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36 Most Awesome (Apr 2022) Housewarming Gifts To Delight Him

By Michael See
(updated Apr 2022) Are you searching for awesome housewarming gift ideas for men?

Great news:

We have an extensive list of gifts for the new homeowner man.

What’s a good housewarming gift for a guy?

The best housewarming gifts for men are those that suit his personality and needs, to help turn his house into his home! Also, the present conveys your heartfelt happiness to him for his move and to congratulate him in having a place to call his own.

Whether you are looking for a bachelor pad gift for the single guy or for your boyfriend, male friend or relative, our most complete list of gift ideas with varied prices include practical kitchen accessories, barbeque items, sophisticated barware set, home décor, tacky novelty stuff, sports related items and many more. These apartment warming gifts will be well appreciated.

Scroll through the presents below now!

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The jar candle emanates a pleasurable and calming scent that smells lovely but not overbearing. This new home candle, which has a long-lasting smell, will help the man and his household members rest well and feel upbeat and positive in a serene environment.

It is manufactured from soy wax and pure essential oil and burns cleanly. Furthermore, It looks to me like a thoughtful gift with the lovely message printed to signify new memories and adventures for him. Candles are also fantastic corporate gifts.

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This creative, one of a kind lamp is one of the best welcome home ideas for him. It is surely a conversation starter as people who have not seen it before will certainly be intrigued by this unique lamp.

It may be put in any room of his new house and serves as a lovely piece of décor for the male house owner. Also an awesome welcome home gift for husband, the gentle curve is pleasing to the eye while the eye-catching spheres that are hanging in mid-air serves as the “switch” to turn on and off the LED lamp.

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A solid, colorful and highly informative hardcover book from the renowned National Geographic is surely a great coffee table book to add to his new home.

The perfect traditional housewarming gift and Christmas gift, this book features a ton of exciting weekend getaways, including beach retreats, mesmerizing mountain adventures and wild excursions around the globe. His visitors to his bachelor pad will be spellbound as they flip over this truly spectacular book.

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Give the male houseowner a unique housewarming gift with this piece of stylish bamboo bar board.

The board which displays fun, whimsical laser-engraved artwork calls out all the wonderful sights and places in the state, has a modern feel and lets the new male home owner slice and dice in style. Choose from a list of various states in the country for a personalized cutting board.

This board includes a hanging hole with hang tie that makes this board a wonderful wall art option, which makes a nice addition to his home.

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You can’t go wrong with the LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle as the perfect housewarming gift for your loved ones, particularly if he enjoys elaborate collectible displays to exhibit at home.

It features an extremely detailed ship within a bottle, as the name implies. He will like the challenge of building the ship and bottle separately and then piecing them together. The end result is a classic ship beauty. I can see that it is of the perfect size to put it on display at his home or workplace. A must-have for every LEGO enthusiast or collector.

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The bartender set let him make a perfect drink with all the tools included. Displayed in an eco-friendly bamboo stand, his quality tools will be kept organized to impress his guests.

The recipient will especially feel valued as the set enables him to concoct a variety of tasty drink in his home bar.

This present is durable, beautifully finished and useful for the cocktail enthusiast.

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Do you want him to train up his arms to have large bicep? For his new home, why not get him this pair of dumbbell beer glasses that is dishwasher safe.

Holding up to a satisfying amount of tasty beer, this creative present for his new house allow him to multitask – drinking beer and training his arm. I suppose it is a great housewarming gift for your boyfriend to show off his arm strength! It is also a fantastic St Patrick’s Day gift ideas for boyfriend.

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Every man would certainly want a copper mug in their closet for those special Vodka nights.

This Moscow mule has a high thermal conductivity and thus makes beverages chilling even in a hot summer. It is also perfect to keep hot drinks.

The bundle includes bonus items like straws and jigger, which makes it even more unique and sentimental for the proud house-owner.

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A wonderful housewarming gift for bachelor pad, this 2 in 1 combination of a toaster and oven is the best present for the single guy for his new house.

The bachelor can cook pizza slices, fries, sandwiches for a quick meal fix in the oven while the toaster section gives him to option to toast bread, bagel and muffins etc. This is also a great 40th bday gifts for him too.

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For most people, their name is the most significant word in the world. It’s who they are. You may offer him a personalized gift from NameStories by revealing more about his name.

This name art print, which can be framed, is a wonderful way to inspire any man with a comprehensive description and tale of his lovely name. It is a one-of-a-kind memento piece with unrivalled décor that belongs on the wall of any exceptional guy. He can also display it in his very own man cave!

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This is the perfect item in a gift guide to spruce up his man cave.

Also a great housewarming gift for husband, he can hang this beautifully finished board in his home, which adds a modern and fun touch to his home.

This game is safer than dartboard from my perspective, which means that children can enjoy this game at ease too.

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Demonstrate to him how unique he is. Purchase a unique jar for him that may be customized with heartfelt words that he will cherish for the rest of his life.

Let this customized housewarming gift from KindNotes showcase loving and encouraging remarks as he settle in his new home. His heart will be even more stirred by the lovely presentation of this great gift idea. You will also thrill the new houseowner pair with this gift with this amazing personalized item that can serve as a decorative item too.

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A unique set of ice cube mold – how often do you see ice cubes that resemble a giant skull?

With this manly gift for his new house, he can serve drinks in creative ice cube that also keep his drinks cold longer. Realistic looking and slow to melt, I would say he can also use the mold to make candles, jellos and more! A great housewarming gifts for bachelors too!

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This is great for wine lovers as it makes it easy to cut the foil and pull out the cork. The cordless, cool design with LED lights makes it very special that will undoubtedly please the recipient.

This screw pull opener does not damage the cork when it does its job swiftly, hence he can enjoy wine without worrying of pits of cork in the drink. Certainly this is among the top housewarming gifts for guys and a great impossible gift too.

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For a Batman enthusiast, this is not just a 3D Batman symbol for automobiles, it is great to stick on laptops and other smooth surfaces in his bachelor’s pad too.

Because of the traditional chrome finish and the lively and adventure feel it brings to his space, he will love getting this wonderful present.
Built to last a long time, this is certainly among the most unique and the perfect housewarming gift for men.

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For the guy who likes to drink beer, a stylish beer growler set is the perfect housewarming gift. His preferred beverage will be presented in a modern, vacuum-insulated growler.

Most importantly, it has a rugged, masculine design that perfectly represents him. The manly set also includes stackable stainless steel tumblers to round off this unique present. Definitely a handy gift for a bachelor’s new apartment.

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For the cigarette lover, this tray serves as something functional which also provides great centerpiece to his home (both indoor or outdoor).

Made with exquisitely classic materials, this vintage style wooden ashtrays are elegant looking and also versatile, matches his home decor.

What makes this item so special is that it can be used as a vintage jewelry jar or coin banker, hence even non-smokers will find this metallic item practical.

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One of the more interesting and unique housewarming present idea for a man!

Nothing can be better that strutting around in a Captain America Dressing Gown on a cool evening.

A fun present for 16 year old boy to consider, he can wrap himself in the force daily with this officially licensed Robe. This is without doubt a funny housewarming gift for men that will add a touch of humor whenever he wears it.

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Give the beer lover a unique and classy house warming gift is sure to make his day!

With the coolie designed with 6 funny designs, he and his friends are sure to be impressed while chilling over the refreshing ice cold beer at his home.

This sure is a beer drinking experience that beer lovers are looking forward to. Certainly among the top new home stuff for him!

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A man’s cooking skills can’t be complete without his trusty apron. And while it may be harder to choose other items for a man, it is not difficult to choose the most suitable apron for the grill master.

One of the best housewarming gifts for bachelors, with lots of pockets for him to put his bottle opener, spatulas, tongs and forks.  He can definitely prepare tasty roasted meat for his family and friends with ease with this apron and his grilling tools.

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For the new homeowner who already has everything, this is the ultimate present. In his house, there will not be a shortage of delectable gourmet fare with this housewarming gift basket.

It is a practical way to congratulate him on the occasion of his new residence, which he will be able to call his own. He and his loved ones may savor these delicacies as they celebrate his new chapter in life. Such baskets are also appropriate host gift ideas for men, corporate gifts and for a 60-year-old man’s birthday party too.

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Country and State have for long been used as themed gifts and are still as relevant today.

Giving this unique map which allows him to decorate the US map with his favourite drink (beer caps) is a step closer to rewarding your loved one with something he can’t turn down or look down on.

This also makes an awesome housewarming gift for boyfriend, as you create a manly and patriotic environment for him.

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Give the cheese and wine lover this large cheese and fruit board set complete with various tools.

This is a great display piece to entertain his family and guests when they have a gathering at his place.

As he sip from his favorite wine glass, he will appreciate this special looking board as it is a useful, practical housewarming gift for his new home.

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Help him keep his accessories organized in a sophisticated manner with this practical organizer. He will also be able to display his belongings like smartphones, watches, glasses and charging cables easily.

Made of quality wood, the simple but aesthetically pleasing design is surely a nice addition to his bedroom. A wonderful gifts for dads to be to keep his things organized.

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If you know what he likes, this is an excellent way to impress him. A custom wall art that includes his favorite song’s lyrics and an inspirational or humorous quote makes one of the top personalized housewarming gifts for men. Or choose from standard designs like this push pin travel map with a blue ocean background for his new home.

For the new house owner, it is a fantastic piece of wall art to hang in his bedroom and other living space. This is also an ideal retirement gift for men.

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If you prefer to give the new male homeowner something to tempt his taste bud, then this box of attractive handmade biscotti gift basket is the best choice.

Made of the finest all natural ingredients and with several flavors, he will surely not be disappointed. The authentic biscotti comes in a classy gift box and bow tie which means you can present to him at his housewarming party directly without having to buy additional packaging.

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For the retiree who likes wine and has a collection of wine, this set of wine stoppers is great for the man that is all about wine.

The stoppers include funny messages, which will bring a smile to his guests or his face.

Every time he opens a bottle of wine or beer and stores the drinks with these stoppers, he will remember you for this useful set.

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This set of 4 coaster are made of eco friendly oak wood. Long lasting and durable, these large coasters are coated to protect his table surface. The best feature is the tongue-in-cheek, funny design which are laser engraved with high precision.

Classy looking and useful, it is a funny housewarming gift for bachelor pad! Separately get a gift card to further delight him!

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A charging station that wirelessly charges his smartphone, smart watch and other compatible devices all at once, so he does not need to buy three separate chargers for each one. A practical housewarming gift which is especially useful for the tech guy, there is a dock where you can just put these devices and they will start to charge.

The low-profile black looks amazing in his house as it takes up little space. In addition, it is foldable which makes it easy to carry long when he is out travelling. It is time to say goodbye to the bulky cable and give you a clean and tidy desk.

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A daily dose of caffeine is a must for most people to kickstart his day.

Look no further for the answer which can double up as a great housewarming gift for him. This single brew coffee maker allows him to enjoy his cuppa while bringing a smile to his face. Most importantly, it helps him to “cut down” his caffeine intake to just “one cup”.

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When moving into a new house, he will need some time to settle down and get his things organized. With this sleek tray, you are doing him a big favour by helping him keep his everyday personal and carry items organized, such as loose coins, keys and watches.  

He can put all these in one place and save the hassle of looking all over his new home. A practical and cool new home item for him.

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This is a unique and creative housewarming present idea for the guy. It is fun for a LOL moment due to the interesting words etched on the wine bottle glass.

In addition, it is a macho gift as the male homeowner can enjoy his wine in a non-conventional way, not by sips.

This is also a great statement piece, nice display on his home bar and also cool thing to get for birthday.

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Enjoying good wine is a luxurious experience. Where a man is enjoys fine wine, then there is not a better way to help him chill his treasured drink than to buy him a quality wine chiller.

This chiller is versatile with any decor and luxurious looking with its stainless steel in copper finish – he will be able to enjoy the drink in style. The chiller, which is the perfect beach house gift to offer as well, is characteristically unique yet appealing to any man with a taste for good wine.

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Bring up the fun level at the man’s new house party with these Chambong champagne shooters. Drinking champagne has never been more enjoyable. Pour the bubbles and drink straight from the stem!

This wonderfully designed glassware is decorated with gold accents and comes in a quality storage box. A creative item to give a special touch to his apartment – it is a cool housewarming gift for the man who has everything.

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This beautiful whisky decanter with a unique diamond shape would be excellent for any guy who enjoys a glass of wine or their favorite alcoholic liquor. This whisky set is elegantly packaged, and the unusual shape creates a wonderful and appealing appearance. Best of all, the set includes two whiskey glasses with similar shape for a memorable drinking experience.

This package is a great first apartment present for him, and it is also a great option for your spouse if he enjoys premium glassware. A wonderful first apartment gifts for him, this set is also an excellent gift ideas for husband if he loves to appreciate fine liquor. Separately get some whiskey stones to surprise him even more!

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Looking for something unique for your boyfriend’s new home? Why not consider this unique invention? With just a sleek plug and play chrome USB, he can turn his ordinary TV into an art.

Showcasing 500 of the most spectacular paintings in high resolution, he can also learn about the name of the painting, painter and other details. One of the best apartment warming gifts for him!

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What are the factors to consider when searching for the ideal gift for the man who just got his house keys?

Finding him the ideal manly housewarming gift is challenging, you have to consider a few factors before you can narrow your search and find the best stuff for him!  For example, is he a guy who already has everything he needs for his house or a guy who has to sleep on mattress for the time being?

If the guy has everything, you have to make sure that your idea is unique or funny or something that he can display, so that it will not chucked away to a corner of this house.  If the guy has nothing, the best idea will be something practical that can help him settle in his new abode with less financial stress, to help him when he receives his first mortgage bill.

Another factor to consider is whether he is a swinging single moving into his bachelor pad or a married man (with or without children) moving into his first house.  A present for a single guy or bachelor is very different as compared a guy who is living with his spouse or family.  This will definitely affect your choice as it will be better that you consider his other half’s preference if he is moving in with his spouse.