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33 Most Awesome (Apr 2021) Gifts I Want For My Birthday This Year

(updated Apr 2021) Are you thinking of the question “What do I want for my birthday” this year as your birthday is approaching?

Check this out!

Whether you are a teenage girl or boy, adult woman or man, elderly or young, retired, working or studying, we have come out with a comprehensive wish list if you are not sure what you want for your birthday in 2021.

Here’s the deal:

Although a “What do I want for my Birthday quiz” may sometimes be able to help you figure out what is that one thing that is suitable for you – taking the quiz itself can be tedious and off the mark.

We prefer to give you more choices – the things to ask for your birthday may not necessarily be related to your personality, profile, current hobbies or interests which a quiz usually uses to try to determine the best present suggestion.

I Do Not Know What I Want For My Birthday

Many of our recommended awesome gift ideas include some of the characteristics – cool, practical, fun and novel. Some items may surprise you as you may not even know they exist!

Our all-inclusive list will guide you on how to figure out what present do you want for your birthday this year!

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A good massage is what many need these days and the handheld deep tissue percussion massage gun is specifically one of the top birthday gift!

Whether you are off the treadmill and need to nurse that sore muscle or if you just came back from that long hike, this massage gun is just the thing to have around! Your sore tissues and aching muscles will thank you every time you use it! It is quiet and portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. Share it with your loved one and the person will surely appreciate this amazing tool as well.

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When you get this special stainless steel water bottle, you will never have to wait to drink water. You will have clean, safe to drink water every time. The noteworthy feature is the cap that doubles as a UV sanitizer, ensuring you get the purest water when you need it. The double insulation keeps your drink cold or hot for a long period of time.

Why don’t you want this practical thing to ask for your birthday? You need this. No more time spent boiling water or finding tablets. Spend that extra time on yourself.

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The personal protection safety device keychain alarm is a compact and lightweight companion on those otherwise lonely walks in the night. It is easy to use and charging is fast. If you feel yourself in danger, all you have to do is press once or twice on the button and a sharp sound will be emitted.

If the sound does not deter the eminent danger then the bright light may do the trick, if not draw potential saviors in your direction! Certainly a useful present idea to add to your wish list.

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For a small but yet versatile item, get this one of a kind pen that will bring out the creativity in you at the same time! Made of sculpture building blocks which are magnetic, you can easily create many different structures that is limited by your imagination.

Regardless you are a retiree or a teenage guy who is suffering from birthday blues or stress from life, playing with this sculpture also helps to relieve stress, making it one of the best birthday gift idea to consider!

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A TV, tablet, laptop, or computer are all great for watching a movie or two, but there is something about enhanced and enlarged images jumping at you from your backyard, bedroom, living room, or entertainment room.

The Wi-Fi Portable Mini projector lets you connect your devices without having to worry about cables. With this tech stuff to get for your birthday, you get to enjoy almost instant connections to your devices thanks to the Wi-Fi function.

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Do you love to sing? Or is it your best friend who is always a star at the karaoke place? Now you can have your own karaoke microphone and sing away from the comfort of your own home.

Make those get-togethers fun and memorable. All you need is a smartphone with a singing app and you are good to go. This microphone is compatible with many singing apps. You have got to wish for this coolest and fun birthday gift and your wish may just come true.

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Feel safe when you carry this special pen with you wherever you go. This pen is no ordinary pen – besides the usual writing function, you will be impressed by the multi-functional features it possess. It is a bottle opener, a flashlight and more.

The best feature is certainly the hardened tip that can break glass or fend off attackers during emergency situations. An especially important thing to want if you are a birthday teenage girl or woman; it is a great gift you are someone who has everything.

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Let this special planter delight you and wish you a “Happy Birthday” with its own personality. Besides holding the plant, this awesome container design allows you to hold your glasses which makes it looks like a face in the process!

In addition, you can also draw on the ceramic material to give it the personality that you want. How cool is that for a birthday person!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have your name and the story behind it showcased in gorgeous art? Well, NameStories helps you put in print that which you are called so that you can showcase it to people around you that makes it a really good birthday gift to want.

In addition, you get to customize some of the text your to suit your vibe and make it the most unique!

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Bring your note writing to the next level with this innovative invention from Rocketbook. Instead of the usual write and keep, with this smart notebook, you will be writing on reusable paper and when you are done, simply use the app and upload your notes to popular cloud services like Dropbox and Google drive.

Wipe away your writing and you are ready to use the paper again! Besides the usual lined paper, there are several other styles of paper like task list, weekly planner, monthly calendar and more to suit the type of notes you want to write. Whether you are in school, college or working, this is a must have!

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Alarm clocks are a necessary evil and so why not get a gorgeous one? This stylish wooden LED clock lets you set two or three alarms. It is perfect if you need to set the alarm for other members of your household!

It is a lot more than an alarm as its wooden finish can be a great addition to your décor. In addition, there are a few brightness levels to choose from. Most importantly, it also has wireless charging function for your cellphones! Certainly a cool thing for birthday that you can consider.

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Giant Stress Ball

Stressful situations are unavoidable: at work, at home, in the car or anywhere really. And you need a ball that can take all the tension with this fun thing to buy for your birthday.

That is why this ball is going to be part of your life from the time you get your hands on it. The giant size means it can take even your highest stress levels. It is great for pass time and for channelling that anxious energy to relieve stress at any time.

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Limited time to clean and no time for sprays and wipes? No problem. Here’s a perfect gift to wish for if you love a clean space. This UV light sanitizer wand quickly disinfects surfaces killing germs and preventing them from reproducing.

Fuss free sanitizing and killing microorganisms in no time with this must have gift. Clean any surface – bathrooms, kitchen, cars, or office without fear of cross-contamination with this cool tech stuff.

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Have you ever wanted an even more realistic display in your virtual world? And you are also wondering “What should I get for my birthday? Well, with a VR set premium display that features significantly more pixels – you have your wish granted!

An amazing present that will wow your friends and family, the Advanced All-In-One virtual reality will not let you miss any detail, at least not the important ones anyway! It incorporates intuitive controls and a cinematic sound so you feel like you are part of the action!

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If you love adventure, you will love these binoculars because they deliver larger clearer images. It gets even better; they come with a smartphone adapter that allows you to take and share photos on your phone via the powerful binoculars lens. How cool is that! The best part is that it is not heavy and is waterproof.

A great thing to wish on if you love bird watching or sports events. And no worries if you wear glasses, the eye caps can be adjusted to fit you perfectly.

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Whether you want to bring romance to your bedroom, the party or if you want to meditate, this dimmable bedroom nightstand is the cool thing to ask for your birthday!

It lets you control how dim or bright you want the light to suit your mood. There are several colors to choose from with various lighting effect to give a different vibe to the surrounding.

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Birthstone Birthday Roses in Your Choice of Trims

Talk about delicate beauty. Who wish to have preserved roses for a lifetime? It has been done and now you can wish for one as a gift. No other gift idea even comes close; a real rose preserved for so long with gold trims.

And you get to choose your color depending on your birth month. This is going to be not just something you cherish but one that touches your deepest emotions. One of the best present idea if you are a birthday woman who loves flowers that are everlasting.

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Still thinking of “I don’t know what to ask for my birthday”? Consider this: with more awareness of the harm microorganisms can bring to our health, ask for a sanitizer box that utilizes UV rays to disinfect your commonly used items.

Whether is your smartphone, watches, glasses, jewelry and other small accessories, they can easily be sanitized so that you will feel assured that the invisible microorganisms are eliminated, making this one of the top small gifts to get this year. Best of all, the sanitizer box comes equipped with wireless charging function so that your electronic devices like smartphone can be charged while sanitizing – talk about time saving!

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Capture all your adventure and trip moments. Once you get this drone you will be pleased with this coolest birthday gift on the first day. You want this added to your wishlist because it takes high quality photos and videos. In addition, this is something that you should get your friend for his birthday too!

You can speak commands to it with the amazing voice command feature or use the joystick for easy controls. You will be able to capture all the fun and beauty wherever you go!

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After a long day, a good massage may be all that you need. This neck and back massage chair will work those tight knots on your body. Among the must have good things to get for your birthday, it will soothe your muscles thanks to the heat functions present.

Among the top gifts for the impossible man, it comes with different intensity levels so you get to choose if you want a gentle, soothing massage or a deep tissue one!

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Get this unique gift that allows you to easily grow herbs and other plants indoors. It comes with energy efficient LED lights and plant pods.

The smart design take care of most of the hard work which means you do not be an expert in farming to grow your plants. Grow basil, thyme and more which you can use for your cooking! Surely a useful present to celebrate a milestone birthday!

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The power of positive vibes is not to be taken lightly. If you purpose to start each day on a positive note then you will gradually invite positivity into your life.

This journal is an amazing present for you or any person who have been struggling with holding onto the positive side of life. It is packed with gratitude exercises to keep you motivated.

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Looking for a classic and versatile duffel bag to bring on your next trip or weekend getaway? This duffle bag is not only the ideal size for those short getaways, it also has a lot of space to keep your other belongings. If you are the person who likes a bag that helps you easily keep your things organized, then receiving this bag during the birthday celebration will certainly bring out the smiles.

The useful side compartment lets you access your shoes quickly while the synthetic leather material makes it extremely classic. This bag is a good suggestion to get a 16 year old boy for his birthday.

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Your health is important and the humidity level in your home can make or break it. This versatile unit can be taken from your refrigerator to your bedroom, to your greenhouse, and even the soil in your greenhouse or backyard.

With the high sensitivity and accuracy, you do not have to worry about knowing the comfort level of your environment.

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Photo to Painting

A glossy print is great but something is even more intriguing about a canvas picture. With this service, you get to transform your gorgeous photo into an enchanting personalized canvas picture!

Still fretting over what to buy someone for their birthday? Then this is the answer. The canvas is hand-printed by talented artists and you get to choose the style and enjoy the end product in a matter of days.

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You need your beauty sleep and the white noise sound machine for good sleep is just the thing you need to achieve this! This godsend electronic device is what you will want for your birthday list – it will not only allow you to sleep through loud street noise, it will also save your sleep from noisy neighbors!

It comes with a remote control so you do not have to get off that comfy position in bed! It also comes in a sleek design with multiple volume settings. This white noise machine is great if you considering what to buy for second baby as it help babies have a good sleep too.

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If you love watching movies, read, and shop then why not spoil yourself with a Fire HD 8 Plus tablet? A good presents to ask for, this beauty comes with an 8” HD display for optimal viewing and has ample internal storage with choice of even more storage capacity using an external storage card.

You will enjoy long hours of entertainment with this gadget and you will get to use plenty of apps to keep yourself occupied.

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If you love self-care then you know you want this gift basket. It has it all – shower gel and body lotion and more. It is a great idea if you are stuck with “idk what I want for my birthday”. For those who enjoy a long bath instead, you are covered too. You get bubble bath, bath salt and a bath puff.

The cool thing about the products is that they are wonderful for your skin. You get an all in one. Also the perfect gifts for parents, there is no more worrying about which brand of lotion to buy to go with what you already have.

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World's Largest Gummy Bear

Do you love candy? Do you wish you had candy that lasts forever? Good news! Now you have just that. This gummy bear comes in different flavors so you get to choose the one you crave.

And it lasts as long as a mammoth number of tiny gummy bears. Wishes come true. And this is proof of that. Wish for this hilarious birthday present and that sweet sister or friend may just make your day the sweetest on top of all the fun you’re having.

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Get the best biscotti to celebrate the joyous occasion. Enjoy mouth-watering biscotti that are topped with tasty flavors including peppermint, caramel chips and almonds. Made with quality ingredients, enjoy every piece with your favorite coffee or tea.

In addition, the biscotti are package in elegant box to add joy to the occasion. The answer if you are still stuck with the question of “what do I want for my birthday when I don’t want anything”, share the delectable goodies with your family and friends for an amazing celebration.

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Walking around with a stinky bag is most people’s nightmare! If you tend to move around with “delicate” items and wish to keep the odor from being emitted then you should consider this water-resistant, carbon fiber layered smell proof bag.

This practical birthday present suggestion is great for keeping odor away from your precious cargo. This bag is beautifully designed and comes with an inbuilt organizer and a strong zipper.

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The pen-shaped digital voice recorder lets you enjoy clear recordings thanks to noise cancellation. If you are a college student or teenager celebrating your birthday soon and fussing over what you want, then this gadget is great!

Highly useful for that project meeting, lecture, or speech that you wish to record and listen to later. And with numerous hours of audio time, you have no worry about your audio getting cut short!

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Clear the air of allergens easily. What this purifier does is it takes out smoke, dust, pollen and more from the air so that the air you breathe in is clean.

You do not want to trigger any allergies, especially during sleeping time. That is why this is perfect for your bedroom and a must have present in your wish list idea. A good post surgery gift idea too, the purifier operates with minimal sound, more like a whisper. So you sleep peacefully breathing in fresh clean air.

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How to figure out what you want for your birthday?

Other than the usual birthday quiz that can be tiresome and unreliable at times, we suggest that you just go through an updated list of present ideas to get a feel of some of the cool, trendy, popular, hottest and most wanted items in 2021.

More often than not, as you go through the all-inclusive birthday wish list, you will learn about some novel and new stuff which you do not know exist! These newly discovered items likely will not be in your recommended results if you simply do the “What do I want for my birthday quiz” since these things probably do not match your personality, profile or interests.

Surprise yourself with a random present as this can be the best way to figure out what you specifically want for your coming occasion to celebrate your birth!

What to Ask for Your Birthday

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