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34 Most Awesome (Jan 2022) Baby Girl Gifts

By Doris Tan
(updated Jan 2022) Looking for the best gifts for baby girl?

Look no further!

We have come out with an all inclusive list of things to buy for her.

What is a good gift for baby girl?

Multi-sensory toys that can help in the child’s brain and motor skill development, comfortable clothes and sentimental keepsake are all good considerations to send your congratulations. Useful gadgets and accessories that help the parents in looking after the infant, mom and child care set, cute stuff, unique personalized items, baby gift basket or box are great suggestions too.

Unique Baby Gift For Girl
Whether is for birthday, baby shower, Christmas parties or other joyous special occasion, you can surely find something in our gift guide to help you decide on what to buy for a baby girl to send your sincere well wishes.

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The mermaid inflatable water mat brings plenty of color to your little tot’s leisure moments!

Made from eco-friendly material, this inflatable mat, which is of the right size for the baby if you ask me, comes with enchanting marine toys to keep you’re her entertained while improving hand-eye coordination and promoting brain development! Get this special mat for her – it is a perfect newborn granddaughter gift for when the infant is ready for tummy time.

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You will not have to struggle to discover great gifts to bring to a baby shower since a customized useful gift is always a winner.

Available in several colors, the shaker toy rattle, which may be personalized with her name, is an interactive toy which she can hold and play with. It will surely be treasured by both the new parent and the child for many years to come.

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This adorable bunny stuffed animal offers a lot more than a plush hug! It provides her with entertainment thanks to its responsive feet!

She will be entertained with a peek-a-boo game or waving ears as it plays enchanting music, depending on which foot is pressed. It is machine washable so the new parents do not have to worry about all the cuddles and playtime. A great baby girl gift from grandma!

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The 3-pack jumpsuit set is the ideal baby shower gift idea as there cannot be more than enough jumpsuits for a baby from my perspective as a parent. The onesies are made from comfortable cotton and can be machine washed. The baby clothes are easy to dress and undress thanks to the lap-shoulder design, and the body suit also come with snaps at the bottom.

Great as 1 year old baby girl gifts too, the designs are easy on the eyes and suit most tastes. You can consider getting pants set also depending on the recipients’ preferences.

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The little girl will need something to keep her warm and snuggled after her baths. What better way to do so than with a hooded towel? This adorable towel comes with little cute ears on the hood.

This gives it an animal-like appearance making her looks adorable. It is also made to be perfectly soft and absorbent leaving her comfortable and dry.

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The personalized baby’s name puzzle made of high-quality hardwood is an excellent choice for something genuinely unique. It is hard to describe the immense joy of seeing the little lady arrange letters to complete her name.

When each letter is finally fitted into the corresponding letter-hole, the new mother and father will be overjoyed. The customized baby girl gift is made of high-quality wood and will be cherished by her for a long time.

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Let the newborn look cute when she lazes around and blesses you with a toothless smile! This interactive play mat is perfect for such moments! I especially like lying near my baby and see her play on the mat at my eye level!

This cool and sweet baby gift is designed for comfort while providing learning content as she relaxes. It has several interactive features including the best toys to keep her occupied as she grows. The enhanced functionality makes it one of the best baby gifts.

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Bibs are definitely a necessity for newborns and among the most popular baby girl gifts and essential baby gear. You therefore cannot go wrong by giving her this set of bibs and burp cloths for the messy days.

They are girly with fun statements imprinted on them. They are soft for her comfort and absorbent making them effective. They are also easily washable, ideal for daily use.

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Get a set that takes care of the little one’s wellbeing. Inside the box, there are numerous baby bath and skin care products including shampoo and wash and lotion that nourishes her delicate skin.

The best feature is that the keepsake box can be personalized with a photo which makes this a great girl keepsake gift that is sentimental especially when she grows up.

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Included in this set are cute classic baby toys that are sure to make her playtime even more fun. The inexpensive baby girl gift comes with wrist rattles that attach using Velcro for easy wear and fit.

There is also a pair of foot finder socks, one of which has a bell inside. Their colorful nature will not only make it fun for her to play with them but is also good for her development as she tries to reach and grab them.

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A child can never have too many cute outfits. This is why giving her this set of 3 adorable bodysuits by Burt’s bees is a great idea. Each with a different design, she will have variety.

These popular baby girl gifts are made with lap shoulders and are adequately stretchable for easy dressing. They also have a snap closure which will give the parents an easy time during diaper changes. Great for your newborn niece or granddaughter.

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The toy penguin white noise sound machine will help soothe your little one to sleep with its hypnotic soft lights and its charming white noise. She will drift off to sleep while listening to the soothing lullabies!

It is perfect for fussy babies, sleep training and for that parent who needs a break! An unusual baby girl stuff and unique gift for newborn baby boy, it can be taken from the bedroom to the car, strolls in the park, or to a photo-shoot to help calm the little child. It is the perfect baby girl gift for mom as it helps the parent have more rest!

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The ultimate docking station for infants. It is the perfect place for a supervised session, where she can play, rest and change her diapers, this luxury baby girl gift can be used at home or while she is outside.

For some DockATot models, you can get a personalized dock which makes it a wonderful monogrammed baby girl gift.

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So what to buy for newborn baby girl? Consider this set with keepsake box in pink is more than meets the eye. When the expectant mother is done drooling over the items inside, she will appreciate the fact that the box can be used later for keepsakes such as cards, toys, first steps, tooth and the like.

Inside this box are essential items for welcoming a newborn and are perfect for a baby shower, hospital visit, or as a welcome home present for the precious infant!

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To keep her nice and comfortable in her stroller, swing, or bouncer, a head and neck support will be great infant girl adorable gifts. This particular one is pink with a crown at the top – perfect for the little princess.

With this, her fragile head and neck will receive the support they need as she continues to develop. Also among the top grandparent gifts for new baby, it is soft and machine washable which makes it easy to maintain. Recommended if you are considering baby girl gifts that are not clothes.

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This beautiful plush toy doll is one of the cutest baby gift ideas that any little girl will fall in love with. It is made to be light enough such that she can carry her little friend anywhere she goes.

If she is too young, the plush doll can be used as a decorative item for her nursery until she is grown enough to play with it. This baby girl collectible present is easily washable for maintenance purposes.

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The just born little one will need something to keep her engaged as the parents are busy around the house. Fisher Price sit-me-up floor seat provides a comfortable and supportive spot where she can spend this time.

With the linkable toys that it comes with, the does not have to stay bored with this newborn baby girl present. The seat also folds flat making it both portable and easy to store.

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Mother and daughter make an unmatchable duo. As such, the little one will love matching outfits with her mom. This matching set will make a funny item for the mom, more so if she is a taco lover.

The perfect baby girl gift for mom comes with a t-shirt for the adult and a bodysuit for the little girl.

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Every girl wants a beautiful room. What better way to achieve this than with some adorable colorful unicorn décor to place in the baby’s nursery? An excellent baby girl birthday idea, these stickers are durable, transparent and easy to cut and apply.

Made with reusable adhesive, they also allow for repositioning in case a mistake is made during decoration. The end result will definitely be stunning nursery decor.

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This teether toy set for newly born will create the perfect balance of fun and useful and must to add to the baby essentials registry as I know that teething can be a painful journey for the baby from my own experience. It doubles as a shower toy and a teether.

With their multiple textured surfaces, they are perfect for relieving sore gums as she bites on these teething toys for babies. They can easily be cleaned using a brush or dishwasher to make them sanitary enough to go into the the mouth.

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Babies need a cuddly item to comfort them and keep them company as they sleep. You should therefore consider this cute fawn security baby blanket as the perfect gift for 1 year old baby girl.

With this infant stuff, she is likely to fall asleep more easily. Like a cuddly teddy bear, it is not only soft and comfortable but also flowery with an animal face making it super adorable. She will love having this by her side every other day.

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There is nothing cuter than an infant’s little feet. The only way this can get better is with an adorable pair of socks with some goofy writings on them.

This is what you will get from this funny and creative baby girl set, which comes with socks with different interesting back quotes on each. A thoughtful accessory designed to keep her warm while putting a smile on those around her.

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A child’s development is crucial. To aid in this process, you should think of getting these wooden sensory tumbling toys for a growing baby girl. These are each designed to stimulate different senses of a child including touch, sound, and sight.

Additionally, the wooden balls have a fun appearance with smiles on them making them great newborn development toys to play with.

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It is never too early to start grooming her beautiful hair. This hairbrush and comb set will take care of all her grooming needs. The set comes with a goat bristles hairbrush, detangling brush, and a wooden comb.

A bonus silicone cradle cap is also included. All of these baby girl items have been made in consideration of a child’s sensitive hair and scalp.

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With all the work she is putting in, a new mom needs some self-pampering. With this Aveeno Essential Daily Care Set, the little angel is also not left out.

A great set to welcome a baby girl, this popular brand has put together a set of several skincare products for both mom and her infant. There are lotion, cream, and bath products for the child and a lotion and moisturizer for the mom.

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With so many options available, shopping for a little child can be difficult. Luckily, with this box, you do not have to settle on just a single item. With these, you will be able to get her blanket, cuddle toy, teethers and more in just one keepsake box.

All these are highly adorable for something that is exciting and memorable for the baby. Add your own hand written card to make it personalized for the little one.

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This soft cuddly bath support fits most sinks and helps ensure that the her delicate skin is not messed up while enjoying her beauty bath.

Made with gentle quality materials, its four-petal design is not only gorgeous but it helps keep the her comfortable at bath time. A great baby girl gift from grandma, it is machine-washable and certainly something the infant will like!

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This funny matching attire for father and infant will make for great bonding moments with daddy!

Also, one of the most cool gifts for expectant dads, they are made from cotton for that soft, comfortable feel against the skin, and they are a perfect baby girl gifts for dad – that doting father will surely love it! Whether the duo lounges on the couch, go for a photo-shoot or take a walk, this attire is bound to turn admiring heads!

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You never know when the infant will require a diaper change. With a portable diaper changing pad, a mom does not have to worry about this. She can easily place this cool baby gift on any flat surface and change the diaper.

With a padded pillow, she will be both safe and comfortable throughout. Among the top must have baby items, not only is it portable, it is also stylish making it easy for her to carry it and diaper bag around.

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The milestone blanket animal theme is a charming way to celebrate a child’s initial milestones. Whether it is her first tooth, first birthday, or first holidays, this fleece will make for an interesting background as you take those photos!

Among the most sentimental new baby gifts for girls, it is wide enough to give you peace of mind about blank spaces as you take photos. It is machine washable and is soft on the child’s skin.

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The easy to grasp bumpy ball is a wonderful toy for developing her motor skills. The chunky-sized bumps encourage the child to reach, grasp, and transfer between hands.

The perfect first Christmas gifts for baby girl, it comes in multiple textures and materials to help teach the little ones about variety. The multiple colors will keep the her mesmerized while the gentle rattle sounds will help with brain development!

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Let the infant sleep in the most comfortable cotton swaddle. This 3-pack can be part of your congrats on baby girl gift set to make for a peaceful mind you welcome a kid into the world!

The stretchable cotton is comfortable on delicate skin. It creates a safe environment and helps prevent startle reflex that may disturb the newborn.

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A beautiful butterfly bracelet looks exceptionally special on the infant. Made of sterling silver, this baby girl jewellery gift is something that is worth considering to add to a baby shower wish list.

Easy to clean and adjustable, I think she will look great in pictures wearing a stunning jewellery that is designed suitable for her age. A nice bracelet is a great push gift for new mom too.

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Celebrate new life with this basket with things that is for the child, her parents and her visitors!

The little kid will have baby showers accessories like blanket, a plush top and a piggy bank while the visitors and parents will enjoy thoughtful snacks. This baby girl arrival gift lets the receiver know you are thinking about them and their bundle of joy.

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