33 Most Awesome (Sep 2019) 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Men

(updated in Sep 2019) Is your dad, grandpa, husband, brother, uncle, guy friend or male boss celebrating his 60th birthday soon?

Good news:

We have an extensive list of gift ideas for men turning 60.

What is an excellent gift for a 60 year old man on his birthday?

Buy a gift that makes him feel special. Something relating to his personality or his hobby and interest is the best. Whether is a funny, meaningful, unique, traditional or personalized gift to give him at the 60th birthday party, the most important is that it is something he can relate to. At this golden year, it is time to celebrate life to the fullest.

Our gift guide provides you with a wide range of ideas and prices to ensure that you can find relevant presents for his 60th birthday.

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Let’s get started on the list of gifts for older men!

Beer Glasses with Funny Message – Funny Birthday Gift

Make your best friend’s drinking session more fun by presenting him on his 60th birthday party with this beer glasses with funny message.

His drinking buddies and himself will definitely have a good laugh every time they toast to their beer and bottoms up. These glasses make great barware addition as well.

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Mug With Witty Wordings – Funny Gift To Make The 60 Year Old Smile

Sometimes, a simple gift is all it takes to make the recipient happy. Usually, a funny gift that the birthday man can relate to fits the bill.

This high quality mug is made of ceramic that is dishwasher and microwave safe. Complete the gift by adding some snacks that he loves. A suitable birthday gift from sister to her 60 year old brother.

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Neck And Shoulder Massage Pillow With Heat – Thoughtful Gift For Him

This gift for older men is perfect for those who have headache, tense muscles in the head and neck.

It helps relieve pain and fatigue and improves blood circulation. Using this neck and shoulder massage pillow before bed time is a great way to end the day. A great present for your sixty year old dad or father-in-law. He will thank you for this practical gift.

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Story of a Lifetime

Book Containing Meaningful Questions – Write The Story of His Lifetime

Many people love to keep track of what is happening in their life including the good and the bad moments.

How about a book that comes with a variety of questions that set the recipient thinking about the past while planning for the future? This is the special gift for a guy friend who has everything as this book that can be used to document the various stages of his life.

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Pinot Noir Series Gift Membership - 3 Shipments

Wine Gift Membership – Best 60th Birthday Gift For The Wine Lover

This luxury gift is most suitable for the wine lover. Being sixty years old, he must have tasted numerous fine wine – he will certainly be pleased when he’s presented with a wine gift card membership.

This sophisticated present lets him have access to good wine easily delivered right to his doorstep!

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Personalized Men's Watch Case with Sunglasses Holder

Personalized Men’s Watch Case – Neatly Sectioned with Sunglasses Holder

For many men, his watches are his prized possessions. Hence, gifting him a neatly sectioned watch case with glass lid that you can add his name is undoubtedly one of the best and affordable gift idea for the 60 year old.

Besides his timepieces, there are also storage sections for his sunglasses. Also a wonderful retirement gift idea for guys, he will be grateful with this very useful present.

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Bamboo Wood Greeting Birthday Card – Premium Handmade Wooden Card

This creative handmade birthday gift for the 60 year old has a unique and beautiful keepsake, which sends a more important message to the person and it also contains a space where you can write your message by hand.

Opening this card with a warm design and happy birthday wishes is so memorable.

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Personalized Putter - Assemble Putter - Wooden Case

Personalized Putter in Lustrous Wooden Case – Best for Golf Lover

An ideal birthday gift from grandkids to their 60 year old grandpa as he will surely be pleasantly surprised – he will not expect the little ones to give him something that is golf related.

Made of lustrous wood case with beautiful brass handle, the golf lover in him will be eager to use this set on the field soon after his birthday party!

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Unique Whiskey Glasses – Imprinted With The Year Which He Born

A wonderful gift for your 60th year old best friend on his special day.

The most interesting feature is certainly having the year which he is born permanently imprinted on the glass. There is no better way to celebrate the joyous occasion with a special gift that is customized for his age.

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Personalized Wallet - Money Clip - Leather - Credit Card Holder

Personalized Wallet Money Clip – A Useful Alternative to Wallet

Instead of having a wallet as the giveaway, why not consider a money clip as a great alternative.

A money clip allows for quick transaction and can hold several cards together. In addition, the metallic portion can be personalized with his initials or something that is unique to him.

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Personalized 5 in 1 BBQ Tool Set - Natural Wood

Personalized Spatula – Most Suitable for Your Dad or Grandpa

This 5-in-1 tool not only has a spatula, it has a bottle opener so that he can open bottles of drinks and beer, and also basting brush, fork and corkscrew.

Designed specially for dads and grandpas, the stainless steel portion ensure durability when he whips up delicious meal with this useful tool. Definitely an awesome 60 year old gift idea for him. This is also a wonderful gift to bring to a man’s housewarming party.

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Echo Plus – Smart home Device

An updated version of the popular Echo, this high tech product is user friendly, hence it is a suitable smart birthday gift even if your dad, uncle or father in law is at the ripe age of 60.

He can give instruction for Alexa to perform tasks like playing the music, call someone, control other smart home devices and many more. This is certainly a cool and practical gift for him.

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Book Containing Rhymes About Aging – Great Gift For Those With Big Birthdays

Let him embrace aging with grace with the interesting rhymes about aging stated in this book.

This creative book will bring will let the birthday grandpa laugh and let him know and prepare about aging in a fun and interesting way. This is a fantastic book that he can read over again in years to come.

he beautiful cartoon illustration will make him feel young again.

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Poem Board – Touching And Sentimental Gift

Use his sixtieth birthday to express your love and respect for him through this poem.

Let him know how much you appreciate him through the meaningful verses found in this poem. This is a brilliant gift for your beloved father who is important in your life.

The borders of this poem is in navy, which matches any décor at home. It can be used as a decoration for the birthday party once he opens the present.

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Travel Scrap Book – Retro Design

Memories are very important especially those that happen elsewhere away from home and you would probably not happen to experience them again in your lives.

A travel scrapbook would accommodate all of these memories, including the stories, drawings, and photos, thus making this a meaningful and sentimental golden birthday gift for your male best friend

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Cheers To You 9 Piece Cookie Bouquet

Cheesecake And Sports Themed Strawberries– Delicious Treat In a Gift Box

Fancy a set of cool looking cookies for the 60th year old man? You will surely surprise him with a beer shaped cookie bouquet!

These one-of-a-kind shortbread cookies are unusually shaped and decorated to resemble beer steins and stout glasses! If the man doesn’t like to drink beer, then it is surely a gag gift as the rest of the people who like beer can offer to eat these cookies for him.

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All-Metal Desktop Round Clock Pen Pencil Holder

If the birthday person is your boss or co-worker, this is one of the best gifts for him because it carries a sense of punctuality, focus, life quality, and pursuit of success and excellence.

This makes an excellent corporate birthday gift too!

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Birthday Box Of Nostalgic Candy

This box of colourful candy is sure to help bring back his happy childhood memories.

He will be all smiles when eating these candy as it brings him back to memory lane, sharing his childhood stories with him family members and friends when he munches on these candies. This gift for older men will definitely make him feel young again.

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Revolving Wood Organizer

Revolving Wood Organizer – Practical Gift To Use at Home or Office

This wood organizer is a practical gift lets him keep his desk organized with less cluster,. Featuring a compact design, he can keep his mobile, remote controllers, tablet and cables neatly placed onto this useful organizer.

The rotating base allows him to reach his things easily. Definitely a practical birthday gift for your 60 year old father.

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Architectural Alphabet Color Photo Name Frame

Colorful Architectural Photo Frame – Personalized With Name

A birthday gift is used to celebrate a man’s particular moment, so it is best to present something that is remarkable.

This architectural photo frame can be personalized with the name of the recipient or a meaningful word. Beautiful and ready to hang, this is certainly one of the best creative gift for a 60 year old man who has everything.

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Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Personalized Mini Oak Wine Cask – Serve Wine in a Classic Barrel

What is a good present for a wine lover? A mini oak wine cask!

Among the best birthday gifts for wine lovers, he will be impressed with this classic, traditional looking oak wine barrel. When he starts serving wine from the barrel, it will be his guests turn to be impressed.

With a capacity of 2 litres, this old fashioned barrel comes complete with a stand and spigot.

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Explosion Box Photo Album – Excellent Handmade Birthday Gift With a Twist

A truly unique birthday gift for men in their 60s to make him feel young!

When he unknowingly opens the box, it will “explode” to reveal numerous photos that you have painstakingly put in. He will surely laugh when he looks at the various pictures taken throughout his life.

The box becomes the memory which also makes this a sentimental gift.

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Birthday Book About You

Customized Book About the 60th year old – Novelty Gift That is Created for Him

A truly customized book that only belongs to the 60th year old. Ideal as a gift for your dad, this affordable and unique present lets you create the facts of the birthday man using his birthdate and name!

What’s more, the cover can be personalized with his name or any suitable word that best represent him.

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Flask Gift Set – Stylish And Rust Resistance

This will be the perfect gift for the wine lover who can enjoy his favorite drink outdoors.

The 60 year old wordings inscribed on the flask make a meaningful mark on his milestone, congratulating him for this coming of age in an active and well-meaning manner.

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Funny It Took Me 60 Years To Look This Good T-shirt – Comes In Various Colors

For an inexpensive and funny gift, consider this T-shirt with the funny wording “It Took Me 60 Year To Look This Good”.

Make this a gag gift for your coworker by telling the sixty year old to wear it at the birthday party. The witty lines will surely make people laugh at first glance. He has one year to wear this cool clothing!

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Whiskey Stones Gift Set – Premium Bar Accessories

Another interesting birthday gift for the 60 year old whiskey lover.

The set contains 2 whiskey glasses, whiskey ice stones for keeping your drink cold for a longer time and the velvet to prevent it from absorbing other smells while in the freezer. The drink retains its original smell, and taste.

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Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls – Add Up to 2 Lines of Personal Message For Him

If the man in the 60s is an avid golfer, then this set of unique golf balls will surely warm his heart.

You can add up to 2 lines of message on each ball that will make the golf balls uniquely his.

This is a thoughtful birthday gift especially if he is a huge fan of golf. But the golf balls may be too precious for him to use!

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Personalized Best Grandpa Apron

Best Granddad Apron – For The Man Who Loves To Cook

A wonderful 60th birthday gift idea for grandpa is this granddad apron.

This simple gift creates an unforgettable moment for him while wearing it during house chores or while he cooks.

The colorful images on the apron keeps the memory of the person that gifted them alive with them. Perfect for the men who loves to cook.

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Personalized Wine Tool Set

Sophisticated Wine Tool Set – Personalizable Barrel

A sophisticated birthday gift for your boss who is celebrating 60 years of his life, this set consists of foil cutter, stopper and corkscrew which are made of high quality material.

To top it off, you can personalized the barrel with the man’s name, date or something that is memorable and representative.

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Classic Vintage Birthday Treat Jar

Vintage Birthday Treat Jar – Personalize With Any Year

How about getting a “homemade” gift for him? Homemade to a certain extent as you first have to purchase this creative vintage airtight jar that has the words “Vintage” and “Aged to Perfection” clearly visible.

Personalize it by adding the year that he was born. Then add his favorite sweets or snacks inside the jar which makes this gift homemade. This will surely make him smile upon receiving it. A great 60th birthday gift for your father in law.

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Dipped Cheesecake Trio & Full Dozen Sports Strawberries

Cheesecake And Sports Themed Strawberries– Delicious Treat In a Gift Box

An awesome 60 birthday gift for your male boss. The 3 types of cheesecake and sports themed strawberries are presented with delicious marshmallow and nuts.

Delivered in a gift box (and almost like a gift basket as you can add ribbons etc), you can present to him during the birthday party to add more cheer to the celebration.

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Cocktail Mixologist – Complete With Recipe And Instruction Book

The cocktail lover will be delighted to receive this cocktail mixologist kit, which comes complete with recipe and instruction book. He can experiment with different recipes, to create extraordinary cocktails.

This is a great way to for the 60 year old retired man to pass his time and to offer refreshing cocktails for his family and friends.

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How Time Flies Photo Birthday Banner

Photo Birthday Banner – Sentimental 60th Birthday Gift

A man would love a personalized gift like a photo birthday banner with his photo to celebrate his special day.

This banner can be hung on the wall for remembrance. The perfect gift for your husband on his 60th birthday, he will feel extremely touched and loved when he see a unique banner that you make specially for him.

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