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The 37 Most Awesome (Apr 2023) 60th Birthday Gifts To Delight Him

By Michael See
(updated Apr 2023) Searching for the best 60th birthday gifts to delight him?

Great news!

We have an extensive list of gift ideas for men turning 60.

What do you get a man for his 60th birthday?

Buy a gift that makes him feel special. Something relating to his personality or his hobby and interest is the best. Whether is a funny, meaningful, unique, traditional or personalized gift to give him at the 60th birthday party, something he can relate to is a great recommendation.

60th Birthday Presents

Regardless if is your dad, husband, brother, uncle, guy friend or male boss celebrating his 60th birthday soon, I hope that my gift guide can provide you with many different ideas and price range to ensure that you can quickly find relevant presents for older adults.

You can also find related presents here at our page on gifts for male retirees here.

Let’s get started on the list of gifts for older men!

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A wonderful barware item to get for your 60th year old best friend on his special day.

The most interesting feature is certainly having the year which the elderly man is born permanently imprinted on the glass.

There is no better way to celebrate the joyous occasion with something special that is customized for his age.

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How about giving the birthday boy a top quality multitool from Leatherman? Sturdy enough to help him with the toughest projects and also for everyday usage, this is certainly one of the best 60th birthday ideas for him.

He will find tools like knife, wire-cutters, pliers and more. Best of all, I like that this tool can be operated easily with just one hand. Lightweight to be carried around conveniently, this is the all-in-one tool that is also suitable to give as a Christmas gift and corporate gift too!

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Get ready to make everyone laugh with this lavender scented candle. Created just for the 60 year old legend, it is made of soy wax and has the funny quote that states he is among the best looking!

A fun way to use to celebrate your dad, uncle or father in law’s special day. In addition, the scent released from the burning candle can help him to relax.

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A towel warmer is one of those household items that you may not know you want it until you use it! Towel warmer buckets are actually a practical addition to any bathroom!

Easy to use, with a modern, aesthetically pleasing design, his family members and his own towels will be kept warm and dry! The machine operates quietly, furthermore, the warm towels can be scented with essential oils for a more relaxing experience!

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Use his sixtieth birthday to give him something that he probably does not expect – a novelty clock that shows the day of the week. Let him keep track of the day of the week, this is especially appropriate if he is nearing retirement. This is brilliant for your beloved father who is so important in your life.

There are several clock designs available which can easily match any décor at home. The pine color round design is my favorite. Also a great gift for 80 year old man, it can be used as a decoration for the party once he opens the present.

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For an inexpensive and funny gift, consider this T-shirt with the funny wording “It Took Me 60 Year To Look This Good”.

Make this one of the most memorable gag gifts for your coworker by telling the sixty year old to wear it at the birthday party. The witty lines will surely make people laugh at first glance. He has one year to wear this cool clothing!

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Jar of Messages in Mini Envelopes

Get the most thoughtful gift for the 60 year old man with this beautiful jar from KindNotes. At the birthday celebration, surprise him with a jar that contain individual notes that are each in an envelope.

Choose from various themes, designs and pre-selected notes. If you want something even more unique, you can add your own customized text that will be printed specially for him. Your loved one will be overjoyed! A great 40th birthday gift ideas for men too.

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Let him enjoy a good muscle relaxation session anywhere with this portable massage gun. With numerous heads for different muscles, he can pinpoint the area to work on with the right head.

The various speeds will suit the preference of the user while the quiet and ergonomic design makes it easy to use. This is undoubtedly one of the best and affordable gift idea for the 60 year old if you want something practical that he can use for a long time. Also a wonderful retirement gift idea for dad, he will be grateful with this very useful present.

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These tumblers are crafted with top grade stainless steel, which is long-lasting and are perfect to use at home or anywhere outdoors.

With the wordings to wish him a happy 60th birthday in a humours way, he will appreciate the doubled-walled insulation that can keep his beverage hot or cold for a long period of time. Comes in a presentable packaging, you do not need to get further wrapping for this amazing present idea.

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An ideal birthday gift from kids and grandkids to their 60 year old dad or grandpa as he will surely be pleasantly surprised – a printed piece of art that showcases the story of his name!

Even when he has lived for 6 decades, it is likely he has not heard of the history of his name! You can have the option to have the paper in a classy frame and also add some customized text to make it even more unique. He will be excited to display the frame at a prominent place after his birthday party!

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This box of colorful candy is sure to help bring back his happy childhood memories. Few can resist such a wonderful treat.

He will be all smiles when eating these candy as it brings him back to memory lane, sharing his childhood stories with him family members and friends when he munches on these candies. This gift for older men will definitely make him feel young again!

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Make your best friend’s drinking session more enjoyable by giving him this beautiful beer glass for his 60th birthday party.

Every time he and his drinking mates toast to their beer and say “bottoms up” they will undoubtedly have a nice time.

The premium mug is also a perfect addition to his barware collection, since it is constructed of high-quality glass with a long-lasting print.

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Sometimes, a simple item is all it takes to make the recipient happy. Usually, something funny that the birthday man can relate to fits the bill.

If he is a tea or coffee lover, he will love this mug even more as he sips away his favorite drink daily from this special mug.This high quality mug is made of ceramic that is dishwasher and microwave safe. Complete the idea by adding some snacks that he loves. A suitable birthday gift from sister to her 60 year old brother.

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Let the man of the moment enjoy a relaxing foot spa massage in the comfort of his own home! He can relieve pain and stress whenever he likes as this portable machine is easy to operate and maintain.

With features like heat, quality massage node and bubble jets, this is a great 60th birthday gift idea for men. Also suitable for your boss who is celebrating his milestone birthday too.

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Personalized 3D photo gifts from - free shipping!

This unique present will wow him and his guests! This amazing crystal display is such a wonderful memento for a remarkable birthday celebration idea, whether it’s for a sixty-year-old grandfather or dad.

Choose a picture that you would want to be shown, and with the excellent workmanship, you will receive a customized image keepsake item that is engraved elegantly and fits the event well.

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A stylish and versatile wallet that has the man’s name laser engraved on it! How cool is that with that personalised gift?

He will love the meticulously crafted wallet that comes in a space-saving design that lets him keep a good number of cards and bills. One of the best 60th birthday gifts and an awesome anniversary as well, you can further delight him by hiding gift card inside! Once he receives it, he will be thrilled to use it and show off this customized wallet!

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A compact multi-tool from the renowned Victorinox is a popular men’s gift and surely an ideal 60th birthday present for the special occasion.

Designed well for dads and grandpas, it has many necessary tools like bottle opener, blade, screwdriver and more. Compact and easy to carry wherever he goes. This is also a wonderful gift to bring to a man’s housewarming party.

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Fancy a snack tray set of assorted mouth-watering dried fruits for the 60th year old man? You will surely surprise him with these healthy treats!

These delicious snack includes exotic dried mango slices, apricots, nice apple wedges and more. Best of all, the tray can be folded as a fruit bowl for future use. You surely cannot go wrong with this perfect gift to show your heartfelt thanks! This basket of healthy snacks is a great addition to a golden 50th birthday party too!

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This amazing travel book from the renowned National Geographic is full of new travel ideas and beautiful photos which makes it among the top gifts for 60 year old man. It includes 1,000 dream weekend getaways from lush mountains, incredible city trips to wild adventures in exotic places that will wow the older man.

Practical and inspiring, this book will help him plan the next quick getaway. Whether is a short vacation for himself or for the whole family, this book has everything he need. A great 60th birthday gift for your father in law if he loves to explore new places.

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Pinot Noir Series Gift Membership - 3 Shipments

This luxury gift is most suitable for the wine lover. Being sixty years old, he must have tasted numerous fine wine – he will certainly be pleased when he’s presented with a wine membership.

Among the best birthday gifts for wine lovers, this sophisticated present lets him have access to good wine easily delivered right to his doorstep!

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This gift for older men is perfect for those who have headache, tense muscles in the head and neck.

It helps relieve pain and fatigue and improves blood circulation. I use this kind of neck and shoulder massage pillow before bed time and it is a great way for me  to end the day. A great present for your sixty year old dad or father-in-law. He will thank you for this practical gift.

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Let him embrace aging with grace with the interesting rhymes about aging stated in this book.

This creative book will bring will let the birthday grandpa laugh and let him know and prepare about aging in a fun and interesting way. A great gift for 90 yr old man also, this is a fantastic book that he can read over again in years to come.

The beautiful cartoon illustration will make him feel young again.

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A truly customized book that only belongs to the 60th year old. Ideal as a gift for your dad, this affordable and unique present lets you and him create content based on his own words!

What’s more, it contains hundreds of guided questions that help him pen down his thoughts on his past, current and future and many other views that best represent him.

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A man would love a personalized gift like a photo banner with his photos to celebrate his special day.

This banner can be hung on the wall for remembrance. The perfect gift for your husband on his 60th birthday, he will feel extremely touched and loved when he see a unique banner that you make specially for him.

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Wine & Gourmet Extravagance Basket

Gifts for 60 year old man are used to celebrate their particular moment, so it is best to present something that is remarkable.

Why not consider this wine and gourmet set that exudes luxury and is highly presentable. Inside the basket, he will not only find 2 bottles of fine wine, but also numerous gourmet treats like quality chocolates, nuts and cookies. It is also a great present to give on fathers day or anniversary celebration.

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Another interesting birthday gift for the 60 year old whiskey lover.

The set contains 2 whiskey glasses, whiskey ice stones for keeping your drink cold for a longer time and the velvet to prevent it from absorbing other smells while in the freezer. The drink retains its original smell, and taste.

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If the guy in his 60s enjoys golf, this set of one-of-a-kind golf balls and marker will undoubtedly bring a smile to his face. A wonderful idea for the 60 years old as he can use it for actual play, practice or as a decorative item at home or office!

This is particularly thoughtful if he is a golf fanatic. However, the gold-tone balls may be too valuable for him to use!

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This creative handmade birthday gift for the 60 year old has a unique and beautiful keepsake, which sends a more important message to the person.

A suitable 75th birthday gift too, it contains a space where you can write your personal and heartfelt message by hand.

Opening this card with a warm design and happy birthday wishes is so memorable.

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Eagle Resin Story Glass Award

Thinking of unforgettable 60th birthday ideas for him? How about a very personalized item that features an intricate bronze finish eagle swooping down on its target below.

This majestic looking display is a great way to honour his achievements, moreover, the adjacent glass panel allows you to come out with meaningful, sentimental personalized engraved messages to make it the most unique gift he has received.

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Give your favorite 60-year-old the ultimate itch-fighter with this telescoping back scratcher. It consists of 3 detachable scratching heads for a personalized scratch session. I see that it can be extended to reach those annoying hard to reach itchy spots.

A great 60th birthday present idea for grandpa, the stainless-steel handle and comfy rubber grip makes it easy to use and when fully retracted, it is sleek and easy to store. And it’s not just for backs, it works on head, neck, beard too! The perfect all-in-one gift for the 60-year-olds who thinks they have everything!

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If the birthday person is your boss or co-worker, this is one of the best set for him.

It carries a sense of punctuality, focus, life quality, and pursuit of success and excellence.

This makes an excellent corporate birthday gift too!

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For his birthday at an important age of 60, why not treat him to 12 delectable biscotti, with distinctive taste made with natural ingredients?

With 6 delicious flavors, he will surely be satisfied with this dozen of premium cookies. The best part is that the biscotti comes in elegant gift box, making your present even more sincere!

This is a great gift for a guy friend who has everything as he will not mind savouring these pleasant biscotti! Gourmet biscotti cookies is an awesome 21st birthday presents also.

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Memories are very important especially those that happen elsewhere away from home and you would probably not happen to experience them again in your lives.

A travel scrapbook would accommodate all of these memories, including the stories, drawings, and photos, thus making this a meaningful and sentimental golden birthday gift for your male best friend

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This is perfect for the wine lover who can enjoy his favorite drink outdoors.

The 60 year old wordings inscribed on the flask make a meaningful mark on his milestone, congratulating him for this coming of age in an active and well-meaning manner. The set comes in an elegant and presentable box which means no further wrapping is needed.

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A truly unique present for men in their 60s to make him feel young!

When he unknowingly opens the box, it will “explode” to reveal numerous photos that you have painstakingly put in. He will surely laugh when he looks at the various pictures taken throughout his life.

The box becomes the memory which also makes this a sentimental gift.

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The adventurous man will be delighted to receive this binoculars kit, which comes complete carrying case, strap and cleaning cloth

Powerful magnification ensure clear view while the phone mount lets him easily capture zoomed in images with his smartphone via the binoculars lens!

This is a great way to for the 60 year old retired man to pass his time and share his adventure images and videos with his family and friends.

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Personalized Birthday Cookie Gift Basket

An awesome 60 birthday gift for your male boss. Create a sweet impression with some of the best gourmet goodies in one basket.

The best part of this treat is that it is unique – you can add your custom message on the large centre delicious cookie with the shape of your choice.

Presented in a hand crafted gift basket that resembles a birthday cake, you can hand it to him during the birthday party to add more cheer to the celebration. This type of basket is also a thoughtful get well package after surgery too.

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Gifts for 60 Year Old Male