idea for the festive holidays. Instead of a plain one, you can get this amusing blanket with a realistic tortilla pattern.

With this, the recipients can wrap themselves up like a burrito and fight the cold winter weather. They can also use it in the future for their sofa, bed, or carry it with them for traveling or camping.

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Giant Stress Ball

Feeling extra stressed out this year? Many people certainly feel the same way with numerous challenges that have cropped up along the way.

Why not help someone with a great way to release some stress. Instead of the usual small stress ball, bring the relief to the next level with this giant stress ball. Vent all the frustration and anxiety out easily as the recipient take it out on the ball. Many people will especially love this new gift! Certainly a good Yankee Swap idea for work or college people to help them focused as the new year rolls in!

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After a long year, an electric heating pad will make the best and practical secret Yankee Swap gift idea. This will help one to find relief from neck, shoulder and back pains that may have been brought about by strenuous activities throughout the year while at the same time providing effects of relaxation.

With several settings available and machine washable, this easy to use pad will surely please the eventual recipient. A suitable Christmas gifts for 30 year old woman too.

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If you want to make someone look like a fool in a harmless way, then this is among the most humorous Yankee Swap gifts for friends. The individual probably thinks the box has some specific use or it stores some important stuff, which they are eager to discover.

As a result, people are likely to have great hopes when they unsuspectingly turn the switch, only to see a tiger emerge! It is also a great gift for ladies who don’t need anything if okay that a hilarious prank is performed on them with this white elephant swap.

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Gummy Bears in Cupcake

If you want to choose a gift exchange idea that anyone would love, then this is the suggested idea! It is not the festive season without some delicious treats to enjoy.

This huge cupcake comes with a rainbow assortment of both sweet and sour gummy bears treats, making it a perfect Yankee swap gift exchange. Once the sweets are consumed, the cupcake container can still be useful as a storage box for other items.

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A pen that provides more than just writing. This clever device comes with several other features that make it a useful tool for self-defence and among the best and nice women’s Yankee Swap gift ideas.

With a body that is made of strong aluminium, it has a highly durable tip that can break glass and other materials, a bright flashlight, bottle opener and more. Carry this gadget, which is certainly an ideal gift for everyone, in your pocket or handbag and the female recipient will feel safer and more prepared in case of emergencies.

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Someone’s Christmas will be made special as they enjoy the multiple capabilities of this awesome speaker which is a good gender neutral Yankee Swap gift idea. They can listen to their favorite songs not only through Bluetooth but can also input their micro SD card or use an audio cable.

With an inbuilt microphone, it also acts as a speakerphone and is certainly among the top Christmas gifts for parents. Among its light modes is the ambient theme which allows one to choose from three brightness levels to suit the current mood.

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The yearend celebrations are a great time to bond over some fun activities and games. Also an appropriate camping idea, you can add life to the party by giving this Shocktato game.

The group can then engage in a fun game of passing the shocking potato from one person to the other and laughing at people’s reactions as they get shocked. With its rubber coating, you do not have to worry about it getting damaged from falling.

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If they love to sip on a hot cup of coffee, tea or chocolate, then a cup warmer will come in handy. Instead of having to put up with the beverage as it gets cold, this gravity induction warmer will ensure that it stays warm.

Its smooth shiny glass top gives it a sleek look and makes it easy to clean. A good Yankee Swap ideas for business, the warmer comes with a ceramic coffee mug, although, one can still use their own.

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It can be frustrating to have your phone or camera battery die while on an outdoor trip such as hiking or camping.

A sturdy portable solar power bank would therefore be useful in such situations where one may not have access to electrical charging.

Hence, if there are outdoor enthusiasts at the Christmas party, then this will be the best secret Santa Yankee Swap.

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When it is a merry occasion and there is no sound and music, the occasion seems boring. But, now, the premium mini portable Bluetooth speaker has ended all the music woes!

Give this beautiful and cute, little Bluetooth speaker to your loved ones as a cool gift to offer or swap and turn up the occasion with some great music. The waterproof case means you can bring the speaker outdoors without worries of water splash or rain.

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Precious Moments Bisque Porcelain Ornament, We Woof You A Merry Christmas 2021 Dated Dog

As the Christmas season approaches, it is time to put those beautiful holiday decorations up on display. Many people like dogs. Hence there is no better way to ring in the holidays than with this 2021 dog ornament.

The ornament is adorned with red and white outfits, which adds to its cuteness. It’s also a wonderful Christmas tree ornament for an inner little child that is inside all of us!

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Tiny Arcade Games

Now your arcade game lover friends need to have this and you can give them this great Yankee Swap ideas for men this Christmas. The mini key-chain ready games just do not require any coins to be inserted.

Play anywhere you want to by just flipping the switch. It can be given as part of the dice game gift ideas to incorporate more fun game activities. Get the arcade cabinets for yourself too or give it to your family members or kids at the parties so that they never get bored! These arcade machines are cool gift sets for couples too!

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A personal cell phone is an indispensable gadget everyone touches and holds numerous times a day. It is inevitable that the phone becomes a source which germs and other microorganisms accumulate.

Having a portable phone sanitizing cleaner box allows a peace of mind as you will be assured that the phone is cleaned thoroughly. Best of all, this amazing unisex Yankee Swap gift idea comes with wireless charging functions making it extremely practical and time saving.

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For something cute and simple, this shark squeeze toy will make it among the top and cheap Yankee Swap gifts for people of all ages.

Kids will not get enough of this unique plaything as they get their hands on this funny yet fascinating toy.

For adults, they get to release some tension, stress, or anxiety as they squeeze on it. It is soft and light making it easy to squeeze and carry around.

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How does a Yankee Swap work?

This activity is a gift exchange game with rules that allow participants to choose unmarked presents in the pile or swap from earlier members who have chosen their items. The order to select the items is usually determined by the number they chose earlier or by a random name draw. It is popular activity that is played in holiday parties especially in the Northeast of United States.

During the December Xmas festive season, with numerous parties to attend, it is likely you will have to attend a party which you need to know how to play Yankee Swap.

Our awesome gift guide suggested above – many with prices around $20, including some that are under 25 or below 10 offers a wide variety of good choices. Regardless if you are searching for something last minute or not, we hope you have found something nice for your family members at home, friends outside or coworkers in the office.

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