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57 Most Impressive (Sep 2021) Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas

(updated Sep 2021) Are you looking for luxury corporate gift ideas? Our comprehensive list high end client gift ideas will impress your boss, executives, CEO, board members, VIP clients and other important people.


Offering fancy expensive gifts to executives in your company or important clients help foster a rich working and business relationship that helps your organization to thrive.

High End Corporate Gifts

In our all-inclusive list, you can find popular upscale client gift ideas that are suitable for any occasion in the corporate world, be it for appreciation, motivation, retirement, welcome, promotion or a corporate thank you farewell celebration.

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Elegant drink ware sets make an ideal luxury corporate item for any recipient. This is because these glassware make a functional gift set for anyone, even for daily or farewell occasion.

These classic upscale sets are suitable for spirits aficionados. When considering a luxury drinkware set, that may include decanter in addition to glasses, as a high end corporate gift idea, make sure you choose one that is beautifully cut crystal to really make an impression.

Many people would want to serve their distinguished sets using this luxurious glassware set. Hence, they would appreciate such a graceful addition. Be certain to add a personal touch to make your stylish set standout from the recipients’ regular drink ware. You can, for instance, add a fun quote or a message of appreciation on the items.

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Nothing screams jubilation quite like a fine bottle of wine from a prestigious vineyard. To truly make a statement and establish a sense of luxury with your corporate giveaway, try purchasing a high-end set of wine accessories to go along with the top-tier wine bottles you have already purchased.

A wine bottle opener, a foil cutter, an aerator, and a preserver are among the most common accessories. If you want to give a unique present that the recipient will remember, consider purchasing one of these sets that comes with an electric bottle opener. This full wine set with elegant practical accessories are excellent choices for premium business holiday gifts.

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Extraordinary looking displays that have a globe theme are excellent for handing away at any business event or conference. It is the ideal present to recognize the recipient’s achievement or to express gratitude to a VIP customer or vendor for their long-standing business connection with the company. Their workplace or home would undoubtedly benefit from having this classic and elegant display. It is one of the most valuable luxury corporate gifts you can provide to your corporate clients to build customer loyalty.

Great globe-themed options include solar-powered spinning globes, static constructions and even anti-gravity globe presents, to name a few examples. Some even enable you to customize the present by adding your business custom logo, which is a nice touch to create a custom gift and for branding purpose. This is also a fantastic CEO retirement gift idea, as well as a gratitude present for your powerful boss!

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For an avid golfer, having a great game is something that they look forward to, be it which season of the year. There are several types of trendy golf accessories and collectibles to choose from for your high ranking executives like CEOs or top notch clients. These are also relevant items to be given out during a corporate golf tournament.

Practical golf gifts include golf balls which are specially designed and enhanced to help them obtain performance at their peak, to help them bring their golf experience to the next level. Luxurious looking golf balls that comes in attractive packaging also brings out the indulgence of this sport.

For something more creative, you can consider a cool miniature golfer bag snack pack with interesting related accessories inside.

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Decanter whiskey and barware set are fantastic corporate gifts for whiskey lovers who value the taste of their liquor and to display their prized collection. In addition, they are a classy addition to the recipient’s collection and the ornament is an awesome to their bar counter, hence making it a premium corporate gift.

Presenting such fancy corporate gift is a popular choice, especially if the recipient is a whiskey connoisseur. It shows your appreciation to your co-worker, going away boss or highly esteemed client. One can never go wrong with this classic gift. The extravagant barware set lets the recipient store the whiskey or serve the whiskey in classy and personalized glasses.

To make your luxury corporate gift more unique and special, do consider giving whiskey related barware items that includes whiskey stones that are presented in an elegant gift box. Outside of office, decanter sets are great practical gifts for couples to enhance their drinking experience. 

Pens make for an awesome and practical corporate gift for business partner, associates and clients as they are an everyday tool in the office. For some, pens can also complement the executives’ outfit.

Therefore, a branded pen is a nice and practical addition to the recipient’s wardrobe, making it among the best luxury traditional corporate gifts. Additionally, there are a ton of design options to choose from.

You can add a personal touch to this luxury corporate gift by personalizing the pen. You can include the recipient’s name and a personal message on the pen for a unique corporate gift. All in all, pens will add a touch of sophistication and elegance on their desk. This expensive item is also among the best retirement gift ideas for women or executives/board members.

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Get a watch roll or case to a coworker or executive who travels often for business, vacation, or even interstate. So this expensive gift is practical for keeping their watches safe when traveling.

This present is perfect for a watch collector who can store and transport their treasured treasures. Their priceless timepieces will also be protected from scratches with these luxury corporate gifts. We also suggest a travel bag for other accessories, such as eyeglasses and watches.

Choose a watch roll or case travel with excellent quality craftsmanship and made of leather. Your leather goods will appear sleek and elegant. Check the inside lining (for example, ultra-suede) to guarantee the watches are properly protected, and the dividers to know how many watches your recipient may carry.

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Nothing says celebration like a bottle of bubbly, effervescent champagne.

If you really want to make a splash and set a luxury tone with your extravagant corporate gift, consider buying a beautiful set of crystal champagne glasses or an expensive and impressive champagne gift basket. This definitely makes a premium corporate giveaway.

If you want to be more to the point, simply purchase a quality bottle of French champagne.

Clocks are an excellent corporate gifts to show your appreciation or business recognition to clients and employees or co-workers. They are versatile, luxurious and can be tailored to an individual’s likes. There are designs like the golf shaped clocks for golf enthusiasts, car shaped for the racing fanatics and even calendar shaped clocks.

The recipient will adore this luxury business gift, which is a wonderful and chic addition to his home or workspace. You can even add a special touch by choosing those clocks that you can include your personal message.

If you’re in a group that is pooling together for a high end executive gift for a boss who is leaving, a personalized magnificent crystal tower glass recognition award is the perfect option. This is sure to make the recipient feel appreciated which makes it one of the best gifts for CEOs.

Even better, they will be able to display the high end thank you gifts on their desk or book case—a beautiful daily reminder of their achievements.

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An extravagant looking paper weight is great for a colleague to use at the office or home. Made of glass or stainless steel, they can add another dimension to your workplace with its intricate design or a minimalist look.

They can also be used as promotional products for your company when paired with your firm’s packaging or other related items. These expensive, unique high end corporate gifting ideas are also excellent men’s retirement gift ideas for executives!

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For a more tech approach when thinking of executive giveaways ideas, consider getting a top notch Bluetooth speaker from the renowned Bose.

Bose is known for its top quality products with its speakers producing highly immersive deep sounds that will surely captivated the user. This corporate gifting strategy of getting less traditional while practical will surely earn you some compliments!

If your boss or colleague who is leaving enjoys welcoming guests to their home, giving them a luxurious canister set will be practical and useful. This corporate gift, whether is given during a farewell, commemorative or thank you event, is a great expensive giveaway idea because they are highly presentable and exquisite.

Choose boxes made of fine ceramic to store things in their kitchen. These will be the perfect luxury branded corporate gifts for anyone who loves hand painted stylish decorative items.

In addition, these canisters can be used to showcase decorative tableware ornaments or as high end corporate swag, the fine materials used definitely accentuate these beautiful ornaments. For women, this set is also an ideal retirement gift idea for her!

When buying a luxury gift for a business colleague, a safe and reliable choice is a decorative bowl. Ideally, you want to choose a classy bowl that is handmade and artisanal.

There are plenty of choices for the manufacturing process and materials such as lead crystal that is hand cut and mouth blown with many familiar luxurious brands like Waterford and Barski.

Personalized Two Toned Leather Wallet

Money clips make a great alternative to traditional wallets. They are lightweight, smaller in size and come in a variety of designs to fit anyone’s preferences.

In addition, depending on the recipient’s preference, you can choose leather or metal money clip. Choosing the appropriate design makes this a luxury business gift, as some design display style and class, making it a welcoming and practical corporate gift.

Rewarding your employees and associates with engraved money clips or giving your client a high end personalized money clip is a great way to create a closer working relation with them, this is also among the best retirement gift for men!

Candle holders and votive candles are incredibly decorative and inviting. These trendy décor items give sophisticated feel to the space. The lights create relaxing and comfortable feel, which is beneficial for the mind and body.

As matter of fact, when you offer candle holders and votive candles as a present in your next corporate function or as high end incentive gifts, you will simply be spreading light and love by creating more personal business relations with business acquaintances and employees.

Opulent candle holders and votive candles come in different shapes, colours and sizes. Suitable as a high end corporate swag, you will be spoilt for choices in finding expensive corporate gifts for your employees and VIP clients.

Copper accessories are stylish and make statement pieces. The fancy metallic shine of these items exude luxury and elegance. It is an upscale gift that is premium for your corporate.

The vintage look of this metal brings out style and character to the person carrying these items, enhancing his/her personality.

The recipient will be happy to receive this high end client gift, which is practical, keeping the favorite drink in style. It can leave a lasting first impression on a prospective VIP client, motivate an employee and even confer appreciation to your current clients.

Modern Monogrammed Grilling BBQ Set with Bamboo Case

If the recipient has an interest in outdoor cooking, consider purchasing a top-end grill-related item such as a portable gas grill, an accessory gift basket, or a three piece grilling set.

This unique and luxury bundle is especially well received around summer time.

Make sure the items you choose are quality because you want them to have a luxury outdoor experience.

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Pen Holders are great desk additions which will help enhance the recipient’s personality and office décor. They are functional gifts that convey your thoughtfulness and professionalism.

Most of the luxurious pen holders are versatile and neutral, match your executives office very well.

In addition, there are some pen holders which allow customisation to include their name and designation, adding a personal touch to the set. With the pen holder at your recipient’s office, whether is for your corporate client or executive, this is a subtle marketing and branding effort to remind them of your company, thus promoting customer loyalty and continue to maintain the relationship with them.


Creating close-knit business relationships is no doubt a vital aspect of success in any organization. Certainly, sending out gifts during a corporate event is one of the best ways to create a good rapport with your partners, colleagues, board members and clients in the business world.

Selecting a premium corporate gift can be a challenge.

At the very least, you’ll need to strike a balance between thoughtfulness, value and an organization’s code of ethics. A misstep can easily ruin an otherwise great moment.

To help you out, we hope our list of flexible yet luxurious popular corporate gift ideas will easily impress the higher officials and create a lasting impression. These expensive giveaway ideas will also bring fond memories whenever the recipient sees this luxury gift.