39 Most Awesome (Jul 2020) Housewarming Gift Ideas for Men

(updated in Jul 2020) Is your boyfriend, single guy friend, male friend or relative holding his housewarming party soon?

Great news:

We have an extensive list of gift ideas for the new homeowner man.

What’s a good housewarming gift for a guy?

The best housewarming gifts for men are those that suit his personality and needs, to help turn his house into his home! Also, the present conveys your heartfelt happiness to him for his move and to congratulate him in having a place to call his own.

Whether you are looking for a bachelor pad gift for the single guy or for your boyfriend, our most complete list of gift ideas with varied prices include practical kitchen accessories, barbeque items, sophisticated barware set, home décor, tacky novelty stuff, sports related items and many more. These apartment warming gifts will be well appreciated.

Scroll through the presents below now!

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For a Star Wars fan, this is not just a room light suitable for a kid’s room, it is perfect for an adult’s room too. It is a room light for his bachelor’s pad too.

This cool present will certainly add to his collection and the soft red glow will add warm and sense of adventure in his room.

With easy assembly, this is certainly among the most unique and best housewarming gifts for men.

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Not all accessories are created equal but the this Bluetooth Speaker stands out as one of the best housewarming gifts for men.

It can be placed in any corners of his home and is a nice decor to his new abode.  With long playtime, the music lover and immerse himself in his favourite music in the very comfort of his home or have a load of fun with several color LED theme to match the party theme at his home!

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For the cigarette lover, this gift serves is a functional gift which also provides great centerpiece to his home (both indoor or outdoor).

Made with exquisitely classic materials, this vintage style wooden ashtrays are elegant looking and also versatile, matches his home decor.

What makes this item so special is that it can be used as a vintage jewelry jar or coin banker, hence even non-smokers will find this metallic gift practical.

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The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Wooden Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Does he receive guests often? This classic bottle opener/top catcher is the perfect addition to his home bar. It is very functional as well because the opener and catcher comes together.

You can personalize this gift with his name, which make this gift more special.

This is a good housewarming gift for him to show off his very own man cave and it is moderately cheap, durable and classic in make.

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Looking for something unique for your boyfriend’s new home? Why not consider this unique invention? With just a sleek plug and play chrome USB, he can turn his ordinary TV into an art.

Showcasing 500 of the most spectacular paintings in high resolution, he can also learn about the name of the painting, painter and other details. One of the best apartment warming gifts for him!

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The bartender set let him make a perfect drink with all the tools included. Displayed in an eco-friendly bamboo stand, his quality tools will be kept organized to impress his guests.

The recipient will especially feel valued as the set enables him to concoct a variety of tasty drink in his home bar.

This present is durable, beautifully finished and useful for the cocktail enthusiast.

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Do you want him to train up his arms to have large bicep? For his new home, why not get him this pair of dumbbell beer glasses that is dishwasher safe.

Holding up to 25oz of tasty beer, this creative gift for his new house allow him to multitask – drinking beer and training his arm. A great housewarming gift for your boyfriend to show off his arm strength! It is also a fantastic St Patrick’s Day gift ideas for boyfriend.

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Every man would certainly want a copper mug in their closet for those special Vodka nights.

This Moscow mule has a high thermal conductivity and thus makes beverages chilling even in a hot summer. It is also perfect to keep hot drinks.

The gift includes bonus items like straws and jigger, which makes it even more unique and sentimental for the proud house-owner.

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Give the male houseowner a unique housewarming gift with this piece of stylish bamboo bar board.

The board which displays fun, whimsical laser-engraved artwork calls out all the wonderful sights and places in the state, has a modern feel and lets the new male home owner slice and dice in style. Choose from a list of various states in the country.

This gift includes a hanging hole with hang tie that makes this board a wonderful wall art option, which makes a nice addition to his home.

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Champagne and Glassware Gift Set with Moet and Chandon Imperial

This is the ideal gift for the new house owner who has everything. No one will have enough of good champagne in his home.

Giving champagne is a practical way to congratulate him for moving to a new place, his very own place to call his home. He can celebrate his new phase in life over this champagne with his family and friends. Best of all, the set includes 2 champagne flutes!. This gift is also suitable to bring to birthday party for a 60 year old man.

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If you prefer to give the new male homeowner something to tempt his taste bud, then this box of attractive handmade biscotti is the best choice.

Made of the finest all natural ingredients and with a total of 6 flavors, he will surely not be disappointed. The authentic biscotti comes in a classy gift box and bow tie which means you can present to him at his housewarming party directly without having to buy additional packaging.

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One of the more interesting and unique housewarming gift for a man!

Nothing can be better that strutting around in a Captain America Dressing Gown on a cool evening.

A fun present for 16 year old boy to consider, he can wrap himself in the force daily with this officially licensed Robe. This is without doubt a funny housewarming gift for men that will add a touch of humor whenever he wears it.

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A unique set of ice cube mold – how often do you see ice cubes that resemble a giant skull?

With this manly gift for his new house, he can serve drinks in creative ice cube that also keep his drinks cold longer. Realistic looking and slow to melt, he can also use the mold to make candles, jellos and more! A great housewarming gifts for bachelors too!

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Bring up the fun level at the man’s new house party with these Chambong champagne shooters. Drinking champagne has never been more enjoyable. Pour the bubbles and drink straight from the stem!

This wonderfully designed gift is decorated with gold accents and comes in a quality storage box. A creative item to give a special touch to his apartment – it is a cool housewarming gift for the man who has everything.

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This is the perfect gift to spruce up his man cave.

Also a great housewarming gift for husband, he can hang this beautifully finished board in his home, which adds a modern and fun touch to his home.

This game is safer than dartboard, which means that children can enjoy this game at ease too.

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This is a unique and creative housewarming gift for the guy. It is fun gift due to the interesting words etched on the wine bottle glass.

In addition, it is a macho gift as the male homeowner can enjoy his wine in a non-conventional way, not by sips.

This is also a great statement piece, nice display on his home bar.

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When moving into a new house, he will need some time to settle down and get his things organized.

With this gift, you are doing him a big favour by helping him keep his everyday personal and carry items organized, such as loose coins, keys and watches.  He can put all these in one place and save the hassle of looking all over his new home.

A practical and cool new home gifts for him.

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This set offers tremendous convenience and is stylishly designed to add beauty and charm to any home bar.

A practical present to bring to a new house party. This manly housewarming gift, which includes a stopper, pourer, cork screw and bottle top cutter, is easy to use and a must-have gift item for all wine enthusiasts.

You will also thrill the new houseowner pair with this gift if they are wine lovers.

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Personalized Throw Pillow - Dog Silhouette - Personalized Dog Gifts

Sitting on a couch without a place to rest your hands is quite uncomfortable or having a couch without any throw pillows makes the couch less appealing.

Having throw pillows will give the man of the new house a comforting item. Combined this with his love for dogs by including a silhouette design of his favourite dog will spruce up his home and makes his pet dog happy.

As the colour of this pocket pillow is neutral, it will complement the color of his house or couch, a perfect addition to his house and complementary to his house décor. Definitely a handy gift for a bachelor’s new apartment.

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A man’s cooking skills can’t be complete without his trusty apron. And while it be harder to choose other gifts for a man, it is not difficult to choose the most suitable apron for the grill master.

One of the best housewarming gifts for bachelors, with lots of pockets for him to put his bottle opener, spatulas, tongs and forks.  He can definitely prepare tasty roasted meat for his family and friends with ease.

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Personalized Decanter set with 4 Lowball Whiskey Glasses

This elegant whisky bar decanter with can hold a large amount of liquid would be an invaluable asset for any man who beckons a break with a glass of wine or their loved brand of liquor.

This whisky decanter with personalization of up to 2 lines and handcrafted using heavy glass make the gift a magical and attractive view.  Best of all, the set also comes with beautiful 4 low ball whiskey glasses. A wonderful first apartment gifts for him, this set is also an excellent gift ideas for husband if he loves to appreciate fine liquor.

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Country and State have for long been used as themed gifts and are still as relevant today.

Giving this unique gift which allows him to decorate the US map with his favourite drink (beer caps) is a step closer to rewarding him with a gift he can’t turn down or look down on.

This also makes an awesome housewarming gift for boyfriend, as you create a manly and patriotic environment for him.

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A daily dose of caffeine is a must for most people to kickstart his day.

Look no further for the answer which can double up as a great housewarming gift for him. This single brew coffee maker with a officially licensed batman logo allows him to enjoy his cuppa while bringing a smile to his face. Most importantly, it helps him to “cut down” his caffeine intake to just “one cup”.

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Help him keep his accessories organised in a sophisticated manner with this practical gift.

He will also be able to mix and match his watches and sunglasses easily.

The addition of the houseowner’s name published on top of the box adds exclusivity to this charming and functional gift.

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Personalized Shadow Box - Home State

This will be the ideal housewarming gift for the man who is a wine connoisseur or beer lover.

This cool looking shadow box in sleek black is a cool home decor where he can keep his beer caps or wine corks. This means that he can keep tab of his adventures all in this box, be it mounted on the wall or as a table top display.

With the word “Home” engraved, this sleek and attractive shadow box is definitely great addition to his kitchen and bar counter.

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Whiskey Barrel with 2 Line Personalization

Which man wouldn’t appreciate a gift that helps him age his own whiskey in touch of a burden? Certainly there is none.

A whiskey barrel maker helps him age his own whiskey, ultimately producing an enjoyable drinking experience for home use or for the parties that he organized in his new place of residence.

This gift comes with instructions to age the whiskey and can be personalized to give it a more personal touch for the new house owner.

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For the retiree who likes wine and has a collection of wine, this set of wine stoppers is a great gift for the man that is all about wine.

The stoppers include funny messages, which will bring a smile to his guests or his face.

Every time he opens a bottle of wine or beer and stores the drinks with these stoppers, he will remember you for this useful gift.

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Personalised Alphabet Photo Name Art in Frame

Giving a gift featuring the male houseowner’s name is a meaningful housewarming gift. It shows him your thoughtfulness in the gift selection.

With the carefully selected photos of architectural letters in black and white, this photo art will matches any house and will be a nice addition to his house. It is a great boast to his bachelor pad.

It is an ideal housewarming gift to the male house owner, for the years to come.

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Luxurious Looking Wine Chiller – Drink Wine in Style

Men and wine are intricately intertwined.

Where man is making merry, then wine is present. Essentially, there isn’t a better way to help him chill his treasured drink than to buy him a wine chiller that is versatile with any decor and luxurious looking – stainless steel in copper finish.

The gift is characteristically unique yet appealing to any man with a taste for good wine.

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Beer Coolie Drinking Gift Bundle – Funny and Hilarious 6 Pack

Give the beer lover a unique and classy house warming gift is sure to make his day!

With the coolie designed with 6 funny designs, he and his friends are sure to be impressed while chilling over the refreshing ice cold beer at his home.

This sure is a beer drinking experience that beer lovers are looking forward to.

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NFL Spatula with Personalized Bottle Opener

2 in 1 Spatula with Bottle Opener – Perfect for a Grill Master and Beer Lover

If he likes to grill and drink beer, he will thank you for this practical grill accessory.

At the other end of the spatula is a beer opener, which means he need not worry about misplacing his beer opener, which is the best beverage to go with his favourite grills.

Perfect for a grillaholic who has just moved into a new home!

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Personalized Wine Aerator – Corkscrew Included

This makes a great housewarming for the new male homeowner who loves wine.

With this aerator that is made from finest stainless steel, he will be able to enhance the flavours and aromas of all his wine. This means that he is able to enjoy his wine, regardless of the price of the wine.

The pourer-style design of this aerator also means that he will not have problems relating to ensuring that it is a good fit with any wine bottle. It comes with corkscrew to complete the practicality of this gift.

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One Touch Electric Wine Opener – Compact and Sleek

This is a great gift for wine lovers as it requires little effort to open up yet it’s durable and presentable.

Of greater importance though, this screw pull opener doesn’t damage the bottle meaning he can enjoy your wine without worrying of broken pits of glass in their drink.

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Compact Toaster and Mini Oven – Save Time And Energy

A wonderful housewarming gift for bachelor pad, this 2 in 1 combination of a toaster and oven is the best present for the single guy for his new house.

The bachelor can cook pizza slices, fries, sandwiches for a quick meal fix in the oven while the toaster section gives him to option to toast bread, bagel and muffins etc. This is also a great 40th bday gifts for him too.

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Sandtrap Cheese Board with Wine Tools- For the Golf Lover

Give the golf lover a unique housewarming gift with this sandtrap cheese board set complete with cheese and wine tools.  It even stainless steel cheese knife with durable protective case.

This is a great display piece to entertain his family and guests when they have a gathering at his place.

He will appreciate this housewarming gift as it is a useful addition to his new home.

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Batman LED Wall Light – Perfect and Practical Gift for the Batman Fanatic

Gifts for men don’t always have to portray serious business.

In fact, gifts containing themes that he adore tend to evoke long term memories in the recipients mind compared to the more business oriented ones.

A Batman LED Wall Light would be one cheeky but nice gift to give to any man and make him feel appreciated. His man cave is transformed to the dark knight approved and cosy area, emanating the cool and mysterious atmosphere.

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Funny Beer Coasters – Set of 4 Eco Friendly Wood Square Drink Coaster

This set of 4 coaster are made of eco friendly oak wood. Long lasting and durable, these large coasters are coated to protect his table surface.

The best feature is the tongue-in-cheek, funny design which are laser engraved with high precision. Classy looking and useful, it is a funny housewarming gift for bachelor pad!

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Jack Daniel’s Tumbler Glass with Old No. 7 Logo – Elegant Gift Set of 2

If your male buddy is a whiskey fan, then this cool officially licensed housewarming gift item is safe to use and just perfect for him.

Give that whiskey the best treatment and care it deserves with this barware collection.

This is also an ideal retirement gift for men.

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Personalized Modern Beer Mug Set

Beer Mug Set – Personalized with Single Initial

This is the perfect housewarming present for the man who likes to drink beer.

With a nice handle and sturdy base, he can enjoy ice cold beer with his friends and family.  The mugs can hold quite a good amount of beer, which means that he can have hearty drinking session. 

The single initial personalization also makes it a great bar-ware collection. Beer mugs with customized wordings are also a wonderful gifts for dads to be.

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What are the factors to consider when searching for the ideal gift for the man who just got his house keys?

Finding him the ideal housewarming manly gift is challenging, you have to consider a few factors before you can narrow your search and find the “it” gift for him!  For example, is he a guy who already has everything he needs for his house or a guy who has to sleep on mattress for the time being?

If the guy has everything, you have to make sure that your gift is unique or funny or a gift that he can display, so that it will not chucked away to a corner of this house.  If the guy has nothing, the best gift will be a practical gift that can help him settle in his new abode with less financial stress, to help him when he receives his first mortgage bill.

Another factor to consider is whether he is a swinging single moving into his bachelor pad or a married man (with or without children) moving into his first house.  A gift for a single guy or bachelor is very different as compared to a gift for a a guy who is living with his spouse or family.  This will definitely affect your choice of gift for him, as it will be better that you consider his other half’s preference if he is moving in with his spouse.