55 Best And Most Thoughtful (Sep 2019) Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Husband

birthday gift ideas for husband(updated in Sep 2019) Coming out with the best birthday gift ideas for husband from wife is a challenging task.

Let’s face it.

You may know everything about your husband, but sometimes that itself makes gifting him difficult – you may already have given him so many things that he likes that you may run out of ideas to find the next birthday gift for him.

So, what to get for your husband for his birthday?

Some of the criteria to consider for the present to your husband is whether you want to find something that is romantic or will surprise him.

For the latter, it will be something that you strongly believe he will like but he has never shown openly his interest in it. Or go for something that is unique, special or creative.

Good news:

Here at MammothGiftIdeas.com, we have come out with a comprehensive list of gift ideas for your husband that cover different interests and criteria which will surely make his birthday celebration a special one to remember.

Let’s get started!

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Camouflage Apron Grilling Set – Includes 3 Grilling Accessories

Make him look swanky and macho when engaging his favorite hobby with this camouflage apron grilling set, which includes matching grilling mitt, retractable bottle opener and bottle holder.

With the grilling accessories and pockets found on the apron, he can enjoy his beer while grilling and also keep himself clean and organized. Personalize this uncommon gift for him with his name to make him a proud grillmaster.

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Classic White Noise Sound Machine – Customized Sound for Better Good Sleep

Does your significant other have problems getting quality sleep? If yes, this is an opportune time to give your husband the gift that can help him get better sleep and feel refreshed every morning.

This gift with customized sound, which helps him to sleep better and to improve his body renewal process.

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Pro Shaker 10 Piece Bar Set – Create his Own Perfect and Unique Concoction

Give your spouse and his drinking buddy a different level of drinking experience with this cool men’s birthday gift. If your husband has everything, then this uncommon gift will appeal to him as it is both innovative and useful.

They can have fun mixing and creating their own concoction to the perfect level with this gift.

It will be a great bonding session for them to enjoy tasty drinks. It is also a great way for you to spend some cosy time with him over his special drink creation.

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Travel Destination Maps

Travel Destination Map – Proud Display for the Frequent Traveller

If your significant other is a frequent traveller and has a hobby of travelling,this is the ideal gift for him.

Depending on your choice of the World traveler or US map, he can indicate the countries, cities or states that he has travelled, using the pins and flags provided.

This will be a proud display at your home and are great conversation topics with your guests or even among family members, when he shared his travelling experiences. This map can also be a great housewarming gift for bachelor pad.

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NFL Spatula with Personalized Bottle Opener

NFL Spatula with Bottle Opener – Unique Gift for the Game Day Loving Grill Master

Does your husband love to grill and enjoys watching games? If yes, this is the unique birthday gift for him as it contains his two favorite pastime activities.

This gift is unique as well because it contains an bottle opener at the end of the spatula, he can enjoy his ice cold beer, while grilling his favorite meat.

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Create Your Own Custom Wood Sign

Custom Wood Sign – Great Inspirational and Motivational Décor

Help transform your couple friend’s new living room into a relaxing, tranquil oasis. Moving is a stressful time, so what better gift is there than the gift of a cosiness and togetherness?

This canvas art will help conjure up a peaceful living room atmosphere with a meaningful and nostalgic feel.  It is certainly one of the more unique housewarming gifts for couples.

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Dress Watch – Dress for Success

Giving a watch is one of the best birthday gift idea for husband as it is timeless and useful. A dress watch is an important accessory to man’s work wardrobe.

It gives him the professional image that he needs to portray at work. You are helping your husband by giving him this watch. He will remember you for your thoughtfulness in helping him advance in his career after marriage, which also makes it the great first birthday gift for husband.

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Neck, Back & Shoulder Shiatsu Massage – Great Pain Reliever

With this gift, suitable for a man who has everything, he can have some soothing massage after his gym workout or exercise regime. He can also have his much needed massage after a hard day at work, hunching over the computer.

This massager has 4 different programs to soothe his muscles. A romantic birthday gift to promote his health as it shows your care and concern for him. This is an excellent gifts for older men too

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NFL Locker Room Print and Your Name on Jersey

Framed NFL Print – Proud Display of his Favourite Team

Your husband will love you to bits with this framed print if he is a NFL fan.

He will love the authentic jerseys and equipment displayed on this frame. This is one framed print that he will proudly hang in the living room or his bar area, for his family and friends to admire.

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Personalised Bamboo Bar Board with Shot Glasses

Personalized Bamboo Bar Board with Shot Glasses – Stylish Addition to his Barware Collection

Enjoy drinks with your husband in style with this personalized bamboo bar board and a pair of shot glasses.

A great birthday gift for husband after marriage, this modern looking two-toned bamboo board makes a great décor to his very own bar corner. He can enjoy slicing his garnishes in chic manner, while savoring his favorite shots with you.

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2-in 1 Cooler and Seat – Available in Different Colours

Give your companion a great accompaniment for his spectator sports or camping trips – a 2-in-1 cooler and sports stool.

This useful gift provides him with insulated storage space to keep drinks and snacks, while giving him a place to sit. It has a few pockets for him to keep his other accessories.

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Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool – Handy and Practical Gift for Emergency Use

This amazing multi-function tool, which has 13 functions, which includes letter opener/blade, scissors, rulers, tweezers, magnifying glass, straight pin, pressurized ball point pen, Phillips screwdrivers and so on, is a fantastic gift for the man on the go.

An innovative birthday gift that which can help him deal with his emergencies on a daily basis and even when he goes trekking and hiking. He will surely thank you for this trusty and handy gift.

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Double Wall Whiskey Glasses Set – Drink in Style and Luxury

He will be thrilled to receive this luxury gift. The glasses are designed with double wall construction to keep the ice lasting and prevents condensation on the exterior of the glasses.

The unique design makes this a great decoration to his home bar. The gift comes with two free sphere ice ball, hence your husband will thank you for this thoughtful birthday gift, which enables him and his drinking companions to enjoy their favorite booze in a slick manner.

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Personalized Mini Oak Wine Cask

Mini Oak Wine Cask – Age and Serve Wine in Charming Manner

Impress your husband’s guests and drinking buddies with this mini wine barrel.

With its own stand and spigot, this vintage looking oak wine barrel adds charm to your home décor. It also makes him wine aging process a breeze. The bung also makes it convenient for him to serve of his prized wine.

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USB Flash Drive in Walnut Wooden Finish and Greeting Card – Unique Gift For the Tech Guy

Give the man of your life a unique and cool birthday gift with this gift, which functions more than helping him keep his keys organized.

This keychain contains a 16 GB flash drive, to help him store his document files and photos, which is also a good gift for a geek husband.

As the keychain is small and light, it can fit into his pocket, this allows him to carry this useful storage drive on the go.

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Year to Remember Coin Sets

Year to Remember Coin Set – Unique Gift with Certificate of Authentication

Surprise your beloved husband with a unique and patriotic gift – Year to Remember Coin Sets.

This amazing set contains set of 5 US coins which are minted in their birthday year. The gift includes a list of events that happen in history on the year that he was born.

The Certificate of Authenticity adds an oomph to this gift.

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Personalized 3 Piece Pub Collection – More Than 20 Designs To Choose From

This will be a creative birthday gift for your husband who intends to revamp or set up his home pub. This gift contains an old-fashioned, classic looking pub sign, stein and coaster set.

With more than a dozen of interesting designs for you to choose from, one that your spouse will like.

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Sleek Beer Machine – Awesome Beer Brewing Experience

Does he like to experiment and brew his own beer? If yes, this is the perfect gift for him.

He will have an enjoyable brewing experience. The beer machine is designed to allow him to keep his beer fresh for 3 months or more. This gift also contains the beer making kit, making it hassle free for him to make his own beer.

This is a good 30th birthday gift idea for husband as this is the age range when many men go beyond just tasting quality beer – they want to experiment and craft their own naturally brewed beer.

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Personalized Surfboard Cutting Board

Personalized Surfboard Cutting Board – for the Water Sports Lover and Chef

Does your other half like hanging by the beach or enjoy water sports like surfing? Does he like to cook as well?

He will be delighted to have this surfboard cutting board because it will remind him of his two passions – passion for water sports and love for cooking. He can whip up a nice meal using this eco friendly cutting board made from bamboo.

This serves as a nice kitchen décor too.

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Leather Golf Glove with Magnetic Ball Marker – Make him look like a Pro Golfer

Give him a pro golfer look and let him swing in style with this golf glove personalized with a circle monogram font.

An inexpensive birthday gift idea for husband, the golf glove comes in white or black and has a sturdy and safe grip to ensure the he excel in his game. Complete his stylish look with personalized ball marker and tee holder.

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Family Distillery Barrel Sign Personalized

Family Distillery Personalized Whiskey Barrel Sign – Great Ornament for His Home Bar

Is your significant other a whiskey lover? If yes, further spruce up his home bar or office with this whiskey barrel sign, made of oak.

The vintage look is sure to give his personal corner an elegant feel, creating a luxurious ambience for him to enjoy his preferred drink – whiskey.

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Personalized Royal Blue Ogio Gym Bag

Trendy Personalised Gym Bag – for the Active Gym Go-er

Is your significant other an active gym junkie?

If he is, this will be a wonderful present for him as he has one more choice of bag for him to carry for his gym sessions. The sports duffel bag will spruce up his outfit and the ample storage space and pockets, with a shoe tunnel stores all the stuff he needs for his gym session. It also has compartment to split his clean and dirty clothes.

A great gift for husband, he will surely be glad to own this practical and useful present from you. 

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Insulated Pint Glass Can Cooler in Various Colours – Classy and Functional for the Beer Lover

Give your other half this unique gift that can keep his canned drink in a swanky style. A koozie decked in modern design and colour of his choice i give the koozie a classy and executive look.

For a guy who has everything and loves beer, add his name on this creative gift to make this gift a one and only gift specially for your significant other.

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Personalized Wine Barrel Accessory Set

Personalized Wine Barrel Accessory Set – Includes 4 Necessary Tools

Give your hubby a new barware addition with this personalized wine barrel accessory set, with a message engraved on the wine barrel, specially for him.

This awesome birthday gift on a budget for your husband, is not just aesthetically pleasing; it is also a practical gift, which is also a good retirement gifts for boss male which keeps his wine tools organized. He has all his wine tools stored in one place – stopper, pourer, cock screw and bottle top cutter.

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Bluetooth Speaker System – Keep the Music Lover Entertained

Give your hubby this new and “smart” speaker this birthday to let him enjoy his music in a “visually entertaining” way.

This voice controller speaker is smart and can even answer your hubby’s question which adds fun to his room and create an entertaining ambience.

His enjoyment of music will never be the same again, after using these speakers which can connect to his other smart home devices – certainly a creative and innovative birthday gift idea for him, especially if he is a technology geek!

It is also a recommended first birthday gift for your husband as the high-technology features will surely surprise and impress him, while making a good decoration for your new home.

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Canvas and Leather Travel Kit – Includes Hook to Hang the Kit

Your husband will travel in style with this rugged canvas travel kit with decorated with leather. The silver toned personalized disk gives this travel kit an elegant look.

A unique gift for husband who has everything, this multi-compartment bag contains enough storage space and various pockets for him to keep all his travel necessities and toiletries. It includes a hook as well, for him to hang it, providing convenience.

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Grill Master Collection

Grill Master Collection – Everything he Needs for a Good Grill King Guys White T-Shirts – for the Grill Master

Show your appreciation for his tasty grilled food in a light-hearted manner with this fun birthday gift collection – from grill apron with tools , to serving tray, cutting board and so on. He will grill with pride, with the title conferred to him.

In addition, you have the option to have his name proudly displayed the apron, your hubby will surely enjoy his grilling experience in ease and with delight with this fun simple gift.

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Story of a Lifetime

Story of a Lifetime Book – Sentimental and Meaningful

This gift provides a unique way to express your love for your husband during his birthday. The provocative questions listed in ths lifetime book is a great avenue to cement the beautiful memories that both of you have created and provides a meaningful heirloom for generations to come.

The personalized message (of your choice) inscribed on this book completes this sentimental birthday gift for the important man in your life.

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2-in-1 Leather Wallet and Money Clip – Available in Various Colors

A functional gift is a thoughtful gift idea. Top this gift with a stylish design and your significant other will be jumping with joy with your gift.

This modish wallet which is available in various colors comes integrated with money clip. It comes in a nice gift box which completes this gift. He can carry it with style and yet help him keep his monies and card organized.

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Beer Flight Set – For the Home Brewer

For someone who enjoys experimenting with home brews, your husband will be elated to receive this gift as he can sample his newly created home brews with these sampler glasses.

These four pilsner glasses are securely placed on a high quality varnished solid board, making it a fun and special present. These glasses are also among the best gifts for 50 year old man.

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The Year You Were Born Trivia Framed Print

The Year You Were Born Trivia Framed Print – For Your Man Who Has Everything

Do not fret when you are choosing a gift for your other half, who has everything. This one of a kind gift is definitely one product that he does not have.

The gift contains interest facts and news from the day they were born.

It even includes his first and last name and birth date, which makes this gift extra special.

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Manmobile Car Mats

Personalized Nonslip Manmobile Carmat – Charming and Stylish

Your hubby will be ecstatic to receive this nonslip man mobile car mat which is personalized with his name as it is a rugged and stylish addition in his car.

The mat is made of polyester with nonslip backing and is easy to clean, making this gift a practical and lasting gift.

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Sports Diver Watch – For the Sporty Guy

Sports watches are functional accessories for the sports guy in your life. They do not just complete his sports attire, but have functions required for their sports activities.

There are several functions available for different sports activities. For example, you will need one with higher level of water resistant, if your husband engages in diving.

Hence, for this exciting birthday gift, you will need to take note of the functions when choosing a suitable sports watch for your husband.

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Birthday Book About You

Birthday Book About You – Unique Sweet Way to Show Your Love for Him

Renew your love for him on his special day – his birthday, through this gift. This special hardcover book lists down the facts about him using his name and birthdate.

You may also include a personalised message in the book to complete the gift.

As it comes in a gift box, no gift wrapping is required, which makes it convenient for you.

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Personalized Baseball w/Stand – Bring Smile to the Baseball Fan

Give your husband something that he can easily relate to and bring him smiles. This official Rawlings ball is one of the best cheap birthday gift for him if he is a baseball fan, as it is a fantastic addition to his baseball sports collectibles.

You can make the gift more endearing by personalizing this gift with his name!

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2-in-1 Personalized Leather Wallet and Money Clip – Modish and Functional

A functional gift is a thoughtful gift idea. Top this gift with a stylish design and your significant other will be jumping with joy with your gift.

This modish black leather wallet comes with money clip and personalization option is one such gift. He can carry it with style and yet help him keep his monies and card organized.

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Stylish Foldable Stadium Chair – Makes Sporting Event Watching More Comfortable

A foldable stadium chair is a staple, an essential to any guy who likes outdoor activities, be it watching a sporting event, camping and hiking.

This foldable stadium chair is packed in a compact and lightweight bag, which makes it easy for him to transport around.

It even has 2 front pockets and Zipped side pocket for him to keep his personal belongings and favorite drink.

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Gears And Wheels Wine Rack – Unique Wine Holder for the Wine Lover

If your husband is man who has everything, why not get something that is cool and will pleasantly surprise him.

If he is into wine, then this wine holder that is designed in trendy and chic style will amaze him. Made from high-quality resin, he will definitely be delighted by the solid industrial design, a creative gift idea if he is celebrating this 40th birthday.

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Wine Gift Box Set with Tools – For the Wine Aficionado

If your hubby enjoys wine even on the go, this will be a practical and useful gift for the man of your life.

This 2-in-1 wine box contains all the tools that he needs to open and enjoy a bottle of wine even when he is outdoors.

Add a personal touch to your gift by personalising the box with his name and adding a bottle of his favorite wine.

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Personalized Forest Green Borello Canvas and Leather Weekender Duffel Bag

Personalized Weekender Duffel Bag – Practical Gift for the Frequent Traveller

Your significant hubby who is a frequent traveller will be delighted to receive this gift, as it provides him with another handcarry bag that he can bring up to plane or for weekend getaways with you.

The option to personalise this bag makes it special, which conveys your message to him, that he is the special one in your life.

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Personalized Leather Watch Box and Watch Case

Luxurious Leather Watch Box and Watch Case – Keep Watches Organized

Keep his beloved watches organized in this modish and luxurious looking watch box.

An awesome 40th birthday gift idea for husband, as this is the age range which a watch collector usually will have several timepieces in his collection.

Every watch is displayed nicely in suede-like velvet pads, ensuring that the watches are kept in good condition. The transparent glass lid, with his initials printed on the lid, allows him and his friends to admire his collection.

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Retro Cassette Tape Flash Drive – Convey Your Birthday Wishes in a Special Way

A picture speaks a thousands words and music brings people closer.

What better way to wish your husband happy birthday and to thank him for his love with pictures and both of your favourite music in this flash drive.

It’s a good way to ensure all your loving memories are kept intact.

He will be touched by your thoughtfulness with this unique gift which gives him a throwback feel.

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Racing Personalized Humidor

Racing Personalized Humidor – for the Cigar and Car Racing Fan

Give your husband a gift that is both creative and stylish, a gift that depicts his passion.

This gift is ideal for your car racing fan hubby. He can store his prized possession – cigars in this well made humidor.

In addition, an image his favorite car racing passion is printed on the humidor as well. To top it all, you can personalize the gift, add that special gesture and your love for him.

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The Man Can Spa Bucket – Enjoyable Home Spa Session

Pamper the man of your love with skin care product which will make him feel and look good. This gift contains all the essentials required for a home spa session, all items packed nicely in a manly reusable bucket. The gift contains shave gel to give him a nice shave.

Also a romantic birthday gift for husband from wife – create a great loving experience with him with a private soothing home spa session and spend intimate moments together.

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The Man. The Myth. The Legend. Matte Black Flask

Personalized Matte Flask – Special Design with Modern Feel

Give the love of your life something unique and fun for him to store his favorite drink.

This special flask does not just serve its purpose to store his drink, it is a nice accessory for him to carry around.

This trendy flask with interesting wordings is also small enough to keep it in his bag. The flask can be personalized to complete the uniqueness of this gift.

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MLB & NFL Canvas Scoreboard Memories

Canvas Scoreboard With His Name – Perfect Gift for the MLB & NFL Fan

Decorate your hubby’s personal space (be it man cave, bedroom or study room) with this unique gift.

He will feel your thoughtfulness and love when he sees his name on the electronic scoreboard of his favorite NFL or MLB team.

Your message displayed on the stadium scoreboard photo completes this gift.

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Brushed Flask and NFL Zippo Lighter Set Personalized

Personalized Brushed Flask and NFL Zippo Lighter Set – Elegant Gift with Zippo Lifetime Warranty

Let him drink his favorite beverage and light his smoke in style with this stylish looking gift.

This is will be a surprise birthday gift for your husband as you can customized his favorite NFL team helmet and team colors on the lighter, this is definitely an attractive accessory for him.

Show your thoughtfulness by personalizing the flask and lighter with your engraved message.

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Executive Putter Personalized Golf Set – Swanky Gift for the Golf Lover

This golf gift set is a luxurious gift for a golf aficionado of any level.

He can enjoy a fantastic golf session with the golf tools found in this gift in the comfort of his home. An amazing gift for him to enjoy his hobby for years to come. This gift idea is also the perfect retirement gift idea for a guy.

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Luxurious Personalized Leather Valet – Keeps His Office Organized

Your high level executive man will love this luxurious leather valet, personalized with his name.

This is because it is not just a nice addition to his current desk items in his office, it can also help him keep his desk organized.

The color of this valet is neutral and hence is complementary to his current desk items. A sweet and beautiful birthday gift for your spouse who spends a large part of his waking hours in his office.

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Watch Winder – Ensure His Watches are Ready to Wear

This is a good birthday gift idea for your watch aficionado husband if he has a collection of automatic watches.

This watch winder, made of good quality materials, helps him ensure that his watch is precise and ready to wear anytime. The watch winder has 4 stage setting modes control knob, which ensures that his watches are not over-wound.

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Bowling Personalized Coaster Set

Bowling Personalized Coaster Set with Caddy – Other Hobbies’ Designs Available

Help decorate your partner’s man cave or home bar with this personalized coaster set gift option, which is made from non-slippery cork base.

The special part about this coaster gift is that it displays his favorite pastime – bowling. The brightly colored waterproof coasters, displaying his hobby, is a nice addition to his barware collection, to spruce up his home bar.

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Cigar Case Travel Humidor with Cutter Set 4 Count – Handy and Discreet for the Traveller

Marry your husband’s two loves in one, let him enjoy his smoke while he is travelling with this handy gift.

The best part of this thoughtful birthday gift is that it is light and small enough for him to carry it with him, which allows him to enjoy his smoke while on the go.

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Durable Leather Padfolio – For the High Flying Executive

Having a professional executive look is important for all high fliers.

Give your hubby the executive and professional look he requires to help him move on the next notch of the corporate ladder.

With this leather padfolio which even has universal Macbook sleeve, he is all set to clinch more business deals with this perfect birthday gift.

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The Year You Were Born Trivia Framed Print

The Year You Were Born Trivia Framed Print – Unique Gift for a Man who has Everything

For your husband who has everything, this framed print which contains his top and interesting news from the day they were born (any date from 1880 through 2016) and other interesting trivia.

This gift, decked in whitewashed wood frame,  is a unique and thoughtful gift which will bring smile to his face.

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Rechargeable Hand Warmers – Come in Five Temperature Settings

Keeping oneself warm is very important in cold weather.

Show your affection to your spouse with this hand warmer, which is compact enough to be kept in his pockets and pants, without weighing him down.

This sweet and thoughtful gift will ensure your outdoor loving guy has sufficient warmth to keep him going on his adventures. It is a good Dirty Santa gift idea too!

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