51 Most Awesome (Aug 2020) Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

(updated in Aug 2020) Is your dad, husband, brother, male co-worker, boss or friend retiring soon?

Good news:

We have an extensive list of retirement gift ideas for men that will certainly help you find the right present for them.

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What is a good retirement gift for a man?

A gift that makes him feel special for all he has achieved in life. Buy him some personalized, practical or funny gifts at the retirement party. After all, stepping down honorably from the workforce after years of hard work is a special moment for a man – he is surely looking forward to some fun moments after spending most his adult life working.

Scroll down to discover gift ideas for dad or other awesome gifts for men at the retirement party covering an array of price ranges and relationship types.

Let’s get started!

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Most retirees will have a list of to do items after they leave the corporate world, be it taking up a new hobby, travelling around the world or even exploring their own state and their neighbourhood. They will mostly be on the go. Hence this gift is ideal, especially for men who love fine spirits.

They can enjoy their favourite drink while travelling. This gift is sleek and luxurious looking, with the genuine leather wrapped around the flask. It is also a thoughtful gift for dad.

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With more time on his hands, the retired guy will travel more frequently or be more on the go. This gift with the funny wordings is the perfect gift to convey your well wishes in a light hearted manner, suitable for a retiree man who has everything.

Given that he now has more time on his hand, the funny wordings on the pocket watch is sure to bring laughs to him, his family and friends. A suitable gift for teachers as well, it will definitely be an unforgettable present which will bring smiles to him in years to come.

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His retirement life will be more active as he has more time in his hands. Moving around more often definitely means more tired feet.

To make his retirement life as enjoyable as possible, you can consider buying him this portable foot massager with a cozy nap cover.

Primarily, this relaxing foot massager gift has four set of massage programs and is similar to foot reflexology treatment. This eases the tension and helps his feet relax after a day long undertakings.

He can look forward to the next day with enthusiasm and renewed vitality – a wonderful retirement gift for men indeed and 40th birthday gift ideas for husband too.

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Let the male retiree coworker receive the most memorable and funny recognition before he leaves by giving him this hilarious retirement gag gift.

With this set of “official” retirement papers, he can officially leave the company with pride. This item will certainly surprise everyone around and make people burst into laughter.

Made with quality paper, this is a useful and functional present for him to use at home!

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Personalized Wood Carved Beer Flight Paddle and Glass Set

For many a beer fanatic, enjoying beer with friends in comfort of home is one great indulgence.

Hence, this beer mug set, with his name and the “The Man The Myth The Legend” displayed on the glasses will be an ideal gift for the senior man if he is a beer aficionado.

He can catch up with his friends over refreshing, ice cold beer and tasty snacks. This is the perfect retirement gift idea for coworker or employee if he is beer lover, he will certainly be looking forward to using this present.

You can find also beer glass set in our page on Saint Patricks day gifts here.

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Nothing says the appreciation and gratitude that you have for him, than giving him a practical and stylish gift.

This foldable valet tray provides a nice storage to help the male retiree organise his watches, accessories and coins in style.

This relevant gift for retired dad with no hobbies includes a smartphone charging station.

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Retirement means more time with family and friends and more time out in nature. Unlike work at the office, these activities beg to be captured & preserved.

Help him get all those important and nostalgic videos directly off his phone where they are not easily viewed via the tiny screen in his mobile phone.

With this portable and awesome sentimental retirement gift, he can share his videos with his family and friends anywhere and easily, as no computer is required and setup is quick.

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This will be a thoughtful gift for a male retiree who will be travelling frequently to “see the world” after he retires. It is also an ideal return gift idea for retirement party.

With this farewell gift which includes everything he needs – pillow, sleeping mask, ear plugs, you are helping him have a better quality of life by helping him have a good night sleep, wherever he is, hence relieving some stress of his body, helping him increase his energy levels.

As this travel pillow is lightweight and portable and comes with a travel pouch, he will take this useful gift with him if he is travelling. A perfect practical gift for a retiree and for your father!

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California Wine Series Gift Membership Reds Only 4 Month Membership

This gift is the most ideal and awesome gift for wine aficionado. He will thank you for this wonderful and thoughtful gift, a gift to spice up his retirement life. With this membership, he will be receiving two bottles of carefully selected wine every month literally at his doorstep.

An awesome 75th birthday gift idea for dad, he will definitely be looking forward to the wonderful bottles of wine on a monthly basis, a great way to enjoy his retirement.

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If he enjoys a hike in the national parks to sightsee but has never had the time or opportunity to do so, this will be the perfect retirement gift idea for him.

He can use this pair of powerful binoculars to see the natural beauty of the country up close. The compact size and lightweight makes carrying easily.

The best feature has to be the smartphone adapter to let him capture images with his smartphone with the help of the binoculars lens! A pair of useful binoculars is also among the best practical Christmas gifts too.

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A wallet is a smart, beautiful and lovely gift for men, especially on the event of their retirement.

There are a lot of wallets with flexible and latest options to keep ID card, license and some more important things with currency notes.

Choose their favorite color, with their initials displayed on the wallet, to make the male retiree feel special.

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A retirement gift idea for him that is both meaningful and humorous. Whether he is frequent liquor drinker or not, this whiskey glass displays a unique message in vibrant white ink that expresses your heartfelt message to him.

It can be also be used to hold fruit juice, mocktail and more. Fitting nicely in his hand, it is a great present for the retiring male boss or co-worker.

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For an outdoor lover, embarking on the retirement journey marks the beginning of his outdoor adventures.

One of the things to do is to travel around the world or within USA. This destination scratch off map can help him track his travels and help him plan his completion of the countries to visit.

These maps include some freebies, including scratcher tool, erasable gold marker! A great gift for the retiring male teachers!

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What advice will you give to the retiree on how to spend his time in his new chapter in his life? This gift says it all, meaningful words to mark the new chapter of this life.

This appropriate professor retirement gift, with the year of his retirement year etched on the plaque, provides great sentimental value to this souvenir gift.

He can mount this frame on the wall or put it on his desk, an ideal and unique gift for any retiree – employee, colleague, friend or even a family member like your uncle.

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Luggage bag is a functional and suitable gift for men at the time of retirement. It is a necessity during traveling and when shifting from one place to another.

This bag includes padded and zippered pockets to keep items including technology stuff, four bottom brass feet to protect the underside from getting dirty. It is lightweight and easy to lift so that the senior men will not have any difficulties when using it. The versatility of this bag makes it an awesome gift idea for 15 year old boy too

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Gifts aren’t only about tools and equipment. That’s why you should also consider buying him edible gifts as well. These inexpensive and tasty biscotti cookies comes in several delicious flavors.

Made of natural ingredients, the dozen premium cookies are packed in an elegant box – it is certainly a great treat and conveys your well wishes to the male retiree. Biscotti is a wonderful housewarming gift ideas for boyfriend too.

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This will be the ideal retirement gifts for avid golfers.

With the compartment to keep his golf gear, shoes and even snacks in place, you are giving him the energy to play at the golf range with those tasty treats that he has packed for the game, you are helping him to perfect his stroke with the golf gear, including golf balls.

A perfect and thoughtful hobby gift for a putter with free time on hand!

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Personalized Wine Tool Set

This is a thoughtful gift for a wine lover, as you are providing all the tools he need to enjoy his favourite bottles of wine.

This gift contains not just a wine opener, it contains a pour spout, foil cutter, stopper and corkscrew. These tools are neatly organised in an attractive wine barrel, which is personalized with his name. This thoughtful item is also an excellent birthday gift for husband.

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If you know he is into travelling, why not buy him a t-shirt that announces will have the time of his life to travel around.

Funny and a novelty gift, the bright prints on the Tshirt will attract compliments and is a great conversation starter. Lightweight and comes in various colors, this is one of the best retirement gift idea for husband!

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If the man is into finer things in life, this expensive and traditional retirement gift will be a great addition to his home. This great looking souvenir gift is a great memento to reminisce the good old days spent in the corporate world.

On this important day, a clock can also symbolize that there is no longer a fixed work schedule that he has to follow. This is also one of the popular high end client gifts that you can give today.

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A mug with the most funny printed lines makes a fantastic gag gift idea for the retired men.

Made of white ceramic with an easy to grip handle, the humorous jokes on the various acronyms that only the senior citizens need to know makes it a wonderful present for the co-worker.

Everyone will have a good laugh when they read what is on the mug.

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64 oz. Personalized Growler Set in Black with 2 Pub Glasses

Add a touch of happiness to his retirement phase with this cool looking beer growler set with two glasses.

Allow the beer fan to chill his beer and have a conversation starter on beer at his parties and gatherings with this sleek growler set.

Available in a variety of designs, you may even personalize it with name and message to add a personal touch to this gift.

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Among the things used to define a man, the watch he wears is one of them, and with that making it an excellent present for the male retiree.

It is also a fantastic and traditional gift to commemorate his big day at the corporate retirement party. There is a variety of designs and functions to choose from to suit his lifestyle for retirement.

A smart casual watch that is suitable for any occasions will be a great choice, as it is suitable for a leisure outdoor activity or a formal event. A wonderful retirement gift for dad from daughter. Watches are also good push presents for dads.

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For a beer fan, a great way to celebrate retirement is over drinking sessions.

Do not waste the beer caps that he has collected by giving him this gift. The beer cap map makes a great decorative gift in his man cave, which showcases his bottle cap collection.

It is a great barware addition for the beer fan.

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A neck and back massage device allows you to have a great massage anywhere and any time. Its portability lets the senior enjoy a good soothing of muscles anywhere he prefers.

With deep-kneading massage nodes and choice of heat, this is a great body stress reliever, a perfect present for anyone, especially for a retiree who is looking for relaxation and having a ball of time. It is a fantastic gift idea for 40 year old woman and man.

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If he is a wine enthusiast, an elegant and expensive decanter is a great way to show him your appreciation for all that he has done.

This beautiful decanter exudes class and good taste which can be engraved with his initials. The set comes in an exquisite gift box.

Whether is for your newly retired brother or mentor, he will remember your thoughtfulness everytime he drinks his favourite whiskey or other spirits using this high quality glasses.

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A beautiful travel book from National Geographic, this expert guide book showcases an amazing list of 5000 ideas from top parks in North America.

Featuring stunning images, detailed travel advice, facts, insider information about the specific wildlife, he will have ideas on how to plan the ultimate vacation. One of the top 10 retirement gift ideas for men!

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Champagne and Glassware Gift Set with Moet and Chandon Imperial

If he loves champagne, consider purchasing this set of champagne gift set that comes with Moet and Chandon Imperial. Best of all, inside the exquisite metallic-accented box, he can find a pair of lovely champagne flutes.

With this gift you can raise a toast to his successful career carved out and welcome his upcoming new lease of life.

This is also a fantastic retirement gift for bosses who loves a good drink. And a wonderful housewarming gift idea for couple too.

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Now that he won’t be under the demands of a busy job he will not need to watch the time so closely.

Give him an aesthetic box to stow those watches which has a transparent cover – especially now that he has more time to care and admire the timepieces.

A beautifully carved wood box will provide an excellent home for the watches of a man who can do what he wants with his time.

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The additional time he has on his hands mean he can travel more frequently to attend sports events or overnight events, including rv-ing for sight-seeing.

Be it an open air concert or a picnic at a park or spectator sports, this cooler and portable chair with back comes into handy.

Being lightweight and portable, your newly retired dad can easily carry it around. With ample space for him to keep his drinks and snacks, this is the ideal unusual retirement gift for the man on the move.

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If he is artistically inclined, a stylus paintbrush is a fantastic digital artist tool. With this complete 4-in-1 stylus pen, he will have an authentic painting experience and writing tool.

He can create unique works of art anywhere, without any mess. What better way to transition from the stress and hustle of work to indulging in a relaxed and creative environment, creating digital art at any convenient locations.This is a practical hobbyist gift for the retired father in law to help him ease into his new chapter in his life

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What better way to spend his retirement than catching up with old friends or spending some “me” time, relaxing and chilling over drinks that can be kept hot or cold for a long time.

A box comes with 2 vacuum insulated tumblers, black and red, he can enjoy his favorite drink, including wine and juice from the first sip to the last. The witty message on the tumblers makes the gift even more special. A 2 set insulated tumblers is also one of our recommended his and hers gifts here.

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Personalized Architectural Alphabet Photo Name Art

This is a suitable gift for the male retiree who has everything – to bring back those fond memories that the he has in his corporate world in print.

It is a gift for him to signify his remarkable career achievements and fantastic relationships forged among his colleagues and team members during his stay in the workforce.

You are adding a special touch to this gift by personalizing it, choosing 6 representative photos that “tell a story”, that you want him to hang it in his home. It is a subtle gesture to show him the appreciation that you have for him.

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Wine glasses is another great gift idea for the retiring man. What better way to celebrate retirement with his family and friends using these beautifully crafted wine glasses, which specially used to enrich the aroma and flavour of his favourite white wine.

Moreover, you will be presenting this gift to him in an elegant looking box, adding a special touch to his retirement gift!

With a contemporary design and material suitable for white wine, this is the ideal exquisite retirement gift ideas for mentor. Also suitable as a luxury corporate gift idea!

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If the guy is one of those individuals who is an audiophile, then this highly innovative music player would be on the list of things for you to get him. With this beautiful wooden music centre at his control, he can have a total of 8 ways to play music!

What is especially amazing is that he can record from vinyl records directly to his computer! A great 90th birthday gift idea for grandpa too, this will surely bring about a strong nostalgic feeling as he spend quality time listening to his favourite music after retirement.

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Every now and then, the male retiree will want to host some friends or family for a feast. Or just to cook a wholesome meal for himself.

There is no better way to start this journey than to have 100 longevity recipes that are inspired by blue zones around the world, where people live to a ripe old age.

Using ingredients and cooking process that help to increase wellness and health, this book is certainly one of the best retirement gift idea!

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Personalized Black Leatherette Serving Tray with Decanter & 2 Lowball Glasses

For the connoisseur of fine spirits like bourbon or whiskey a gift to be remembered every time he has a drink is a lowball glass.

The stainless steel chilling ball enables it to hold temperature much longer then ice without tainting the taste of the drink.

Lowball glass, complete with leather serving tray, is the perfect gift for your male boss if he is the aspiring fine spirit lover.

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This is an ideal present to give out to the retiree during a retirement party, to show simple appreciation to him and to commemorate this retirement in a funny and light hearted way.

The funny message on the T-shirt is sure to bring in laughs not just from him, but also from the attendees at the party, making this among the best funny gag retirement gift ideas for men, even if they are not golf lovers!

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There is something about a bonsai that is tranquil, yet satisfying to a man.

Giving a bonsai and the tools as a gift to him is sure to earn you some points. Also a great get well gift idea too, he will enjoy not only styling and caring for it, but will spend hours admiring his beautiful art-piece.

You may consider buying this for your dad if he has green fingers and loves plants, a perfect retirement gift for father.

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Let him have a good laugh with this book. With an interesting content about aging, this creative book will let him appreciate what he is going through is common and help him prepare for life after work.

A great gift for retired dad with no hobbies, he can also read out the poems inside to his grandkids to entertain them.

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If he is plans to dive deeper into his beer hobby after retirement, this complete craft brew kit is a fantastic farewell gift.

This impressive full set will allow him to have make his own draught-quality beer at home, whenever he likes.

What better way to celebrate a work-free afternoon than a cold draught beer on the porch or at his home bar.

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For an outdoor lover, one of the activities he would want to participate more often are those relating to walks, hikes and overnight stays in places close to nature. With more time on his hands, he has the luxury to spend more time outdoors, basking in the wonders of nature.

This clever gift will be a practical one for him, as he will have all the tools he need in this amazing gadget. He will be a proud owner of this cool and practical gift, bringing him convenience for all his outdoor adventures.

For a female outdoor lover, this makes a fantastic retirement gift for her as well.

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What better way to spend intimate moments with your loved ones and friends over a nice cocktail made by you.

You can have fun mixing your own concoction and let them enjoy your unique creation.

Cocktail shaker is a nice gift for someone who is looking forward to catching up with his friends and at the same time unlock his creativity after leaving his full time job.

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Sleep plays an important role for a person’s overall health and well-being. This is especially so after leaving the workforce, as he will plan activities, arrange for gatherings or even learn something new, to make up for lost time due to his full time job

With this eye mask, he will feel rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep, to enjoy his schedule for the day. A great return gift idea for retirement party too! If Christmas is coming and you are still stuck with “I don’t know what I want for Christmas” question, then this useful item is worth considering!

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Personalized Cooler - Duffel Bag - 2 in 1 - Watertight

The newly retired guy will definitely want to spend some of his time outdoors.

This is where a cooler bag comes in handy. You can personalized it with his name with embroidery.

He won’t need to drag half his kitchen along when he’s visiting the park or the beach as he can simply pack his lunch and drinks in the cooler bag.

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Sunflower Pop Up Card / Lovepop

Celebrate and surprise the retiree’s important day with this one-of-a-kind special retirement card. When he opens the card, he will be greeted with a joyful 3D sunflower!

He will like this novelty, simple and inexpensive gift as it reminds him of the bright days ahead away from work when he can finally engage in activities which he enjoys.

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Custom Wood Sign Painted

This is a perfect gift idea for retirement for a man who has everything as you can customize it with any wordings that you like.

In addition, this will be a unique sign for him, whether is your male boss or father in law, which he will not find it anywhere else. He can display this handsomely etched wood sign at his favorite places be it his garage, home bar, man cave , beer brewing room.

With this piece of art prominently displayed, he can be gently reminded of his exciting retirement days ahead, which marks a new exciting chapter in his life, this wood sign is among the best gift ideas! The versatility of this gift makes if an appropriate gift idea for a grieving friend.

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If he is going to spend a large time travelling after leaving the workforce, this will be a handy gift.

With this durable toiletry bag that has plenty of space in tow, he will never have to worry about forgetting his essential toiletries.

In addition, it has stain protective interior lining, which completes the gifts for retired dad with no hobbies in a thoughtful and practical manner.

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When he has more time in hands, the retired man can plan for more outdoor activities like picnics or even a weekend getaway.

This nicely constructed gift has everything in place including plates, cutlery, wine glass and picnic blanket! A cooler compartment can keep food fresh. He will definitely thank you for this considerate and practical gift.

One way to spend more time with your dad after his retirement is to have leisurely outdoor activities with him, hence this will be an ideal gift for retired parents.

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Personalized Whiskey Barrel

For a wine enthusiast, nothing beats enjoying his favorite wine that he has aged.

With this nice and functional décor piece, he can indulge himself in doing what he likes relating to wine. At the same time, he is able to share the aged wine with his guests, who can enjoy the subtle flavours imparted to the wine.

As you have the option to personalize this gift, he will be even more pleased to receive this engraved retirement gift with a personal touch!

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Personalized Grilling Apron

If he is a grill master, he will love this fantastic apron. With this handy BBQ apron, he can have all the grilling tool and necessities within easy reach.

This apron can also hold oven mitt and bottle opener to name a few. What’s more, he can keep beers in the pockets, so that he can grill and drink at the same time!

With this gift, he can make his retirement more exciting and enjoyable by cooking and grilling tasty dishes for his friends.

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